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Treasury sees use for international credits

Friday - Treasury wants to retain the ability to use international carbon credits to meet New Zealandís 2050 emissions reduction target, confidential papers show.

Ten years ago ...

Friday - Ten years ago, Kiwi start-up CarbonScape was being recognised for its carbon-reducing potential.

Ten years ago ...

Xie Zhenhua

Thursday - Ten years ago, China was rejecting an American proposal to impose tariffs on goods from countries with no price on carbon.

ZCB has June date with Parliament

15 Mar 19 - The Zero Carbon Bill will be in Parliament by June.

Shaw now first stop for farm emissions action

James Shaw

15 Mar 19 - The Interim Climate Change Committee will now report directly to climate minister James Shaw on whether the agricultural sector should be liable for emissions under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Big emitters join hands to buy carbon forests

15 Mar 19 - Four of New Zealandís largest emitters are joining forces to supply their own carbon credits to meet obligations under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Ten years ago ...

15 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, farmers were campaigning to get the sector out of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Climate group about to rule on agriculture gases

14 Mar 19 - The Interim Climate Change Committee will make its recommendations next month on how New Zealand should treat greenhouse gases from agriculture.

Schoolkids mass for national climate protests

14 Mar 19 - School students in more than 30 New Zealand towns and cities will take part in tomorrowís global School Strike 4 Climate.

CLIMATE CHAMPION: My struggle with the future

13 Mar 19 - Atmospheric physicist Professor James Renwick is struggling with the idea that the world might really delay action on climate change to the point of disaster.

OPINION: Wise words for the schoolkids

13 Mar 19 - This Fridayís strike by school students calling for action on climate change has the support of some of our wisest citizens. Wise Response Society secretary DUGALD MACTAVISH explains why.

Shaw about to reveal climate policy timetable

James Shaw

12 Mar 19 - The Government will release details of its climate change policy timetable on Friday.

EDITORIAL: We must 'believe' the facts

8 Mar 19 - New Zealand's mayors have been asked whether they believe humans are causing the climate to change.

Councils might have to consider emissions

David Parker

7 Mar 19 - Councils considering proposals under the Resource Management Act might soon have to take greenhouse gas emissions into account.

Sizzling summer comes in at No3 on hot list

6 Mar 19 - New Zealand has experienced two of the three hottest summers on record over the past two years.

Filters could capture CO2 in the air

6 Mar 19 - Billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide could be removed from the air with special filters, scientists say.

Farmers must pay for emissions, say foresters

4 Mar 19 - The Governmentís latest attempts to make the Emissions Trading Scheme attractive for forestry wonít work if farmers donít have to pay for their emissions, say foresters.

FLY FEAR: Fruit pest will enjoy warming climate

27 Feb 19 - The risk of Queensland fruit flies establishing in New Zealand is expecting to increase as the climate warms, threatening the countryís horticultural industry.

Look it up, minister tells West Coast council

James Shaw

27 Feb 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says he doesnít intend explaining climate change to the West Coast Regional Council, which has expressed doubt about whether it is being caused by human activity.

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