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HALFWAY HOUSE: PM changes our climate focus

Wednesday - Jacinda Ardern’s nuclear-free-moment speech on the campaign trail during the 2017 general election struck a chord.

Review has price cap message for Government

Tuesday - The cap on carbon prices should be lifted, the Government has been told.

Problems getting worse, says environment report

18 Apr 19 - Climate change is already making New Zealand’s environmental problems worse and threatens the economy, a new official assessment of the state of New Zealand’s environment says.

No CGT, but green taxes still on the agenda

18 Apr 19 - A capital gains tax might be off the agenda, but the Government isn’t ruling out environmental taxes recommended by the Tax Working Group.

MEMO LABOUR: The answers are in your files

17 Apr 19 - Labour could find solutions in its own files to the problem of putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

NZ to include 'imported' greenhouse gases

15 Apr 19 - Greenhouse gases embedded in imported products will be included alongside home-grown emissions in the Government’s new reporting regime.

Zero Carbon Bill out soon, says Shaw

12 Apr 19 - The long-awaited Zero Carbon Bill will be unveiled soon, says climate minister James Shaw.

Harrison our new voice on world climate stage

10 Apr 19 - New Zealand has a new Climate Change Ambassador.

New panel to assess what changing climate is doing

Dr Anne Bardsley

10 Apr 19 - A new panel has been appointed to assess how climate change is likely to affect New Zealand.

Govt sleuths crack carbon emissions case

9 Apr 19 - The car fleet used by New Zealand's fraud sleuths might be the smallest in the entire Government, but it's also the most climate-friendly.

We won't use GE to cut farm emissions, says Shaw

5 Apr 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says New Zealand doesn’t need genetic engineering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms.

All corporates should come clean, says Sanford

2 Apr 19 - New Zealand’s largest fishing company is calling for all companies to monitor and report on environmental issues.

Let ETS do its job, says English's economist

Matt Burgess

1 Apr 19 - New Zealand should stay clear of direct intervention to bring down emissions from the electricity sector and instead let the Emissions Trading Scheme do its job.

Courts likely to step in, says public law expert

Jack Hodder

28 Mar 19 - The courts are likely to step in on climate change if central government fails to, a legal expert says.

How forests can be long-term carbon stores

27 Mar 19 - Forests can be a long-term store of carbon if they’re managed correctly – but without them, New Zealand has no hope of reaching carbon neutrality by the middle of the century, a forestry expert says.

Business lobby warns of huge disruption

Kirk Hope

27 Mar 19 - Banning every industry except agriculture from using forestry credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions would be a huge disruption to the economy, says Business NZ.

Q and A: The commissioner explains

Simon Upton

27 Mar 19 - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton answers questions on yesterday’s report recommending big changes to the way New Zealand deals with greenhouse gas emissions.

Minister not keen on Upton's ETS proposals

Simon Upton

26 Mar 19 - Sweeping changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme proposed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, which would see forestry credits used only for offsetting emissions from farming and...

Farming in ETS good move, says forestry expert

Euan Mason

26 Mar 19 - Agriculture should be brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme as soon as possible – and farmers be given the opportunity to make money from it, the Government has been told.

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