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WINSTON'S THE WORD: What NZ First leader wants

Monday - A party which has vowed to get rid of the Emissions Trading Scheme now holds the balance of power in New Zealandís Parliament.

Nat turns up to debate and makes lone stand

Andrew Bayly

Wednesday - All political parties except National told an audience in Auckland last night that they rank climate change as the biggest issue they face.

TAX OR TRADE?: It doesn't make much difference

Catherine Leining

19 Sep 17 - Ditching the Emissions Trading Scheme in favour of a carbon tax will not solve New Zealandís emissions woes, a new report says.

United Future backs emissions trading

18 Sep 17 - United Futureís new leader says he supports the Emissions Trading Scheme, the Zero Carbon Act and wants New Zealand to be carbon netural by 2050.

Climate-change baddies doing business in NZ

14 Sep 17 - Companies operating in New Zealand have been named as some of the most obstructive to global action on climate change.

Coalition candidates want to rid us of ETS

Jacinda Ardern

11 Sep 17 - Two of the parties that could be involved in any centre-left coalition after the election want to scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme.

What Morgan would have said ... if he'd had the chance

Gareth Morgan

11 Sep 17 - The refusal by TVNZ to include The Opportunities Party in televised election debates does the public a disservice.

High land prices key blocker to forest planting

7 Sep 17 - New Zealand wonít get more carbon-sequestering forests until land prices fall.

CLIMATE CASE: National happy the way things are

6 Sep 17 - National is taking a business-as-usual approach to climate policy, warning that Labour and the Greens would go too far if they got into government.

NZ backs global carbon markets cooperation

5 Sep 17 - New Zealand has signed a statement calling for renewed co-operation on carbon markets.

THE COUNT: Peters outpaces Ardern

4 Sep 17 - New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has pulled ahead of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern in The Count, but the Greensí James Shaw is looking unassailable.

NZ backs global climate research project

Nathan Guy

30 Aug 17 - New Zealand is supporting a new $400,000 scholarship programme to build global expertise on climate change and food security.

What the parties say about climate change

29 Aug 17 - Three-and-a-bit weeks out from the general election, what do we know about the partiesí approach to climate change?

IN THEIR OWN WORDS 2: Renewable energy.

25 Aug 17 - What will the political parties vying to run our country do about renewable energy?

Researchers to probe rich options for Maori land

23 Aug 17 - Rising carbon prices mean carbon farming, backed by manuka honey production, is becoming a viable use of Maori land, says the head of a Ruatoria charitable company.

TAXING OR TRADING: Which way should we go?

22 Aug 17 - Is taxing or trading the best way to get New Zealandís emissions down?

FREE CREDITS: And the winner is NZ Steel

15 Aug 17 - New Zealand Steel is once again the big winner in the Governmentís allocation of free carbon credits to industrial emitters.

GASES ARE GO: Our emissions on the rise again

11 Aug 17 - New Zealandís reported greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise again, new figures show.

Emissions group to probe lack of carbon cap

10 Aug 17 - New Zealandís lack of a carbon cap is one of the issues on the table for the Productivity Commission.

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