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Survey reveals how much would you pay for 2008-2012 CER strip

IDEAcarbon's CDM project reveals forward CER price intentions
Photo Credit: IDEAcabon

26 May 08 - How much would you currently pay per CER for the 2008-2012 strip?

Bullish carbon prices expected to continue

26 May 08 - Broker IDEAcarbon expects market billishness to continue.

Europe's three biggest emitting companies named

A new RWE lignite-fired power plant .. energy firm heads the EU emissions ratings
Photo Credit: RWE

26 May 08 - The three biggest emitters in the EU's emissions tradinge scheme have been revealed.

New World Bank Report : Carbon market value doubles to US$64b in a year

World Bank .. CDM delivering on clean energy

8 May 08 - The global carbon market grew to a whopping US$64 billion (€47 billion) in 2007, more than doubling over 2006, according to a new report from the World Bank releaed overnight.

EUAs trade averages 9.4 million a day and follows direction set by record coal price

6 May 08 - A daily average 9.4million EUAs traded through brokers and exchanges last week, according to Fortis bank's weekly international market analysis.

KPMG: Six sectors have "heads in sand" over climate change risks

Tourism is under estimating climate change's physical impact on popular resorts
Photo Credit: SqueakyMarmot

29 Apr 08 - Aviation, healthcare, oil and gas, tourism, transport, and the financial services sectors have been accused of putting their head in the sand over climate change risks by a major new report from...

Weekly analysis: EUA-Dec08 reaches 10-months high, breaks 25 euro barrier

22 Apr 08 - Bullish gas and crude support EU Allowances – sCER-Dec08 moves sideways at EUR 16.30

New survey captures primary CER prices ranges

22 Apr 08 - IDEAcarbon, one of whose parent company's principals is Lord Nicholas Stern, formerly of the British Treasury and author of the Stern report on climate change economic impacts, has undertaken a...

Team up to provide extra carbon market insurance capacity

18 Apr 08 - Munich Re Group and CarbonRe Switzerland intend to work in a strategic partnership to provide additional direct insurance capacity to the carbon markets.

Market analysis: Dec 08 EURs now flirt with EUR25 per tonne

European emissions units .. about to go reach e25?
Photo Credit: W F Abry

16 Apr 08 - Last week, a daily average 9.4million EUAs traded through brokers and Exchange, Fortis bank says in its weekly market analysis.

Lobby builds to force companies to declare climate change exposure

Investment houses want companies to reveal climate change exposures
Photo Credit: mix

15 Apr 08 - Spurred on by the example of the continuing reticence of finance houses over sub prime exposure, a group of institutional investors - including London’ s F&C Management which has holdings in New...

Market report: EUA-Dec08 breaks through 24 Euro barrier

15 Apr 08 - EUA-Dec08 breaks through 24 Euro barrier – Record crude and rising EU-carbon emissions support EU Allowances – sCER-Dec08 trades at EUR 16.25 – EUA/sCER spread widens to EUR 8+

Major new Indian NCDEX exchange enjoys enthusiastic first day trading

New CER exchange powered by credis from 332 CDM projects, with 550 moe in pipeline
Photo Credit: cicadajet

14 Apr 08 - More than 200,000 CERs, worth INR 200 mln, were traded on the new NCDEX exchange (Friday NZ time).

EEX reports sales revenue up 5%, profit up to e8.3 million

10 Apr 08 - European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) has managed to continue its strategy for European growth successfully during the business year 2007.

Mexico gets World Bank’s first climate change loan

10 Apr 08 - Washington -- The World Bank Board of Directors yesterday endorsed its first climate change lending operation, for Mexico, worth US$501.25 million.

Dubai and Eco Securities developing major CDM emission reduction projects

10 Apr 08 - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Nakheel, Dubai's premier development company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly identify and develop emissions reduction projects across...

NCDEX –launching developing world's first CER trading platform

India .. CERtrading to start this week .. CDM projects to yeild 400 million CERS in four years
Photo Credit: Prakhar

7 Apr 08 - National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd, of India, will launch a futures contract for Certified Emission Reduction (CERs) on April 10.

ECX and EEX price trading histories

7 Apr 08 - A 2008 emission unit contract on the European Climate Exchange is historically trading at eu21.73, and US$5.20 on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Nine major ETS risks indetified in UK report

4 Apr 08 - The UK Financial Services Authority's Commodities Group published a summary of their perspective of the emissions trading market.

MF Global Energy Weekly CDM & VER Markets Commentary

4 Apr 08 - MF Global Energy Weekly CDM & VER Markets Commentary, 22nd – 28th March 2008.

3 Apr 08  Carbon scams and wild west standards ‘put commodity markets at risk’

3 Apr 08  Emissions rise from factories and power stations in EU ETS

2 Apr 08  Merrill Lynch launches new global carbon emissions indicies

1 Apr 08  ECX enjoys one-day record 5.4m tonnes of EUA and CER trading

27 Mar 08  London Brokers plan price data charges

26 Mar 08  First Green Exchange trade features 1000 CERs in 25 futures contracts

26 Mar 08  New network launches to accelerate climate change investments

20 Mar 08  Official timetable for introducing Australia's ETS

17 Mar 08  New OTC contracts launched

17 Mar 08  First climate change futures exchange going live in Canda


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