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Diesel vehicle numbers still growing

20 Sep 18 - Three years after the Dieselgate scandal erupted, the number of highly polluting diesel vehicles on Europe’s roads has risen to 43 million.

European nations make plans for hydrogen

20 Sep 18 - Dozens of European countries are backing a plan to increase the use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels to cut the continent’s carbon emissions.

Germany takes the h-train

20 Sep 18 - Germany has launched the world's first hydrogen train. It has a range of 960km on a single tank of hydrogen, similar to that of diesel trains.

Google street cars will map city air pollution

18 Sep 18 - Google Street View cars will be outfitted with sensors that test air quality in cities and towns across the globe.

Quarter of world's 100 busiest airports in danger from the sea

14 Sep 18 - As a typhoon tore through Japan last week, travellers at Kansai International Airport looked out on a terrifying void: Where the runway should have been, they saw only the sea.

Electric Mercedes spearheads Germany's assault on Tesla

6 Sep 18 - Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its much-anticipated electric SUV this week, marking the start of a German onslaught against Tesla.

Drivers foot huge bill for carmakers' scam

31 Aug 18 - Drivers in Europe have paid $NZ260 billion more on fuel than they would have if their vehicles had performed as well on-the-road as in official laboratory-based tests, says a new report.

Europe now boasts more than a million e-cars

30 Aug 18 - Europe now has more than a million electric cars after sales soared by over 40 per cent in the first half of the year, new figures reveal.

Nissan makes electric car just for China

30 Aug 18 - Nissan has begun production for its first electric car designed specifically for China.

The road ahead might not be smooth for electric scooters

21 Aug 18 - Electric scooters are seen as a good choice by many eco-conscious consumers, but some cities see regulatory headaches.

Companies offer e-cars on subscription

20 Aug 18 - Electric vehicles could soon be available on subscription.

E-planes on way ... as soon as we can figure out the battery

20 Aug 18 - At least 20 companies are developing aerial taxi plans, including Boeing and Airbus. But flying requires an incredible amount of energy, and presently, batteries are too heavy and too expensive to...

Rolls-Royce making battery to power ships

20 Aug 18 - Rolls-Royce is developing a battery storage device for use in the shipping industry.

Who will own EV charging stations?

16 Aug 18 - The fragmented nature of EV charging infrastructure ownership means that any of a range of players could be taking your money.

KiwiRail sees exciting future for hydrogen trains

3 Aug 18 - Hydrogen-powered trains could play a big part in cutting New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, KiwiRail says.

Toyota planning Olympic Games specials

31 Jul 18 - Toyota is planning to use the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to showcase the future of transportation.

Airbus to build solar-powered unmanned planes

23 Jul 18 - Airbus has unveiled plans to manufacture a solar plane which will fly unmanned high in the sky.

Drivers get help to find EV charging stations

19 Jul 18 - Finding a place to charge your electric car is about to get easier.

Aircraft industry feels heat from changing climate

19 Jul 18 - The extreme heat that has come with climate change is prompting aircraft manufacturers to test their fleets for increasingly hotter temperatures.

Musk eyes 500,000 e-cars a year from new China factory

13 Jul 18 - Tesla founder Elon Musk says his new factory in Shanghai - the company's first outside the US - will build 500,000 electric cars a year.

