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Public wants to know green business credentials

Sarah Bolger

28 Nov 16 - Strutting environmental credentials is paying off for businesses, as climate change rises rapidly as an issue in the minds of the public.

Air NZ flies high at sustainable business awards

18 Nov 16 - Air New Zealand is the supreme winner in this year’s Sustainable Business Network Awards, announced in Auckland last night.

World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

17 Nov 16 - All key sectors– including commercial agriculture – must have major emissions cuts under way by 2020 if the world is to keep global warming within the Paris Agreement’s 1.5deg limit, a new report...

Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16 - A global carbon market for aviation that could see New Zealand offsetting three million tonnes of emissions a year is going ahead.

Climate treaty races toward hazy future

7 Oct 16 - With a speed almost unknown in the annals of diplomacy, the Paris Agreement on climate change is ready to come into force a bare 11 months after it was reached on December 12 last year.

Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16 - A new global market-based measure for aviation emissions could see New Zealand having to offset 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

Are we finally about to get an aviation emissions deal?

27 Sep 16 - Delegates from more than 190 nations today will begin an 11-day meeting in Montreal to determine the final form of a scheme to reduce greenhouse emissions from the aviation industry.

NZ will join aviation emissions agreement

23 Sep 16 - New Zealand will join an international market-based system to reduce aviation emissions, the Government has just announced.

NZ mulls over stand on aviation emissions

22 Sep 16 - New Zealand is considering its position on international plans to reduce the aviation industry’s impact on the climate.

Emissions targets need all-electric cars

22 Sep 16 - A new study says that achieving limits on temperature rise agreed at last year’s Paris climate conference will require a massive switch to zero emissions electric-powered vehicles, coupled with the...

NZ airs views at aviation emissions talks

27 Jul 16 - New Zealand is looking to join an international plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

Can Nauru bounce back from mining boom and bust?

18 Jul 16 - When most of us hear of Nauru we tend to think of immigration detention, or perhaps of the environmentally ruinous legacy of the island nation’s ill-fated phosphate mining boom.

Renewable jet fuel could be growing on gum trees

11 Jul 16 - Australia’s economy might have ridden on the sheep’s back, but the colonies’ first export was actually eucalyptus oil.

Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

1 Jul 16 - The Paris climate agreement saw countries pledge to limit global warming to well below 2degC, and to aim to keep it within 1.5deg. The problem is that countries' current emissions targets are not...

Price floor or perish, experts tell European market

28 Jun 16 - Europe’s carbon market faces ruin without a price floor, an international think-tank says.

Big names line up for Green Ribbon Awards

11 May 16 - The national airline, both major supermarket companies, one of the world’s largest technology companies, and a company that makes flexible pipes are among the finalists in the Government’s Green...

Here’s a way to make carbon markets work better

11 Apr 16 - Carbon markets could play a crucial role in delivering promises made at the Paris climate conference.

The case for a carbon tax on airline flight tickets

6 Apr 16 - After years of delay, the international aviation industry is inching its way toward bringing its greenhouse emissions under some form of regulation.

Air NZ emissions move wins global support

5 Apr 16 - Air New Zealand’s move to offset greenhouse gas emissions from its aircraft by supporting the restoration of native forests is picking up international momentum.

Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

Jatropha crop

15 Mar 16 - Air New Zealand is investigating biofuels again – but an international expert says it is unlikely to do much to cut the greenhouse gas emissions.

8 Mar 16  Aviation losing emissions battle, say academics

15 Feb 16  New aviation rules will just delay the heavy lifting

2 Feb 16  Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

18 Jan 16  Are electric vehicles really the best option?

15 Dec 15  Meet the fossil fuel firms paying for Paris

16 Nov 15  Travel industry slashes carbon emissions

2 Nov 15  Why we need a world agreement on agri emissions

27 Oct 15  Quality emissions key to airline offsets

12 Oct 15  Air NZ backs global carbon market call

28 Sep 15  UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

21 Sep 15  India in disarray over strategy on global warming

21 Sep 15  Climate change efforts are hurting Africa’s rural poor

31 Aug 15  Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

10 Aug 15  A carbon tax for South Africa: why a pragmatic approach makes sense

20 Jul 15  Climate change brings ill winds for airline industry

29 Jun 15  Solar fuels: how planes and cars could be powered by the sun

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

18 May 15  Why falling oil prices should not undermine investment in green energy

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

9 Mar 15  Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

29 Sep 14  Clear skies for aviation industry, says Boeing report

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

16 Sep 14  Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

18 Aug 14  Cathay Pacific plugs into biofuel producer

18 Aug 14  Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

11 Aug 14  It looks like air fares will have to rise ... and rise ... and rise

11 Aug 14  Airports super-inefficient, says emissions study

27 Jun 14  Scientists see dangers in jet contrails

6 Jun 14  Our new planes cut carbon, says Air NZ

9 May 14  Air NZ aims high with solar power programme

11 Apr 14  Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

4 Apr 14  Europe puts off decision on aviation emissions

21 Mar 14  Foreign airlines should pay, say Europe lawmakers

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14  EU agrees on draft plan for aviation emissions

