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Ralph Sims

FACE THE FACTS: The Government has done little

Today 10:00am - Two major reports on climate change – one on the likely impacts on New Zealand, the other on ways the country can cut emissions – were released a year ago by the country’s top scientific body, the Royal Society. Energy expert RALPH SIMS, who chaired the report committee, reflects on progress.

Deep in the forest, there are trees giving off methane

Today 10:00am - Scientists have long been aware of a forest’s ability to absorb carbon, but a new US study has discovered trees that emit methane.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Our water quality is getting worse

Thursday - Water quality in New Zealand’s rivers is getting worse, says an official government report out today – and there’s yet another warning that the country is running up against its environmental limits.

Energy Star rating loses its twinkle

21 Apr 17 - The Government is scrapping the Energy Star rating on home appliances.

Toyota wins Green Car-of-the-Year Award ... again

21 Apr 17 - Toyota has again won the World Green Car-of-the-Year Award.

Food carts get taste of solar

21 Apr 17 - New York’s thousands of food carts are generating carbon credits.

Greens want to up carbon price and cut fossil fuels

Gareth Hughes

20 Apr 17 - Higher carbon prices and a ban on new fossil-fuel electricity generation plants are the cornerstones of the Green Party’s plan to get New Zealand to 100 per cent renewable generation by 2030.

Harvesting fertiliser from ‘bionic’ leaves

20 Apr 17 - The Harvard scientist who pioneered a “bionic leaf” that could generate the production of fuel has taken artificial photosynthesis a step further.

Scientist seeks capital backing for adaptation projects

Sean Weaver

19 Apr 17 - Ekos founder Dr Sean Weaver is working on a new project – a non-market mechanism to raise private capital to fund climate-change adaptation projects in developing countries.

Pool operator splashes out on electric pumps

19 Apr 17 - Auckland swimming pool operator Northern Arena says switching to electric heat-pumps for its pools has been good for swimmers and good for the climate.

World's nuclear giants limp toward extinction

18 Apr 17 - Any lingering hope that a worldwide nuclear power renaissance would contribute to combating climate change appears to have been dashed by US company Westinghouse, the largest provider of nuclear...

Barrier bleaching could set back Queensland by $1b

13 Apr 17 - Queensland's economy and tourism sector could suffer a billion-dollar hit, if extreme coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef continues, says a new report.

COOL IDEA: Forests offer way to ease climate fears

11 Apr 17 - European and US scientists have worked out how the Northern hemisphere keeps cool − so be grateful for the trees, and especially for the forests.

Complacency threatens climate change action

10 Apr 17 - The world is “meandering into a failed future” because of its unwillingness to take decisive action on climate change, a leading UK academic has warned.

Crucial jet streams stall as the world gets warmer

10 Apr 17 - The warming of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases is slowing the jet streams which drive the northern hemisphere’s weather.

POWER POSERS: Energy industry worries and waits

7 Apr 17 - Uncertainty over the Government’s plans to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change is keeping New Zealand’s energy executives awake at night, says the World Energy Council.

Brexit barrier to clean energy, says WEC

7 Apr 17 - Brexit is undermining Europe’s switch to renewable energy, the World Energy Council says.

Green HQ gets green light

7 Apr 17 - In a case of gamekeeper-turned-poacher, New Zealand’s Green Building Council has improved the environmental performance of its own office.

Politicians go face-to-face with environment facts

6 Apr 17 - The state of New Zealand’s environment is on the agenda for the country’s politicians today.

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