10 Jul 18  Next Beetle will be electric with four doors

29 Jun 18  Airlines eye massive carbon handout

29 Jun 18  Musk's latest is a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck

28 Jun 18  Gas not answer to shipping problem, says study

26 Jun 18  Self-drivers might make us more dependent on cars

21 Jun 18  Norway eyes passenger flights after testing tiny electric plane

13 Jun 18  Daimler moves on e-truck market

5 Jun 18  Fiat Chrysler to stop making diesel cars

1 Jun 18  BIT ON THE SIDE: Lambo looks at a new way to power e-cars

29 May 18  Walking is good for you ... and for the planet

29 May 18  BP invests $20m in tech to charge EVs in 5min

28 May 18  Electric vehicles seen driving crunch time for cobalt

25 May 18  Oil industry should be very afraid of fuel-efficient engines

24 May 18  We're looking at 11 million electric-car sales by 2026

22 May 18  Modern diesels part of the pollution solution

21 May 18  Why greener fuels might not make shipping safer

21 May 18  Tesla could be looking for $10 billion boost

17 May 18  Volvo to stop making diesel cars

11 May 18  EU warms to plastic waste as transport fuel

10 May 18  We're still talking electric locos, says minister

4 May 18  SHIP SHAPE: What will vessels look like in the next 30 years?

27 Apr 18  VW makes $25 billion bet on e-cars in China

26 Apr 18  PSSST! Ferrari quietly - very quietly - testing electric car

23 Apr 18  E-car revolution will bring problems of its own

16 Apr 18  Shipping pact calls for 50% emissions cut

11 Apr 18  Shipping industry has the technology to go green

9 Apr 18  NZ wants to see cuts in shipping emissions

9 Apr 18  Shipping talks ‘on knife-edge’ as deadline looms

9 Apr 18  German diesel car sales follow UK in falling off a cliff

5 Apr 18  Will the shipping industry give us climate deal of the year?

28 Mar 18  H-power key to climate targets, says Shell

28 Mar 18  Ford partners with Mahindra to build e-vehicle

27 Mar 18  Hydrogen-powered car faces big setback

23 Mar 18  Change rail rules, says trains privatiser

19 Mar 18  Norway’s electric car demand outstrips supply

15 Mar 18  Renault-Nissan battery aims to leapfrog competition

7 Mar 18  DYING DIESEL: Can makers woo back customers?

28 Feb 18  Fiat-Chrysler intends to ditch diesel cars

28 Feb 18  Energy storage leap could slash e-car charging times

26 Feb 18  Porsche stops production of diesel cars

23 Feb 18  Minister mum on future of electric trains

22 Feb 18  Mazda gets busy phasing-in fossil fuels

21 Feb 18  Climate change brings turbulent times to air travel

16 Feb 18  Yoogo is a-go-go in Christchurch

14 Feb 18  Hydrogen could be the fuel to finish off the fossils

14 Feb 18  Drones deliver the goods ... and clean the atmosphere

5 Feb 18  Electric flying taxi has lots of engines ... and lots of money

2 Feb 18  These cargo ships will draw power from solid solar sails

2 Feb 18  Ryanair makes pledge to become plastics free

1 Feb 18  HOT NEWS: Mustard seeds help to power breakthrough flight

26 Jan 18  First electric barges prepare to sail from European ports

23 Jan 18  EV projects win $3m in Government funding

23 Jan 18  SWITCHED ON: Norway wants short electric flights by 2040

12 Dec 17  Paris summit will call for shipping to meet climate goals

7 Dec 17  Automakers worry over how many will buy their e-cars

6 Dec 17  Tesla isn’t the only company creating cool electric vehicles

5 Dec 17  E-cars cheaper all round than petrol or diesel

4 Dec 17  A Tesla too costly? An e-bike might be your answer

1 Dec 17  Big businesses combine to deliver hybrid e-jet

30 Nov 17  One in six new cars will be electric by 2025

29 Nov 17  Solar-powered jets come a step closer

27 Nov 17  Govt on track to keep KiwiRail trains electric

20 Nov 17  Musk unveils electric truck ... and a surprise sports car

7 Nov 17  Why we can't keep on flying

6 Nov 17  Dockless bikes and the tragedy of the commons

6 Nov 17  China’s largest ride-hailing company to build its own electric-vehicles charging network

31 Oct 17  How double-dealing killed off the electric bus

30 Oct 17  We deliberately misled the public, says shipping executive

24 Oct 17  Toyota hooks up with Mazda and Denso to make e-cars

16 Oct 17  New aircraft biofuels plan would 'destroy rainforests'

10 Oct 17  Toyota urges NZ to get out of big-emitting cars

10 Oct 17  Jobs, tax and politics ... three ways e-cars will change us

6 Oct 17  Ford to cut costs and back trucks and electric cars

3 Oct 17  It's a big task keeping aircraft running in a warming world

3 Oct 17  How electric cars can be recharged for free

29 Sep 17  Z Energy backs car-sharing company

28 Sep 17  EasyJet backs plans for electric planes

27 Sep 17  Dyson to invest billions in 'radically different' e-car

25 Sep 17  Electric cars could be biggest disruption since the iPhone

19 Sep 17  UN shipping chief hails progress on carbon emissions

18 Sep 17  Silence rules as Frankfurt shows off electric cars

11 Sep 17  Mercedes ready to show its first hydrogen SUV

8 Sep 17  Jaguar Land Rover to go electric or hybrid from 2020

6 Sep 17  Cruise ships have done nothing about pollution, report claims

1 Sep 17  BLACK-OUT: What was ministry advice on Kiwirail?

1 Sep 17  Europe rolls out tougher car emissions tests

31 Aug 17  BMW to build all-electric version of the Mini Cooper

28 Aug 17  Driverless cars could see rural sprawl of humankind

