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Megan Woods

Minister offers money for good emissions moves

Today 9:00am - Got a good idea to cut greenhouse gas emissions in your business or in the transport sector? The Government wants to give you money.

Yoogo is a-go-go in Christchurch

Friday - The Southern Hemisphere’s biggest deployment of pure-battery electric cars has been launched in Christchurch.

Drones deliver the goods ... and clean the atmosphere

14 Feb 18 - Delivering parcels by drone could help to cut carbon emissions.

Why now's the time for businesses to cost carbon

13 Feb 18 - Businesses are being told to price carbon into their forecasts now – regardless of whether they currently face a carbon price.

If we build these coal plants, climate goals are doomed

12 Feb 18 - If all planned plants are constructed, the world would have little chance of meeting its climate change goals, say scientists.

How Trudeau welcomed Trump and oil lobby pipeline help

12 Feb 18 - The Trudeau government treated Donald Trump’s election as “positive news” for Canada’s energy industry and welcomed the help of Canada’s main corporate oil group in lobbying the US administration, documents show.

FAIL MARK: Environmentally, NZ has got it wrong

8 Feb 18 - New Zealand is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to exceeding planetary boundaries, new research shows.

We'll soon feel the effects of China's market

8 Feb 18 - China’s new carbon market will have a profound impact on electricity companies, says Standard & Poors.

Government wants drive for more electric vehicles

7 Feb 18 - The new government wants more electric vehicles on the road – but it’s not yet saying how many.

'It’s good to hear a government finally talking sense'

Chris Karamea Insley

2 Feb 18 - What kind of reception is climate minister James Shaw likely to be getting from the Iwi Leaders Group as they meet at Waitangi today?

OPINION: Kiwi consumers push sustainability

2 Feb 18 - New Zealand businesses that plan to wait for regulation before taking sustainability seriously are in for a rude awakening.

How Shaw intends to massively change our lives

30 Jan 18 - Climate minister James Shaw has outlined economic changes on the scale of those brought in by Michael Joseph Savage in 1935 and Roger Douglas in 1984.

Doughnut economics? What Shaw's on about

30 Jan 18 - When British economist Kate Raworth wanted to show where she saw economics going, she picked up a pencil and drew two circles, one inside the other.

Time to put the kettle on as solar power scheme tees off

30 Jan 18 - Aucklanders buying and selling solar-generated electricity to each other have shared enough power to make five million cups of tea, says peer-to-peer energy company P2 Power.

We'll do better than emissions target, says Shaw

25 Jan 18 - The new government will not officially increase the country's 2020 emissions reduction target.

NZ gets more low marks for environment action

24 Jan 18 - New Zealand, which sells itself as 100 per cent pure, has been given another bad report card for environmental performance.

EV projects win $3m in Government funding

23 Jan 18 - Twenty new electric vehicle projects, including a 58-tonne truck to carry dairy products and developing a qualification for EV technicians, are to receive government funding.

Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

15 Dec 17 - Southeast Asia’s leading solar energy nation -Thailand - could be the frontrunner in wind energy after renewables developer WEH secured funding for the region’s biggest wind power project.

Big investors put pressure on carbon emitters

13 Dec 17 - The biggest New Zealand and Australia institutional investors are among more than 225 global investors with more than $37.5 trillion in assets under management promising to “engage” the world’s...

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