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OPINION: Ministers have gone deaf

Brian Cox

30 Apr 18 - The Productivity Commission might be talking about big things from the energy sector, but the Government doesn’t seem to want to know, says Bioenergy Association chief executive BRIAN COX.

Directors face climate liability, says report

20 Apr 18 - New legal analysis shows that company directors in at least four Commonwealth countries must take action to address material climate risk or face legal and reputational risk.

OUR LAND: Trouble ahead ... but how much?

19 Apr 18 - Climate change will have long-term impacts on New Zealand’s land-based industries and biodiversity – but we don’t have enough information to predict what will happen.

OUR LAND: We're losing our best growing soils

19 Apr 18 - The Government is moving to protect New Zealand’s best growing soils in the wake of a report that shows they’re compacted, contaminated and being washed away at an alarming rate.

August date for public to have say on Shaw's ETS

18 Apr 18 - A new review of the Emissions Trading Scheme will be open for public consultation in August.

Govt announces body to steer climate transition

David Prentice

17 Apr 18 - The interim climate commission has just been announced.

Waste food could fuel emissions cuts. says report

17 Apr 18 - New Zealand could slice thousands of tonnes off its greenhouse gas emissions by turning industrial food waste into fertiliser and energy, says a new report.

We can do net-zero by 2050, says Prodcom

16 Apr 18 - New Zealand can get to net-zero emissions by 2050, the Productivity Commission says.

Emissions trimmed, but that's not the full story

13 Apr 18 - Increased hydro-electricity generation and a 1.5 million fall in the national sheep flock has led to a slight fall in New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Government acts to block offshore exploration

12 Apr 18 - The drive to decarbonise New Zealand’s energy production has taken a step forward with the Government’s announcement that there will be no new offshore oil exploration.

If we're serious about change, we must break the chains of economic growth, says think tank

6 Apr 18 - An end to economic growth must be considered a distinct possibility if New Zealand is to decarbonise, the Government has been told.

Act now, says report, or watch carbon price rocket

4 Apr 18 - Carbon prices could hit $145 a tonne by 2050 if New Zealand delays decarbonising the economy, a new report warns.

PARKER POWER: The key is bringing it all together

3 Apr 18 - Environment minister David Parker says if you want to get his measure, look at the America’s Cup deal he’s just done.

Here's why we need a carbon price cap of $100

Dr Roger Blakeley

29 Mar 18 - An immediate carbon price cap of $100 a tonne and a $25 price floor is needed if New Zealand is to be carbon-neutral by 2050, says former Environment Secretary Dr Roger Blakeley.

The wood world's talking about the Jones boy

22 Mar 18 - The wood industry is in love with its new forestry minister.

Oil explorer wants credits for carbon capture

21 Mar 18 - New Zealand’s largest oil and gas exploration company wants carbon credits for capturing and storing emissions from fossil fuel production – and says it’s viable at a carbon price of just $18 a tonne.

Ten years on, we're back where we began

19 Mar 18 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | When it comes to action on climate change, we’re pretty much back to where we were 10 years ago, when Carbon News started publishing.

Cabinet talks turning off fossil fuels taps

19 Mar 18 - The Government is looking at ending oil and gas exploration.

OPINION: Why natural gas won't do the job

19 Mar 18 - Climate and energy expert Professor RALPH SIMS explains why natural gas is not a “bridging” fuel between dirtier fossil fuels and low-carbon energy. Searching for it and using it, he says, will delay...

It happened 10 years ago ...

19 Mar 18 - … the Government was getting ready to plead New Zealand’s case to allow the owners of pre-1990 forests to clear them without facing a carbon penalty, BP was warning against introducing a compulsory...

