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Hopes falter with coal still king across Asia

Tuesday - A depressing picture of global power generation has coal still firmly on top. And in a vicious cycle, the very heatwaves and winter freezes that high carbon emissions cause seem to be increasing them.

Troubled gas supply means jump in coal emissions

Friday - The repeated shut-down of the country’s largest gas field for maintenance has led to a surge in greenhouse gas emissions from coal-burning.

More rain brings big problems for dam builders

11 Jun 19 - For the builders of hydro-electric schemes – usually multi-billion dollar projects involving vast amounts of complex engineering work – changing rainfall is a serious problem.

It's going to take a long time, says former BP chief

10 Jun 19 - Former BP chief John Browne talks about squaring his business dealings with his personal convictions – and what he would say to Greta Thunberg.

Global natural gas boom about to slow

10 Jun 19 - The world’s appetite for natural gas grew at the fastest pace since 2010 last year, but that blockbuster growth is shifting into lower gear, according to the International Energy Agency.

Todd ups investment in renewable energy

28 May 19 - New Zealand’s largest private energy company is increasing its investment in renewables.

METHANE MOVES: Give poos a chance

Brian Cox

15 May 19 - Technologies like turning human waste into electricity could meet a large chunk of the Government's 2030 methane reduction target.

Gulf states shape as green energy superpowers

3 May 19 - The economic and political energy systems suggest that oil-rich countries of the Arabian Gulf will continue to dominate energy trade even in the post-fossil era.

Dutch building string of solar islands

26 Apr 19 - Dutch engineers are building what will be the world’s largest archipelago of islands made up of sun-tracking solar panels.

Hydrogen has a place, says new Clark group

Kathy Errington

4 Apr 19 - Hydrogen fuel could replace the Huntly coal and gas-fired power station to give New Zealand a totally renewable electricity generation system, the Helen Clark Foundation says in its first foray into...

Mercury gives go-ahead for Turita wind farm

28 Mar 19 - Energy generator and retailer Mercury says it is going ahead with what will be the country’s third-largest wind farm.

Taranaki eyes future in hydrogen economy

19 Mar 19 - Taranaki is talking up the hydrogen economy to replace its petrochemical wealth.

New ultra-thin material seen as breakthrough

19 Mar 19 - A new ultra-thin film that absorbs solar energy could revolutionise the harvesting of solar thermal energy.

HOT CHOCOLATE: Cocoa is helping to slow climate change

19 Mar 19 - If you like chocolate you’ll love this: the same tree that provides your indulgent treat is helping to slow climate change, thanks to cocoa fuel.

Hydrogen could be fuel of the future

18 Mar 19 - The fuel used to thrust enormous rockets away from Earth’s gravitational pull is hydrogen - and it also holds potential as a source of energy for daily activities like driving and heating houses.

Why radical plan to cool climate could work

18 Mar 19 - A new study contradicts fears that using solar geoengineering to fight climate change could dangerously alter rainfall and storm patterns in some parts of the world.

Coal-fired stations deliver danger dust

13 Mar 19 - Modern coal-fired power stations produce more ultrafine dust particles than road traffic and can even modify and redistribute rainfall patterns, a new 15-year international study shows.

Bioenergy body hails hospital move to wood

12 Mar 19 - A decision to replace two coal-fired boilers at Christchurch Hospital with boilers that burn wood will help to create confidence in the woody biomass market, the Bioenergy Association says.

Wind turbine pioneer slams NZ procrastination

11 Mar 19 - A wind turbine company set up to make New Zealand “the Denmark of the Southern Hemisphere” is barely surviving because New Zealand continues to prop up dying industries, its founder says.

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Bottled water giants back new global plan to cut plastic waste

Thursday - The world’s biggest yoghurt maker Danone and food packaging giant Tetra Pak are...

CellCube to bring grid battery to South Australia

23 May 19 - Renewables firm Pangea Energy and vanadium battery producer CellCube have...

Minesto partners with leading financial adviser

22 May 19 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has engaged with leading financial...

Finland using circular economy of textiles

21 May 19 - In Finland, end-of-life textiles no longer end up in landfills, but there is...

Adidas launches 100% recyclable footwear

26 Apr 19 - Adidas has launched a 100 per cent recyclable shoe aimed at unlocking a...

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