25 Aug 17  BLUE GOLD: E-cars mean the world is going crazy for cobalt

23 Aug 17  Airlines' offsetting doesn't add up, says Consumer NZ

21 Aug 17  Intercity commuter trains would slash emissions

18 Aug 17  Hyundai confirms e-cars will be core business

14 Aug 17  Government changes mind and pushes for e-cars

11 Aug 17  E-CAR QUERY: What do we do with the dead batteries?

9 Aug 17  Tesla drivers claim record of 1078 km on one charge

4 Aug 17  Roads could be covered with 'tunnels' to absorb pollution

1 Aug 17  Do petrol and diesel bans mean the death of biofuels?

27 Jul 17  Britain sets 2040 for ban on diesel and petrol cars

25 Jul 17  It's not easy building electric cars

19 Jul 17  European car makers plead with China to slow down

19 Jul 17  US utilities giving people cash for clean cars

18 Jul 17  Officials work to cut shocking vehicle emissions

17 Jul 17  TOO HOT TO FLY: Increasing heat might ground planes

12 Jul 17  China and EU bolster greener global shipping

11 Jul 17  E-cars selling, but not enough to make a difference

10 Jul 17  The world is on the brink of an electric-car revolution

7 Jul 17  France to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040

6 Jul 17  Volvo to make only electric or hybrid cars from 2019

6 Jul 17  Drivers top consumers of palm oil in Europe

3 Jul 17  LIFT-OFF: Hydrogen fuel reaches trial stage

29 Jun 17  NZ team has high hopes for hybrid-electric aircraft

26 Jun 17  Panasonic joins push to put solar on car roofs

19 Jun 17  How KiwiRail decision bites into e-car benefits

19 Jun 17  How do you price the impact of trucks on society?

14 Jun 17  OFF THE RAILS: Treasury tells of train troubles

8 Jun 17  Electric cars accelerate past 2m mark globally

26 May 17  California e-car sales booming

25 May 17  Transparency key to making aviation deal work

18 May 17  Go-slow shipping has problems, says minister

17 May 17  Diesel test failures account for 38,000 deaths a year

8 May 17  UK's new pollution plan 'weak and inadequate'

5 May 17  RIDE SHARE-PLUS: How to cut carbon emissions by 80%

4 May 17  UK to pay diesel car owners to scrap polluting vehicles

3 May 17  FACT CHECK: Are diesel cars really more polluting?

1 May 17  UK announces gamechanger for cycling

27 Apr 17  Can we design a better fuel economy label?

21 Apr 17  Toyota wins Green Car-of-the-Year Award ... again

19 Apr 17  Climate change promises rough ride for airlines

19 Apr 17  Boeing backs electric commuter jet

18 Apr 17  In theory, Germans ready to ditch cars

18 Apr 17  POWER PLAY: Tesla will have e-truck ready to roll this year

11 Apr 17  Three ways to improve shipping’s footprint

6 Apr 17  Tesla leaves 100 years of Ford car-marketing in its dust

5 Apr 17  Europe expects diesels to disappear ... and quickly

3 Apr 17  SUFFERING STUTTGART: Car's birthplace reaches a crossroads

31 Mar 17  Indian oil majors prepare for e-vehicle boom

30 Mar 17  Why the bike is good for moving more than people

27 Mar 17  Flight-path changes could cut jets' effect on climate

24 Mar 17  CARBON FIBRE: The wonder material with a dirty secret

24 Mar 17  London taxis go green with electric factory

17 Mar 17  Companies queue to supply Air NZ with biofuels

17 Mar 17  PLANES v POLLUTION: A new-look for Heathrow

16 Mar 17  Biofuels mix could see end of chemtrails in the sky

15 Mar 17  Government offers new money for electric cars

15 Mar 17  SPINNING SAILS: Ancient idea to be given a new airing

13 Mar 17  Science is getting closer to sun-powered cars

10 Mar 17  CRUISE CONTROL: Choppy seas for sustainable ocean travel

7 Mar 17  Aviation industry acts to reduce aircraft emissions

6 Mar 17  Auckland welcomes e-cars to special lanes

6 Mar 17  Beijing looks to replace entire taxi fleet with electric vehicles

3 Mar 17  KiwiRail puts $4.5b tag on electrifying network

3 Mar 17  Tesla's China sales triple to more than $1billion

1 Mar 17  Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence

1 Mar 17  Liquid hydrogen could fuel future air travel

1 Mar 17  E-cars make up 37% of Norway vehicle sales

27 Feb 17  Europe takes tough line on shipping emissions

27 Feb 17  Six states propose new electric vehicle fees

24 Feb 17  Railway stations across India to go solar

23 Feb 17  Melbourne streets become living transport lab

21 Feb 17  London to charge polluting vehicles

16 Feb 17  Volvo aims at first all-electric vehicle in 2019

13 Feb 17  European trains go down renewable route

9 Feb 17  Norway spearheads Europe's electric vehicle surge

8 Feb 17  UK plans to get rid of diesel vehicles ... and soon

8 Feb 17  US sees electric vehicle sales soar

7 Feb 17  Flights to slip under radar of EU emissions limits

3 Feb 17  E-cars and cheap solar could sink fossil fuels by 2020

26 Jan 17  Emissions rules unfair, say coastal ship operators

26 Jan 17  EV charging stations to get standard set-up

26 Jan 17  Electric cars will not stem global demand for oil, says BP

25 Jan 17  Paris rolls out driverless bus service to fight pollution

25 Jan 17  Toyota dealership strikes diamonds

24 Jan 17  Cities unite to price cars for electric fleet

24 Jan 17  Big carmakers lead $10b hydrogen investment

19 Dec 16  China’s electric vehicles set for bumpy ride

16 Dec 16  Hybrid cars join emissions reporting regime

16 Dec 16  New study reveals shattering effect of roads on nature

