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China to ban sale of fossil-fuel cars

11 Sep 17 - China wil set a deadline for carmakers to end sales of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, a move aimed at pushing companies to speed efforts in developing electric vehicles.

China smashes solar power target ... by three years

1 Sep 17 - China has reached its 2020 solar power target three years ahead of schedule after installed capacity topped well over its 105GW target.

China readies world's largest carbon-trading market

16 Aug 17 - As the United States reverses its climate policies, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter, China, is in the midst of setting up a national carbon-trading system.

China to ban import of foreign waste

25 Jul 17 - China has anounced that it will no longer be importing foreign garbage shipments.

Volvo e-car push reflects China’s leadership ambition

24 Jul 17 - Chinese-owned Volvo's move away from the internal combustion engine will fuel Beijing dominance in emerging clean technology.

China signed big coal deal days before G20 pledge

14 Jul 17 - Chinese president Xi Jinping endorsed a G20 plan calling on development banks to support poor countries to lower their emissions, just days after his own development bank had signed a $1.5 billion...

Diplomats assess China’s climate leadership promise

12 Jul 17 - The international community is asking itself whether China really has what it takes to lead global climate policy now the US has yielded that mantle.

ON YER BIKE: China launches smog-eating bicycles

12 Jul 17 - Commuters in China's smog-bound cities soon will be able to clean the air as they ride bicycles that inhale dirty air, clean it, and then release fresh air into the environment.

Praising China’s carbon market shows how low the bar has fallen

28 Jun 17 - China is planning the world’s biggest carbon market, but with little detail given for its design, praise for the scheme is premature.

Six million in China just went 100% renewable for a week

Qutan temple, Qinghai province

28 Jun 17 - Qinghai province in China has just used entirely renewable energy for seven days as part of a trial to prove that it is possible to use just green energy.

China's clean energy ambition floats on abandoned coal mine

13 Jun 17 - China’s ambitions to dominate new energy technologies are unfolding at the site of an abandoned coal mine about 480 kilometers northwest of Shanghai.

China carbon market might launch early

12 Jun 17 - China will launch its nationwide carbon emissions trading system by November at the "very earliest", according to new reports.

China promises green investment strategy

17 May 17 - China will seize opportunities for clean energy and boost science cooperation through its overseas investment strategy, president Xi Jinping said on Monday.

China busy planning ahead for life after coal

11 May 17 - China's energy policies give the world hope that the country can free itself of dirty coal, and that this day may come sooner rather than later.

GET LOST: Beijing pulls 180,000 polluting vehicles

8 May 17 - Beijing removed 180,000 old and polluting vehicles from its roads in the first four months of 2017.

China wants fish, so Africa goes hungry

5 May 17 - Of all the stresses that humans have inflicted on the world’s oceans, including pollution and global warming, industrial fishing ranks high.

China gets tough on shipping emissions

21 Apr 17 - Every year, more than 60 per cent of the world’s seaborne cargoes and 30 per cent of the world’s shipping containers pass through China’s ports, creating an air pollution problem Beijing is now...

HIGH TIDE: Rising waters threaten China’s rising cities

11 Apr 17 - In China's Pearl River Delta, breakneck development is colliding with the effects of climate change.


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