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China hints at tax instead of trading in carbon

15 Mar 17 - China is moving closer to a carbon tax for cutting emissions and away from the EUís emissions trading model, a senior Chinese official has said.

Carbon ends year having doubled its price

21 Dec 16 - Carbon closes the year nearly twice the price it was fetching this time last year.

NZ signs up with global carbon pricing group

2 Dec 16 - New Zealand has joined a World Bank group promoting carbon pricing.

Latest Australian auction a smaller affair

2 Dec 16 - Australiaís fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction was smaller than previous auctions, with no mega-projects and low participation.

China prepares for worldís biggest carbon market

23 Nov 16 - In the wake of Donald Trumpís victory in the US presidential election, and his refusal to recognise climate change, Chinaís new carbon market is attracting particular attention.

Beware knee-jerk reactions, says business head

John Carnegie

14 Nov 16 - Donald Trumpís presidency of the United States is a temporary speed bump in the path to a resilient low-carbon economy, says Business New Zealand.

Stay calm, says transtasman investor group

Emma Herd

11 Nov 16 - Investors should not let Donald Trumpís election as president of the United States undermine action on climate change, says the Investor Group on Climate Change.

MEMO INVESTORS: You can't ignore climate change

25 Oct 16 - Investors can no longer ignore climate change, says a global asset-management company.

More trading could cut cost of climate change mitigation

20 Oct 16 - Greater global cooperation through carbon trading could reduce the cost of climate change mitigation by 32 per cent by 2030, according to a World Bank report.

Australian businesses keen to join global carbon trade

18 Oct 16 - AUSTRALIA'S conservative government might have ditched the countryís emissions trading scheme, but businesses across the Tasman still want to get involved in international carbon trading, a survey...

Ukraine ratifies Paris Agreement

21 Sep 16 - Ukraine Ė the source of many of the low-value carbon credits that have so embarrassed the New Zealand Government Ė is the latest country to ratify the Paris Agreement.

Canada will impose nationwide carbon price

Catherine McKenna

21 Sep 16 - Canada will impose a carbon price on provinces that do not adequately regulate emissions by themselves, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said without giving details on how the Liberal...

Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16 - New Zealandís reported greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically.

Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

16 Sep 16 - Just 4.6 million NZUs came into the Emissions Trading Scheme last year, new Government figures show.

Big banks under attack over damaging investments

15 Sep 16 - Two of New Zealandís largest banks are caught up in a campaign in which customers are threatening to close accounts if the banks donít stop lending money to climate-damaging businesses.

How companies get smart about climate change

15 Sep 16 - The Paris Agreement not only signalled social change but also sent the market a strong signal to move away from carbon-intensive investment.

Time to get on the new emissions register

14 Sep 16 - Time is running out to use migration codes to switch to the new Emissions Trading Register.

How to expand carbon pricing worldwide

1 Sep 16 - Countries and states around the world are considering carbon pricing policies to achieve their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, including emissions trading systems, carbon taxes, or similar...

New emissions register will make life easier

23 Aug 16 - The emissions register will be closed from noon on Thursday, pending the launch of the new one on Monday.

Your EUR account needs some attention

2 Aug 16 - Got an account on the Emissions Unit Register? You need to do some things to make sure itís transferred to the new register thatís replacing it.

