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Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

28 Jun 17 - US academics are arguing with ferocity about how to achieve a fossil fuel phase out. But, for now, the debate is entirely academic.

Soil scientists back putting carbon in the ground

23 Jun 17 - Carbon sequestration in soil has the potential to enhance food security and mitigate climate change, says an international team of soil experts.

Tyre mountains will be turned into biofuels

22 Jun 17 - An Otaki company with a plan to turn mountains of waste tyres into biofuels says the key to success is processing them at multiple sites around the country.

GMO crops could expect a brighter future

31 May 17 - Genetically modified crops remain controversial, but scientists still have faith that they will help both to replace fossil fuels and to feed the world.

SLIP SLINDING AWAY: Big Oil losing its grip on power

15 May 17 - With oil prices remaining low, hopes of combating climate change through emissions reduction are improving as the oil industry shrinks.

MICROBE MAGIC: How we can be mates with methane

8 May 17 - Ingenuity in laboratories worldwide is harnessing microbes, water and hot air to produce different types of renewable energy from greenhouse gas.

POWER POSERS: Energy industry worries and waits

7 Apr 17 - Uncertainty over the Government’s plans to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change is keeping New Zealand’s energy executives awake at night, says the World Energy Council.

Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

4 Apr 17 - By 2020, fossil fuels will no longer be subsidised by the taxpayer, anywhere in the world. And by then, carbon dioxide emissions worldwide will have started to fall.

NET-ZERO REPORT: We can do more, says bioenergy industry

24 Mar 17 - A cross-party report on how New Zealand can get to net-zero emissions in the second half of the century ignores some immediate opportunities, the Bioenergy Association says.

Companies queue to supply Air NZ with biofuels

17 Mar 17 - Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia say they now have a shortlist of companies to supply them with biofuels.

Biofuels mix could see end of chemtrails in the sky

16 Mar 17 - Mixing biofuels into aviation gas cuts chemtrails, new research shows.

Back us and we'll build more plants, says Z biofuel

7 Mar 17 - New Zealand’s largest liquid-fuel retailer says it could build another six biodiesel plants – if it gets the right support.

Let's talk about emissions, fuels firm tells public

6 Mar 17 - A company whose products are responsible for 9 per cent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions is asking the public what it can do to reduce them.

ENERGY REPORT: Great ideas but they're not happening

2 Mar 17 - New Zealand’s own scientists’ advice – that the country must move urgently to a low-carbon energy system – has been endorsed by the International Energy Agency, albeit in a sanitised way.

Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence

The Airbus 319 burns 640 gallons of fuel per hour | Nordroden

1 Mar 17 - When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, one of the biggest hurdles is the world’s addiction to flying.

Exxon predicts 25% rise in energy demand

25 Jan 17 - The world’s biggest oil conglomerate says it expects global energy demand to increase by a quarter in the next 23 years.

Electric vehicles drive to overtake biofuels

25 Jan 17 - By 2040, the number of electric cars in the world could have reached 715 million, says the International Energy Agency.

New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16 - The Government’s plan to cut the emissions intensity from industrial heat generation by 1 per cent a year is just business as usual, and will do little to achieve New Zealand’s Paris Agreement...

Sort out bioenergy, industry tells Government

8 Dec 16 - The ditching of plans for a large geothermally driven wood-processing plant in Northland shows why the Government must sort out New Zealand’s bioenergy plan, the industry says.

