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Crisis could pose catastrophic threat, experts warn

Today 10:00am - Climate change could become a “catastrophic” threat to global security, as people lose their livelihoods, fall ill and battle over scarce water and food, a host of US security, military and intelligence experts have warned.

JPMorgan Chase to curb fossil fuel loans

Today 10:00am - JPMorgan Chase, one of the world’s biggest lenders to fossil fuel projects, will curb loans to coal firms and bar the financing of oil and gas developments in the Arctic.

A third of plants and animals risk mass extinction

Today 10:00am - Within 50 years, a third of all plant and animal species could be caught up in a mass extinction, as a consequence of climate change driven by ever-rising temperatures. What is new about this warning is the method, the precision, the timetable and the identification of a cause.

Ride-hailing operations highly carbon intensive

Today 10:00am - A new study finds the ride-hailing companies emit nearly 70 percent more carbon thanks largely to a practice known as “deadheading.”

Not in five years, but holy grail of energy on its way

Wednesday - Recent reports from scientists pursuing a new kind of nuclear fusion technology are encouraging, but we are still some distance away from the “holy grail of clean energy”.

Old batteries can be source of new energy

Wednesday - Driving an electric-powered vehicle rather than one reliant on fossil fuels is a key way to tackle climate change and improve air quality − but it does leave the old batteries behind as a nasty residue.

Newly waterproofed Arctic seed vault hits 1m samples

Wednesday - The Arctic global seed vault has reached the milestone of having one million varieties stored in its deep freeze.

Solar power booms just miles from the Arctic Circle

Wednesday - For years after northern Finland's largest printing plant blanketed its facility's eight roofs with solar panels, the curious beat a path to the extraordinary spectacle.

Older people can be mobilised to fight crisis

Wednesday - Older people can be nudged into taking action on climate change by getting them to think about their legacy, researchers say.

Australia's carbon emissions fall just 0.3%

Tuesday - Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have dipped slightly on the back of new clean energy and a sharp fall from agriculture due to drought, but the decline was almost entirely wiped out by surging...

Fertiliser could power ocean-going ships

Tuesday - Ocean-going ships could be powered by ammonia within the decade as the shipping industry takes action to curb carbon emissions.

Billions are pouring into mobility technology

Tuesday - Over the past decade, almost $US200 billion has been invested globally in mobility technology that promises to improve our ability to get around.

Bots produce quarter of climate tweets

Tuesday - The social media conversation over the climate crisis is being reshaped by an army of automated Twitter bots, with a new analysis finding that a quarter of all tweets about climate on an average day...

How these big polluters are free to up emissions

Monday - The Australian Coalition Government's safeguards mechanism was meant to stop rises in industrial emissions cancelling out cuts paid for by taxpayers – but it’s a colossal failure.

Greenhouse gases have a puzzling double effect

Monday - Lustier plant growth as greenhouse gases climb should counter global heating and atmospheric carbon build-up. But it’s not quite so simple.

Bali does battle with plague of plastic

Monday - Indonesia is the world’s second-largest ocean plastic polluter, after China.

Singapore joins drive to phase out fossil fuel vehicles

Monday - Climate-vulnerable Singapore will part ways with fossil fuel vehicles within the next two decades and throw its weight behind cleaner vehicles.

Hydrogen gas study for towns wins funding

Monday - By ANDREW SPENCE | Adelaide-based Australian Gas Networks has been awarded $1.28 million in Federal Government funding to support a study into introducing renewable hydrogen into South Australian and...

What’s holding back China’s bamboo furniture makers?

Monday - Wood consumption has jumped 173 per cent in China over the past decade, and restrictions on felling primary forest mean the country relies on wood imports for over half its demand.

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