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Arctic fires have released 205 megatonnes of CO2 this year alone

2 Sep 20 - The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by Arctic wildfires this year is already 35 per cent higher than the figure for the whole of 2019.

Changing oceans reveal clear human thumbprint

27 Aug 20 - Humankind has already begun to reshape the biggest available living space on the planet and to leave its mark in the changing oceans.

Children raised in greener areas have higher IQ, study finds

26 Aug 20 - Growing up in a greener urban environment boosts children’s intelligence and lowers levels of difficult behaviour, a study has found.

Covid-19 pushes back global overshoot day

17 Aug 20 - Earth Overshoot Day – the day each year on which human activity has used up all the resources the planet generates in a year and is moving into debt – has been pushed back by the covid-19 pandemic...

Woolly rhinos wiped out by climate change

14 Aug 20 - Although overhunting led to the demise of some prehistoric megafauna after the last ice age, a new study found that the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros may have been caused by climate change.

REPORT: Climate change will mean we get more diseases from animals

14 Aug 20 - As the new coronavirus continues to turn the world upside down, crashing economies and overextending health care systems, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts are increasingly focusing on...

CLIMATE CRISIS: Last decade was the hottest on record

13 Aug 20 - The past decade was the hottest ever recorded globally, with 2019 either the second or third warmest year on record, as the climate crisis accelerated temperatures upwards worldwide, scientists have...

Cod are disappearing because of global warming

13 Aug 20 - PEOPLE who love eating cod might have to change their preferences soon - according to new research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, global warming may cause a decline in cod populations.

Climate science’s worst case is today’s reality

11 Aug 20 - A trio of US researchers has grim news for people worried about climate science’s worst case outcome. Forget about the other options. The worst case is already happening.

Diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds

7 Aug 20 - The human destruction of natural ecosystems increases the numbers of rats, bats and other animals that harbour diseases that can lead to pandemics such as Covid-19, a comprehensive analysis has found

Satellites find new colonies of emperor penguins

6 Aug 20 - Satellite observations have found a raft of new emperor penguin breeding sites in the Antarctic - welcome news as the species faces increasing pressure from climate change.

YOUNG v OLD: The battle goes on in the forest

Tane Mahuta, Waipoua Forest

5 Aug 20 - Are young trees or old forests more important for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it?

New-look Scott Base is all go for green

4 Aug 20 - THE COLOUR of the new Scott Base may not be decided, but one thing is clear – the building will be green.

Scientists pull 100-million-year-old microbes from sea

31 Jul 20 - Microbes buried beneath the sea floor for more than 100 million years are still alive, a new study reveals.

Is there time for the nuclear fusion dream to work?

30 Jul 20 - The biggest science experiment on Earth could avert climate change. But is there still time for nuclear fusion to work?

Carbon emissions chill atmosphere at edge of space

29 Jul 20 - While greenhouse gases are warming Earth’s surface, they’re also causing rapid cooling far above us, at the edge of space.

Is storing CO2 in rocks a solution to climate change?

21 Jul 20 - An effective climate change solution may lie in rocks beneath our feet.

Ocean sensitivity might lower carbon emissions cuts

3 Jul 20 - As greenhouse gas emissions soar, ocean sensitivity has quietly helped humanity to slow global heating: the seas have responded by absorbing more and more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Burning coal caused mass extinctions

30 Jun 20 - Geologists have linked one of the planet’s most devastating events to the burning of fossil fuels, as ancient coal fires set in train a global extinction wave.

Microplastics are in the soils of even the remotest places

30 Jun 20 - If microplastics can enter the food web on King George Island, they can probably do so almost anywhere on earth.

