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Global carbon markets in the spotlight

Monday - Rules governing the development of international carbon markets will be top of the agenda at international climate talks this week.


Thursday - Ten years ago, one of the world’s largest carbon traders decided it would set up shop in New Zealand after all.


Wednesday - Ten years ago, a Japanese bank bought New Zealand AAUs in what was the world’s first international trade in Kyoto Protocol forestry units.

Tourism sector must toe the line, says minister

16 May 19 - The Government’s new Tourism Strategy released today says the sector must “play its role” in dealing with climate change.

METHANE MOVES: Give poos a chance

Brian Cox

15 May 19 - Technologies like turning human waste into electricity could meet a large chunk of the Government's 2030 methane reduction target.

OPINION: With methane, no time like the present

13 May 19 - Organic farmer and former Green Party co-leader JEANETTE FITZSIMONS says farmers can cut methane now while increasing farm profits.


12 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealanders were in support of signing up to the second part of the Kyoto Protocol.

Transport mainly to blame as emissions rise

11 Apr 19 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are growing again, following the global trend.


3 Apr 19 - Let’s talk about Canada. It’s easier than talking about our own country.

Shipowners want out of 'unfair' ETS

25 Mar 19 - Shipowners want out of the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying it won’t be fair if they have to pay twice for their emissions.

Ten years ago ...

Xie Zhenhua

21 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, China was rejecting an American proposal to impose tariffs on goods from countries with no price on carbon.

EDITORIAL: We must 'believe' the facts

8 Mar 19 - New Zealand's mayors have been asked whether they believe humans are causing the climate to change.

Ten years ago ...

6 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, economists were being told to come to an agreement on the likely costs of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Methane should be carbon neutral, says Niwa

11 Feb 19 - The Government’s top climate research organisation says New Zealand’s methane emissions from agriculture should be carbon-neutral.

China is the big fish, says European ETS expert

Jos Delbeke
Photo Credit: EU

5 Feb 19 - Linkages between emissions trading scheme in Europe and New Zealand are on the agenda – but it’s China that Europe is really interested in.

Shaw hopes for carbon market rules next year

17 Dec 18 - Climate minister James Shaw is optimistic that rules governing carbon markets will be settled next year.

Our climate efforts 'highly insufficient'

12 Dec 18 - New Zealand’s efforts on climate change remain “highly insufficient” and consistent with twice the level of warming that scientists say we should not go beyond.

Blockchain takes politics out of carbon play

15 Nov 18 - Businesses will soon be able to price and trade carbon without the help of governments by using blockchain technology, says a social enterprise about to launch a new carbon platform.

How we'll pay for National's mismanagement

Dr Murray McClintock

12 Nov 18 - Climate mismanagement under the National government means New Zealand will have to use international carbon credits to meet its emissions reduction targets, says a leading carbon forestry executive.

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