How NZ could become biofutures powerhouse

Brian Cox

5 Dec 16 - New Zealand could easily become a Queensland-style biofutures superpower, local industry leaders say.

1 Dec 16  Engineers turn old tyres into quality oil and fuel

11 Nov 16  What Trump means for the future of energy and climate

26 Sep 16  Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

21 Sep 16  New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

23 Aug 16  NZ lets economics rule environment policies

15 Aug 16  Fonterra manager wins energy plaudits

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

14 Jul 16  LanzaTech accumulates losses of $166m

11 Jul 16  Renewable jet fuel could be growing on gum trees

4 Jul 16  Energy leaders renew faith in renewables

22 Jun 16  GREEN DREAM: Petrol to drive car market in 2030

15 Jun 16  How low oil prices could weaken Paris pact

13 Jun 16  LanzaTech has role in global low-energy drive

13 Jun 16  Introducing: The bionic leaf that could fuel a revolution

9 Jun 16  Energy independence won’t cure climate ills

27 May 16  World of clean energy soaks up 8 million workers

19 May 16  Future climate could cast shade on renewables

10 May 16  Change to clean energy means massive social change

10 May 16  Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

4 May 16  At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

20 Apr 16  YES WE CAN! Business leaders to make blueprint for our low-carbon future

4 Apr 16  Mighty River snaps up latest from Tesla

30 Mar 16  LanzaTech signs first US biofuels deal

24 Mar 16  What will Turnbull’s $1b energy fund actually do?

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

14 Mar 16  Processors in ETS could pose problem, says industry

8 Mar 16  Dairy dive has message, says eco economist

8 Mar 16  Aviation losing emissions battle, say academics

3 Mar 16  Government on verge of e-car action

25 Feb 16  Z Energy wishlist: Everybody must be in ETS

23 Feb 16  We're streets ahead on renewables, says Mighty River

18 Jan 16  Science opens routes to energy recycling

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

30 Nov 15  Can eating less meat really tackle climate change?

12 Oct 15  Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

5 Oct 15  Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

21 Sep 15  Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

14 Sep 15  Tim Flannery gives us hope ... and we're giving away a of copy of his new book

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15  Pssst! ... Government wants to kickstart e-cars

