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Switzerland's 'eternal' snow is melting faster

24 Sep 18 - Parts of Europe’s alpine mountain chain are undergoing accelerating melting, as the “eternal” Swiss snow thaws ever faster, threatening both the skiing industry and the nation’s water supply.

Business lobby plans to veto EU emissions cuts

21 Sep 18 - A leaked memo shows that BusinessEurope is preparing to resist a stronger EU 2030 emissions target, ahead of the climate summit in Poland later this year.

Dutch recycling plant does the 'impossible'

21 Sep 18 - A Netherlands recycling plant is doing what many in the industry have labelled impossible - recycling household packaging and making a financial success of it.

France plans to go big on bikes

19 Sep 18 - France plans to launch a major endeavour to triple the amount of cyclists on its streets within the next seven years.

Europe must cut meat and dairy by 2050, says expert

17 Sep 18 - Europe’s animal farming sector has exceeded safe bounds for greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient flows and biodiversity loss, and urgently needs to be scaled back, according to a new report.

Court orders Frankfurt to ban diesels

14 Sep 18 - The German city of Frankfurt has received a court-ordered ban on diesel after regularly exceeding pollution limits.

Europe air pollution killing 1000 a day

13 Sep 18 - Governments are failing to tackle an air pollution crisis that causes 1000 early deaths a day, says a damning EU report.

End nuclear power war, says France’s new minister

Francois de Rugy

12 Sep 18 - France’s new environment minister François de Rugy is calling for an end to what he called the “religious war” on nuclear power and pleading for a more pragmatic approach to environmental policy.

Macron under pressure to up his game

6 Sep 18 - French environment campaigners have warned president Emmanuel Macron is doing too little to combat climate change and must radically rethink his environment policy if he is to honour his promise to...

French environment minister walks out

30 Aug 18 - France’s high-profile environment minister Nicolas Hulot has unexpectedly announced his resignation live on national radio, lamenting the government’s lack of decisive action on green issues.

Truck makers push back against EU carbon limits

29 Aug 18 - The European Commission’s proposal to mandate a 15 per cent cut in CO2 emission from trucks by 2025 is overly ambitious, according to an industry association.

Tropical disease outbreaks growing in Europe

28 Aug 18 - Europe is facing a growing threat of tropical disease outbreaks, as rising temperatures linked to climate change cause illnesses brought by travellers to spread more easily.

Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs

28 Aug 18 - After nearly 60 years of brightening homes and streets, halogen lightbulbs will be banned across Europe on 1 September 1.

Don't divest, government advisers tell Norway

27 Aug 18 - Government advisers have urged Norway not to ditch oil and gas investments from its $1trillion sovereign wealth fund.

Sweden's reindeer at risk of starvation

24 Aug 18 - Sweden's indigenous Sami reindeer herders have urged the state to help to mitigate the impact of climate change in the Arctic circle.

EU carbon prices could rise quickly, says report

23 Aug 18 - EU carbon prices could average 35-40 euros ($NZ60-70) a tonne over 2019-2023, says a new report.

On the world's first floating farm, robots milk the cows

22 Aug 18 - Rotterdam has become a pilot city for the world’s first floating farm where robots do the hard work.

This new coal mine in Germany will soon gobble up 20 villages

16 Aug 18 - When the Garzweiler open cast coal mine in Germany is finished, 5000 people will have been relocated and 20 villages will have been wiped off the face of the Earth.

Europe facing trillion-euros coastal flooding bill

16 Aug 18 - Costs from coastal flooding in Europe could hit almost one trillion euros by 2100, according to researchers.

Rising sea levels threaten Sinatra's old hangout

16 Aug 18 - A proposed island to protect a resort that once was the haunt of stars like Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich could be its ruin.