13 Dec 16  Vehicles in Paris must have 'clean stickers'

9 Dec 16  Takanini joins e-charger network

7 Dec 16  Britain paves way for EVs and green aviation

7 Dec 16  Toyota to expand hybrid development

5 Dec 16  Major cities move to ban diesel cars and trucks by 2025

5 Dec 16  GM ready to lose $9000 a pop on all-electric Chevy Bolt

2 Dec 16  Toyota likes sales of luxury hybrid SUVs

1 Dec 16  Copenhagen boasts more bicycles than cars

29 Nov 16  MAKE SOME NOISE: E-vehicles must turn up the volume

29 Nov 16  PAIN IN SPAIN: Fast train, but what about the birds?

25 Nov 16  Why faster roads don't sit with our plans for electric cars

23 Nov 16  VW shifts gear to e-cars and US market

22 Nov 16  Cars use much more fuel than manufacturers let on

22 Nov 16  Alaska flies first jet powered by local forest biomass

18 Nov 16  Air NZ flies high at sustainable business awards

11 Nov 16  Bike to work ... and get yourself a tax break

7 Nov 16  US designates e-vehicle charging corridors

3 Nov 16  California ups e-car rebate for the not-so-rich

3 Nov 16  German vice-chancellor attacks China’s e-car targets

1 Nov 16  Are priority measures for e-cars really a good idea?

31 Oct 16  UN to deliver climate plan for shipping in 2023

26 Oct 16  UN faces deadlock over shipping climate plans

26 Oct 16  Connected cars could be big energy savers ... or not

25 Oct 16  Why you may never need to buy your child a bike again

19 Oct 16  National electric vehicle fleet grows to 2000

17 Oct 16  Big business gives big yes to vehicle fleets going electric

14 Oct 16  Electric cars set to pass two million mark

13 Oct 16  Investors tell car industry to get a move on

12 Oct 16  Germany wants to see end of gas and diesel cars by 2030

12 Oct 16  Europe eyes e-car plug in every new home

11 Oct 16  Delaying action on ship emissions would kill many

10 Oct 16  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

7 Oct 16  Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16  Tesla setting up shop here

7 Oct 16  Americans buy more EVs than ever before

4 Oct 16  Freight operators can make huge savings, says expert

3 Oct 16  Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16  We've pumped out an extra 500,000 tonnes of gases

3 Oct 16  UN close to landmark deal on aircraft emissions

30 Sep 16  Every future Prius might be a plug-in hybrid

27 Sep 16  Are we finally about to get an aviation emissions deal?

23 Sep 16  NZ will join aviation emissions agreement

22 Sep 16  NZ mulls over stand on aviation emissions

22 Sep 16  Emissions targets need all-electric cars

22 Sep 16  Tokyo wants self-drive cars for 2020 Olympics

21 Sep 16  CARMAGEDDON | Let's face it, cars always were a dumb idea

21 Sep 16  Toyota using sewage to power new electric car

20 Sep 16  We need a million electric vehicles, says report

20 Sep 16  Minister admits Government can't afford e-cars

19 Sep 16  DUNNE DEAL | United Future offers cash for e-cars

19 Sep 16  New stations blossom in e-drive week

16 Sep 16  RAIL v ROAD: Trains still come out in front

16 Sep 16  GOODBYE GAS: Why petrol cars must go by 2035

15 Sep 16  Minister way off mark on EVs, says transport expert

15 Sep 16  Stand by for the electric Mini

14 Sep 16  E-bus can run 560km on one charge

13 Sep 16  Fasten your seat belt - turbulence is on the rise

12 Sep 16  RUC exemption could save thousands for truckers

9 Sep 16  New EV exemption won't work, says Treasury

9 Sep 16  Waste Management fleet going electric

9 Sep 16  Shipping industry prepares for looming climate tax

7 Sep 16  Shipping pollution kills thousands a year in Asia

5 Sep 16  Big Two back move on aviation emissions

5 Sep 16  Global carmakers select a different forward gear

1 Sep 16  Why shipowners see little point in greener vessels

31 Aug 16  Most of China's 200 EV startups are facing wipeout

26 Aug 16  Four ways technology will change commuting

25 Aug 16  Group of 10 to advise on electric vehicles

25 Aug 16  RANGE ANXIETY: Today’s e-cars right on the button

24 Aug 16  Electric car sales increase 21% in Europe

22 Aug 16  Why we should aim for a million electric vehicles

22 Aug 16  Helsinki to trial self-driving buses

18 Aug 16  Airbus develops electric air taxis

18 Aug 16  US issues new rules for truck emissions

15 Aug 16  E-CASH: Anybody got a good EV idea?

15 Aug 16  China eyes California-like e-car rules

10 Aug 16  German firm runs first climate-neutral train

8 Aug 16  It just got easier to find a charging station

8 Aug 16  German e-car discount scheme draws a crowd

5 Aug 16  Climate-friendly flying could cost billions

5 Aug 16  China reveals futuristic straddling bus

5 Aug 16  UK charge points set to outnumber petrol stations

4 Aug 16  Singapore eyes self-driving taxi service

3 Aug 16  Aviation emissions pact may be voluntary at first

3 Aug 16  E-car charging could follow Airbnb model

2 Aug 16  Vector adds more Auckland e-car chargers

2 Aug 16  Musk sells his solar power company ... to himself

2 Aug 16  Charging pads let electric car owners cut the cord

29 Jul 16  Don't expect a solar 747 anytime soon

27 Jul 16  NZ airs views at aviation emissions talks

27 Jul 16  Solar plane makes history

27 Jul 16  London Mayor targets tube network

26 Jul 16  EPA finding clears way for limit on aircraft emissions

22 Jul 16  Tesla unveils plans for new vehicle types