19 Jun 20  Hospitals new theatres of emissions warfare

15 Jun 20  Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough

12 Jun 20  Sponge-tech sucks carbon from the air

11 Jun 20  Engineers make syngas out of cement-waste

8 Jun 20  Not even pandemic can flatten the Keeling Curve

28 May 20  We're sitting on remains of a giant volcanic plume

22 May 20  New solar cells pass global test standards

13 May 20  Bad soil fungi will welcome warmer weather

21 Apr 20  Windows could produce future electricity

16 Apr 20  Plane-free skies spur research into impact of aviation

9 Apr 20  Scientists blame poor soil for carbon limits

9 Apr 20  New mutant enzyme recycles plastic bottles in hours

30 Mar 20  Coronavirus hinders climate science

16 Mar 20  Global heat closing in on Paris Agreement target

6 Mar 20  Carbon capture and storage has stalled - needlessly

4 Mar 20  Gluckman group to tackle the hard stuff

24 Feb 20  Methane revelations might benefit our farmers

21 Feb 20  Researchers claim solar efficiency breakthrough

20 Feb 20  Some aerosol emissions might have an up-side

19 Feb 20  Climate research struggles to find funding

18 Feb 20  CROSSING THE LINE: A scientist’s road from neutrality

12 Feb 20  Busy mast years can damage our forests

11 Feb 20  Government pumps $14m into forest water study

11 Feb 20  Rule-breaking plants take on changing climate

10 Feb 20  New material could clean up fossil fuel industry

7 Feb 20  Ants' sweet tooth could curb farm emissions

28 Nov 19  We might have crossed tipping points, say scientists

28 Nov 19  Scientists claim breakthrough on gut bacteria

28 Nov 19  New global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasting

27 Nov 19  Hydrogen has arrived. says Australia's top scientist

20 Nov 19  'Green' cement step closer to cutting emissions

19 Nov 19  Even Nobel Prize winners can get it wrong

13 Nov 19  New battery could slash cost of e-cars

7 Nov 19  Industry sees process heat alternatives

7 Nov 19  Mission Methane will be run from our very own space base

6 Nov 19  NZ scientists back global climate statement

24 Oct 19  Why science must go on a war footing

23 Oct 19  We're letting down humanity, says climate scientist

23 Oct 19  Ozone hole smallest since 80s, thanks to the wonky weather

17 Oct 19  Stand aside, science, we can solve this in any old kitchen

11 Oct 19  Nobel winner made battery discovery at Exxon

27 Sep 19  Insects might be trained to protect our crops

17 Sep 19  Govt puts faith (and $10m) into smart cows

13 Sep 19  How healthcare can affect global climate crisis

6 Sep 19  Bronze Age, Iron Age ... now it's welcome to the Plastic Age

2 Sep 19  Weird and wonderful ways nature is changing fashion

30 Aug 19  It's not all down to the Industrial Revolution

15 Aug 19  Burp-free cow food almost ready for market

15 Aug 19  Heat-trapping gases soar to new levels

15 Aug 19  Fracking pushes up methane count, says research

14 Aug 19  Media too soft on contrarians, says study

13 Aug 19  New world means new look at GM, say experts

9 Aug 19  Protein diet would free up land, say scientists

25 Jul 19  No room now for doubt, say climate scientists

5 Jul 19  Roaches could soon become too tough for pesticides

4 Jul 19  Glue could be simple solution to a sticky carbon problem

28 Jun 19  Scientists claim methane breakthrough

19 Jun 19  It's all about microbes, say scientists

17 Jun 19  A weekly walk in the woods works wonders for the soul

11 Jun 19  Loss of plants will make a world of difference

5 Jun 19  SNOW BUSINESS: Could flakes be a source of clean energy?

4 Jun 19  Well-managed soils make better carbon stores

31 May 19  Sky-spy will map all carbon emissions

27 May 19  Humans held responsible for climate twists

23 May 19  Turning methane into CO2 could help the fight

2 May 19  New wonder material could change electronics

23 Apr 19  DNA expert new EPA chief scientist

18 Apr 19  New studies show it could be even hotter than we thought