16 Mar 18  Business leaders like the look of minister Shaw

15 Mar 18  Here's a road to zero carbon, say officials

13 Mar 18  Plastic pollution has now spread to rivers

9 Mar 18  Cities study reveals much bigger carbon footprints

8 Mar 18  Auckland City eyes green bonds issue

6 Mar 18  Minister aware of risk in delaying price cap rise

5 Mar 18  Ministry eyes emissions deals with businesses

1 Mar 18  NZ still sets the pace in world of trading schemes

1 Mar 18  Three NZ cities get high world ranking for renewable energy

28 Feb 18  Z aims for A-plus in transition to new energy

27 Feb 18  Green accounts point finger at primary industries

27 Feb 18  Biofuels need backing of the nation, says Scion

27 Feb 18  OPINION: Biofuels not easy, but worth the effort

26 Feb 18  Energy minister to get the word on biofuels

23 Feb 18  Minister mum on future of electric trains

22 Feb 18  OPINION: We should adopt the 'easy win' way

21 Feb 18  Minister offers money for good emissions moves

16 Feb 18  Yoogo is a-go-go in Christchurch

14 Feb 18  Drones deliver the goods ... and clean the atmosphere

13 Feb 18  Why now's the time for businesses to cost carbon

12 Feb 18  If we build these coal plants, climate goals are doomed

12 Feb 18  How Trudeau welcomed Trump and oil lobby pipeline help

8 Feb 18  FAIL MARK: Environmentally, NZ has got it wrong

8 Feb 18  We'll soon feel the effects of China's market

7 Feb 18  Government wants drive for more electric vehicles

2 Feb 18  'It’s good to hear a government finally talking sense'

2 Feb 18  OPINION: Kiwi consumers push sustainability

30 Jan 18  How Shaw intends to massively change our lives

30 Jan 18  Doughnut economics? What Shaw's on about

30 Jan 18  Time to put the kettle on as solar power scheme tees off

25 Jan 18  We'll do better than emissions target, says Shaw

24 Jan 18  NZ gets more low marks for environment action

23 Jan 18  EV projects win $3m in Government funding

15 Dec 17  Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

13 Dec 17  Big investors put pressure on carbon emitters

11 Dec 17  Business chiefs call for carbon transparency

4 Dec 17  SHAW THING: Business needs to get into gear

1 Dec 17  NZ Post takes out sustainability award

30 Nov 17  Climate commission might have carbon price role

29 Nov 17  New report has dire climate-change warnings

29 Nov 17  Shell doubles up on green spending and vows change

28 Nov 17  Force firms to report carbon, say energy leaders

27 Nov 17  Green bonds reach $100 billion milestone

27 Nov 17  Drilling awakens sleeping faults in Texas

27 Nov 17  Musk's Australia battery poised for final testing

27 Nov 17  Melbourne consortium underwrites windfarm

23 Nov 17  Two global reports slam NZ's poor climate record

22 Nov 17  Te Kuha coal mine first test for new minister

21 Nov 17  SERIOUS SCIENCE: Soon it will be too late

21 Nov 17  Electric highway will link Norway and Italy

20 Nov 17  Norway’s wealth fund eyes divesting from fossil fuels

20 Nov 17  The inconvenient truth about smart cities

20 Nov 17  Musk unveils electric truck ... and a surprise sports car

17 Nov 17  Shaw commits NZ to leading on climate challenge

17 Nov 17  NZ signs up to cut methane and black carbon

15 Nov 17  Fonterra intends to get rid of coal ... later

13 Nov 17  Livestock emissions must be cut, say scientists

13 Nov 17  Mining giant about to go coal-free

13 Nov 17  ‘War on coal’ goes global with $50m fund

10 Nov 17  Carbon pricing essential, says Energy Minister

10 Nov 17  ETS changes win us an award at Bonn talks

10 Nov 17  Contact Energy likes what it's doing with green bonds

8 Nov 17  Auckland - clean power but lacking environmental protection

8 Nov 17  Polish grab for carbon-market cash

8 Nov 17  Bishops urge Church to divest from Exxon because of climate change

7 Nov 17  Report: oil refineries will close as world decarbonises

7 Nov 17  Memo coalminers: we're looking at your climate policies

7 Nov 17  Scots on track to be 100% renewable

6 Nov 17  The other China that wants to lead on climate change

6 Nov 17  5 things MFAT wants you to know about COP23

6 Nov 17  Cape Verde may beat NZ to 100% renewable power

3 Nov 17  Previous govt wrong about 2050 emissions - court

3 Nov 17  Paris possible with huge private-secctor investement

1 Nov 17  How Bennett toyed with cross-party climate move

30 Oct 17  Get ETS working, say superfund guardians

26 Oct 17  WISE WORDS: It's not all about economic growth

24 Oct 17  Carbon price set to break through $19 mark

19 Oct 17  New leaders have serious climate job to do

18 Oct 17  NZ goes for 'triple win' at Bonn climate talks

17 Oct 17  NZ fires first COP23 shots in Fiji today

16 Oct 17  Foreign credits bad call, warns ex-climate envoy

13 Oct 17  Is your Auckland rooftop suitable for solar?

12 Oct 17  MEMO MPs: The country needs a climate commission