20 Dec 13  Carbon scene around the world

20 Dec 13  Airways opens green routes

13 Dec 13  Why wise businesses should take note of Gen Y Kiwis

22 Nov 13  Europe wants to see some action out of Warsaw

25 Oct 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13  Green designer takes a flexible approach

18 Oct 13  Why Branson believes businesses must act on climate change

18 Oct 13  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

11 Oct 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

11 Oct 13  International update

27 Sep 13  Business better, gas emissions worse

27 Sep 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

12 Jul 13  Air NZ loses place on clean-green list

12 Jul 13  Solar plane shows world what's possible, says UN chief

28 Jun 13  Air NZ to refuse shark-fin freight

21 Jun 13  Air NZ in Paris to show off new green aircraft

21 Jun 13  Rivals in race to market long-haul jets

7 Jun 13  Airlines act to prevent emissions talks collapse

28 Mar 13  Science world honours LanzaTech founder

1 Mar 13  Airport sets high energy cut goals

1 Mar 13  Europe gives airlines a break

1 Feb 13  Air NZ makes final of world awards

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

25 Jan 13  Airlines use ETS costs to pocket millions

18 Jan 13  Bio crop could put money in the margins

14 Dec 12  Industry leads electricity transformation

23 Nov 12  Australia happy trading scheme is working

5 Oct 12  Brussels to monitor shipping emissions

28 Sep 12  Why Romney in the White House scares Europe

14 Sep 12  Air NZ green team spreads wings

3 Aug 12  Scientists challenge biofuels claim

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

15 Jun 12  Planemaker backs land restoration

15 Jun 12  Travel leaders call for sustainability

8 Jun 12  EU-China carbon talks get serious

25 May 12  Air NZ flies high as cutter of emissions

18 May 12  EU airline cash could go to climate fund

23 Mar 12  Europe tells China to start own ETS

9 Mar 12  EU charge could cost Airbus $3.8m

9 Mar 12  Shipping shapes as next target of EU

2 Mar 12  NZ stays out of Europe airlines row

2 Mar 12  Australian election poses ETS problems

24 Feb 12  Countries group to fight airlines action

24 Feb 12  Europe's airline rules stir controversy

10 Feb 12  China orders airlines not to pay

20 Jan 12  Airlines look at buying into our ETS

2 Dec 11  LanzaTech to make avgas for US

14 Oct 11  LanzaTech gases will fuel Virgin aircraft

30 Sep 11  How ecotourism can help save forests

16 Sep 11  Australian carbon bills go to House

2 Sep 11  Big business backs eucalypt biofuel

17 Jun 11  Cuevas scrubs up Clean Planet

3 Jun 11  Jet fuel industry viable, say scientists

3 Jun 11  Green all the rage at Cathay Pacific

29 Apr 11  Clark urges businesses to go low carbon

21 Apr 11  Climate-fight billions can be raised, says EU

21 Apr 11  China on a clean energy roll

1 Apr 11  EU emissary talks aviation

17 Dec 10  Aviation world eyes NZ algae technology

3 Dec 10  Climate change talks must deliver - Oxfam

19 Nov 10  LanzaTech to work on jet fuel development

15 Oct 10  Europe claims victory for aviation role in ETS

17 Sep 10  UN urges airlines to slash carbon emissions

6 Aug 10  Copenhagen loopholes ‘make farce' of rich pledges

30 Jul 10  Canadian researchers hope to green the web

23 Jul 10  UK might miss boat, warns green watchdog

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

9 Jul 10  Businesses can shout about carbon neutral

4 Jun 10  US airlines challenge EU emissions rules

23 Apr 10  Super Hornet carries biofuel sting in its tail

9 Apr 10  Air NZ looks at using CAP to cover emissions

1 Apr 10  Climate change faces the trillion-dollar question

1 Apr 10  Repentant Pachauri slips into neutral

19 Mar 10  In 10 years, we'll be flying on flax and food scraps

19 Mar 10  Arrogance undid Copenhagen summit, says Stern

26 Feb 10  Air NZ silent on damning biofuel report

19 Feb 10  BA to build first green jet-fuel plant in Europe

12 Feb 10  How green policies could move UK out of the red

22 Jan 10  Come on, Kiwis, let’s ride the green wave

13 Nov 09  Can Obama yet save the day at Copenhagen?

23 Oct 09  Europe: Sign the deal and we’ll cut emissions 95%

16 Oct 09  Airlines confident of reaching emission goals

23 Sep 09  Airlines plan to halve emissions by 2050

4 Sep 09  Prepare to pay extra $120 in airfare pollution charges to Europe


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