17 Apr 19  Super plants the key, says leading biologist

15 Apr 19  EYES ON ICE: Anchored science ship will go with the floe

5 Apr 19  Scientists invent 'transparent wood' for new building material

4 Apr 19  Ancient ‘Snowball Earth’ thawed out in a flash

26 Mar 19  Drones make it easier to monitor environment

21 Mar 19  IPCC treading softly on language, says study

13 Mar 19  CLIMATE CHAMPION: My struggle with the future

8 Mar 19  New solar panel makes hydrogen to heat homes

6 Mar 19  Filters could capture CO2 in the air

27 Feb 19  More and more, scientists need backup of the volunteer army

8 Feb 19  Science races climate as ecosystems vanish

5 Feb 19  Ponds in your garden can fight climate change

1 Feb 19  Scientists find Scuba system can contain coal gases

31 Jan 19  HEATWAVE COSTS: Dead fish and early grapes

31 Jan 19  Someday soon, a tablecloth could charge our phones

19 Dec 18  All farming gases must be cut, scientists say

30 Nov 18  New tech hailed as tool to protect oceans

26 Nov 18  Solar geoengineering could be cheap option

21 Nov 18  Fog, freezing cold, plague, hunger ... 536 was a shocker

20 Nov 18  Academics call for emergency action

9 Nov 18  Messed-up ozone layer is on the mend

5 Nov 18  This crab could save your life - if humans don't wipe it out first

31 Oct 18  MEATLESS MEAT: One major issue is what do we call it

5 Oct 18  Jet makes historic flight on LanzaTech fuel

5 Oct 18  WASTE NOT: Dumped plastic can be worth its weight in gold

3 Oct 18  Even fish can eat this latest replacement for plastic

2 Oct 18  Scientists have high hopes for solar-flow battery

2 Oct 18  Plastic-eating mushrooms are the new waste superheroes

28 Sep 18  Changing climate is destabilising mountains

28 Sep 18  What happened to solar panels on roads?

24 Sep 18  Building walls on seafloor might help, say scientists

24 Sep 18  Sun-powered golden sandwich gives solar panels more bite

24 Sep 18  Satellite will precisely track how ice is melting

21 Sep 18  Microplastics take to the skies by riding with flying insects

18 Sep 18  Mexico strikes green gold with bioplastics

17 Aug 18  Marine worms are dining out on plastic

10 Aug 18  Dimming the Sun has a dark side

30 Jul 18  Ozone hole story reads like a best-seller

23 Jul 18  Scientists find climate-change secrets locked in troposphere

13 Jul 18  Tiny fern might lead us to big solutions

25 Jun 18  Methane leaks throw doubt on role of natural gas

22 Jun 18  Seaweed scientist wins global acclaim

21 Jun 18  Why carbon neutral means cutting all gases

20 Jun 18  Our cities in the 30-year climate firing line

18 Jun 18  Billions of tonnes of CO2 safe underground, says report

18 Jun 18  Warming world will weaken rice nutrition

13 Jun 18  Why methane should be treated differently

8 Jun 18  NEW-WAVE: Microsoft goes deep with subsea data centre

24 May 18  Hitting 1.5deg warming point could save the world trillions

24 May 18  How the 'carbon budget' is causing problems

23 May 18  Just 0.01% of all life, but we've wiped out most living things

23 May 18  Soon your phone might be powered by ship soot

7 May 18  Bill Gates company goes in search of nuclear Nirvana

3 May 18  ROCK ROLE: Sorry, but nitrogen from stone is no magic bullet

26 Apr 18  Graphene could be game-changer for concrete

24 Apr 18  Victoria sitting on full house for climate report

24 Apr 18  The trouble with permafrost is its impermanence

17 Apr 18  World can limit global warming without BECCS

20 Mar 18  BREAKTHROUGH: Science gets to the heart of methane

14 Mar 18  Did burning coalfields cause Earth’s worst mass extinction?

13 Mar 18  Plastic pollution has now spread to rivers

2 Mar 18  Battered ecosystems almost never recover

26 Feb 18  Science being denied swamp kauri secrets

23 Feb 18  Summer hottest on record

16 Feb 18  Thank the seagulls – guano makes the world go round

14 Feb 18  Victoria University think-tank up there with the best