15 Aug 18  France to set penalties on non-recycled plastic

14 Aug 18  EU carbon emissions price hits 10-year high

13 Aug 18  LITTER TWITTER: In this park, clever crows do the dirty work

9 Aug 18  Unions want Poland to push coal at UN climate talks

8 Aug 18  Battery makers fight for foothold in Europe

7 Aug 18  Ireland sees need to increase carbon tax

2 Aug 18  German farmers want $1b in drought aid

31 Jul 18  HOT NEWS: How the media has reported the northern heatwave

27 Jul 18  Anchovies, the fish that gave too much

26 Jul 18  Germany finds reaching climate targets hard work

18 Jul 18  Europe keeps on setting clean-energy records

17 Jul 18  Can Norway solve the plastic crisis, one bottle at a time?

16 Jul 18  Huge iceberg threatens Greenland village

13 Jul 18  Ireland first country to divest from fossil fuels

13 Jul 18  Germany powers to renewables record

13 Jul 18  Plastic waste makes floating pleasure park

10 Jul 18  Spain to lead energy transition in Europe?

10 Jul 18  TV coverage of bike races holds climate change clues

9 Jul 18  POPE'S PLEA: Don't turn Earth into a rubbish pile

9 Jul 18  Baltic Sea oxygen levels at 1500-year low

28 Jun 18  Italy wants to put a million e-cars on the road

26 Jun 18  France approves six offshore wind farms

21 Jun 18  European banks launch green mortgage scheme

20 Jun 18  EU efforts not living up to Paris promises

19 Jun 18  EU sets 32% renewable energy target by 2030

13 Jun 18  EU closes in on clean energy package

30 May 18  Dutch government appeals emissions ruling

29 May 18  'We can't see a future' group takes EU to court

28 May 18  New rules make investors report on e-risks

22 May 18  Shareholders put pressure on Shell

17 May 18  Europe renewables up - so are emissions

10 May 18  Lack of models holding back e-car market

1 May 18  The hills are alive with the signs of plastic

30 Apr 18  EU votes to ban bee-killing pesticide

26 Apr 18  EU backs new circular economy measures

5 Apr 18  Dutch group threatens take Shell to court

4 Apr 18  Europe's electric cars herald march of the gigafactories

28 Mar 18  Europe's carbon market finally doing its job

26 Mar 18  Macron pushes for EU minimum carbon price

23 Mar 18  BIRDS EMBATTLED; Europe faces biodiversity oblivion

19 Mar 18  Europe goes for two-speed approach to sustainable finance

16 Mar 18  Nervous about nukes? Don't worry, just swallow this pill

14 Mar 18  Germany’s new government deal fails Paris test

13 Mar 18  Europe, too, likes the look of circular economy

13 Mar 18  EC unveils new action plan on sustainable finance

9 Mar 18  Luxembourg home to half world’s green bonds

8 Mar 18  Spanish bank announces €100 billion climate plan

6 Mar 18  Ban on bee-killer pesticide likely after new study

1 Mar 18  Brussels eyes free transport on bad air days

28 Feb 18  German court rules cities can ban vehicles to tackle pollution

28 Feb 18  China must sign up to climate rules, says EU

21 Feb 18  German carmakers nervous on eve of court's diesel ban ruling

20 Feb 18  New apartment block will look like a forest

19 Feb 18  Cow dung overload brings call for cut in dairy herd numbers

19 Feb 18  Nordic nations usher in new era of green finance

16 Feb 18  Germany takes close look at free public transport

15 Feb 18  Germany’s energy and climate policy is taking shape

13 Feb 18  Paris might take fuel companies to court

8 Feb 18  EU to define what exactly is green investment

8 Feb 18  Europe’s biggest fossil fuel project gets public loan

7 Feb 18  EU says no trade deals with countries not in Paris pact

2 Feb 18  New index will track EU sustainable investment

1 Feb 18  EU renewables overtake coal for first time

31 Jan 18  France to close coal plants two years early

26 Jan 18  Gas field earthquakes put firms on notice

26 Jan 18  German emissions rise for second year in a row

25 Jan 18  The climate solution no-one in Davos will be talking about

15 Dec 17  Poland’s new leader eyes nuclear future

14 Dec 17  Germany the champion nation for recycling

14 Dec 17  ... and France is best at food sustainability

14 Dec 17  Europe utilities vow to be carbon neutral by 2050

13 Dec 17  Macron pays US scientists to move to France

11 Dec 17  Europe's coal plants bleeding cash

11 Dec 17  The most northerly town in the world is at risk of disappearing

11 Dec 17  Farm grows food under streets of Paris

8 Dec 17  Citizens fight EU weedkiller decision

7 Dec 17  Iceland's new PM vows carbon neutrality by 2040

7 Dec 17  In Poland’s coal heartland, miners imagine a greener future

7 Dec 17  Sacre bleu! It seems the French are world's smartest farmers

6 Dec 17  Can a massive barrier save Venice from drowning?