24 Aug 15  Renewables raise challenge to coal in power league

24 Aug 15  The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

17 Aug 15  Added gene can make rice more climate-friendly

3 Aug 15  Sustainable oil from algae: the technology is ready, but what about the politics?

3 Aug 15  WORLD WEEK: Coal hard facts

27 Jul 15  Treasury maps out our path to a low-carbon enconomy

29 Jun 15  Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

22 Jun 15  Waste to wealth: the hidden potential of waste from fruit

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

25 May 15  Inter-island ferry tests cleaner fuels

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

4 May 15  Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

28 Apr 15  Unburnable carbon: why we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

16 Mar 15  Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

9 Mar 15  Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

9 Mar 15  Four ways to boost Australia’s economy and help the climate

9 Mar 15  Carbon could be key to better water, says researcher

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

20 Oct 14  Kiwi savers want investments to do clean work

20 Oct 14  Problem seaweed could provide biofuel solution

29 Sep 14  Clear skies for aviation industry, says Boeing report

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

16 Sep 14  It's simple ... either you believe, or you don't

1 Sep 14  NZ First backs iwi $600m carbon claim

1 Sep 14  Policy wobbles could slow renewable energy growth

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

18 Aug 14  Cathay Pacific plugs into biofuel producer

11 Aug 14  Scientists warn of biofuel plant dangers

4 Aug 14  Climate change increases the odds of a hungry world

11 Jul 14  Ambition key to 2015 global climate accord

4 Jul 14  Climate target needs new money … but not that much more

20 Jun 14  Maori act to mobilise carbon-conscious voters

13 Jun 14  Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

30 May 14  Climate change? She'll be right, says Shell

23 May 14  Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

24 Apr 14  By hook or by crook, science is finding new routes to energy

4 Apr 14  Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

4 Apr 14  Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

28 Mar 14  Z Energy on fuels project sideline

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

28 Feb 14  Scientists crack code for duckweed ... and raise hopes for biofuel

21 Feb 14  Angry Maori take carbon case to UN

14 Feb 14  Iwi forest plan key to processing boom

31 Jan 14  Badlands could cost us a ‘Brazil’, says report

24 Jan 14  Study shows how to double renewable energy

20 Dec 13  Fuels emissions levels show increase

13 Dec 13  UK proposes double-counting on biofuels

6 Dec 13  Govt has way to aid clean-tech pioneers, says Labour

6 Dec 13  NXT biofuels project excites retail chain

22 Nov 13  EXCLUSIVE: Biofuels pioneer wants to go into production with refinery in NZ

22 Nov 13  Melbourne expo might give us some answers

8 Nov 13  LanzaTech wins praise for China operation

18 Oct 13  US biodiesel set to pass billion-gallon mark

11 Oct 13  Where's the Kiwi vision, asks IPCC author

30 Aug 13  Production of biodiesel falls

16 Aug 13  India laps up LanzaTech fuel process

9 Aug 13  Groser defends climate change attitudes

2 Aug 13  NZ eyes move to natural capital cost

2 Aug 13  Biofuel brokers welcome Beehive backing

26 Jul 13  Foresters cool on wood fuel project support

26 Jul 13  Beehive backs Stump to Pump project

12 Jul 13  Fuel crops spell hunger, says scientist

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

21 Jun 13  Air NZ in Paris to show off new green aircraft

14 Jun 13  Woodies want large-scale biofuel plant

7 Jun 13  Carbon price cancels out CCS potential

24 May 13  Biofuels + Food = farming winner

12 Apr 13  Think bionergy, farmers will be told

15 Mar 13  Biodiesel NZ good buy, says new owner

15 Mar 13  Don't blame biofuels, says minister

8 Mar 13  Wood industry report shows the way

1 Mar 13  Water huge issue for food producers, says Nestle chief

15 Feb 13  Companies link to build fuel demo plant

15 Feb 13  Former employees buy biofuels maker

8 Feb 13  Kiwi star LanzaTech turns American

8 Feb 13  Wood-waste plant idea excites biofuel pioneer

18 Jan 13  Bio crop could put money in the margins

14 Dec 12  Organisers hail success of green Olympics

16 Nov 12  Boost regional bio-industry, says report

16 Nov 12  We'd sign with Kyoto, promises Labour

16 Nov 12  US leads energy race, says report

16 Nov 12  Greenies threaten to sue Netherlands

9 Nov 12  US forces going green to fuel military machine

9 Nov 12  EXPO: How to lower fuel and power prices

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

19 Oct 12  LanzaTech does the business in Malaysia

19 Oct 12  Europe’s biofuel makers threaten revolt

12 Oct 12  Developing countries adopt green energy

5 Oct 12  Industry angry as Solid Energy acts to drop biodesiel

21 Sep 12  There's two sides to the green car story, say critics

14 Sep 12  Experts urge action to save carbon market

14 Sep 12  Europe eyes limit on crop biofuels

14 Sep 12  Aquaflow wins major Asia award

31 Aug 12  Industry slams Govt biofuel backdown

24 Aug 12  Biofuel under fire as food crisis looms

