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New ultra-thin material seen as breakthrough

Tuesday - A new ultra-thin film that absorbs solar energy could revolutionise the harvesting of solar thermal energy.

CLIMATE CHAMPION: My struggle with the future

13 Mar 19 - Atmospheric physicist Professor James Renwick is struggling with the idea that the world might really delay action on climate change to the point of disaster.

EDITORIAL: We must 'believe' the facts

8 Mar 19 - New Zealand's mayors have been asked whether they believe humans are causing the climate to change.

Sizzling summer comes in at No3 on hot list

6 Mar 19 - New Zealand has experienced two of the three hottest summers on record over the past two years.

Filters could capture CO2 in the air

6 Mar 19 - Billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide could be removed from the air with special filters, scientists say.

FLY FEAR: Fruit pest will enjoy warming climate

27 Feb 19 - The risk of Queensland fruit flies establishing in New Zealand is expecting to increase as the climate warms, threatening the country’s horticultural industry.

Nats make 'measured and reasonable' climate plan

Simon Bridges

25 Feb 19 - A National government might give fewer free carbon credits to trade-exposed industrial emitters but is unlikely to force a large-scale reduction in biological emissions from agriculture, according to a new paper.

Ten years ago ...

25 Feb 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealand companies were in the United States trying to win a share of President Barack Obama’s $300 billion investment in renewable energy.

Ten years ago ...

13 Feb 19 - Ten years ago, some of New Zealand’s biggest emitters were seeking more time to make submissions on the National Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme review because they were worried submissions...

Scientists find Scuba system can contain coal gases

1 Feb 19 - The chemical process used by Scuba divers can efficiently strip carbon dioxide out of the residue of coal-fired electricity generation, scientists say.

Ten years ago ...

22 Jan 19 - Ten years ago, the fledgling Emissions Trading Scheme was under review as a result of the newly elected National Party’s confidence-and-supply agreement with the Act Party.

JAMES SHAW: A year of living hopefully

James Shaw

10 Dec 18 - Climate minister James Shaw arrives in Poland today for international climate negotiations. This time last year he was a brand-new minister, just three weeks into the job and announcing on the world...

We're not ready for droughts and rising seas

6 Dec 18 - New reports on drought and sea-level rise highlight New Zealand’s lack of preparation for the impacts of climate change.

ClimCom could make methane call, says Treasury

30 Nov 18 - Treasury has suggested the Government delay setting a 2050 emissions reduction target, saying giving the decision to the yet-to-be-established climate commission would allow more time to decide by...

We must farm fewer animals, say scientists

29 Nov 18 - A new science paper spelling out why animal agriculture will have to be severely curtailed if the Paris Agreement targets are to be met could have huge implications for New Zealand.

Academics call for emergency action

20 Nov 18 - One hundred and fifty New Zealand academics calling for “emergency” action on climate change say economic growth has to stop.

Nitrogen inhibitors could return to the farm

5 Nov 18 - Nitrogen inhibitors could be in use on New Zealand farms again by 2020, farmers say.

Group wants climate action to save native species

25 Oct 18 - Tougher resource management rules and incentives to store carbon in native forests are among just-released recommendations to protect New Zealand’s native species from climate change.

We're using more fossil fuels, says energy report

19 Oct 18 - New Zealand’s consumption of fossil fuels is climbing, new figures show.

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