22 Jul 16  Nations urged to back airlines carbon scheme

21 Jul 16  Audi plans e-car push to put heat on Tesla

14 Jul 16  Aviation industry preparing for ‘eleventh hour’ deal

13 Jul 16  Toyota to import used hybrids to fill market gap

11 Jul 16  VW emissions scandal fuels corporate doubts

8 Jul 16  Road emissions rising ... at just the wrong time

7 Jul 16  London to make dirty cars pay

6 Jul 16  Paris bans old polluting cars

1 Jul 16  BIKEBAHN: Germany building world’s biggest bicycle highway

30 Jun 16  Why electric cars need to boost market share

28 Jun 16  Rolls-Royce sets 2020 for crewless cargo ships

27 Jun 16  Sweden tests world’s first electric road

23 Jun 16  Cars buck downward trend of EU carbon emissions

23 Jun 16  BMW beats Tesla to LAPD electric car contract

20 Jun 16  Energy minister is electrifying

16 Jun 16  Hog will be electric in five years

15 Jun 16  Nissan eyes bioethanol EV

14 Jun 16  Beijing records highest number of EV sales

10 Jun 16  CRUISE CONTROL: Lax liners ingore environment rules

10 Jun 16  Ontario to offer e-car rebates in $6.5b carbon plan

8 Jun 16  CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

7 Jun 16  Airlines accused of backsliding on climate deal

3 Jun 16  Bye-bye bike, Postman Pat will soon drive a Paxster

3 Jun 16  VW to make big electric-car commitment

3 Jun 16  Volvo concept trucks cut fuel by a third

25 May 16  Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

25 May 16  Hyundai plans 250-mile EV for 2020

24 May 16  Punish the dirty drivers, urges e-car advocate

24 May 16  Global EV sales will increase fivefold within five years

23 May 16  Supersized ship, supersized pollution problem

19 May 16  Colorado e-car fans to get $5000 incentive

18 May 16  Rich and poor divided over aviation emissions deal

13 May 16  UN seen as likely choice for airline pollution cuts

12 May 16  China and US set for airline emissions clash

11 May 16  Japan has more charge points than petrol stations

9 May 16  GM and Lyft to test self-driving electric taxis

6 May 16  Long road ahead for EVs, says energy expert

6 May 16  We've made owning e-cars easier, claims minister

6 May 16  E-CARS: Tracey's got one, so has Jenny; Julie Anne doesn't bother with a car at all

5 May 16  Courier giant ushers in aviation biofuels drive

4 May 16  At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

4 May 16  ... and this is what the country expects to see

3 May 16  Ontario acts to allay car fears over climate plan

2 May 16  VW and Shell try to block Europe's drive for electric cars

2 May 16  Crewless ships could trim trade’s carbon footprint

29 Apr 16  Germany plans $1.4bn boost for e-cars

27 Apr 16  Biodiesel worse than fossil fuels, warn greens

27 Apr 16  UK diesel car emissions five times over limit

26 Apr 16  Volvo sets target of a million e-cars sold by 2025

26 Apr 16  Shipping leaders back faster emissions cuts

21 Apr 16  NZ Bus going electric will save the capital's trolleys

21 Apr 16  Europe’s biggest carmakers are in for a rough ride

20 Apr 16  Netherlands eyes petrol and diesel ban by 2025

20 Apr 16  Aviation talks face headwinds on rich-poor compromise

19 Apr 16  Global electric car sales on the rise

6 Apr 16  Christchurch gets first fast-charging station

6 Apr 16  The case for a carbon tax on airline flight tickets

5 Apr 16  Air NZ emissions move wins global support

4 Apr 16  Mighty River snaps up latest from Tesla

30 Mar 16  It wouldn't take much for e-cars to ease our emissions

29 Mar 16  Capital plugs in to fast-charge e-car stations

23 Mar 16  Black-out Bridges keeps us in the dark on e-cars

16 Mar 16  NZ needs standard e-car charging, says Volvo

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

10 Mar 16  Electric car sales worldwide are powering ahead

9 Mar 16  Greens lament lost e-car opportunities

8 Mar 16  Aviation losing emissions battle, say academics

3 Mar 16  Government on verge of e-car action

1 Mar 16  Vector adds to Auckland chargers

29 Feb 16  Will self-driving cars make the world a better place?

26 Feb 16  2040 will see electric-car sales in the millions, says report

23 Feb 16  Vector increases charging points at Auckland e-car station

15 Feb 16  New aviation rules will just delay the heavy lifting

18 Jan 16  Are electric vehicles really the best option?

30 Nov 15  Breakthrough ushers in era of guilt-free gas

9 Nov 15  Greens show green light to electric vehicles

2 Nov 15  Lexus launches hydrogen 'bomb'

27 Oct 15  Cities are the key, says Auckland mayor

27 Oct 15  Quality emissions key to airline offsets

27 Oct 15  Dutch team wins solar challenge ... again

19 Oct 15  Electric trucks are getting a plug

12 Oct 15  Air NZ backs global carbon market call

28 Sep 15  Volkswagen budgets billions to stem cheating tide

21 Sep 15  Making e-cars fun: why new Porsche runs on batteries

7 Sep 15  Pssst! ... Government wants to kickstart e-cars

31 Aug 15  Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

10 Aug 15  Here’s how we can save the car – and the planet

10 Aug 15  ‘Peak car’ means UK might get much closer to carbon targets than it realised

10 Aug 15  Arctic’s melting ice shrinks Europe-Asia shipping routes

20 Jul 15  Climate change brings ill winds for airline industry

13 Jul 15  How the country can save $37 million a year ... use KiwiRail