11 Oct 17  Why National should lead on climate commission

10 Oct 17  FIRE FACT: Heat goes on the East Coast

6 Oct 17  NZ cuts climate aid to Pacific, says report

6 Oct 17  Brisbane aims to be centre for aviation biofuel

5 Oct 17  Why we need a carbon price of $100 ... or more

5 Oct 17  WATCHDOG WARNS: Act now or face 'great risk'

4 Oct 17  Powerco changes name and abandons fossil fuels

4 Oct 17  Morocco to invest millions in solar projects

3 Oct 17  US eyes help for struggling coal and nuclear plants

2 Oct 17  E-vehicles could lead to more use of fossil fuels

29 Sep 17  Z Energy backs car-sharing company

27 Sep 17  Carbon credits key to finding project capital

27 Sep 17  Getting energy from water evaporation is not just hot air

25 Sep 17  WINSTON'S THE WORD: What NZ First leader wants

20 Sep 17  First step is cut domestic emissions, says report

18 Sep 17  United Future backs emissions trading

14 Sep 17  Climate-change baddies doing business in NZ

12 Sep 17  Nats vow to 'turbo-charge' farming grants

11 Sep 17  Coalition candidates want to rid us of ETS

11 Sep 17  What Morgan would have said ... if he'd had the chance

8 Sep 17  FUEL FACT: We're burning more oil than ever

6 Sep 17  CLIMATE CASE: National happy the way things are

6 Sep 17  Australian business gets the tech message

5 Sep 17  GAS GUZZLERS: Methanotrophs show their muscle

1 Sep 17  BLACK-OUT: What was ministry advice on Kiwirail?

31 Aug 17  Business body names sustainability award finalists

29 Aug 17  What the parties say about climate change

25 Aug 17  EDITORIAL: Honestly, it just doesn't make sense

25 Aug 17  IN THEIR OWN WORDS 2: Renewable energy.

16 Aug 17  Super fund goes 40% low-carbon

14 Aug 17  Government changes mind and pushes for e-cars

10 Aug 17  Nature deserves legal rights, say Greens

9 Aug 17  Emissions group might branch into ETS

7 Aug 17  MORGAN MESSAGE: Use ETS profits to fix rental homes

7 Aug 17  Nuclear revival looks set to falter

2 Aug 17  More investors will spurn fossil fuels

31 Jul 17  THE COUNT: At last, a leader talks climate policy

28 Jul 17  To be sure, Ireland's long on words and short on action

25 Jul 17  Mayors demand English acts on climate change

25 Jul 17  Bunker down, El Nino summers will get worse

24 Jul 17  Environment officials quiet on new coal mines

20 Jul 17  World’s young face $535 trillion bill for climate

19 Jul 17  Free footy tickets lure oil workers to renewables

17 Jul 17  Greens put case for billion-dollar growth fund

12 Jul 17  Ministers eye ways to beat mines planning rules

11 Jul 17  E-cars selling, but not enough to make a difference

10 Jul 17  EMA boots climate change off priority list

5 Jul 17  G20 fossil fuel investment threatens Paris targets

5 Jul 17  Climate change will worsen US poverty

4 Jul 17  Political uncertainty the enemy of carbon markets

4 Jul 17  Amazon dams plan is set to cost the Earth

3 Jul 17  THE COUNT: Who said what ... or not

3 Jul 17  LIFT-OFF: Hydrogen fuel reaches trial stage

3 Jul 17  OPINION: The view from Antarctica

29 Jun 17  State should show the way, says bioenergy group

28 Jun 17  Cutting emissions would slow growth, officials claim

28 Jun 17  Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

27 Jun 17  Energy major talks of falling fossil fuel demand

26 Jun 17  Censorship cry as Canberra hides emissions data

23 Jun 17  Not so much coal about ... but we're burning more

22 Jun 17  Government keeps lid on Buller mining papers

21 Jun 17  How solar power can save lives and money

20 Jun 17  Welcome to the sustainability revolution

20 Jun 17  OPINION: Adaption versus mitigation

19 Jun 17  How KiwiRail decision bites into e-car benefits

16 Jun 17  TOWER POWER: Another solar system is on the march

14 Jun 17  OFF THE RAILS: Treasury tells of train troubles

13 Jun 17  What biofutures need is America's Cup energy

13 Jun 17  Hopes rise for longer-term climate forecasts

9 Jun 17  COMPUTER GAMES: Science invests $18m in super stuff

9 Jun 17  Port Nelson gets wine trucks off the road

8 Jun 17  Brazil’s environment risks political capsize

6 Jun 17  We're disappointed, PM will tell Tillerson

6 Jun 17  Search begins for best sustainable businesses

2 Jun 17  Trump’s promises on coal turning to dust and ashes

30 May 17  There's no way we can plant our way out of trouble

30 May 17  Global energy efficiency would slash CO2 emissions

29 May 17  Road transport killing our clean-energy benefits

26 May 17  Drought brings drop in greenhouse gas emissions

25 May 17  EDITORIAL: What this $14 billion figure is all about

24 May 17  Buying Euro credits would pay off, says trader

23 May 17  Cuts now will take heat out of climate shocks

23 May 17  UK companies better to stay with European ETS

19 May 17  New Buller mines could emit CO2 of 3m cars

19 May 17  UK nuclear industry faces Brexit fall-out

18 May 17  Go-slow shipping has problems, says minister