14 Feb 18  WONDER WOOD: New material could replace steel in building

12 Feb 18  Climate change might cause birds to hatch early

8 Feb 18  Is paint stripper causing new problems for the ozone layer?

2 Feb 18  Negative emissions have ‘limited potential’

2 Feb 18  When the heat's at its worst, trees will sweat to stay alive

1 Feb 18  Telling the story is climate panel's problem

1 Feb 18  Biomining delivers the elements of the future

1 Feb 18  How our climate research was turned into fake news

31 Jan 18  Breakthrough could mean seawater fuel of the future

30 Jan 18  Our phosphorus levels are getting dangerous

30 Jan 18  El Nino and emissions are the reasons it's so hot

25 Jan 18  We must change what we eat, say scientists

24 Jan 18  NZ gets more low marks for environment action

23 Jan 18  Geoengineering has a downside, say scientists

1 Dec 17  How artificial intelligence will make government obsolete

29 Nov 17  New report has dire climate-change warnings

29 Nov 17  Capt Cook's karaka leaves hold clues to our changing climate

29 Nov 17  Melting glaciers could mess up deep-sea chemistry

29 Nov 17  NASA’s new airless titanium tyres are almost indestructible

28 Nov 17  The trouble with bitcoin and big data is the huge energy bill

28 Nov 17  Let's reuse the bad plastics and encourage the good

28 Nov 17  Geo-engineering might do more harm than good

27 Nov 17  LIZARD LINK: Here's a new way to explain climate impacts

21 Nov 17  SERIOUS SCIENCE: Soon it will be too late

21 Nov 17  Scientists aim to fight climate change with super plants

8 Nov 17  Winter shrinking, say scientists

7 Nov 17  New Zealand feeling the impacts of the hot year - scientist

7 Nov 17  This year one of three hottest on record - WMO

20 Oct 17  Scientists predict ecological Armageddon as insects die off

13 Oct 17  SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Many uses of captured CO2

12 Oct 17  'Carbon sucking' technology a must by 2030s

10 Oct 17  Six Nobel prizes – what’s the fascination with the fruit fly?

9 Oct 17  Emissions from warming soils could trigger disaster

4 Oct 17  FASHION FUTURE: Polyester will just keep on keeping on

2 Oct 17  The Plutocene is waiting ... and it isn't pretty

29 Sep 17  Tropical forests no longer doing the carbon job

27 Sep 17  New biomaterial could replace plastic laminates

26 Sep 17  Assumed safety of pesticide use is false, says top scientist

18 Sep 17  Coal's a danger - even when sitting around doing nothing

15 Sep 17  POO POWER: Welcome to the new economy of excrement

14 Sep 17  How to make air conditioners 20% more efficient

14 Sep 17  NANOMATERIALS: Massive problems, small solutions

5 Sep 17  GAS GUZZLERS: Methanotrophs show their muscle

25 Aug 17  Who said the warming target should be 2deg?

24 Aug 17  Fossil fuel business cops most blame for methane

22 Aug 17  Should we trust climate science? Maybe eclipse is a clue

16 Aug 17  Social media can help keep tabs on ecosystems

10 Aug 17  To stop climate change, should we aim to dim the sky?

4 Aug 17  Should we tap undersea methane hydrates for energy?

2 Aug 17  WONDER WEED: Feed the fish kelp and help to fix climate

31 Jul 17  Plants might be wising up faster than humans

31 Jul 17  Saving peatlands could help to save the planet

27 Jul 17  Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology

25 Jul 17  Public doesn't need scientific climate consensus

18 Jul 17  Gases are changing the atmosphere ... and rapidly

17 Jul 17  Auckland could face a Japan-like climate

17 Jul 17  Next design step is bringing the weather indoors

14 Jul 17  ARKS OF THE APOCALYPSE: Science digs in to save our stuff

13 Jul 17  Global database gives more power to scientists

13 Jul 17  Earth's sixth mass extinction event under way

12 Jul 17  Artificial environments turning the world outside in

11 Jul 17  Wildlife faces climate survival and breeding problems

10 Jul 17  Marine 'rats and cockroaches' thrive in our dying oceans