17 Aug 12  Most Kiwis back a green revolution

3 Aug 12  Scientists challenge biofuels claim

27 Jul 12  Great White Fleet becoming Great Green Fleet

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

29 Jun 12  Rio shows how to have a conference with little paper

22 Jun 12  Experts show cities can be sustainable

15 Jun 12  Figures paint sad picture of the world

15 Jun 12  Best green cars in a rapidly changing world

8 Jun 12  Industry eyes mega wood-fuel plant

8 Jun 12  Big business gets busy with bioenergy

8 Jun 12  Jobs boom looms in clean energy

1 Jun 12  Stand by for the golden age of gas

11 May 12  Island nations commit to new fuels

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

23 Mar 12  Build pulp-biofuel plant, urges expert

16 Mar 12  Wood the answer, says biofuel expert

16 Mar 12  Biofuels get $15 million boost

24 Feb 12  NZ could be centre for new fuel technology

9 Dec 11  Why we must target the 2deg limit

2 Dec 11  LanzaTech to make avgas for US

2 Dec 11  Sustainability study hailed as success

18 Nov 11  Business getting serious about green investment

11 Nov 11  Aquaflow to show know-how in Australia

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

28 Oct 11  Study urges care with harvesting for biofuel

14 Oct 11  LanzaTech gases will fuel Virgin aircraft

7 Oct 11  Windflow founder backs shares plan

16 Sep 11  Climate drives transport changes

2 Sep 11  Big business backs eucalypt biofuel

5 Aug 11  Fund invites waste controls ideas

29 Jul 11  Biofuel plan stagnates while Government dithers

15 Jul 11  Renewable energy making its mark on the world

17 Jun 11  Emissions trading is best, says Shell chief

3 Jun 11  Jet fuel industry viable, say scientists

13 May 11  Biofuels project wins $5m funding

21 Apr 11  Most Kiwis want renewables over fossil fuels

8 Apr 11  Wood processors want slice of the pie

8 Apr 11  LanzaTech boost follows Taiwan deal

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

1 Apr 11  Government sets 50 by 50 emissions target

25 Mar 11  Scientists show biochar slashes animal gas

25 Mar 11  LanzaTech NZBIO company of the year

18 Mar 11  Biodiesel co-op wants to expand

28 Jan 11  Australia eyes 50% tax cut on new fuels

28 Jan 11  Dramatic emissions cuts possible, says UN

21 Jan 11  Rotorua gets first taste of biodiesel

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're fooling nobody, says Chauvel

10 Dec 10  Lanzatech hits the hot 50

3 Dec 10  Aquaflow links with US firm in energy move

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  Macro companies vie for a mega Giga

19 Nov 10  LanzaTech to work on jet fuel development

12 Nov 10  Agency doubts Copenhagen pact energy goal

29 Oct 10  Frankly speaking - Groser addresses Brazil conference

15 Oct 10  World clean-tech spotlight shines on LanzaTech

15 Oct 10  How the military's green energy transition can make you rich

8 Oct 10  Greenpeace stages protest over oil drilling

1 Oct 10  New biodiesel mix aims to be cheaper

17 Sep 10  UN urges airlines to slash carbon emissions

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

3 Sep 10  Biofuel demand driving Africa land grab

3 Sep 10  France to pump billions into renewables

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

6 Aug 10  Scientist lists soot as public enemy number two

23 Jul 10  Waterweed idea wins science prize

23 Jul 10  National’s biofuels policy a shambles, says Labour

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

2 Jul 10  Gull: We'll hold off ... at least for a week

25 Jun 10  China deal opens huge market to NZ company

25 Jun 10  APEC ministers set out energy targets

28 May 10  Gull likes look of Kiwi biofuel company

23 Apr 10  Gull might import ethanol to meet fuel demand

23 Apr 10  Super Hornet carries biofuel sting in its tail

1 Apr 10  Cleantech investment: the numbers

19 Mar 10  In 10 years, we'll be flying on flax and food scraps

26 Feb 10  Air NZ silent on damning biofuel report

19 Feb 10  BA to build first green jet-fuel plant in Europe

5 Feb 10  US cleantech stocks fall despite major market growth

4 Dec 09  Danes are going green for the big summit

13 Nov 09  Carbon price must at least double, warns watchdog

13 Nov 09  What happens when the Age of Oil comes to an end

13 Nov 09  Bio-fuel levy the last straw for forest owners

23 Oct 09  Tourism could be climate victim, UN warns

9 Oct 09  How trees can give us fuel freedom ... and 'plastic' bonanza

23 Sep 09  Airlines plan to halve emissions by 2050

18 Sep 09  Gull questions ETS petrol price rise

18 Sep 09  Biofuels move welcomed

28 Aug 09  Climate experts to brief young ambassadors

14 Aug 09  How green Denmark got ahead of the pack

31 Jul 09  Guarantee for good biofuel moves closer

24 Jul 09  Companies link to hasten biofuel production

17 Jul 09  Exxon to invest millions in fuel from algae

17 Jul 09  Gull supports Greenpeace emissions reduction stand

10 Jul 09  Key’s Pacific tour should prompt rethink of climate change targets

30 Jun 09  Farmers deserve reward, not tax, says scientist

19 Jun 09  Electric vehicles to be RUC exempt

19 Jun 09  Study into impact of sugar policies on energy and food issues

16 Jun 09  Biofuel source important to us, says Air NZ

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  New bill will ignite local biofuel debate

