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NZ scientists work on safer batteries

Friday - New Zealand researchers have created a new plant-based electrolyte that could be the key to making safer and more environmentally friendly batteries.

How we'll pay for National's mismanagement

Dr Murray McClintock

Monday - Climate mismanagement under the National government means New Zealand will have to use international carbon credits to meet its emissions reduction targets, says a leading carbon forestry executive.

New RMA will cover effects of climate change

9 Nov 18 - The Governmentís overhaul of the Resource Management Act will include the way it deals with climate change.

Shipowners could face tougher emissions rules

8 Nov 18 - Ships operating in New Zealand might soon be liable to tough new rules on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil and gas exploration ban becomes law

8 Nov 18 - New oil and gas exploration is now banned from New Zealandís waters and from most of its land.

Exploration ban close to becoming law

5 Nov 18 - The Governmentís partial ban on new oil and gas exploration could become law this week.

You're dreaming, business lobby tells Govt

2 Nov 18 - Business New Zealand doesnít support any of the Governmentís proposed 2050 emissions reduction targets, saying they are based on wishful thinking and magic.

Don't do a Rogernomics, warns enviro chief

Vicky Robertson

30 Oct 18 - Decarbonising the New Zealand economy cannot be a repeat of Rogernomics, says Environment Secretary Vicky Robertson.

Exploration ban sound signal, says forum chair

Matt Whineray

26 Oct 18 - Changes to the Crown Minerals Act that will see most new oil and gas exploration banned are the type of signals businesses need, says one of the people heading a ground-breaking finance sector...

Group wants climate action to save native species

25 Oct 18 - Tougher resource management rules and incentives to store carbon in native forests are among just-released recommendations to protect New Zealandís native species from climate change.

NZ signs hydrogen agreement with Japan

24 Oct 18 - New Zealand and Japan are working together to transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels with the signing of an agreement on hydrogen, says energy minister Megan Woods.

New power group takes aim at finance system

23 Oct 18 - Key companies and government officials are joining forces to prepare New Zealandís financial system for the low-carbon economy.

We're using more fossil fuels, says energy report

19 Oct 18 - New Zealandís consumption of fossil fuels is climbing, new figures show.

Recycle grant helps firm to take back products

19 Oct 18 - An Auckland company which promises to take back its products has won a Government grant to help it to recycle.

Air pollution growing threat, says new report

18 Oct 18 - Air pollution from vehicles and woodfires is affecting the climate and threatens the health of New Zealanders, a new report shows.

TRIBUTE: Climate-change pioneer Bernard Forde

Dr Bernard Forde

16 Oct 18 - By ADELIA HALLETT | Today is the funeral of a man who pushed, to the best of his scientific and political ability, to get action on climate change.

At last, we're beginning to talk like grown-ups

12 Oct 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Depending on your viewpoint, the world moved closer to Ė or further away from Ė climate destruction this week.

$840 MILLION: What climate change has cost us

11 Oct 18 - Climate change has cost New Zealand at least $840 million over the past decade Ė prompting warnings at a business conference that adaptation to now-unavoidable impacts could cost more than cutting...

Why 6 per cent a year should get the job done

10 Oct 18 - Cutting global emissions by 6 per cent a year should keep warming to no more than 1.5deg, one of New Zealandís top mathematicians has calculated.

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