7 Jul 17  Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research

7 Jul 17  Climate more sensitive to CO2 than records suggest

7 Jul 17  This is how climate change will shift the world's cities

4 Jul 17  Air on board cruise ships could be worse than in polluted cities

3 Jul 17  Half-a-degree makes all the difference, say scientists

30 Jun 17  Motu researchers win international praise

30 Jun 17  Why destroying mangroves would be a mistake

30 Jun 17  Boaty McBoatface has been busy down under

27 Jun 17  Ocean levels on the rise ... and quickly

23 Jun 17  Soil scientists back putting carbon in the ground

20 Jun 17  The story of climate change ... with a sting in the tail

15 Jun 17  DEAD CERT: This is when the anthropocene era began

14 Jun 17  CLIMATE CASUALTIES: Where the wild things ... aren’t

14 Jun 17  ... and the future's not too bright for our trapdoor spider

13 Jun 17  Hopes rise for longer-term climate forecasts

12 Jun 17  What's pre-industrial climate ... and why does it matter?

9 Jun 17  COMPUTER GAMES: Science invests $18m in super stuff

8 Jun 17  Warmth will worsen wet and dry extremes

31 May 17  Nitrous oxide joins list of permafrost melt worries

31 May 17  GMO crops could expect a brighter future

31 May 17  Has ice analysis revealed the truth about lead in the air?

30 May 17  There's no way we can plant our way out of trouble

30 May 17  Global energy efficiency would slash CO2 emissions

30 May 17  BOB ON THE JOB: Dylan got it right, a hard rain's gonna fall

29 May 17  ‘Selfish’ genes contain the seeds of our destruction

26 May 17  BUDGET: Ice money will help climate work

24 May 17  World’s vanishing glaciers are putting millions at risk

23 May 17  Cuts now will take heat out of climate shocks

22 May 17  Scientists warn of more-frequent coastal flooding

22 May 17  Experts reject claim that 2deg target not worth it

18 May 17  New idea aims to keep plastic out of oceans

17 May 17  Warming world wiping out our prized penguin

16 May 17  Warming world threatens our ancient forests

16 May 17  Future looks rocky for alpine flowers

12 May 17  Oceans are running out of oxygen ... and quickly

10 May 17  Slow-freezing Alaska drives surge in carbon emissions

8 May 17  MICROBE MAGIC: How we can be mates with methane

5 May 17  April sure was wet ... and warm

5 May 17  Is the climate consensus 97%, 99.9%, or is tectonics a hoax?

5 May 17  CLIMATE CONSCIENCE: Believing is half the battle

3 May 17  Next decade will be critical for climate targets

2 May 17  HOT NEWS: Good chance El Niño will be back this year

2 May 17  Nitrite pollution puts warming waters at risk

2 May 17  Climate could drive coastal food webs to collapse

2 May 17  Sunscreen might be guilty of destroying coral reefs

28 Apr 17  Deep in the forest, there are trees giving off methane

27 Apr 17  Top scientist dismisses talk of warming slowdown

21 Apr 17  CARBON CREEP: Suddenly, CO2 hits the 410ppm mark

20 Apr 17  Harvard boffins to turn back the sun's rays

20 Apr 17  Harvesting fertiliser from ‘bionic’ leaves

19 Apr 17  Star Wars desert moisture farming comes a step closer

13 Apr 17  Permafrost thaw threatens flood of emissions

11 Apr 17  COOL IDEA: Forests offer way to ease climate fears

10 Apr 17  Crucial jet streams stall as the world gets warmer

6 Apr 17  Just four years left of the 1.5deg carbon budget

6 Apr 17  We're heading for the warmest climate in half-a-billion years

4 Apr 17  Soon we could be driving on eggshells and tomato skins

3 Apr 17  It's time to chase a Green Ribbon Award

31 Mar 17  Dead Sea drill shows unprecedented drought

30 Mar 17  Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

29 Mar 17  Green chemistry key to improving sustainability

28 Mar 17  US scientists go big with solar geoengineering

27 Mar 17  Science links China pollution haze and climate change

27 Mar 17  Warming world shrinks prospects for mammals

23 Mar 17  Climate change on pace to kill an Ice Age remnant