18 May 17  TRUMP TACTICS: What Americans really, really want

16 May 17  Asian coal cuts will ease Trump rollbacks

15 May 17  SLIP SLINDING AWAY: Big Oil losing its grip on power

12 May 17  Wood energy project start less than spectacular

12 May 17  California could inspire Australia's energy future

11 May 17  COOL IDEA: Sydney to spend $8m on trees

10 May 17  Problems with nuclear waste launch a gold rush

9 May 17  Investors urge G7 leaders to back Paris pact

8 May 17  Our big houses bad for better insulation

8 May 17  MICROBE MAGIC: How we can be mates with methane

4 May 17  Canberra swimming against the tide on Westpac call

4 May 17  Humans better at rapid change than we think

4 May 17  Most Americans keen on carbon price

3 May 17  Government acts on decarbonising the economy

3 May 17  Coal price of $150 a tonne key to new Coast mine

3 May 17  Next decade will be critical for climate targets

28 Apr 17  FACE THE FACTS: The Government has done little

28 Apr 17  Deep in the forest, there are trees giving off methane

27 Apr 17  IT'S OFFICIAL: Our water quality is getting worse

21 Apr 17  Energy Star rating loses its twinkle

21 Apr 17  Toyota wins Green Car-of-the-Year Award ... again

21 Apr 17  Food carts get taste of solar

20 Apr 17  Greens want to up carbon price and cut fossil fuels

20 Apr 17  Harvesting fertiliser from ‘bionic’ leaves

19 Apr 17  Scientist seeks capital backing for adaptation projects

19 Apr 17  Pool operator splashes out on electric pumps

18 Apr 17  World's nuclear giants limp toward extinction

13 Apr 17  Barrier bleaching could set back Queensland by $1b

11 Apr 17  COOL IDEA: Forests offer way to ease climate fears

10 Apr 17  Complacency threatens climate change action

10 Apr 17  Crucial jet streams stall as the world gets warmer

7 Apr 17  POWER POSERS: Energy industry worries and waits

7 Apr 17  Brexit barrier to clean energy, says WEC

7 Apr 17  Green HQ gets green light

6 Apr 17  Politicians go face-to-face with environment facts

5 Apr 17  Beehive busy with changes to RMA

4 Apr 17  Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

3 Apr 17  SIMON UPTON: Credits, caps and cross-party deals

30 Mar 17  Sydney looks at 2050 to be carbon neutral

30 Mar 17  Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

29 Mar 17  Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

28 Mar 17  Some emissions rise ... some emissions fall

28 Mar 17  'Poor losers' report out of step, says solar company

27 Mar 17  Polluting of rivers must be stopped, says OECD

27 Mar 17  Solar panels could cost the poor, says report

27 Mar 17  Science links China pollution haze and climate change

24 Mar 17  NET-ZERO REPORT: We can do more, says bioenergy industry

22 Mar 17  US budget aims broadside at climate change

21 Mar 17  NET-ZERO REPORT: Pastoral farming must change

21 Mar 17  South Australian energy plan signals storage revolution

20 Mar 17  Environment reports cast eye over NZ efforts

20 Mar 17  Wind turbine manufacturer needs more capital

20 Mar 17  Windfarms commercial director to run company

17 Mar 17  China takes fresh approach to pollution

16 Mar 17  THE DECOUPLING DELUSION: Rethinking growth and sustainability

14 Mar 17  Scientists track down travelling droughts

10 Mar 17  Morganists want new approach to controls on farming

9 Mar 17  Too much info can put people off sustainability

8 Mar 17  Energy needs broader view, says new minister

8 Mar 17  Australia's angry summer rewrites the record books

7 Mar 17  Back us and we'll build more plants, says Z biofuel

6 Mar 17  Let's talk about emissions, fuels firm tells public

6 Mar 17  America’s ‘hidden subsidies’ worth $170b a year

3 Mar 17  KiwiRail puts $4.5b tag on electrifying network

3 Mar 17  We need to get wise about our heated cities

3 Mar 17  CRUMBS! A loaf of bread takes it out of the environment

3 Mar 17  Swiss ski resorts are running out of snow

2 Mar 17  ENERGY REPORT: Great ideas but they're not happening

1 Mar 17  Our environment image at risk, says global agency

1 Mar 17  Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence

1 Mar 17  Liquid hydrogen could fuel future air travel

27 Feb 17  Europe takes tough line on shipping emissions

24 Feb 17  UK tidal project could spark global revolution

24 Feb 17  Forget Trump, keep your eyes on China

24 Feb 17  Solar power plants now cheaper than coal

23 Feb 17  How conservatives can grow to love carbon pricing

23 Feb 17  Solar energy powers sustainable solutions

22 Feb 17  Buying green doesn’t necessarily make you green

21 Feb 17  Govt could end up in court over energy plan, warns campaigner

21 Feb 17  Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

20 Feb 17  Small businesses dragging the energy chain

20 Feb 17  Bennett talks 'range of issues' with China climate envoy

