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Stu Innes

Fossil fuels ban helping, says energy innovator

Thursday - New Zealand's partial ban on new oil and gas exploration is driving the electricity market away from gas and towards renewables, says an energy market innovator.

Auckland lays out plan to combat climate crisis

Wednesday - Auckland Council has unveiled a plan it says will prepare the city to cope with the impacts of climate change and cut its emissions.


11 Jun 19 - Ten years ago, experts were saying that a quarter of the world’s fossil-fuel emissions could be offset by changing the way we farm.

Farmers not alone in methane mix, say Nats

10 Jun 19 - The farming sector isn’t the only industry that should be targeted for methane reductions, the National Party says.


4 Jun 19 - Ten years ago, the Government announced the establishment of an international research centre to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

$100 million Green fund ready to invest

Cecilia Tarrant

30 May 19 - The Government’s $100 million Green Investment Finance fund says it is about to start investing.

You're welcome (not), Mayor Cull tells mineralists

Dave Cull

30 May 19 - Dunedin mayor Dave Cull welcomed minerals sector executives to his city this week by telling them he backed the anti-fossil-fuel protesters trying to stop them.

OPINION: Plundering the planet

Brian Easton

30 May 19 - By BRIAN EASTON | Can we consume limited resources forever? Is economic growth just a Ponzi scheme in which we borrow from the future? Is economic growth as we know it coming to an end?

Big emitters get together and make a plan

28 May 19 - New Zealand’s trade-exposed industrial emitters – who between them are given more than five million free carbon credits a year – have produced a plan to help to cut the country’s greenhouse gas...

Todd ups investment in renewable energy

28 May 19 - New Zealand’s largest private energy company is increasing its investment in renewables.

Protesters again take aim at mining industry

Photo Credit: Carbon News

27 May 19 - The mining sector is positioning itself as part of the solution to climate change, as protesters gear up to disrupt the industry’s annual gathering this week.

Could your idea save the world?

27 May 19 - Got an idea to save the world? It might just qualify for support under a new billion-dollar scheme.

Lawmakers eye climate risk disclosure rules

24 May 19 - Companies in New Zealand could face compulsory climate-risk disclosure through new accounting standards.

National MPs chew over zero carbon bill

21 May 19 - National Party MPs are meeting this morning to decide whether they will support the Government’s zero carbon bill.

Pricing delay carries risks, says ETS expert

Catherine Leining

17 May 19 - The Government is exposing the country to significant risk by delaying changes to the carbon pricing regime, says one of the architects of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

METHANE MOVES: Give poos a chance

Brian Cox

15 May 19 - Technologies like turning human waste into electricity could meet a large chunk of the Government's 2030 methane reduction target.

UN chief pushes case for carbon taxes

Antonio Guterres and Climate Minister James Shaw

14 May 19 - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says income taxes should be replaced with carbon taxes.

OPINION: With methane, no time like the present

13 May 19 - Organic farmer and former Green Party co-leader JEANETTE FITZSIMONS says farmers can cut methane now while increasing farm profits.

Climate effort gets thumbs-up from UN chief

13 May 19 - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is praising New Zealand’s efforts on climate change.

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