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We're about to get funds trading in carbon

Tuesday - New Zealand is about to get a managed funds service based on carbon.

Why our monetary system suits Zero Carbon Act

Monday - New Zealand’s monetary policy system is a good model for the Zero Carbon Act, says the country’s stock exchange.

ETS farming delay could be costly, says EY

2 Oct 18 - Postponing bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme risks exposing New Zealand’s economy to a shock, says one of the world’s largest accounting firms.

Ministry likes look of targeted green taxes

26 Sep 18 - The Ministry for the Environment says it likes environmental taxes – especially for dealing with climate change and water problems.

Getting rid of free credits worth $2b, says TWG

21 Sep 18 - Ditching free carbon credits for trade-exposed heavy emitters could generate $2.1 billion a year in revenue, the Tax Working Group says.

New maps will settle forest-planting posers

19 Sep 18 - The thorny question of whether land is eligible for carbon forests could soon be solved – with a map.

Officials wobble under Govt's climate assault

18 Sep 18 - The Government’s heavy climate-change work programme is putting pressure on officials, confidential papers show.

Climate action-man puts new emissions option

14 Sep 18 - The man who got politicians from both sides of Parliament to agree on climate change says there might be a third option for dealing with New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Farmers' cost claims wrong, says commission

7 Sep 18 - Claims by the farming sector that cutting agricultural greenhouse gas emissions will cost farmers $230,000 a year by 2050 are wrong, the Productivity Commission says.

Foresters happy, farmers wary of carbon path

5 Sep 18 - Recommendations for what is being called the biggest land-use change in New Zealand’s history are pleasing foresters but not farmers.

PRODCOM 1: Innovation key to our carbon future

4 Sep 18 - Carbon prices of $200 a tonne, the end of fossil-fuels and agriculture subject to carbon pricing are on the cards if the Government picks up a new report.

PRODCOM 2: Market needs special treatment

4 Sep 18 - The carbon market should be managed by a special authority, the Productivity Commission says.

PRODCOM 3: Farmers deserve emissions subsidy

4 Sep 18 - Farmers should be paying for greenhouse gas emissions – albeit at a subsidised rate, the Productivity Commission says.

PRODCOM 5: Where we got it wrong

4 Sep 18 - What went wrong with New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme? The Productivity Commission spells it out in a report released today.

Calls for Government to act as carbon tops $25

31 Aug 18 - New Zealand carbon is trading over the unofficial cap price of $25, prompting new calls for the Government to hedge the country’s looming carbon debt.

Don't rush free-credits' demise, warn exporters

24 Aug 18 - Trade-exposed heavy emitters should keep getting free carbon credits until 70 per cent of their international competitors face a carbon price, says Export New Zealand.

Cheap-credits companies might face crackdown

22 Aug 18 - The Government might crack down on companies using cheap credits to cover their carbon liabilities while banking or selling credits given to them by taxpayers.

High cost of land a blocker, say foresters

Peter Weir

17 Aug 18 - The high cost of land means that even at $24 a tonne, New Zealand cannot rely on new forests to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target, the forestry industry says.

Green group hails ETS boost for native forests

Shane Jones

17 Aug 18 - The Government’s plan to use the Emissions Trading Scheme to encourage more native forests is a smart move and will help to protect farms, towns and infrastructure from extreme weather events, an...

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