23 Mar 17  Grassland lab raises the alarm on species loss

21 Mar 17  US signs up for work on drought-resistant crops

20 Mar 17  Humans cause up to 70% of sea-ice loss

16 Mar 17  There's nothing like a healthy diet to beat climate change

14 Mar 17  Boaty McBoatface heads off to work in the southern seas

14 Mar 17  Scientists track down travelling droughts

10 Mar 17  Baring Head records show CO2 on the rise

10 Mar 17  Forests still key to mitigating climate change

7 Mar 17  That was summer ... and that's the way it's going to be

7 Mar 17  Scientists in NZ eye fish and climate world first

7 Mar 17  Self-powering buoy reports from southern seas

6 Mar 17  Water and soil muddy thinking on carbon budgets

6 Mar 17  WARM WORLD: It's hotter than we thought down there

3 Mar 17  CRUMBS! A loaf of bread takes it out of the environment

1 Mar 17  Poison algal blooms in our waterways will worsen

23 Feb 17  Aerosol study looks at great unknown in climate science

21 Feb 17  FEARS FOR FISH: Our oceans are running out of oxygen

20 Feb 17  Canada’s glacial ice loss raises sea level

20 Feb 17  Scientists study ocean absorption of human pollution

17 Feb 17  Why some of our glaciers are growing

17 Feb 17  Birds caught in climate-change traps

15 Feb 17  Introducing the terrifying maths of the Anthropocene

14 Feb 17  Norway saves skiing with climate-friendly snow

9 Feb 17  Climate change can move mountains

8 Feb 17  Scientists call for unravelling of basic climate change

1 Feb 17  When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

27 Jan 17  How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

27 Jan 17  Shampoo maker finds use for ocean of waste plastic

26 Jan 17  Why do the ecosystems we depend on collapse?

25 Jan 17  Science loses out to uninformed opinion – again

21 Dec 16  Global warming already causing local extinctions

20 Dec 16  Our scientists have had a busy year

20 Dec 16  Scientists confirm Antarctic glacier is melting

15 Dec 16  The stuff we've put on Earth weighs 30 trillion tonnes

14 Dec 16  THE HEAT GOES ON: This year will be our hottest

12 Dec 16  Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems

12 Dec 16  Tinkering with plants helps to boost crop yields

5 Dec 16  Cement develops an appetite for C02

25 Nov 16  Richer forest biodiversity could rake in billions

24 Nov 16  Trump to slam the lid on climate research by Nasa

23 Nov 16  Our sinking land at mercy of rising seawaters

23 Nov 16  UN plans early warning network as climate risks soar

23 Nov 16  The Arctic is a seriously weird place right now

16 Nov 16  European countries might have to import cow dung

15 Nov 16  Warming wreaks havoc with ecosystems

10 Nov 16  Plant biodiversity at risk as climate changes

9 Nov 16  We might be better than we think at absorbing carbon

8 Nov 16  Arctic Ocean could be ice-free before mid-century

7 Nov 16  Politicians feel the heat from rising temperatures

4 Nov 16  Why geo-engineering is unlikely to save the world

27 Oct 16  US faces megadroughts and superstorms

19 Oct 16  Trees do their job much better than we thought

18 Oct 16  Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

18 Oct 16  BLOOM GLOOM: Climate causing plankton problem

13 Oct 16  Stargazing can give us keys to the world of climate change

10 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

10 Oct 16  It's our age, but we've lost control of the planet

7 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

6 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

6 Oct 16  Pacific garbage patch far bigger than imagined

4 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

4 Oct 16  What on earth is happening to Antarctica’s sea ice?

4 Oct 16  Greenland up in the air over melting ice sheets

4 Oct 16  Propaganda masks global climate warnings

3 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

30 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change ...

