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Road transport killing our clean-energy benefits

Today 9:00am - The climate benefits of New Zealandís increasing use of renewable electricity generation are being wiped out by our love affair with road transport.

Drought brings drop in greenhouse gas emissions

Friday - New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions fell slightly in 2015 - but only because a drought forced dairy farmers to cut production.

EDITORIAL: What this $14 billion figure is all about

Thursday - The $14.2 billion being bandied about this week as the cost of ≠≠≠New Zealand's Paris Agreement pledge is not solely attributable to the purchase of international carbon credits.

Buying Euro credits would pay off, says trader

Nigel Brunel

Wednesday - New Zealand should hedge its international carbon risk by buying European carbon units, a broker says.

Cuts now will take heat out of climate shocks

Dave Frame

23 May 17 - Substantial cuts to greenhouse gas emissions now will prevent New Zealanders alive today being exposed to temperatures they have never experienced before, says the New Zealand lead author of research published today.

UK companies better to stay with European ETS

23 May 17 - An international carbon trading organisation says British companies should stay in the European Emissions Trading Scheme until at least 2020, despite Brexit.

New Buller mines could emit CO2 of 3m cars

19 May 17 - Emissions resulting from potential new coal mines on the Buller plateau could put as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as another three million cars on New Zealandís roads for the next 20 years, an environmental group warns.

UK nuclear industry faces Brexit fall-out

19 May 17 - Leaving the EU treaty that prevents radioactive waste falling into the wrong hands could prove costly for the UK nuclear industry.

Go-slow shipping has problems, says minister

18 May 17 - Slow-steaming - the most effective method of cutting shipping emissions Ė will cause problems for New Zealandís fresh food exporters, Cabinet has been told.

TRUMP TACTICS: What Americans really, really want

18 May 17 - Fewer than a third of Americans support President Donald Trumpís rollback of clean energy plans, a new survey shows.

Asian coal cuts will ease Trump rollbacks

16 May 17 - SWEEPING climate policy rollbacks by US President Donald Trump will be outweighed by cuts to coal consumption in India and China, a new analysis shows.

SLIP SLINDING AWAY: Big Oil losing its grip on power

15 May 17 - With oil prices remaining low, hopes of combating climate change through emissions reduction are improving as the oil industry shrinks.

Wood energy project start less than spectacular

12 May 17 - The Wood Energy South energy efficiency programme has prevented just 530 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being released, Parliament has heard.

California could inspire Australia's energy future

12 May 17 - Australia could emulate California on climate change policy by bringing in improved energy and fuel efficiency standards to drive large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a new report says.

COOL IDEA: Sydney to spend $8m on trees

11 May 17 - Sydney City is planting $8 million worth of trees to try to keep the city cool.

Problems with nuclear waste launch a gold rush

10 May 17 - Staggering sums of money involved in the long-term challenge of solving the worldís nuclear waste problems make it a booming business.

Investors urge G7 leaders to back Paris pact

9 May 17 - Long-term institutional investors with nearly $22 trillion in assets are calling on G7 members to stand by the Paris Agreement.

Our big houses bad for better insulation

8 May 17 - The benefits of better home insulation are being cancelled out by the trend toward bigger houses.

MICROBE MAGIC: How we can be mates with methane

8 May 17 - Ingenuity in laboratories worldwide is harnessing microbes, water and hot air to produce different types of renewable energy from greenhouse gas.

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