13 Jul 15  How long before you ditch your car for a driverless electric taxi?

6 Jul 15  How transport sharing boosts health, wealth and climate

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

15 Jun 15  Group aims to improve transport systems

25 May 15  Inter-island ferry tests cleaner fuels

28 Apr 15  Consultants win award for bridge work

20 Apr 15  Beehive wants us to drive green cars

13 Apr 15  China helping London’s famous black cabs to turn green

23 Mar 15  We're in the right gear to hit the e-car highway

23 Mar 15  On yer bike, says pedal-power Mike

9 Feb 15  Cheap fuel little help with emissions, says expert

27 Jan 15  Kiwi keeps an eye on Qatar project environment

22 Dec 14  Minister's transport plan just tokenism, says expert

8 Dec 14  Lines company loves its electric cars

1 Dec 14  Scientists find new fuel job for sawdust

3 Nov 14  Actually, a high oil price might be a good thing for the world

28 Oct 14  Good tyres tread lightly on the Earth

28 Oct 14  Universities act to hit fossil fuel firms where it hurts

20 Oct 14  Problem seaweed could provide biofuel solution

29 Sep 14  How to save the planet ... bike, walk or take a bus

29 Sep 14  Clear skies for aviation industry, says Boeing report

16 Sep 14  Fossil-free superannuation is an idea that’s going to snowball

16 Sep 14  Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

8 Sep 14  Worried carmakers force Korea ETS changes

1 Sep 14  Australian transport stuck in the energy queue

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

18 Aug 14  Cathay Pacific plugs into biofuel producer

18 Aug 14  Don't waste your money on oil and gas

18 Aug 14  Scientists see problems with tar sand pipeline

18 Aug 14  Norway finds the wells have run dry

18 Aug 14  Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

11 Aug 14  It looks like air fares will have to rise ... and rise ... and rise

11 Aug 14  Airports super-inefficient, says emissions study

11 Aug 14  Scientists warn of biofuel plant dangers

4 Aug 14  Smartphone could be way of beating the traffic jam

18 Jul 14  Paris gears up pay-for-pedal plan to boost the bicycle

11 Jul 14  Scientists accuse Shell of climate doublethink

4 Jul 14  Sorry, say most Britons, but electric cars are not for us

27 Jun 14  Kia loves its new e-car but we won't see it ... yet

27 Jun 14  Scientists see dangers in jet contrails

27 Jun 14  Capital to switch off trolley buses

20 Jun 14  Nat's transport plan a fantasy, say Greens

13 Jun 14  Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

6 Jun 14  Our new planes cut carbon, says Air NZ

6 Jun 14  Wellington mayor gets hands-on with China's electric buses

30 May 14  Climate change? She'll be right, says Shell

30 May 14  Look, ma, no hands ... Google car could be a threat, says GM

9 May 14  Be very wary of oil, report urges big investors

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

17 Apr 14  On yer bike ... Copenhagen shows the way for European cities

11 Apr 14  How sail is catching up with the fossil-fuel ships

11 Apr 14  Tyres can save fuel, says consumer watchdog

11 Apr 14  Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

4 Apr 14  Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

4 Apr 14  Tax credits deal fuels LanzaTech move to Illinois

4 Apr 14  Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

4 Apr 14  Europe puts off decision on aviation emissions

28 Mar 14  Z Energy on fuels project sideline

28 Mar 14  Brm, brm ...move over, brick, there's a streamliner coming through

21 Mar 14  Foreign airlines should pay, say Europe lawmakers

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

21 Feb 14  Costly, toxic and slow to charge? Busting electric car myths

7 Feb 14  Why the big boys are serious about carbon pricing

20 Dec 13  Court throws out Taranaki drilling challenge

20 Dec 13  Airways opens green routes

20 Dec 13  Diesel additive has new outlet

6 Dec 13  NXT biofuels project excites retail chain

29 Nov 13  Motoring club takes prize for energy efficiency

22 Nov 13  Brownlee talking brainy transport systems

25 Oct 13  Toyota finds green is good for business

18 Oct 13  US biodiesel set to pass billion-gallon mark

11 Oct 13  Where's the Kiwi vision, asks IPCC author

11 Oct 13  Expert dismisses Wellington rail plan

20 Sep 13  Waikato students set to tackle Outback in e-car

30 Aug 13  Production of biodiesel falls

30 Aug 13  Expert slams our motorway madness

2 Aug 13  Biofuel brokers welcome Beehive backing

12 Jul 13  Air NZ loses place on clean-green list

5 Jul 13  Service stations to boast 'bintainers'

28 Jun 13  Air NZ to refuse shark-fin freight

28 Jun 13  Bombs rule the road as Kiwis steer clear of greener cars

21 Jun 13  Toyota heads off the green-car pack

21 Jun 13  Air NZ in Paris to show off new green aircraft

24 May 13  More motorways absurd idea, say Greens

24 May 13  More motorways great idea, says National

15 Mar 13  Biodiesel NZ good buy, says new owner

15 Mar 13  NZ 'solution' wrong, says researcher

1 Mar 13  Airport sets high energy cut goals

15 Feb 13  Memo Phil: Sydney loves the Leaf

15 Feb 13  Companies link to build fuel demo plant

15 Feb 13  Former employees buy biofuels maker

15 Feb 13  Companies adrift on climate-change score

8 Feb 13  Car seller in drive toward lower carbon

1 Feb 13  Air NZ makes final of world awards

