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Let farmers opt in to ETS, says regional council

11 Jul 18 - Farmers should be able to opt into the Emissions Trading Scheme so they can get credit for introducing climate-friendly practices, says the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Govt hears of value in overseas carbon credits

20 Jun 18 - Access to international carbon credits could lower the cost of decarbonising the economy, the Government has been told.

History says Bridges and Nats are talking hot air

18 Jun 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Is Opposition Leader Simon Bridgesí offer to work with the Government on climate change policy worth any more than a dodgy hot-air carbon credit?

Government hears of $800 carbon price possibility

7 Jun 18 - Carbon prices of more than $800 a tonne will be needed if New Zealand doesnít tackle greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, the Government has been told.

Wood fuel benefits beg for attention, say backers

23 May 18 - New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by more 640,000 tonnes a year by burning wood instead of coal in boilers in the Otago region alone.

Use taxes for a better world, says thinktank

14 May 18 - Taxes should be aiming at keeping human activity within the planetís physical capacity Ė and that means carbon prices that deliver fast, deep and sustained emissions reductions, the Governmentís Tax Working Group has been told.

OPINION: Ministers have gone deaf

Brian Cox

30 Apr 18 - The Productivity Commission might be talking about big things from the energy sector, but the Government doesnít seem to want to know, says Bioenergy Association chief executive BRIAN COX.

Government on global hunt for carbon credits

24 Apr 18 - The Government is locating sources of international units that could be used to meet New Zealandís international climate obligations Ė but hasnít decided yet whether to use them.

August date for public to have say on Shaw's ETS

18 Apr 18 - A new review of the Emissions Trading Scheme will be open for public consultation in August.

Minister quiet on talks with big emitters

27 Mar 18 - Climate minister James Shaw is meeting with some of the countryís biggest industrial emitters Ė but isnít saying what theyíre discussing.

Carbon capture permits a no-go, says Shaw

26 Mar 18 - Climate minister James Shaw says he wants to cut New Zealandís use of fossil fuels, not give the sector carbon credits.

Oil explorer wants credits for carbon capture

21 Mar 18 - New Zealandís largest oil and gas exploration company wants carbon credits for capturing and storing emissions from fossil fuel production Ė and says itís viable at a carbon price of just $18 a tonne.

Here's a road to zero carbon, say officials

15 Mar 18 - Meeting New Zealandís Paris Agreement pledge from domestic emissions cuts alone would put the country on a straight line to carbon-neutrality by 2050, officials have told the Government.

Climate commission's job to advise, says Upton

7 Mar 18 - The climate commission should make recommendations on the Emissions Trading Scheme and the number of international credits used to meet New Zealandís targets, but control should stay firmly in the...

Early days, but Govt is talking to global markets

7 Mar 18 - The Government says itís not yet formally involved in any moves to link the Emissions Trading Scheme to other markets, but it is talking to them.

Minister aware of risk in delaying price cap rise

6 Mar 18 - The Government knows delaying lifting the carbon price cap could cost taxpayers money, but says it is unlikely to move until next year.

Energy minister to get the word on biofuels

26 Feb 18 - Energy minister Megan Woods today will be told how the country can use biofuels to cut its burgeoning transport emissions.

OPINION: We should adopt the 'easy win' way

Brian Cox

22 Feb 18 - Government officials appear to be putting more effort into working out how to purchase international carbon credits than into reducing the countryís greenhouse gas emissions, says Bioenergy...

NZ could do good carbon deal now, says trader

Nigel Brunel

20 Feb 18 - The Government could hedge against its $10 billion future carbon bill now Ė with a money-back guarantee, says carbon trader Nigel Brunel.

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