30 Jun 16  European carbon slumps to two-year low

30 Jun 16  Options show how badly Brexit could hurt EU market

29 Jun 16  Africa has key role to play, say carbon traders

28 Jun 16  Price floor or perish, experts tell European market

28 Jun 16  EU carbon prices struggle to hold ground

28 Jun 16  Nervous Europe rallies for climate talks

27 Jun 16  How British exit could affect our carbon market

27 Jun 16  Britain might stay in EU carbon market

15 Jun 16  CARBON CLIMB: Prices rise 20% in three weeks

7 Jun 16  Carbon cracks $16 and climbing

3 Jun 16  Carbon price up 10.9% since subsidy dumped

2 Jun 16  Washington revises carbon trading plan

27 May 16  BUDGET BOOST: Carbon crashes through $15 barrier

10 May 16  Record numbers of NZUs on the move

21 Apr 16  Decision day looms on future of 1:2 provision

11 Apr 16  Hereís a way to make carbon markets work better

8 Apr 16  Major bank sees 2020 Asia-Pacific carbon market

8 Apr 16  Don't do what NZ did, warns ADB

7 Apr 16  CARBON CLIMBS: Price up 23% in four months

5 Apr 16  Fiscal risk of climate change is in the trillions

4 Apr 16  Emitters miss deadline ... but can still file

31 Mar 16  D-day for emitters ... but not everyone will make it

22 Mar 16  Ex-NZ carbon registry has role in $19 billion deal

2 Mar 16  Cold-blooded Buffett tells investors to buy into Noah's Law

1 Mar 16  Green bond market aims to raise fighting fund

23 Feb 16  Market likes minister's carbon price comment

18 Jan 16  Carbon closing in on $10 mark

18 Jan 16  Target in sight ... but we're dining on leftovers

15 Dec 15  Carbon prices lift 50% since beginning of year

2 Nov 15  Charles calls for switch to low carbon investment

28 Sep 15  UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

10 Aug 15  Fewer units pass through register

13 Jul 15  Linking carbon unit values poses major problem

8 Jul 15  Million-credit tender attracts strong interest

7 Jul 15  Large parcel of NZUs for tender

22 Jun 15  Busy May sees register handle 42m credits

7 Apr 15  Register shows up changes in carbon market

27 Jan 15  Carbon prices hit two-year high

1 Dec 14  Mighty River contests paying for carbon units

10 Nov 14  Carbon units traffic slows to 3m trickle

6 Oct 14  Emissions register in low gear

25 Aug 14  European carbon prices look set to rise

11 Aug 14  Register holds 150 million NZUs

4 Aug 14  Low surrender shows emitters using foreign units

4 Jul 14  Register handles 10 million units

23 May 14  Carbon prices on steady upward path

9 May 14  Market trades 34 million carbon credits

4 Apr 14  March busy month for trading carbon units

7 Mar 14  Carbon credit trading close to 12 million

14 Feb 14  CDM verifier pulls out as market collapses

7 Feb 14  Number of surrendered NZUs plummets

6 Dec 13  NZ keeps eye on Chinese carbon market muscle

4 Oct 13  Govt still silent on auctioning credits

30 Aug 13  Banker cautious in face of jumpy market

23 Aug 13  NZUs on path to $5

23 Aug 13  NZUs owners hang on for $7 a tonne

19 Jul 13  Carbon market intelligence for everyone for just $500!

26 Apr 13  No surprise as industrial CERs hit 1c

19 Apr 13  Say what you think ... and win some wine

12 Apr 13  Spot NZUs steadying in $2 zone

28 Mar 13  Speculators suddenly see profit in carbon

22 Mar 13  NZUs look good as carbon prices rise

15 Mar 13  Carbon market shows spark of life

1 Mar 13  Carbon prices languish in the doldrums

22 Feb 13  It's official ... NZ banned from Kyoto deals

22 Feb 13  ERUs' numbers double in year

15 Feb 13  Carbon market close to collapse

15 Feb 13  NZ carbon in race to the bottom

15 Feb 13  EPA updates trading platform

8 Feb 13  Sluggish market keeps prices low

1 Feb 13  NZ carbon market shows signs of life

25 Jan 13  ETS foe pays million-dollar carbon premium

18 Jan 13  Emitters turn backs on local credits

18 Jan 13  All quiet on the trading front

18 Jan 13  Industrial gas CERs join ban list

14 Dec 12  Doha votes to bar NZ from KP2 credits

14 Dec 12  What's our market worth?

7 Dec 12  NZ faces carbon markets shut-out

7 Dec 12  Carbon prices scrape bottom of barrel

23 Nov 12  Trader steps into Australian market

9 Nov 12  SOE moves into Australian carbon market

26 Oct 12  Carbon units sink through $1 mark

12 Oct 12  Voluntary units like gold on messy market

12 Oct 12  Why is our approach so different?

21 Sep 12  Trader warns of carbon unit avalanche

21 Sep 12  Weak rally as carbon prices struggle

17 Aug 12  Regional market will happen ... some day

17 Aug 12  Missed opportunity to invest in NZ

10 Aug 12  Olympics first ... carbon market second

3 Aug 12  Carbon hovers under $5 mark

27 Jul 12  Carbon price sinks through $5

20 Jul 12  Down, down, down ... carbon hits new low

6 Jul 12  Emitters choose to pay $2.5 million

