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IMF and World Bank will push G20 over climate

Monday - The leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are vowing to step up efforts to combat climate change by looking more closely at climate-related financial stability risk and using other tools at their disposal.

FRIDAY POLITICS: Collins embraces the ETS

Friday - National Party leader Judith Collins seems to have abandoned her dismissal of the need for urgent action on climate change – and found a love for the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Fiercer, more frequent fires may reduce carbon capture by forests

Friday - More fierce and frequent fires are reducing forest density and tree size and may damage forests’ ability to capture carbon in the future, according to a global study.

'Science-based' targets are no such thing - former adviser

Thursday - One of the instigators of an influential climate initiative for big business has gone public with criticism of its target-setting process, saying it does not measure up to its ambition.

Three technologies that will change food production

Thursday - Agriculture’s impact on the planet is massive and relentless. Roughly 40 per cent of the Earth’s suitable land surface is used for cropland and grazing.


Wednesday - Otago Regional Council meets today and Parliament sits today and tomorrow.


23 Feb 21 - The Environment Select Committee starts hearing submissions on the Climate Change Response (Auction Price) Amendment Bill today.


22 Feb 21 - The Environment Select Committee considers the Climate Change Response (Auction Price) Amendment Bill tomorrow. Submissions closed yesterday.

Proving that taking care of forest pays carbon dividends

18 Feb 21 - New Zealand’s vast native forests may yet help the country meet its emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Emissions 'return to normal', says Fletcher Building

17 Feb 21 - The country’s largest building company says emissions have returned to normal in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

Millions will die if world fails on climate promises

17 Feb 21 - Scientists have looked at conditions in just nine of the world’s 200 nations and found that − if the world keeps its Paris climate promises, of containing global heating to “well below” 2deg by...

Carbon-free future is in reach for US by 2050

12 Feb 21 - The United States − per head of population perhaps the world’s most prodigal emitter of greenhouse gases − can reverse that and have a carbon-free future within three decades, at a cost...

China’s crackdown on illegal CFC gases is working

11 Feb 21 - A Chinese government crackdown on producers and buyers of illegal CFC gases is working, research has found.

'Dangerous' push to leave farmers out of Aussie target

9 Feb 21 - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison might be warming to the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, but federal Nationals leader Michael McCormack has thrown a spanner in the works by suggesting...

Millions for carbon capture contest

9 Feb 21 - Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is offering $138 million for inventions that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or oceans.

Will planes be flying on air?

5 Feb 21 - Scientists are working on recovering atmospheric carbon to conjure aviation jet fuel from thin air.

Plant-based diets crucial to saving wildlife, says UN report

4 Feb 21 - The global food system is the biggest driver of destruction of the natural world, and a shift to predominantly plant-based diets is crucial in halting the damage, according to a report.

Ditch GDP and value nature, says report

3 Feb 21 - Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history, says a report calling for a new economic framework recognising the importance of ecology.


29 Jan 21 - Today is the last day to submit tenders to produce the second stage of the Government’s Wood Fibre Futures Project, analysing the business case for developing wood-based products including biocrude...

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