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OUR LAND: Trouble ahead ... but how much?

Thursday - Climate change will have long-term impacts on New Zealand’s land-based industries and biodiversity – but we don’t have enough information to predict what will happen.

OUR LAND: We're losing our best growing soils

Thursday - The Government is moving to protect New Zealand’s best growing soils in the wake of a report that shows they’re compacted, contaminated and being washed away at an alarming rate.

August date for public to have say on Shaw's ETS

Wednesday - A new review of the Emissions Trading Scheme will be open for public consultation in August.

Govt announces body to steer climate transition

David Prentice

Tuesday - The interim climate commission has just been announced.

Finance key to net-zero economy, says Shaw

13 Apr 18 - The Government is fleshing out plans to finance decarbonisation of the economy.

Marine heatwaves the new norm, say scientists

11 Apr 18 - The marine heatwave which has seen penguins, prions and other New Zealand birds dying this summer is part of a new “normal” caused by climate change, scientists say.

MEMO BUSINESS: Ignore carbon liability at our peril

10 Apr 18 - Businesses ignore carbon liability at the country’s peril, an international investment organisation is warning.

NZ wants to see cuts in shipping emissions

9 Apr 18 - New Zealand is calling for deeper emissions cuts from the international shipping industry.

If we're serious about change, we must break the chains of economic growth, says think tank

6 Apr 18 - An end to economic growth must be considered a distinct possibility if New Zealand is to decarbonise, the Government has been told.

Climate challenges have an upside for tourism

5 Apr 18 - Climate change mightn’t be all bad news for New Zealand’s tourism industry.

PARKER POWER: The key is bringing it all together

3 Apr 18 - Environment minister David Parker says if you want to get his measure, look at the America’s Cup deal he’s just done.

Here's why we need a carbon price cap of $100

Dr Roger Blakeley

29 Mar 18 - An immediate carbon price cap of $100 a tonne and a $25 price floor is needed if New Zealand is to be carbon-neutral by 2050, says former Environment Secretary Dr Roger Blakeley.

FOSSIL FAIL: Report points finger at Big Four banks

29 Mar 18 - All four of New Zealand’s largest banks have received fail marks in a new climate change report analysing bank lending to fossil-fuel investments.

Carbon capture permits a no-go, says Shaw

26 Mar 18 - Climate minister James Shaw says he wants to cut New Zealand’s use of fossil fuels, not give the sector carbon credits.

It happened 10 years ago ...

20 Mar 18 - National Party climate spokesman Nick Smith was talking about an integrated carbon market with Australia, while his boss, then-Opposition leader John Key, was backing the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Ten years on, we're back where we began

19 Mar 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | When it comes to action on climate change, we’re pretty much back to where we were 10 years ago, when Carbon News started publishing.

OPINION: Why natural gas won't do the job

19 Mar 18 - Climate and energy expert Professor RALPH SIMS explains why natural gas is not a “bridging” fuel between dirtier fossil fuels and low-carbon energy. Searching for it and using it, he says, will delay...

Government backs circular economy with funding

13 Mar 18 - The Government is looking to fund projects that boost the circular economy.

New-look Nats put skids under green jobs

12 Mar 18 - Climate change and the environment have failed to make new Opposition leader Simon Bridges’ front bench.

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