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UK carbon emissions at lowest level since 1890

9 Mar 18 - Fresh analysis has highlighted the dramatic fall in carbon emissions within the UK, reaching a new low unseen in normal times for 128 years.

How Scotland plans to meet climate change targets

5 Mar 18 - The Scottish government's new climate plan includes measures to significantly cut emissions from transport, buildings and industry to meet its target of a 66 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions.

Lloyd’s under pressure to get out of coal

1 Mar 18 - Lloyd’s of London, is under increasing pressure to back away from supporting the coal industry.

Scotland aims to be renewables powerhouse

20 Feb 18 - Scotland is making progress towards becoming a world leader in renewable energy.

Ammonia emissions rise in Britain

20 Feb 18 - Emissions of ammonia have been on the rise in the UK even while the amount of other pollutants entering the atmosphere has fallen.

ROYAL BAN: Queen says no more plastic in my houses

15 Feb 18 - The Queen has banned plastic straws and bottles from being used across the various Royal homes and palaces.

Pedals pump half-a-billion pounds into Scotland

13 Feb 18 - Pedal power is worth more than half-a-billion pounds to the Scottish economy, a report shows.

'We don't want green finance, but for finance to be green'

Alice Garton

9 Feb 18 - Industry and regulators should be given until 2020 to boost climate risk disclosure or face government intervention, Britain’s Commons Environmental Audit Committee has been told.

Edinburgh University divests from all fossil fuels

8 Feb 18 - The University of Edinburgh is dumping all its fossil fuel investments, making it the largest UK university endowment fund to be completely free of all coal, oil and gas holdings.

Carmakers could face prosecution in UK

5 Feb 18 - Carmakers who cheat emissions rules could face prosecution in the UK for deceiving environmental tests under new measures set to be introduced in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal.

Would you host a nuclear waste disposal plant for £1m a year?

31 Jan 18 - Communities around England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be offered £1m a year to volunteer to host an underground nuclear waste disposal facility.

Britain takes another look at personal carbon accounts

30 Jan 18 - The UK is getting serious about tackling collective individual behaviour which threatens the environment.

How planting trees changed lives in a former coal town

12 Dec 17 - The UK's National Forest has not only transformed an industrial landscape, it has given people a new sense of belonging and wellbeing, created jobs and boosted wildlife.

UK sees value in rebirth of the railways

11 Dec 17 - Proposals in the UK aimed at reversing decades of decline in the rail system, have been praised as the “rebirth of the railways”.

London's new e-cabs come with all the mod cons

8 Dec 17 - Wi-Fi, USB charging and even a sunroof are among the features of London's new six-seat, battery-powered cabs.

London mayor wants to put stopper on plastic water bottles

6 Dec 17 - London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to see free water fountains and bottle refill stations across the city to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

BEAN BUSES: In London, it's wake up and smell the traffic

23 Nov 17 - Seeking to curb toxic diesel fumes, London transport officials are hunting for new sources of energy for buses. The latest idea? Coffee grounds.

Barclays issues €500m bond for 'green mortgages'

9 Nov 17 - UK banking giant Barclays has successfully issued a €500 million green bond - the first of its kind in the UK to use funds backed by domestic assets.

BBC apologises over interview with climate denier

Lord Lawson

26 Oct 17 - The BBC has apologised for an interview with climate change denier Lord Lawson after admitting it had breached its own editorial guidelines for allowing him to claim unchallenged that global...

Dirty cars must pay for using London streets

25 Oct 17 - Drivers of the most polluting vehicles must from now on pay a daily charge of up to $NZ40 to drive into central London.

24 Oct 17  UK hints at e-bike subsidy to get people moving

16 Oct 17  UK climate masterplan – the grownups have finally won

13 Oct 17  Oxford city to ban cars in zero-emissions zone

5 Oct 17  Scotland bans fracking after public protests

25 Sep 17  London could cut waste by 60% through circular model

22 Sep 17  May speaks out against Trump climate stance

20 Sep 17  London welcomes first plastics-free shop

18 Sep 17  UK wind power prices reach lowest level

7 Sep 17  Scotland sets 2032 ban on new diesel and petrol cars

7 Sep 17  Parents face fines for driving children to school

6 Sep 17  Scotland claims tidal power world record

4 Sep 17  More carmakers launch scrappage schemes

24 Aug 17  Big emissons savings as air passengers fly to rail

24 Aug 17  Ford UK will pay to scrap 'dirty' pre-2009 cars

9 Aug 17  Britain launches review to cut long-term energy costs

7 Aug 17  E-cars not the answer, says traffic expert

7 Aug 17  World’s greenest soccer club kicks off in pro league

2 Aug 17  DITCH STRAWS: How to cut plastic waste

31 Jul 17  England and Wales record warmest winter since 1910


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