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Central bank turns eye to carbon in investments

Thursday - The Reserve Bank is reviewing the carbon footprint of its sovereign investments.

Bank of England gets green remit

Thursday - The Bank of England’s remit has been changed to include a duty to support the country's net-zero carbon ambition.

Banks should publish green yardstick, says authority

Tuesday - European banks should publish a “green-asset ratio” as a core measure of their climate-friendly business activities, says the European Union's banking watchdog.

IMF and World Bank will push G20 over climate

1 Mar 21 - The leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are vowing to step up efforts to combat climate change by looking more closely at climate-related financial stability risk and using other tools at their disposal.

Carbon tax would be popular with UK voters, poll suggests

25 Feb 21 - Taxing carbon dioxide emissions would be popular with British voters, polling suggests, as the government moots ways to put a price on carbon that could help tackle the climate crisis and fund a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Questions over Samoa flood defence project

22 Feb 21 - Flood walls in Samoa financed by the UN’s flagship climate fund are inadequate and could put people in danger, experts warn.

IMF looks at climate credit-scores

22 Feb 21 - Vulnerability to climate change is bad for sovereign credit ratings, says the International Monetary Fund.


22 Feb 21 - Ten years ago, American investors were starting to ask hard questions about fossil-fuel firms’ exposure to climate risk.

Tax aviation to raise funds for poor countries

19 Feb 21 - Taxes on international transport could provide finance to help developing countries cut greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the impacts of climate breakdown, a group of climate finance experts...

Amundi to quiz companies over climate action

19 Feb 21 - Amundi, Europe's biggest asset manager, say it will seek more specifics from companies at upcoming shareholder meetings about their plans to reduce emissions.

Vote against directors failing the climate, says ISS

16 Feb 21 - Major financial investors are to be urged by the world’s largest shareholder advisory firm to vote against company board members if they fail to address global heating in their roles.


5 Feb 21 - Ten years ago, business was describing the Government’s establishment of a Green Growth Advisory Group as “vanilla”.

Ditch GDP and value nature, says report

3 Feb 21 - Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history, says a report calling for a new economic framework recognising the importance of ecology.

BlackRock threatens to sell shares in worst climate polluters

27 Jan 21 - BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment fund manager, has threatened to sell shares in the worst corporate polluters in a bid to support the goal of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

FTSE giants fail to disclose their carbon footprint

14 Dec 20 - BP, Glencore and Rolls-Royce are among eight FTSE 100 companies who have refused to comply with investor demands to disclose their carbon dioxide emissions, as the UK government prepares to compel...

UN chief calls for more climate finance for poor nations as 2020 goal slips

14 Dec 20 - Rich nations are "lagging badly" on a longstanding pledge to channel $100 billion a year in funding, from 2020 onwards, to help poorer countries develop cleanly and adapt to the worsening impacts of...

Bank links bosses' pay to sustainability performance

8 Dec 20 - Deutsche Bank says it will join a small number of financial institutions that link management pay to environmental, social and governance-related criteria.


4 Dec 20 - The Christchurch office of the Accident Compensation Corporation is the target of 350 Aotearoa’s fossil fuel-divestment campaign today.

Carbon-zero public sector could include State investments

3 Dec 20 - The Government will decide in March whether a carbon-neutral public service will include the State’s investment portfolios.

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