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Groser: I've given no advice on stranded assets

Tim Goser

16 Nov 15 - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser says he has given no advice to Finance Minister Bill English on protecting people’s pensions against the risk of stranded assets in fossil fuel companies.

This week ...

16 Nov 15 - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright will on Thursday release her report on the implications for New Zealand of sea level rises.

Anyway, says Key, the ETS was brought in by National

28 Sep 15 - Prime Minister John Key is claiming credit for bringing in the Emissions Trading Scheme – despite the fact his party actually voted against it.

No worries, says Bridges, the world loves us

Simon Bridges ... lot going on.

27 Jun 14 - Associate Climate Change Minister Simon Bridges says New Zealand’s is respected internationally for its action on climate change.

We're keen on renewables, says Bridges

Simon Bridges ... excited.

21 Mar 14 - Energy Minister Simon Bridges says the Government is just as excited about renewables as it is about oil and gas.

Nats push green achievements

Nick Smith  ... look what we've done.

14 Mar 14 - National is preparing to strut its environmental stuff this weekend, as its Bluegreens Forum gathers in Kaikoura.

It's the forestry effect, explains Groser

Tim Groser ... we're doing our bit.

31 Jan 14 - The Government is blaming a projected greenhouse gas emissions increase on forestry cycles.

Greens quiz minister on emissions reduction

25 Oct 13 - News that New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions are expected to grow by more than a third by 2040 prompted questions in Parliament this week, as Green Party climate change spokesman Dr Kennedy...

Emissions target under fire from MPs

23 Aug 13 - The Government's 2020 emissions reduction target came under fire in Parliament this week.

I'm proud of our climate record, says Groser

Tim Groser ... no magical powers.

16 Aug 13 - Withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol has not damaged New Zealand's clean and green image, says Climate Change Minister Tim Groser.

We're a world climate leader, says minister

16 Aug 13 - New Zealand is near the top of the list for "sensible" climate change policy, the Government says.

Groser defends climate change attitudes

Dr Kennedy Graham ... wants answers.

9 Aug 13 - This week in Parliament, Climate Change Minister Tim Groser found himself defending statements by two of his Cabinet colleagues that seem to suggest they are not entirely convinced that anthropogenic...

House hears ETS 'far left' debate

Russel Norman ... questions.

7 Jun 13 - This week’s OECD Economic Report on New Zealand sparked an exchange in Parliament over whether the Emissions Trading Scheme is a “far left” policy.

Minister defends Denniston decisions

Nick Smith ... three reasons.

31 May 13 - Conservation Minister Nick Smith says he deliberately approved Bathurst Resources’ mining application for the Denniston Plateau just one day before the new Crown Minerals Act came into effect.

Don't blame biofuels, says minister

Tony Ryall ... perfect storm.

15 Mar 13 - The Government is denying its decision to scrap the biofuels obligation contributed to Solid Energy’s financial meltdown.

Question for PM: UN is serious, are you?

Kennedy Graham ... huge issue.

22 Feb 13 - Green Party MP Kennedy Graham told Parliament this week that the United Nations Security Council is starting to consider climate change a serious risk.

Key's climate change answers anger Greens

Russel Norman ... frustrated.

1 Feb 13 - Prime Minister John Key was challenged in Parliament this week over why he didn’t mention climate change in his outline of Government priorities for the year.

Key defends climate change actions

NZ farming ... we're doing our bit, says PM.

7 Dec 12 - Prime Minister John Key says that he takes criticism of New Zealand’s actions on climate change with a grain of salt.

Is ETS a scheme or a scam, ask Greens

Kennedy Graham ... many questions.

21 Sep 12 - New Zealand's emissions trading scheme could be renamed the emissions trading scam, Parliament has heard.

Greens: Why NZ was a failure at Rio

Kennedy Graham ... NZ has not delivered on promises.

20 Jul 12 - New Zealand has failed to live up to the commitments to sustainable development it made 20 years ago at the Rio Earth Summit, the Green Party says.

22 Jun 12  Greens probe fossil-fuel subsidies

15 Jun 12  Joyce slams businessmen's report

9 Mar 12  We're late, but no worries, says Smith

30 Sep 11  Greens demand subsidy answers

15 Jul 11  Govt under fire over southern lignite

27 Nov 09  ETS: Shark swallows the Maori minnow

23 Nov 09  Multi-party backing for admin bill to develop emissions trading market

20 Nov 09  IN THE HOUSE: Maori Party ETS deal

23 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: First reading, Climate Change Response (Moderated Emissions Trading) Amendment Bill, September 24, 2009

18 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: Deal with Maori under scrutiny

28 Aug 09  Row as Parker demands House sees ETS report

23 Jun 09  In the House ...

1 Aug 08  Words in the House over ETS support talks


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