20 Feb 17  Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

17 Feb 17  How your life could change without fossil fuels

17 Feb 17  Birds caught in climate-change traps

15 Feb 17  University report slams Government energy policies

15 Feb 17  Why politicians think they know better than scientists

14 Feb 17  Air conditioning drains US power supply

14 Feb 17  Norway saves skiing with climate-friendly snow

13 Feb 17  EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17  Australia’s energy grid can't handle extreme heat

10 Feb 17  How climate change plays havoc with Pacific weather

9 Feb 17  Report explains Australia's worsening weather

7 Feb 17  Tourism can make the world cleaner and greener

7 Feb 17  UK must not cool stance on global warming

3 Feb 17  US opens door to NZ ecolabelled manufacturers

3 Feb 17  CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Can waste solve the waste problem?

3 Feb 17  Global emissions get a bad break from video streaming

3 Feb 17  Wind turbines again head for the home straight

2 Feb 17  Authority set to hear solar panel 'tax' case

2 Feb 17  Energy leaders to hear the word from grid godfather

1 Feb 17  When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

1 Feb 17  Australian coal move carries $62b bill

1 Feb 17  Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

1 Feb 17  UN will reward game-changing climate change ideas

31 Jan 17  Government's new-energy action does little, says report

31 Jan 17  Cold war days and the powers are talking climate change

27 Jan 17  EDS slams meaningless energy efficiency plans

27 Jan 17  How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

27 Jan 17  World needs to manage food, water and energy

26 Jan 17  Why do the ecosystems we depend on collapse?

25 Jan 17  POWER CUTS: Our electricity is producing fewer emissions

25 Jan 17  Deadline looms for say on energy strategy

25 Jan 17  Exxon predicts 25% rise in energy demand

25 Jan 17  Electric vehicles drive to overtake biofuels

25 Jan 17  Toyota dealership strikes diamonds

24 Jan 17  MORGAN'S MESSAGE: You pollute, you pay

19 Dec 16  New ways are Labour's way, says Little

19 Dec 16  Bennett stands alone in climate change portfolio

19 Dec 16  China’s electric vehicles set for bumpy ride

15 Dec 16  New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16  Now it's Caseley to head energy authority

15 Dec 16  The stuff we've put on Earth weighs 30 trillion tonnes

14 Dec 16  Energy industry welcomes national strategy plan

13 Dec 16  Govt targets industrial sector in new energy strategy

13 Dec 16  Anxious oil countries look at low-carbon future

12 Dec 16  Climate deniers face scientific pushback

9 Dec 16  ZERO EMISSIONS: Study will show us how to do it

9 Dec 16  Takanini joins e-charger network

8 Dec 16  Sort out bioenergy, industry tells Government

8 Dec 16  GLASS GIANTS: How cities are forcing skyscrapers to evolve

6 Dec 16  Anxious investors plead for clear climate policy

5 Dec 16  How NZ could become biofutures powerhouse

5 Dec 16  FUSION FUTURE: A time of transition and potential

2 Dec 16  China to lead way in growth of solar market

2 Dec 16  Trading group hails EU climate strategy move

30 Nov 16  Households cut emissions by 11%, says report

30 Nov 16  Trump can't stop rising use of fossil fuels

30 Nov 16  Switch to new power puts pressure on boilers

29 Nov 16  Rural bank warns farmers of green backlash

28 Nov 16  Public wants to know green business credentials

28 Nov 16  Careless companies hit by rising water costs

28 Nov 16  Bolivia battles water crisis as glaciers vanish

25 Nov 16  Richer forest biodiversity could rake in billions

25 Nov 16  Can Americans turn Black Friday green?

24 Nov 16  Will China and Europe form a powerful climate bloc?

23 Nov 16  UN plans early warning network as climate risks soar

22 Nov 16  CLIMATE CLASS: We're ranked in the bottom five

22 Nov 16  Solar company wins innovation award

21 Nov 16  PV power could save nation tonnes of emissions

18 Nov 16  It's going well, says PM, as we pick up another fossil award

18 Nov 16  Air NZ flies high at sustainable business awards

17 Nov 16  Tokelau comes under the Paris Agreement umbrella

17 Nov 16  World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

16 Nov 16  MARRAKECH MESSAGE: We've got enough clean credits

14 Nov 16  American Muslims ditch fossil fuels investments

11 Nov 16  What Trump means for the future of energy and climate

11 Nov 16  Australia ratifies, under a large Trump-shaped shadow

10 Nov 16  PLEASE EXPLAIN: NZ under scrutiny in Marrakech

10 Nov 16  Deforestation forces up Brazil’s carbon emissions

9 Nov 16  We can’t bet on renewable energy to save the world

8 Nov 16  Government prepares for 2030 carbon price of $152

8 Nov 16  The day the world shut the door on disaster

8 Nov 16  Fossil fuel majors strut their stuff for Marrakech

