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Animal waste is turning China's lakes green

5 Sep 18 - Animal husbandry is contaminating China’s water and has been linked to turning lakes bright green, a phenomenon known as eutrophication.

China again starts building coal-fired plants

9 Aug 18 - Satellite imagery reveals that many coal-fired power projects that were halted by the Chinese government have quietly restarted.

New Chinese-led banks missing the point

2 Aug 18 - Both less than five years old, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Brics Bank are failing to back sustainable development models.

Quite soon, this crowded part of China will be unsurvivable

2 Aug 18 - The deadliest place on the planet for extreme future heatwaves will be the north China plain, one of the most densely populated regions in the world and the most important food-producing area in the...

Why China must show stronger climate leadership

25 Jul 18 - A new report from Columbia University has provided a clear assessment of China’s role in responding to climate change.

Chinese lead green bonds charge

12 Jul 18 - China issued $30 billion in green bonds in 2017, remaining the world leader in the market.

China carbon emissions in retreat

5 Jul 18 - China’s carbon dioxide emissions fell from 2014 to 2016 and might already have peaked, according to a new study.

China's seafood boom will be felt globally

4 Jul 18 - Seafood consumption per capita in China has recently surpassed pork and that has repercussions for ocean ecosystems in the country and beyond.

China wants better clean-air standards

2 Jul 18 - China has signalled its intention to impose special emissions limits on some of most polluting and energy intensive sectors in the country.

China producing banned ozone-damaging chemicals

27 Jun 18 - China has been outed as the illegal producer of chemicals that damage the ozone layer and the climate.

China frets over 'blind' electric vehicle growth

20 Jun 18 - China will take action to curb the “blind” development of its rapidly growing electric vehicle sector, says a state planning spokeswoman.

China is the alternative universe of car industry

9 May 18 - A state-controlled economy is forcing the world's largest car market to embrace electric car solutions, and fast. Here's what China can tell us about the automotive future.

Coal pollution is poisoning China's rice

7 May 18 - Mercury pollution is a problem usually associated with fish consumption. But some people in China, the world’s largest mercury emitter, are exposed to more methylmercury from rice than they are from...

China's solar power boom can be seen from space

2 May 18 - China is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, but it's also leading the world in clean energy investment and deployment.

Belt and Road will cost the environment

1 May 18 - China is aggressively trying to leverage on a trillion-dollar transportation and energy infrastructure construction programme that poses potential environmental impacts.

China builds a road so smart it will change the face of driving

16 Apr 18 - The road to China’s autonomous-driving future is paved with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers as the nation tests an “intelligent highway” that could speed the...

China makes a huge new green ministry

11 Apr 18 - China’s newly created mega-department, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, has absorbed the functions of many ministries and will boast a staff of about 500.

China has the boldest renewable energy plan

10 Apr 18 - The boldest plan to achieve the targets set by the 2015 Paris climate agreement comes from China.

US asks China to reconsider ban on foreign waste

28 Mar 18 - The US has requested China end its recent ban on receiving garbage from foreign countries, something it says is causing turmoil in the global market.

China could become a leader in green finance

27 Feb 18 - Experts gathered in London have argued over whether China could dominate the green financing market in years to come.

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