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Andy Reisinger

Farm methane doing most damage, say scientists

11 Jul 19 - Methane from farm animals in New Zealand is doing more damage to the climate than the combined impacts of all other greenhouse gases, a new analysis says.

ZCB might not do the job, Government hears

Kennedy Graham

5 Jul 19 - The zero-carbon bill might not fulfil New Zealand’s international obligations on climate change, the Government is being told.

Farmers table offer for cutting methane

4 Jul 19 - Farmers say they are prepared to cut methane emissions by 10 per cent by 2050 – well short of the target the Government intends imposing.

ProdCom report urges Govt to support councils

4 Jul 19 - The Government is coming under increasing pressure to provide local councils with the skills and resources they need to deal with the impacts of climate change.

OPINION: Pasture plays a big role

2 Jul 19 - By SARAH GARD | Pasture management, alongside livestock solutions, shouldn’t be overlooked as a tool for mitigating climate change.

Scientists claim methane breakthrough

28 Jun 19 - Scientists are claiming a breakthrough in the quest to cut methane emissions from animals.

SHAW: We're not stuck on 2030 methane target

24 Jun 19 - The Government’s target of cutting methane emissions by 10 per cent by 2030 is not set in stone, the climate minister says.

Shaw will wait and see on emissions targets

19 Jun 19 - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions might not peak until 2035 under current policies, the Government says.


14 Jun 19 - Spot NZUs opened at $22.50 bid and $23.15 offered this morning, after last fixing at $22.90.

Emissions pricing not working, says World Bank

11 Jun 19 - Just one per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are at prices likely to drive the emissions cuts needed to preserve life as we know it, the World Bank says.

Meet the coastal dwellers who don't fear rising seas

7 Jun 19 - Half of the people living in New South Wales’ coastal communities think rising sea levels will not affect them, and a quarter of accommodation businesses on the coast are unsure if sea-level rise is...

SNOW BUSINESS: Could flakes be a source of clean energy?

5 Jun 19 - Two scientists have developed a device that captures the electrical charge from falling snow.

Pacific sucks up more anthropogenic emissions

5 Jun 19 - The rate that the Pacific Ocean takes up human-caused emissions of carbon has increased between 1991 and 2017, a new study finds.

Well-managed soils make better carbon stores

4 Jun 19 - Soils could store more carbon if they were managed better, scientists say.


31 May 19 - Ten years ago, a person claiming to be the Act Party’s assistant climate change spokesperson was describing climate science as being as “credible as Peter Dunne’s hairdo”.

Could your idea save the world?

27 May 19 - Got an idea to save the world? It might just qualify for support under a new billion-dollar scheme.

NZ plays different carbon game home and away

23 May 19 - The gap between New Zealand’s international emissions reduction pledge and what it plans to do at home is big enough to drive an electric bus through.

Finland using circular economy of textiles

21 May 19 - In Finland, end-of-life textiles no longer end up in landfills, but there is still a lot of room for improved efficiency in their recycling and reuse.

OPINION: With methane, no time like the present

13 May 19 - Organic farmer and former Green Party co-leader JEANETTE FITZSIMONS says farmers can cut methane now while increasing farm profits.

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