4 Dec 17  How Airbus was allowed to write its own climate rules

1 Dec 17  Southern Spain is getting that sinking feeling

28 Nov 17  Swedish power plant burns clothes instead of fossil fuels

23 Nov 17  You're spies, Russia tells green campaigners

23 Nov 17  Poland faces $170,000-a-day fines over illegal logging

23 Nov 17  Meet the green gurus who use 1400 disposable cups a day

21 Nov 17  Electric highway will link Norway and Italy

20 Nov 17  Norway’s wealth fund eyes divesting from fossil fuels

16 Nov 17  Activists sue Norway over Arctic exploration plan

13 Nov 17  EU strikes deal on carbon market reform

10 Nov 17  Germany's dirty coalmines focus for direct action

9 Nov 17  EU acts to clean up transport and boost e-vehicles

3 Nov 17  Europe still drilling for oil, despite Paris Agreement

31 Oct 17  Climate change looms like a tragedy for Greeks

30 Oct 17  Super-rich's supersonic private jets will be super-polluting

30 Oct 17  Italy eyes a coal-free future with new energy strategy

26 Oct 17  EU eyes green clause in trade deals (including ours)

24 Oct 17  Development banks join forces to fight climate change

17 Oct 17  EU rules out tax on plastic products to reduce waste

16 Oct 17  Germany to miss climate targets ‘disastrously’

16 Oct 17  Italy's ominous supervolcano shows signs of waking

16 Oct 17  BALTIC BURPS: Clams giving off as much gas as 20,000 cows

11 Oct 17  German Greens put climate progress top of agenda

10 Oct 17  Mackerel on the move stir up European politics

4 Oct 17  Powerco changes name and abandons fossil fuels

3 Oct 17  Europe playing a two-faced climate change game

28 Sep 17  EU climate chief’s Paris suggestion sparks anger

26 Sep 17  Weakened Merkel means boost for coal phaseout

25 Sep 17  Innovation fuels Europe’s leadership on shared mobility

22 Sep 17  EU aims for 100% emission cuts in new mid-century roadmap

21 Sep 17  Angela Merkel the world's leading eco-vandal

20 Sep 17  Figueres wants EU action on ‘imported deforestation’

15 Sep 17  EU extends respite from airline carbon fees

14 Sep 17  EU moves closer to ‘genuine energy union’

13 Sep 17  Macron to pitch global environmental rights charter

8 Sep 17  Norway vote could be turning point for Arctic oil

8 Sep 17  France to ban oil, gas output on home soil

7 Sep 17  Merkel under pressure to tackle toxic smog

5 Sep 17  Glyphosate ban will kill ‘conservation agriculture’

4 Sep 17  Finland doubles down on nuclear power

30 Aug 17  Oslo puts ecological riches at the heart of the city

22 Aug 17  Swiss trees swelter as climate warms

21 Aug 17  It's a good bet Norway will be first fully electrified society

18 Aug 17  Norway selling out-of-date food to help to tackle waste

17 Aug 17  Switzerland and EU agree to link carbon markets

16 Aug 17  EU said to be considering electric car quota

15 Aug 17  Norway's push for Arctic oil threatens Paris goals

15 Aug 17  Climate change is triple risk to Europe

8 Aug 17  Sahara solar project aims to power Europe

7 Aug 17  Melting Alps glaciers could reveal hundreds of corpses

3 Aug 17  Coal lobby threatens to sue over clean air rules

31 Jul 17  EU court orders Poland to stop logging forest

31 Jul 17  Europe’s wind capacity grows but concerns persist

26 Jul 17  UK businesses urge PM to raise climate ambitions

26 Jul 17  Electric trams shuttle goods around Europe cities

21 Jul 17  Work for me, says Macron, and scientists flock to France

20 Jul 17  EU slapped for breaching access to environmental justice

13 Jul 17  Finland ignores scientists and increases logging

12 Jul 17  Changing climate puts load on labourers

7 Jul 17  France decrees commercial rooftops must be green

5 Jul 17  In the Netherlands, a better way to rebuild the beach

4 Jul 17  Europe's contribution to deforestation set to rise

3 Jul 17  Germany ‘massively weakens’ draft G20 climate plan

3 Jul 17  Lack of green options traps Europe’s energy poor

28 Jun 17  French leader vows to stop oil and gas licences

19 Jun 17  EU acts to restrict hormone-disrupting chemical in plastics

16 Jun 17  IT'S THE LAW: Sweden aims to be carbon neutral by 2045

15 Jun 17  Germany and California strengthen climate ties

8 Jun 17  UK leads way in Europe emissions reductions

25 May 17  Europe's last big primeval forest on brink of collapse

24 May 17  Swiss referendum votes in favour of renewables

23 May 17  UK companies better to stay with European ETS

23 May 17  Shell shareholders to vote for new climate goals

19 May 17  'Climate heroes' fight EU land and forest rules

18 May 17  Shell paid university for say on curriculum

11 May 17  EU countries paying coal companies to stick around


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