7 Nov 16  How will Paris Agreement change your day-to-day life?

7 Nov 16  Politicians feel the heat from rising temperatures

4 Nov 16  EDITORIAL: Welcome to the real world that's Paris

4 Nov 16  Australia left behind 12 months after Paris

4 Nov 16  Why geo-engineering is unlikely to save the world

3 Nov 16  Government getting serious about forestry

3 Nov 16  New energy strategy on way, says minister

3 Nov 16  PAY DAY: Bioenergy switch brings in business

2 Nov 16  You can't do it alone, bioenergy body hears

2 Nov 16  EECA names award finalists

2 Nov 16  Will US policy push fossil fuels or clean energy?

2 Nov 16  Chile’s freemarket water scheme brings conflict

1 Nov 16  Why aren’t Washington greenies supporting a carbon tax?

1 Nov 16  Iceland turning up the heat on thermal energy production

1 Nov 16  Are priority measures for e-cars really a good idea?

31 Oct 16  Electric floor sparks power from footfalls

31 Oct 16  Skies darken over Iraq as Isis torches desert oil fields

28 Oct 16  New EECA chief has busy background

26 Oct 16  India’s solar power set to outshine coal

26 Oct 16  Britain becomes nuclear showroom to the world

25 Oct 16  Energy efficiency makes impact on carbon emissions

25 Oct 16  Corporate climate risk is all about turning a profit

25 Oct 16  Clinton says clean energy economy will create millions of jobs. Can it?

25 Oct 16  The world meets in Quito to discuss the future of cities

21 Oct 16  Diesel use boosts national gas emissions

20 Oct 16  Millions worth of free credits sit in private accounts

20 Oct 16  Secret ingredient lures bees into making more food

20 Oct 16  Why is the US Green Party so irrelevant?

19 Oct 16  National electric vehicle fleet grows to 2000

19 Oct 16  Trees do their job much better than we thought

18 Oct 16  Australian businesses keen to join global carbon trade

18 Oct 16  Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

18 Oct 16  Fracking pumps up public’s climate fears

17 Oct 16  Big business gives big yes to vehicle fleets going electric

14 Oct 16  Do we need an independent climate body?

14 Oct 16  Seaweed could cut methane emissions from cows

12 Oct 16  Minister hints at setting minimum carbon price

12 Oct 16  Fossil fuel industry must halt expansion

11 Oct 16  Climate leaders eye challenges and a 'big idea'

11 Oct 16  Energy leaders want stability for renewables

11 Oct 16  Climate change worsens Brazil’s drought

10 Oct 16  Govt knew use of hot-air credits would draw fire

10 Oct 16  We're not doing enough, warn global energy leaders

10 Oct 16  It's our age, but we've lost control of the planet

10 Oct 16  Trustpower hits pause on Aust renewables spin-off

7 Oct 16  Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

7 Oct 16  Climate treaty races toward hazy future

6 Oct 16  Trendy foods should come with a recipe for sustainability

5 Oct 16  Fossil fuel investors seek risks disclosure

4 Oct 16  Propaganda masks global climate warnings

3 Oct 16  We've pumped out an extra 500,000 tonnes of gases

3 Oct 16  Why storing carbon in land can’t solve climate change

30 Sep 16  REAGAN REVISTED: Climate change and the big race

30 Sep 16  Fossil fuel majors ignore climate crisis

30 Sep 16  Farewell to green movement's prince of permaculture

29 Sep 16  Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

29 Sep 16  Russia in the slow lane on road to Paris

28 Sep 16  IPCC chair: We can meet 2deg target if we act fast

27 Sep 16  Burning existing fossil fuels will break the Paris bank

27 Sep 16  Scientists find better way to run gas turbines

27 Sep 16  SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

26 Sep 16  Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

26 Sep 16  We can't blame the solar cycle for global warming

22 Sep 16  No way, Nick, you can't claim credit for the ETS

22 Sep 16  Emissions targets need all-electric cars

21 Sep 16  Study sees carbon price reaching $60 by 2030

21 Sep 16  Native American pipeline resistance is about climate justice

21 Sep 16  New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

19 Sep 16  DUNNE DEAL | United Future offers cash for e-cars

16 Sep 16  Agriculture emissions continue to grow

16 Sep 16  Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

16 Sep 16  Renewables establish economic lead

15 Sep 16  Minister way off mark on EVs, says transport expert

15 Sep 16  How companies get smart about climate change

15 Sep 16  Gas pipelines run over EU energy policy

13 Sep 16  The fossil fuel divestment game is getting bigger

13 Sep 16  New fabric generates electric power on the go

12 Sep 16  RUC exemption could save thousands for truckers

12 Sep 16  Amazon burns as Brazil signs Paris pledge

12 Sep 16  Making wine brings a lot of energy headaches

12 Sep 16  Planting flooded paddies raises rice methane threat

9 Sep 16  New EV exemption won't work, says Treasury

