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New maps will settle forest-planting posers

Wednesday - The thorny question of whether land is eligible for carbon forests could soon be solved Ė with a map.

Climate action-man puts new emissions option

14 Sep 18 - The man who got politicians from both sides of Parliament to agree on climate change says there might be a third option for dealing with New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions.

Farmers' cost claims wrong, says commission

7 Sep 18 - Claims by the farming sector that cutting agricultural greenhouse gas emissions will cost farmers $230,000 a year by 2050 are wrong, the Productivity Commission says.

PRODCOM 2: Market needs special treatment

4 Sep 18 - The carbon market should be managed by a special authority, the Productivity Commission says.

PRODCOM 5: Where we got it wrong

4 Sep 18 - What went wrong with New Zealandís Emissions Trading Scheme? The Productivity Commission spells it out in a report released today.

Don't rush free-credits' demise, warn exporters

24 Aug 18 - Trade-exposed heavy emitters should keep getting free carbon credits until 70 per cent of their international competitors face a carbon price, says Export New Zealand.

Carbon trading support sits at 50%, says survey

23 Aug 18 - Half of New Zealanders support carbon trading as a way of cutting the countryís greenhouse gas emissions, a survey shows.

Cheap-credits companies might face crackdown

22 Aug 18 - The Government might crack down on companies using cheap credits to cover their carbon liabilities while banking or selling credits given to them by taxpayers.

Carbon at $24 puts pressure on Government

16 Aug 18 - Carbon prices have smashed through the $24 barrier for the first time in nearly a decade of carbon trading in New Zealand, increasing pressure on the Government to lift the $25 price cap.

Lift carbon cap to $30 immediately, says broker

Nigel Brunel

15 Aug 18 - The Government is being told to take the brakes off the carbon market and immediately lift the maximum price to $30 a tonne.

No floor, but expect early action on carbon prices

14 Aug 18 - The Government might intervene in the market to lift carbon prices before 2020, but it has no plan to introduce a price floor.

Heavy hitters bank more from free carbon credits

13 Aug 18 - The phasing out of the one-for-two carbon subsidy saw a big jump in the number of free carbon credits given to heavy industries last year.

New figures show emitters opting for arbitrage

10 Aug 18 - Emitters appear to be starting to arbitrage the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Minister silent on arbitrage as prices climb

30 Jul 18 - Climate minister James Shaw isnít commenting on the risk of arbitrage as carbon prices climb closer to the Governmentís artificial price cap.

Taxpayers could be left holding carbon bill

26 Jul 18 - Owners of post-1989 forests due for harvest might be tempted to arbitrage carbon credits, leaving taxpayers with the bill and driving liquidity out of the carbon market.

Let farmers opt in to ETS, says regional council

11 Jul 18 - Farmers should be able to opt into the Emissions Trading Scheme so they can get credit for introducing climate-friendly practices, says the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Govt hears of value in overseas carbon credits

20 Jun 18 - Access to international carbon credits could lower the cost of decarbonising the economy, the Government has been told.

History says Bridges and Nats are talking hot air

18 Jun 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Is Opposition Leader Simon Bridgesí offer to work with the Government on climate change policy worth any more than a dodgy hot-air carbon credit?

Government hears of $800 carbon price possibility

7 Jun 18 - Carbon prices of more than $800 a tonne will be needed if New Zealand doesnít tackle greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, the Government has been told.

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