29 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

28 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

27 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

27 Sep 16  SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

26 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

26 Sep 16  Sometimes the research doesn't do the job

23 Sep 16  Soil carbon storage not the fix we thought

23 Sep 16  Dire climate impacts go unheeded

21 Sep 16  New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

20 Sep 16  Green glue hailed as gamechanger

8 Sep 16  Humans running the show, so let’s make sure we learn

7 Sep 16  Auckland chemist strikes gold in biogas breakthrough

7 Sep 16  A-CHOO!: Warming world set to raise pollen count

7 Sep 16  Time to move on life-saving soil science solutions

30 Aug 16  Welcome to the Anthropocene epoch ...

30 Aug 16  Americans face rising hurricane bills

29 Aug 16  Asia gets its own back ... soot, that is

24 Aug 16  Climate impact of clouds defies simple analysis

23 Aug 16  Rock-solid carbon storage hopes rise

16 Aug 16  Our marine farms might be feeling the pinch

16 Aug 16  Science studies the changing face of vegetation

16 Aug 16  'THE BLOB': How marine heatwaves are causing climate chaos

15 Aug 16  IBM develops cheaper biodegradable plastics

11 Aug 16  Local scientists probe use of artificial leaves

9 Aug 16  Mighty mangroves might be major weapon in climate fight

4 Aug 16  So far, we've had our hottest year since 1909

3 Aug 16  Little Ice Age analysis bodes ill for the future

1 Aug 16  NZ scientist to join key climate study

1 Aug 16  54 DEG: Searing Kuwait temp could be among the hottest

1 Aug 16  ... and it's staying warm here

27 Jul 16  Bacteria powers microscopic 'wind farm'

25 Jul 16  PHEW! Are these really winter temperatures?

25 Jul 16  Australians make hydrogen with near-zero emissions

19 Jul 16  Humans leave greater green fingerprints

12 Jul 16  How a single word sparked a four-year saga of climate fact-checking and blog backlash

12 Jul 16  Disturbing forests damages natural diversity

11 Jul 16  Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips

6 Jul 16  Humans drive evolution, creating and destroying species

4 Jul 16  Red alert sounds in the Arctic

1 Jul 16  Ozone hole appears to be healing, scientists say

30 Jun 16  Gases tracker tells a tale

14 Jun 16  HOW TO DO IT: Store CO2 by turning it into stone

10 Jun 16  Iceland geothermal plant turns CO2 into stone

2 Jun 16  Could baking-soda sponge mop up carbon emissions?

24 May 16  Antarctic glacier melt could raise sea level by 3m

20 May 16  Student finds way to make use of dumped plastic

18 May 16  South joins North in breaching carbon dioxide milestone

17 May 16  April hottest ... and that makes seven months in a row

13 May 16  RISING SEAS: It all depends on your neighbourhood

12 May 16  Rainstorms whip up airborne dust problem

10 May 16  Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

9 May 16  Cow-gas fix no silver bullet for us, says researcher

4 May 16  Why scientists must challenge poor media reporting

2 May 16  Scientists see the future in natural resources

28 Apr 16  How ancient warm periods can help to predict climate change

19 Apr 16  Soil could save Earth from overheating

15 Apr 16  Scientists to join forces on 1.5C climate report

15 Apr 16  Blame burning fossil fuels for most sea-level rise

12 Apr 16  If our ecosystems are threatened, let’s move them

11 Apr 16  Drought-ravaged California is feeling the pressure

6 Apr 16  Plants find cool response to warming

4 Apr 16  Scientists crack secrets of wood-based glass

1 Apr 16  Nasa readies green fuel to drive its spacecraft

1 Apr 16  What does the science really say about sea-level rise?

1 Apr 16  Science grapples with climate conundrums

17 Mar 16  Stretching the laws of physics will make a world of difference

17 Mar 16  Meltdown Earth: Is there anyone out there listening?

14 Mar 16  Food production threatens to overwhelm climate efforts

14 Mar 16  Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

11 Mar 16  Massive sea level rise if southern ice sheet melts

11 Mar 16  Sorry, but throwing seawater at Antarctica won't fix the problem

10 Mar 16  ECO SCARE: We're chomping through our resources

9 Mar 16  Climate could have killed off ichthyosaurs

9 Mar 16  The Great White Hope of climate science gets darker

9 Mar 16  Human fingerprint on extreme weather goes back to the 30s

4 Mar 16  Future food needs decisions now, says report

