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Costa Rica reckons it can be the first country free of carbon

14 May 18 - Costa Rica’s newly elected president is vowing to make his country the world's first truly carbon-zero territory.

New river brings havoc to Argentina

3 Apr 18 - A new river in Argentina is playing havoc with farmland and roads and even threatening a city – but also highlights the potential cost of the country’s dependence on soya beans.

Brazil fights emissions cap for shipping

9 Mar 18 - Brazil is seeking to water down prospective climate targets for the shipping sector.

Amazon wildfires send emissions soaring

15 Feb 18 - Climate change-induced wildfires are now the biggest source of carbon emissions in Amazon forests.

Chile creates five national parks over 10m acres

31 Jan 18 - Chile has created five sprawling national parks to preserve vast tracts of Patagonia – the culmination of more than two decades of land acquisition by two US philanthropists.

How deforestation is starving São Paulo of water

30 Nov 17 - São Paulo could face more devastating water shortages if farmers continue to clear the Amazon forest, warns the utility chief who recently steered the biggest city in the Americas from the edge of...

Brazil’s recession grows as emissions rise

16 Nov 17 - Brazil’s recession has earned it an unhappy distinction: it is the only major country in the world where damage to the climate is growing while people are becoming poorer.

Brazil’s carbon emissions rose 8.9% in 2016

1 Nov 17 - Despite Brazil’s worst recession in history, national greenhouse gases emissions are estimated to have risen 8.9 per cent in 2016 and reached the highest level since 2008.

For cattle farmers in Brazil, money can’t buy love

31 Oct 17 - In regions of the Amazon where farmers could choose to grow more sustainable and lucrative crops like fruit or vegetables, ranchers persist in their low-income cattle business.

Brazilian Amazon loses 660,000ha of forest in one year

24 Oct 17 - The Brazilian Amazon lost 6,624 sq km of forest between August 2016 and July 2017.

Brazil records worst month for forest fires

12 Oct 17 - Brazil has seen more forest fires in September than in any single month since records began, and authorities have warned that 2017 could surpass the worst year on record if action is not taken soon.

Amazon fires pushing climate change beyond human control

6 Oct 17 - A leading Amazon scientist has highlighted grave problems in Brazil’s management of the world’s most important forest as climate-driven fires eat it away.

Diamonds and a bitter feud destroyed an Amazon reserve

28 Sep 17 - Family rivalry and Brazil’s Catholic church helped miners to devastate an indigenous territory that was once a leader in the fight against deforestation.

Brazil backs off mining bid in Amazon reserve

27 Sep 17 - The Brazilian government has pledged to reinstate a mining ban in an Amazonian nature reserve, reversing its earlier course after an international outcry.

Chaco forests go up in smoke as the West's barbecue fuel

4 Sep 17 - No tropical forests anywhere in the world are being destroyed more rapidly than the Chaco, stretching across Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Mostly, the trees provide fuel for barbecues.

Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve

29 Aug 17 - Brazilian president Michel Temer has abolished an Amazonian reserve the size of Denmark, prompting concerns of an influx of mineral companies, road-builders and workers into the species-rich forest.

Brazilian downpours oust familiar drizzle

24 Aug 17 - Misty rain is giving way to fear of flash floods as Brazilian downpours cause chaos in the country’s biggest city.


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