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Tax system must go green, says enviro group

Thursday - Another organisation is telling the Government to shift the tax burden from the production of private wealth to the consumption of public wealth, aka the environment.

Use taxes for a better world, says thinktank

14 May 18 - Taxes should be aiming at keeping human activity within the planetís physical capacity Ė and that means carbon prices that deliver fast, deep and sustained emissions reductions, the Governmentís Tax Working Group has been told.

Get ready for longer droughts, warn scientists

10 May 18 - New Zealandís land-based primary industries need to get ready for more serious crop diseases as climate change causes longer droughts, warns new research.

Fonterra front and centre of dairy industry review

9 May 18 - The Governmentís overhaul of the climate-damaging dairy industry is under way.

Kiwis question cow numbers and need for more farms

9 May 18 - Roughly half of the country thinks New Zealand has too many cows and nearly as many want a moratorium on new dairy conversions, a poll suggests.

Young scientists to get NZ study money

8 May 18 - New Zealand is funding doctorate scholarships for nine young scientists to investigate ways to get greenhouse gas emissions out of food production.

TALANOA TIME: Talks hear climate tales

7 May 18 - Itís Talanoa Dialogue day in Bonn Ė and New Zealand is suggesting the world take a look at Maori concepts of stewardship as a way of battling climate change.

Global markets and agriculture our Bonn targets

2 May 18 - Access to international carbon markets and getting the rest of the world to cut emissions from agriculture are two of New Zealandís negotiating priorities at international climate talks this week.

Prod Com off course, says carbon tech company

1 May 18 - The Productivity Commission is badly under-estimating the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the steel and iron industries, says a New Zealand company with technology to do just that.

Industrial emissions can be cut - but it's not easy

30 Apr 18 - Soaring emissions from the industrial sector can be cut through improved efficiency and using lower-emissions fuels, but thereís no easy fix, the Productivity Commission says.

PROD COM REPORT: Farmland into forests

27 Apr 18 - New Zealand might need to convert more than three million hectares of farmland into forests to meet its emissions targets, the Productivity Commission says.

One debate that's now over

27 Apr 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Debate about whether New Zealand can decarbonise without going bankrupt should now be over.

We're getting more worried about climate change

26 Apr 18 - New Zealanders are more worried about climate change than they have been for six years.

OUR LAND: Trouble ahead ... but how much?

19 Apr 18 - Climate change will have long-term impacts on New Zealandís land-based industries and biodiversity Ė but we donít have enough information to predict what will happen.

OUR LAND: We're losing our best growing soils

19 Apr 18 - The Government is moving to protect New Zealandís best growing soils in the wake of a report that shows theyíre compacted, contaminated and being washed away at an alarming rate.

Govt announces body to steer climate transition

David Prentice

17 Apr 18 - The interim climate commission has just been announced.

Waste food could fuel emissions cuts. says report

17 Apr 18 - New Zealand could slice thousands of tonnes off its greenhouse gas emissions by turning industrial food waste into fertiliser and energy, says a new report.

We can do net-zero by 2050, says Prodcom

16 Apr 18 - New Zealand can get to net-zero emissions by 2050, the Productivity Commission says.

Emissions trimmed, but that's not the full story

13 Apr 18 - Increased hydro-electricity generation and a 1.5 million fall in the national sheep flock has led to a slight fall in New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions.

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