9 Nov 12  Grants on offer for retailers to cut energy

2 Nov 12  Scientist hopes to get fuel supply from thin air

5 Oct 12  Industry angry as Solid Energy acts to drop biodesiel

5 Oct 12  Rail closure wrong-headed, say Greens

21 Sep 12  Green firms an inspiration, says judge

31 Aug 12  Volt gives jolt to crash protection

20 Jul 12  It's all good news for biodiesel maker

6 Jul 12  ETS inaction puts focus on transport

22 Jun 12  I quite like this e-car, enthuses e-minister

15 Jun 12  Planemaker backs land restoration

18 May 12  Marsden eyes emissions savings

18 May 12  Law firm first to win world green award

18 May 12  Switched-on insurer turns over new Leaf

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

20 Apr 12  Traders question new emissions rules

16 Mar 12  Wood the answer, says biofuel expert

2 Mar 12  NZ stays out of Europe airlines row

2 Mar 12  Kiwi carpoolers ride all the way to Britain

2 Mar 12  Ferry terminals win green praise

24 Feb 12  NZ could be centre for new fuel technology

17 Feb 12  Electric cars ... what do you think?

20 Jan 12  Airlines look at buying into our ETS

9 Dec 11  Sunshine cars go all the way south

2 Dec 11  LanzaTech to make avgas for US

25 Nov 11  US firm invites LanzaTech to the party

28 Oct 11  Green pays recession dividends for Toyota

28 Oct 11  Greens say Govt has Auckland train money

14 Oct 11  LanzaTech gases will fuel Virgin aircraft

23 Sep 11  Car traders see good in ETS review

19 Aug 11  Greens slam stand on Auckland transport

12 Aug 11  E-cars equal petrol at 26c a litre, says EECA

5 Aug 11  Make your second car electric

5 Aug 11  Petrol should be cheaper, says minister

5 Aug 11  Sticker carries energy efficiency clues

29 Jul 11  Biofuel plan stagnates while Government dithers

29 Jul 11  Transport plans short-sighted, say Greens

3 Jun 11  Cargo carbon calculations just a click away

3 Jun 11  Green all the rage at Cathay Pacific

20 May 11  Biodiesel maker to set up Nelson plant

29 Apr 11  How high-tech can steer cars in right direction

29 Apr 11  Study shows most say no to motorways

15 Apr 11  Gull woos fleet users with new biofuel

11 Mar 11  Kawerau mill wins forest award

4 Mar 11  No-fly Bill catches a slow boat

25 Feb 11  Auckland scheme recycles waste oil

18 Feb 11  Motorway money poor choice, say Greens

4 Feb 11  Airport eyes switch from diesel boilers

4 Feb 11  Australian fuels firm adds to biodiesel plants

21 Jan 11  Rotorua gets first taste of biodiesel

17 Dec 10  Aviation world eyes NZ algae technology

17 Dec 10  NZ plays key role in fossil fuels subsidies probe

17 Dec 10  $2 petrol price points up Govt failure, say Greens

3 Dec 10  Aquaflow links with US firm in energy move

19 Nov 10  LanzaTech to work on jet fuel development

15 Oct 10  World clean-tech spotlight shines on LanzaTech

8 Oct 10  E-waste disposal gets a million-dollar boost

1 Oct 10  Wellington puts electric cars to the test

1 Oct 10  New biodiesel mix aims to be cheaper

3 Sep 10  Pressure builds to change ETS obligation rule

2 Jul 10  Gull: We'll hold off ... at least for a week

28 May 10  Gull likes look of Kiwi biofuel company

23 Apr 10  We've got stamp costs licked, says NZ Post

9 Apr 10  Air NZ looks at using CAP to cover emissions

26 Mar 10  Why Gull is happy to use NZ emissions scheme

26 Mar 10  KiwiRail on track to operating green

26 Feb 10  Air NZ silent on damning biofuel report

19 Feb 10  Toyota has high hopes for hybrid Camry

2 Oct 09  BMW to Government: get your vehicle policies right

23 Sep 09  Emissions plan good news for NZ shipping companies

18 Sep 09  Gull questions ETS petrol price rise

28 Aug 09  Is it a bird, is it a plane ... it's KillaCycle

7 Aug 09  Law makes electric cars exempt from RUCs

24 Jul 09  Better timing would help, says airport company

14 Jul 09  Air NZ fits planes with fuel-saving winglets

30 Jun 09  'Green capital' to show off zero-emissions vehicle

16 Jun 09  Biofuel source important to us, says Air NZ

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  New bill will ignite local biofuel debate

9 Jun 09  Capital clearing way for e-car stations

5 Jun 09  Airline test raises questions, says biofuel pioneer

29 May 09  Biofuel test-flight shows 'significant' fuel saving

22 May 09  Government cans electric car think-tank

22 May 09  Capital carpool operation hits the road

12 May 09  Auckland-Wellington for $4.40 in the Green Machine

14 Apr 09  Timber mill train decision clears roads

7 Apr 09  Baroness slams dual-purpose biofuel crops

31 Mar 09  ARC sees back-to-the-future transport solution

24 Mar 09  Biofuels and e-car experts in capital talks

24 Mar 09  NZ-UK business group criticises airport taxes

13 Mar 09  Mapp urges biofuel crops for our badlands

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

10 Mar 09  Australian researchers claim algae breakthrough

3 Mar 09  Think concrete, lobby tells government roadmakers

24 Feb 09  Electric car on trial, but price still a mystery

13 Feb 09  Get rid of our flimsy houses, says leading architect

27 Jan 09  Capital moves car-pool targets closer to city

16 Jan 09  Brownlee's biofuels backdown hurts tallow pioneer

19 Dec 08  Shipowners seek rewards for cutting emissions

16 Dec 08  Aquaflow eyes world-first algae biofuel flight

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Ministry wants to know plans for electric cars

