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New brainstorming centre will tackle the 'weird stuff'

16 Feb 15 - A new centre of research excellence in Auckland will help New Zealand business to develop the “weird stuff” that could transform the economy, its director says.

Why playing around with the climate could make things a whole lot worse

1 Dec 14 - Geoengineering – which sometimes seems to be the despairing climate scientist’s Plan B – simply won’t work.

Wastewater system earns environment award

4 Aug 14 - Watercare’s Kawakawa Bay wastewater system has received one of three Environment and Sustainability Awards for large projects presented by IPENZ, Auckland Branch at the prestigious Arthur Mead Awards...

American students claim to clean the air with roof tiles

6 Jun 14 - California science students say they have created a roof tile coating that when applied to an average-sized residential roof breaks down the same amount of smog-causing nitrogen oxides per year as a...

By hook or by crook, science is finding new routes to energy

24 Apr 14 - While politicians posture, and climate scientists sigh sadly, researchers in laboratories continue to devise ingenious new ways to save energy, increase efficiency, and make the most of solar power.

Blocking the sunlight has a dark side

21 Feb 14 - By TIM RADFORD. Finding a technology that would let us counteract the effects of climate change is a cherished dream. But if there is a cure, it could be worse than the disease, scientists say.

TV takeback ticks over 200,000 mark

21 Feb 14 - More than 200,000 television sets have been collected for recycling under the TV TakeBack programme.

Carbon storage report will shape new laws

Prof Barry Barton ... climate change a huge problem.

6 Dec 13 - A report launched in Wellington yesterday lays the foundations for new laws around the storage of carbon dioxide as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Food stores switch to 'natural' refrigeration

Mike Sammons ... ideas becoming mainstream.

29 Nov 13 - Foodstuffs is looking to drastically cut emissions and energy costs by switching to natural refrigeration.

Battery pioneer excites hybrid car makers

Dr John Abrahamson ... in line for award.

24 May 13 - Forty years ago, Dr John Abrahamson made a discovery that is exciting modern hybrid car makers.

Retailer joins TV recycling camp

12 Apr 13 - Electronics retailer Noel Leeming has joined the Ministry for the Environment’s TV TakeBack Programme.

PNG student wins Daysh scholarship

12 Apr 13 - A PhD student’s plans to use traditional ecological knowledge to develop a sustainability education programme for Papua New Guinea have won her a scholarship.

'Pure NZ' impossible mountain, says scientist

Shaun Hendy ... NZ should be an innovator.

8 Feb 13 - The 100% Pure brand is stopping New Zealand reaching its potential, says the current holder of the Prime Minister’s Science Communicator Prize.

Carbon gear will map our land use

12 Aug 11 - Technology developed to measure New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions will be used to map the country.

Greens praise plans for Christchurch

12 Aug 11 - Light rail and more green spaces will find favour with Christchurch residents, says Green Party earthquake recovery spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham.

Nappies-to-compost business spreads

8 Jul 11 - Thousands of tonnes of used disposable nappies in Wellington are to be composted rather than going to the rubbish dump.

Food waste firm wins green award

10 Jun 11 - Auckland food waste firm Eco Stock Supplies yesterday was named Supreme Winner of the annual Green Ribbon Awards.

Let’s hear the truth about electric vehicles

10 Dec 10 - By Jeff Segal. - I want to clear up a few misconceptions about electric vehicles so that those of you who are looking to make a few bucks in this sector are not being swayed by tall tales and...

Electric cars could deliver $8 billion+ net benefit

Electric cars .. major long term net savings
Photo Credit: carrott

6 Nov 09 - The net benefit to New Zealand from comparing no uptake of electric vehicles to the expected market demand is $8.2 billion over a 50 year analysis period.

Green Spaniards here and keen to talk business

Solar power plant in Spain.