8 Sep 16  BIOGAS BONUS: NZ is slow to get the message

8 Sep 16  PACIFIC PARIAH: Australia’s love of coal has left it out in the diplomatic cold

8 Sep 16  Humans running the show, so let’s make sure we learn

8 Sep 16  Europe’s nuclear club slows emissions cuts

7 Sep 16  Dissenting academics write own climate report

6 Sep 16  Paris pact signing could be only weeks away

6 Sep 16  Banks put high price on climate change risks

5 Sep 16  Cook Islands quietly does the climate business

2 Sep 16  Businesses line up for sustainability award

2 Sep 16  Why Direct Action didn't work for big emitters

2 Sep 16  G20 emissions pledges are far too low

2 Sep 16  Climate Change Authority gambles on political pragmatism

1 Sep 16  CAPITAL CASE: Strong policies will attract investment

1 Sep 16  Bennett all ears as Canberra talks about Paris

30 Aug 16  The fact is eco housing is not expensive

29 Aug 16  How long weekends can help to save the world

26 Aug 16  Paris Agreement could lock in warming for centuries

25 Aug 16  Can a single region show Florida how to adapt?

25 Aug 16  RANGE ANXIETY: Today’s e-cars right on the button

23 Aug 16  NZ lets economics rule environment policies

23 Aug 16  Rock-solid carbon storage hopes rise

23 Aug 16  Sugarcane waste takes on new powers

22 Aug 16  Why we should aim for a million electric vehicles

22 Aug 16  Are our computers chewing up the power supply?

16 Aug 16  DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

15 Aug 16  E-CASH: Anybody got a good EV idea?

15 Aug 16  Fonterra manager wins energy plaudits

12 Aug 16  Keep us out of the ETS, pleads steel industry

11 Aug 16  Carbon-farming case lawyer under investigation

11 Aug 16  Local scientists probe use of artificial leaves

11 Aug 16  The world of climate change ... according to Donald Trump

10 Aug 16  Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16  Renewable electricity hits 90% mark

10 Aug 16  RIGS TO REEFS: Should we leave oil platforms alone?

9 Aug 16  Christchurch office wins 5-star rating

8 Aug 16  Environment groups push plan to meet Paris goals

8 Aug 16  It just got easier to find a charging station

8 Aug 16  'Virtual' battery storage plant will ease price spikes

4 Aug 16  Businesses call for ETS policy certainty

4 Aug 16  SHARKNADO 4: Really, this movie matters

3 Aug 16  We look to be light on climate change officials

2 Aug 16  Industries fought to keep 1:2 carbon subsidy

2 Aug 16  Vector adds more Auckland e-car chargers

1 Aug 16  Britain's nuclear white elephant stumbles

1 Aug 16  State fracking controls don't exist, study finds

29 Jul 16  Call me Mercury, says Mighty River

29 Jul 16  Don't expect a solar 747 anytime soon

27 Jul 16  Z gets an A for corporate responsibility

27 Jul 16  A nuclear reactor in every town? Don't laugh

27 Jul 16  Bacteria powers microscopic 'wind farm'

26 Jul 16  Scientists call for more work on 1.5deg target

26 Jul 16  Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

25 Jul 16  MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

22 Jul 16  UN awards us a fail mark for handling of environment

22 Jul 16  Climate change costs are still climbing

20 Jul 16  How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

20 Jul 16  Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

20 Jul 16  America's booming marijuana industry is an energy hog

20 Jul 16  It's not easy being green when you're poor

19 Jul 16  New climate minister believes in 'moral case' for coal

19 Jul 16  Britain could warm by 4deg this century

19 Jul 16  Solar farms offer bonus for tropical crops

18 Jul 16  Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

18 Jul 16  Can Nauru bounce back from mining boom and bust?

18 Jul 16  DROUGHT-DODGER: Let's hear it for the humble bean

15 Jul 16  Subsidy loss will cost dairy farmers a 'low' $4588

15 Jul 16  POWER STRUGGLE: Why the energy market doesn't work

15 Jul 16  This time, can Turnbull do climate and energy?

14 Jul 16  POWER SHOCK: Just how climate friendly are we?

14 Jul 16  Three reasons to be cheerful about the 1.5deg target

13 Jul 16  ETS REVIEW: Plenty are talking about agriculture

13 Jul 16  LEDs lighting the way on our streets

11 Jul 16  BONUS BILLION: Our untouched energy potential

11 Jul 16  VW emissions scandal fuels corporate doubts

11 Jul 16  Climate change killed Europeans in 2003 heat

11 Jul 16  Europe puts weight behind Korean ETS

11 Jul 16  Renewable jet fuel could be growing on gum trees

8 Jul 16  Bennett keen to talk with opposition parties

8 Jul 16  Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

8 Jul 16  Solar panel recycler finds business is booming

7 Jul 16  CLIMATE CRUNCH: Is the political ice beginning to melt?

7 Jul 16  Nature and wildlife need their own seats at the UN

7 Jul 16  How nuclear records paper over the flaws

7 Jul 16  FULL OF BEANS: Pulses should fill the food basket