29 Jun 12  EPA must report today on carbon

8 Jun 12  Government on trail of cheap credits

1 Jun 12  Emitters get the job done early

11 May 12  Forest credits must find place in Asia

4 May 12  Emitters beginning to get the idea

5 Apr 12  NZ holds as Europe markets collapse

5 Apr 12  Uncertainty raises interest in NZUs

30 Mar 12  Trader has high hopes for new platform

16 Mar 12  How we can be the Hong Kong of carbon trading

17 Feb 12  EU action gives carbon prices a boost

17 Feb 12  New industrial allocation round under way

10 Feb 12  NZUs top of the pops with emitters

10 Feb 12  Deadline day for industrial gas CERs

3 Feb 12  Westpac charts rises and falls of carbon

20 Jan 12  Carbon battles back from lowest point

20 Jan 12  Business lobby says no to floor price

16 Dec 11  Carbon prices plunge to record low

9 Dec 11  Carbon hits new low, but expect a fightback

9 Dec 11  Wanna bet on carbon at closing time?

25 Nov 11  Carbon crashes as Europe sells out

4 Nov 11  Row brews over industrial gases

28 Oct 11  Carbon control - how it works

16 Sep 11  ETS review runs out of gas on CERs

9 Sep 11  New bank takes up carbon trading

26 Aug 11  Trading platform offers forward carbon

19 Aug 11  Cheap carbon takes emitters on buying spree

19 Aug 11  Cautious market mulls over CERs moves

12 Aug 11  Government hints at controls on CERs

5 Aug 11  Emitters bank millions from carbon collapse

5 Aug 11  Ministers eye 2015 for Tasman market

22 Jul 11  CERs find buyers below NZU mark

15 Jul 11  Europe woos NZ emitters as local price slumps

8 Jul 11  Trader claims NZ's biggest carbon deal

1 Jul 11  Govt releases first industrial emissions returns

1 Jul 11  NZU prices struggle to hold around $18

24 Jun 11  Carbon price set to follow fall in Europe

24 Jun 11  Business grows for busy market pioneer

24 Jun 11  At these levels, you have to start buying

17 Jun 11  World Bank tracks stalled carbon market

10 Jun 11  BNZ intends to join carbon market

10 Jun 11  New trading platform handles big deal

27 May 11  Vanadium Ö the best thing since lithium

13 May 11  Forest credits near nine million mark

29 Apr 11  ETS review eyes ban on gas CERs

8 Apr 11  Ban gas CERs or wreck market, says trader

8 Apr 11  Forest owners will get 9m carbon credits

8 Apr 11  Westpac: What happens after 2012?

25 Mar 11  Kiwi carbon player goes it alone

18 Mar 11  Price on move as carbon booms in Europe

18 Mar 11  Forests credit allocations top five million

18 Mar 11  The day will come when you'll beg for $4 petrol

25 Feb 11  The video footage that terrifies power companies

4 Feb 11  These days, it's all about shale oil

28 Jan 11  Govt boosts NZUs issue by 86 million

28 Jan 11  Energy market contemplates the end of oil

21 Jan 11  Credits worth $15m stolen in registry heist

21 Jan 11  It's a case of backwardation ... sort of

3 Dec 10  Parcel of 100,000 NZUs looks for buyer

30 Nov 10  NZU prices close on CERs

26 Nov 10  Seller sends 100,000 tonnes to market

26 Nov 10  Emitter buys 10,000 tonnes through tender

26 Nov 10  Offers roll in for first NZUs buy tender

26 Nov 10  Interest grows as CERs deal in NZ dollars

26 Nov 10  They're installing one new wind turbine every hour

23 Nov 10  Buyer calls tender for spot carbon

23 Nov 10  Carbon creeps higher

19 Nov 10  NZ forest credits might fill CDM shortfall

12 Nov 10  High dollar curbs demand for NZ AAUs

5 Nov 10  Forest owner hits rich vein of NZUs sales

5 Nov 10  CERs take on new appeal for NZ emitters

3 Nov 10  Seller offering market more

29 Oct 10  Credit-happy Japanese come back for more

29 Oct 10  Our prices too low for Aussie carbon pioneers

22 Oct 10  Thereís only one thing hotter than China

19 Oct 10  NZUs in volume reach $20

15 Oct 10  Envious Aussies want action on carbon trading

1 Oct 10  Free credits now in the hands of industrial emitters

24 Sep 10  Market awaits flow of new fishing carbon credits

10 Sep 10  Wary owners waiting on better NZU prices

6 Aug 10  Trade Me carbon sales slow to take off

16 Jul 10  Carbon credits ready to roll for big emitters

9 Jul 10  Foresters test carbon sales through Trade Me

2 Jul 10  NZ carbon market catching buyers' attention

2 Jul 10  Europeans snap up another big parcel of NZ credits

18 Jun 10  Bank carbon desk: We're run off our feet

28 May 10  New site gives latest on local carbon market

21 May 10  Carbon prices on downhill ride

14 May 10  Carbon price escapes largely unscathed

7 May 10  Too soon to say if falling markets will hit carbon - trader

7 May 10  Westpac move signals carbon is growing up

30 Apr 10  Carbon market wide open to doubtful deals

1 Apr 10  Registry wins environment award


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