12 Jun 09  Airline industry looks to global carbon solution

5 Jun 09  Airline test raises questions, says biofuel pioneer

5 Jun 09  $155 billion spent on clean energy, says UN

5 Jun 09  Gull discounts biofuel 12 cents per litre for World Environment Day

2 Jun 09  New centre to study agriculture gas emissions

2 Jun 09  Forestry owners plead for level playing field

26 May 09  US climate change bill clears key hurdle

22 May 09  Government cans electric car think-tank

22 May 09  Smith delivers significant pro-ETS policy steer

22 May 09  We'd rather have a tax break, say biofuels producers

22 May 09  Biodiesel grants scheme briefings

19 May 09  Biodiesel industry gets multi-million dollar boost

19 May 09  Aquaflow keen despite poor share issue response

15 May 09  Analysis: Solid Energy reveals its hand

12 May 09  Ethanol test for Obama backing science over politics

8 May 09  Carbon rules make it hard, says airline industry

5 May 09  Business leaders: emissions trading policy delays causing major investment blight

1 May 09  Gull wants fixed carbon price after ETS

24 Apr 09  Obama launches push for green revolution

7 Apr 09  Baroness slams dual-purpose biofuel crops

3 Apr 09  Blame transport, not animals, says energy expert

3 Apr 09  Togetherness key to our bioenergy success

3 Apr 09  Carbon emissions trading core of US clean energy bill

3 Apr 09  Airlines fear failure of global climate talks

24 Mar 09  Biofuels and e-car experts in capital talks

20 Mar 09  Backlash as Shell cuts renewables business

13 Mar 09  Mapp urges biofuel crops for our badlands

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

10 Mar 09  Australian researchers claim algae breakthrough

6 Mar 09  Prime Minister further undermining progress on climate change: Labour

27 Feb 09  Minister's omission worries wood fuel backers

27 Feb 09  Obama's commitment to ETS a signal to NZ

24 Feb 09  Invasive jatropha might have dodged NZ security net

24 Feb 09  Green billions fertilise Obama’s economic package

24 Feb 09  Britons beat the petrol price thanks to fish and chips

20 Feb 09  UN urges green revolution to rescue the world’s hungry

17 Feb 09  Aquaflow confident of getting $20m from investors

17 Feb 09  Global warming worse than we thought, say scientists

17 Feb 09  Biofuels might speed up global warming, says study

17 Feb 09  Clean energy at crossroads as firms cut plans and staff

13 Feb 09  Regional council gives thumbs down to jatropha

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Everyone should plant it, says grower

27 Jan 09  Farmers fear fuel-source jatropha will kill stock

27 Jan 09  Biofuels a sham, says Goldsmith's ecology magazine

16 Jan 09  Brownlee's biofuels backdown hurts tallow pioneer

16 Jan 09  Nats to trash public recycling bins, says Greens

19 Dec 08  No suspension of ETS - what the PM said

19 Dec 08  Biofuels obligation removed

18 Dec 08  PM indicates ETS law will not be suspended during review

16 Dec 08  Aquaflow eyes world-first algae biofuel flight

16 Dec 08  Brownlee urgently wipes thermal ban and biofuel requirement

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Climate experts begin to doubt renewables, says survey