26 Jun 09 - Representatives of the technology company that has pushed Spain to the forefront of the global green economy were in the official delegation accompanying King Juan Carlos on his tour of New Zealand...

26 Jun 09  Europe keen to show us how to insulate

24 Apr 09  Scientists fear another methane catastrophe

17 Apr 09  NZ joins international climate change initiative

19 Aug 08  Global leaders? We’re not even close, says carbon-footprint pioneer

1 Aug 08  NZX will use TZ1 to throw off the shackles and go global

1 Aug 08  Silicon-fuelled power stations one solution, says NZ scientist

1 Aug 08  Blind Kiwi musician pioneers battery technology in US

15 Jul 08  ‘Missing’ greenhouse gas poses problem for government’s information technology thrust

4 Jul 08  Kiwi scientists eye commercial breakthrough with methane-muncher

18 Jun 08  Marine leeches provide clues on climate change

12 Jun 08  British companies unveil £2bn carbon reduction plans

11 Jun 08  Holcim researching concrete’s CO2 absorption potential

6 Jun 08  Ace Rentals trialing clean-fuel device already subject to ConsumerNZ doubts

6 Jun 08  Kitchen experiment leads to plastic bag recycling breakthrough

6 Jun 08  Business leaders: ETS fuels delay means incentives needed to buy electric and low-emision cars

5 Jun 08  Funding talks underway to start New Zealand electric car industry

5 Jun 08  Advisory group looking at incentives for electric vehicle buyers

29 May 08  Comms company looks to install solar panels on customers' roofs

27 May 08  Technical and supply tangles tripping up electric car plans

23 May 08  Now for the hydrogen powered cellphone

9 May 08  Petrify, liquefy: New ways to bury greenhouse gas

8 May 08  Capital developer creating ‘first true green building’

5 May 08  $200,000 grant backs computer collection scheme

2 May 08  Waihopai attack might hurt big global warming probe

29 Apr 08  If you send more e-mail do you produce less carbon?

22 Apr 08  Wanganui firm pioneering organic engineering parts

22 Apr 08  Now for the world's first hybrid rubbish truck

18 Apr 08  Ten users per computer idea takes 5000 car-equivalent off the road

18 Apr 08  Auto industry authority: hydrogen fuel may be viable

15 Apr 08  Personal carbon counter coming by year's end

15 Apr 08  Now fresh water without high emission bottles

15 Apr 08  CO2 emission mapping of continental US

14 Apr 08  Rotorua breakthrough: methanol removing wastewater nitrates

11 Apr 08  Auckland University aims for floating turbine breakthrough

9 Apr 08  Dell announces 100% green power for 10,000-staff HQ

8 Apr 08  Psst .. we have a lower-emission engine block breakthrough here

7 Apr 08  Swiss company says it has clean air solution

4 Apr 08  Expert group to promote electric vehicles and biofuels

3 Apr 08  Major CO2 storage project launches, brightens future for coal use

2 Apr 08  New ceramics slash fuel costs, emissions

2 Apr 08  IBM temporarily suspended from Federal procurement

1 Apr 08  Aquaflow makes crucial algae biofuel breakthroughs

31 Mar 08  Australia leads way in sea-bed carbon storage

27 Mar 08  BMW 118d "World Green Car of the Year"

26 Mar 08  Major breakthrough in soil carbon emissions battle

26 Mar 08  Lockwood Launches EcoSmart Home

25 Mar 08  Millions pour into ag emission reduction research projects

19 Mar 08  British firm announces world's largest tidal power development

18 Mar 08  Continental plans bio fuel test flight


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Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

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Calix gets finance for carbon-captue project

1 Feb 18 - Australian technology company Calix says it has secured 3.4 million euros in...

Minesto eyes first ocean current electricity generation

24 Jan 18 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is intensifying activities in Taiwan to...

Mercury confirms Tesla battery for grid trial

23 Jan 18 - Tesla has been confirmed as the battery provider for Mercury’s scalable...

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