9 Dec 08  Oil price fall poses problem for exploration

5 Dec 08  UK airport tax 'reprisal' for NZ stand on food miles

2 Dec 08  Crash delays Air NZ biofuel test flight

28 Nov 08  Trolley lines could power cars, says Wellington mayor

28 Nov 08  Key seeks further talks on UK's passenger tax

28 Nov 08  Why you should know your carbon footprint

21 Nov 08  Youthful manager drives Meridian's electric cars project

11 Nov 08  People-pods developer woos NZ investors

11 Nov 08  Hitch-a-ride pioneer adopts TradeMe approach

7 Nov 08  Add coconut to biofuel mix, says PNG politician

31 Oct 08  Aquaflow signs 'significant' US clean-tech deal

28 Oct 08  $1-a-litre southern diesel might be closer than we think

28 Oct 08  E-car entrepreneur eyes charging stations network for NZ

24 Oct 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government might back first bioethanol plant

21 Oct 08  Government dragging chain on Envirosol project

10 Oct 08  Airport has high hopes for $50m green pier building

7 Oct 08  Our shipping treated badly, say West Coast businesses

7 Oct 08  London might get Olympics buses from Ashburton

23 Sep 08  Bank offers customers fixed-price diesel deal

19 Sep 08  Want a new Mitsi electric? Don't hold your breath

16 Sep 08  Kiwi boffin says he can turn tyres into fuel

12 Sep 08  NZ algae-to-fuels pioneer claims world breakthrough

9 Sep 08  Govt all talk and no action, says vehicle emissions group

9 Sep 08  Ecology group wants NZ ban on Brazilian biofuel

2 Sep 08  Crammed capital to put its faith in new-look car pooling

26 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: How we can live without cars

26 Aug 08  NEW ROADS: Do we really need them, asks energy activist

19 Aug 08  Car-racing series gives nod to ethanol-mix biofuels

8 Aug 08  Gull's whey-based 91-octane biofuel mix hits pumps today

8 Aug 08  Pioneer system changes hydrocarbons to hydrogen under the bonnet

29 Jul 08  Local ship operator investigates move to biofuel

25 Jul 08  Our politicians ignoring peak oil impact, says forum

25 Jul 08  Minister stays mum on support for Biofuels bill

22 Jul 08  Bitumen industry hits back at claims by cement companies

18 Jul 08  Long-haul airlines to get carbon relief from Europe

15 Jul 08  Air NZ reviewing implications of EU emissions plan

11 Jul 08  Petrol shock: $8 a litre within 10 years, says Aussie report

27 Jun 08  Toyoto NZ believes it still has the ‘green’ advantage

27 Jun 08  Freight rail seen as way to reduce greenhouse gases

24 Jun 08  NZ biodiesel market big enough for everyone, says Solid Energy

24 Jun 08  No local biofuel under proposed law - manufacturers

24 Jun 08  Palmerston North sells landfill credits to Toyota

20 Jun 08  BP enlists NZ in tallow-to-transport fuel refining

20 Jun 08  Auckland can cope with increased public transport use

17 Jun 08  Big numbers scupper Kiwi electric car ambitions

13 Jun 08  ETS uncertainty deterring large InterCity investment

13 Jun 08  Plea to lighten up on the car industry

11 Jun 08  Vehicle valuer: Medium and large cars become an asset liability

10 Jun 08  InterCity stalls its "carbon neutral" effort till after the election

10 Jun 08  World's cheapest car ruled out of NZ market

9 Jun 08  'Green’ car choices moving fleet market, though some execs still want the V6

9 Jun 08  Air NZ biofuel move will boost domestic demand, says BANZ

9 Jun 08  Maker stands by Ecotube claims

6 Jun 08  Air NZ criticised for biofuel choice

5 Jun 08  Pernod Ricard New Zealand first winery to achieve five major international standards

3 Jun 08  Electric vehicles no panacea, says Meridian

3 Jun 08  Disesel price no impact on truck numbers

3 Jun 08  When it comes to buying climate friendly vehicles 11% will part with the cash

3 Jun 08  Americans cut car use by equivalent of 11 billion miles a year

3 Jun 08  US drivers shudder at $4 per gallon

3 Jun 08  Transport sector advised to help shape next world emissions deal

30 May 08  Electric car sceptic invents long-term power shortage

29 May 08  Air NZ looks for sting from EU emission trading

28 May 08  Mitsubishi may win race to get first electric car to NZ market

28 May 08  EU Parliament committee votes overnight for tougher aviation ETS regime

28 May 08  International aviation alleges jumbo 15 billion euro annual bill for EU ETS

27 May 08  Public transport won’t cope with major fuel-price driven switch from cars

26 May 08  InterCity: Fuel price-driven flight to public transport has started

22 May 08  Investment in coastal shipping welcomed

21 May 08  Major move to shift 30% of inter-regional freight to sea

21 May 08  Pacifica: Funding boost will stimulate coastal links

20 May 08  Coastal shipping revamp to play major role in emissions cuts

15 May 08  Booming biofuels company shows how it can be done

15 May 08  Airships' potential not just hot air, says entrepreneur

13 May 08  Shock shipping news puts New Zealand on the spot

9 May 08  Transport delay seen as threat to carbon currency

5 May 08  NZ expert sees third way for troubled biofuels

1 May 08  Vehicle exhaust emissions to be put to the test

28 Apr 08  Travelling greens have a new place to stay

10 Apr 08  US concerned over EU airline emissions charge plan, starts probe into airline pollution

7 Apr 08  Cement lobby launches major campaign to replace bitumen on roads

7 Apr 08  100 governments agree on lower emission standards for ships

1 Apr 08  Air NZ backs ETS - but wants carbon price cap

27 Mar 08  A cow of a campaign from the airlines


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