12 Dec 08  Government does not support any form of mandatory bio fuel obligation

9 Dec 08  Oil price fall poses problem for exploration

5 Dec 08  Emissions scheme 'sound', but Treasury issues warning

2 Dec 08  Aquaflow woos big international players

2 Dec 08  Crash delays Air NZ biofuel test flight

28 Nov 08  FORUM: How the world will look in 2025

25 Nov 08  British climate change bill shows how it can be done

21 Nov 08  British MPs pass landmark climate change bill

21 Nov 08  DECEMBER 8-9: Bioenergy Australia conference

18 Nov 08  Biofuels groups announce merger

14 Nov 08  New Zealanders get first chance to buy Aquaflow shares

14 Nov 08  Ban calls on economic summit to tackle global warming

14 Nov 08  Australian car makers to get $6 billion green boost

7 Nov 08  Obama 1: Dark days ahead for fossil fuels

4 Nov 08  Taranaki engineer in move to produce low-cost fuel

31 Oct 08  Aquaflow signs 'significant' US clean-tech deal

31 Oct 08  Exporters fear impact of European emissions decisions

24 Oct 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government might back first bioethanol plant

21 Oct 08  Biodeisel demand fuels price of wood waste

17 Oct 08  Forests back in fashion as weapon to combat climate change

14 Oct 08  We're wasting our wood resource, says biofuel innovator

10 Oct 08  Key players ponder Nat's 'unusual' R&D decision

10 Oct 08  UK facing climate decisions crunch time, says report

7 Oct 08  Cleantech investment soars as big business catches on

26 Sep 08  Hydrogen economy tumbles down the NZ wish-list

26 Sep 08  Electricity Commission making some progress toward environmental goals, says PCE

12 Sep 08  NZ algae-to-fuels pioneer claims world breakthrough

12 Sep 08  Hemp (not the smoking kind) might be next wonder crop

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greens: ETS a first step, time for some big strides now

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

9 Sep 08  Ecology group wants NZ ban on Brazilian biofuel

9 Sep 08  Biofuels decision upsets Nats' environment spokesman

5 Sep 08  Climate forecasts crucial to water resources, say weather watchers

2 Sep 08  Obama promises $150b for renewables and end to Middle East oil imports

29 Aug 08  MAF excited at finding cellulose perennial solution to biofuels

29 Aug 08  Biofuels sustainability review puts forests ahead of food crops

26 Aug 08  REACTION: Emissions trading will hurt, says coalition

26 Aug 08  Deforestation question splits delegates at Ghana conference

22 Aug 08  Niwa scientists take serious look at algae for biofuel

19 Aug 08  Car-racing series gives nod to ethanol-mix biofuels

15 Aug 08  UN-backed group takes steps to establish new biofuel standard

12 Aug 08  New report paints bright future for second-generation biofuels

8 Aug 08  Gull's whey-based 91-octane biofuel mix hits pumps today

5 Aug 08  Unhappy Argent questions future of NZ biodiesel industry

1 Aug 08  Biofuels player pulls $100m plug on New Zealand plant

1 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: Show faith in our emerging biofuels industry

1 Aug 08  BP: What it says over there - and here

1 Aug 08  AUGUST 18: Clean billions on conference agenda

29 Jul 08  Millions on research could mean billions in earnings

29 Jul 08  Local ship operator investigates move to biofuel

25 Jul 08  Our politicians ignoring peak oil impact, says forum

25 Jul 08  Minister stays mum on support for Biofuels bill

25 Jul 08  Goldsmith organisation condemns plans for importing biofuels into NZ

18 Jul 08  Biofuel subsidies waste of money, says OECD report

18 Jul 08  Spending on science and innovation is best for combating climate change

15 Jul 08  Pure Power looking to up New Zealand investment

15 Jul 08  Waste-to-biofuel developer wins $12m in state funding

11 Jul 08  Frustrated scientists hammer home the climate change message

8 Jul 08  Branch out into willow, biofuel maker urges farmers

27 Jun 08  Report underestimates benefits of increased forestry planting, say forest owners

24 Jun 08  New investment, new jobs, new wages, new income

24 Jun 08  No local biofuel under proposed law - manufacturers

24 Jun 08  Biofuels Bill report back much improved

24 Jun 08  Sustainable biofuels likely to reduce fuel prices - Minister

20 Jun 08  BP enlists NZ in tallow-to-transport fuel refining


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