4 Mar 16  If you think this is hot, think again

3 Mar 16  Clever machine measures soil gases

29 Feb 16  Runaway emissions could make Earth uninhabitable

26 Feb 16  WARNING: Why we must slash emissions now

26 Feb 16  Scientists calculate our debt to the Earth

24 Feb 16  New study finds Antarctic ice sheets vulnerable

24 Feb 16  To meet Paris goals, do we need to engineer the climate?

24 Feb 16  Why Paris should make us feel a whole lot better

24 Feb 16  How ‘greenhouse century’ has pushed up sea levels

22 Feb 16  Carbon capture could be costly and risky

9 Feb 16  Oceans are heating up ... at the double

9 Feb 16  How human impacts fuel weather extremes

2 Feb 16  Sick seas paint picture of how our future could be

2 Feb 16  Ancient plankton give up secrets to science

25 Jan 16  Kiwis might be cool, but the heat is still on

25 Jan 16  The last time it was this hot hippos lived in Britain

18 Jan 16  Science opens routes to energy recycling

23 Nov 15  How climate change has taken a turn for the worse

12 Oct 15  It's easy ... now you can be your own climate scientist

28 Sep 15  Arctic thaw would cost half of world's annual earnings

21 Sep 15  The global warming slowdown is an illusion

7 Sep 15  Smart modelling to help with aquifer management

7 Sep 15  Greener cities are best at taming urban heat

7 Sep 15  Scientists to probe ocean acidification

4 May 15  Man-made climate change increases extinction dangers

22 Dec 14  Extremes a concern as planet gets hotter and colder

8 Dec 14  It doesn't take much to turn up the temperature

24 Nov 14  NZ carbon measuring project turns 60

10 Nov 14  Climate change will send pollen count soaring

22 Sep 14  Move over, Queensland, here comes the Great Sydney Reef

22 Sep 14  Drought now could be drought forever in California

22 Sep 14  We can make a good life for most in the doughnut

22 Sep 14  Twister terror coming earlier in Tornado Alley

25 Aug 14  New facts show importance of Antarctic ice

25 Aug 14  It's happened before ... a long, long time ago

18 Aug 14  Climate change the enemy of ancient cities

1 Aug 14  If the Southern Alps look different, it's because they're losing snow and ice

25 Jul 14  PHEW! We sweated it out last winter, the hottest on record

25 Jul 14  The pre-Holocene climate is returning – and it won’t be fun

18 Jul 14  Green cities make us feel better, says study

18 Jul 14  Believe it, Mr Abbott, climate change is hurting Australia

11 Jul 14  Cut emissions, say scientists, it's the only way

27 Jun 14  NZ has warmest winter

11 Apr 14  NZ climate change film goes global

21 Mar 14  Scientists raise threat of methane in rivers

14 Mar 14  It's going to get warmer, says NASA

14 Mar 14  Did Genghis Khan ride to world domination on the back of climate change?

7 Mar 14  Worsening flood losses the face of the future

28 Feb 14  And the answer is ...

28 Feb 14  Sea-level rises threaten island havens

21 Feb 14  Scientists find key methane micro-organism

20 Dec 13  Young scientist sets sights on future of the mozzie

6 Dec 13  Study points finger at troublesome native birds

29 Nov 13  Southern Alps glaciers in state of rapid change

8 Nov 13  Massey scientists unlock plant secrets

1 Nov 13  Marsden money goes to climate change research

27 Sep 13  IPCC serious over sea levels

6 Sep 13  La Nina effect cause of warming pause

16 Aug 13  Scientists find methane super seep

16 Aug 13  Soot and methane not the whole emissions story

21 Jun 13  Scientists win funds for Antarctica study

8 Mar 13  Climate challenges in the spotlight

8 Mar 13  Droughts ... you'd better get used to them

25 Jan 13  Ice fish don't mind if the climate gets warmer

14 Dec 12  Twenty-year-old predictions looking good

5 Oct 12  Millions to be spent on climate-proofing

5 Oct 12  Our lakes are warming up, says report

5 Oct 12  Rena spill becomes part of community study

14 Sep 12  Court rejects challenge to weather records

7 Sep 12  Quake city threatened, says ice scientist

24 Aug 12  Niwa gets bulk of new research money

17 Aug 12  Fish on the move, say ocean scientists

27 Jul 12  Greenland melting faster

13 Jul 12  Stripping of Lauder station a 'travesty'

24 Feb 12  Clouds give clue to changing climate

17 Feb 12  Scientists eye water-powered meter

10 Feb 12  NZ scientists caught up in climate row

2 Dec 11  Scientists see big job for southern seas

2 Dec 11  New microscope makes pollen job easier


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