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Shipowners want out of 'unfair' ETS

Monday - Shipowners want out of the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying it wonít be fair if they have to pay twice for their emissions.

Treasury sees use for international credits

Friday - Treasury wants to retain the ability to use international carbon credits to meet New Zealandís 2050 emissions reduction target, confidential papers show.

Taranaki eyes future in hydrogen economy

19 Mar 19 - Taranaki is talking up the hydrogen economy to replace its petrochemical wealth.

Big emitters join hands to buy carbon forests

15 Mar 19 - Four of New Zealandís largest emitters are joining forces to supply their own carbon credits to meet obligations under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

CLIMATE CHAMPION: My struggle with the future

13 Mar 19 - Atmospheric physicist Professor James Renwick is struggling with the idea that the world might really delay action on climate change to the point of disaster.

Growing number of carbon schemes cover emissions

13 Mar 19 - Nearly 14 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions will be subject to a carbon price this year, World Bank figures show.

Coal-fired stations deliver danger dust

13 Mar 19 - Modern coal-fired power stations produce more ultrafine dust particles than road traffic and can even modify and redistribute rainfall patterns, a new 15-year international study shows.

Shaw about to reveal climate policy timetable

James Shaw

12 Mar 19 - The Government will release details of its climate change policy timetable on Friday.

Bioenergy body hails hospital move to wood

12 Mar 19 - A decision to replace two coal-fired boilers at Christchurch Hospital with boilers that burn wood will help to create confidence in the woody biomass market, the Bioenergy Association says.

Aussies polish off green (but not as clean) Kiwis

8 Mar 19 - It mightnít be greener, but Australia is cleaner than New Zealand, a new report says.

Councils might have to consider emissions

David Parker

7 Mar 19 - Councils considering proposals under the Resource Management Act might soon have to take greenhouse gas emissions into account.

Fertiliser firm wants balance in carbon credits

5 Mar 19 - A company given millions of dollarsí worth of free carbon credits says the system giving it the units should not be stopped until at least 70 per cent of its competitors also face a carbon price.

Biomass energy could punch hole in emissions

28 Feb 19 - New Zealand could slash five million tonnes off its annual greenhouse gas emissions through the use of biomass energy in factories and for heavy transport, new figures show.

FLY FEAR: Fruit pest will enjoy warming climate

27 Feb 19 - The risk of Queensland fruit flies establishing in New Zealand is expecting to increase as the climate warms, threatening the countryís horticultural industry.

Look it up, minister tells West Coast council

James Shaw

27 Feb 19 - Climate minister James Shaw says he doesnít intend explaining climate change to the West Coast Regional Council, which has expressed doubt about whether it is being caused by human activity.

Nats make 'measured and reasonable' climate plan

Simon Bridges

25 Feb 19 - A National government might give fewer free carbon credits to trade-exposed industrial emitters but is unlikely to force a large-scale reduction in biological emissions from agriculture, according to...

Cullen report backs more environmental taxes

Sir Michael Cullen

21 Feb 19 - Greater environmental taxes and strengthening of the Emissions Trading Scheme are on the way if the Government adopts recommendations from its Tax Working Group.

Bank opens for e-projects money

21 Feb 19 - Applications for the latest round of Government funding for low-carbon transport projects are open.

MONEY MYSTERY: How much will this cost us?

19 Feb 19 - Treasury expects most emitters to pay the Government a carbon fee this year instead of surrendering carbon credits Ė and that will cost the country money.

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