6 Jul 16  Greens slam Government for climate failures

6 Jul 16  Vector adds up benefits of charging stations

6 Jul 16  Why UK’s latest carbon budget isn’t ambitious enough

5 Jul 16  Global bond market mobilises for climate change

4 Jul 16  Energy leaders renew faith in renewables

4 Jul 16  Paris pledges fall short on emissions

4 Jul 16  Green and cool roofs provide relief for hot cities

1 Jul 16  Brexit hot air causes climate project problems

1 Jul 16  Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

30 Jun 16  Why naming and shaming cities is a terrible idea

30 Jun 16  Why electric cars need to boost market share

29 Jun 16  Government makes energy-use facts available

29 Jun 16  How China can harness wind of change

28 Jun 16  Price floor or perish, experts tell European market

28 Jun 16  Wind and solar have won – it’s too late for the rest

24 Jun 16  EMISSIONS EDICT: Time to act, says Toyota chief

24 Jun 16  A brief history of fossil-fuelled climate denial

24 Jun 16  The trouble with concrete ...

23 Jun 16  COAL PART 5: China’s future is up in the air

23 Jun 16  Are the Greens the climate radicals Australia needs?

22 Jun 16  PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

22 Jun 16  Catholic church thinking big on fossil fuel divestment

22 Jun 16  Experts offer help to victims of solar charge

22 Jun 16  Engineers build tower to power-up phones

22 Jun 16  COAL PART 4: Carbon capture unlikely to be the saviour

22 Jun 16  GREEN DREAM: Petrol to drive car market in 2030

22 Jun 16  Using CO2 could improve fracking efficiency

21 Jun 16  What do you do with your old solar panels?

20 Jun 16  Fonterra nod pleases bioenergy industry

20 Jun 16  Energy minister is electrifying

20 Jun 16  More want climate action now than before carbon tax

17 Jun 16  Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

15 Jun 16  How low oil prices could weaken Paris pact

15 Jun 16  Paris agreement needs carbon prices to be coordinated

14 Jun 16  HOW TO DO IT: Store CO2 by turning it into stone

14 Jun 16  COAL PART 3: How miners secured workers' rights

13 Jun 16  LanzaTech has role in global low-energy drive

13 Jun 16  EECA chief to end 10 years at the top

13 Jun 16  It's a sign of the times

13 Jun 16  COAL PART 2: Window on an ancient world

13 Jun 16  Introducing: The bionic leaf that could fuel a revolution

10 Jun 16  CRUISE CONTROL: Lax liners ingore environment rules

10 Jun 16  Victoria sets date to be carbon neutral

10 Jun 16  COAL PART 1: King of the Industrial Revolution, but not always on the right path

10 Jun 16  Green homes only as good as who's pushing the buttons

9 Jun 16  Energy independence won’t cure climate ills

8 Jun 16  Bennett reaffirms energy aid for islands

8 Jun 16  How to achieve sustainable clean water for everyone

7 Jun 16  Big names back global renewable energy drive

7 Jun 16  EV report cynical and diversionary, says Solarcity

7 Jun 16  Europe’s renewables spending hits 10-year low

7 Jun 16  What in the world is a Watly?

7 Jun 16  Nuclear plants face global crisis of ageing

3 Jun 16  New report backs e-cars over solar panels

2 Jun 16  SOUTHERN COMFORT: Southland sets the new-energy style

2 Jun 16  Energy solutions need leaders, money and ideas

2 Jun 16  Dams could be backup for melted glacier water

1 Jun 16  CLIMATE CO-OP: Welcome to Coalition of the Willing

1 Jun 16  YES! We have ideas ... lots of them

31 May 16  How we can slash emissions from industrial buildings

30 May 16  Consultants reply to Solarcity crticism of report

30 May 16  Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

30 May 16  Nanotechnology can help us to grow more food

30 May 16  Australia’s low-emissions roadmap a trip to nowhere

27 May 16  What they said ...

27 May 16  World of clean energy soaks up 8 million workers

27 May 16  Farming’s dirty needs have a deadly effect

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

25 May 16  Take a hard look at investments, insurers warned

24 May 16  Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

24 May 16  EATING AUSSIES: Dining on kangaroos and camels could help the environment

24 May 16  Oil majors tread cautiously toward renewables

23 May 16  CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

23 May 16  Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

23 May 16  ELECTION 2016: Climate politics off to a chilly start

23 May 16  Want to know if the Paris climate deal is working?

20 May 16  I agree this is serious, Bennett tells scientists

20 May 16  Europe has high hopes for smart meters

20 May 16  The Earth is not flat, it is urban, says UN report

19 May 16  Energy awards show what the country can do

19 May 16  Go-ahead Ontario adopts carbon trading scheme

19 May 16  Glad tidings for the potential of sea power

19 May 16  Future climate could cast shade on renewables

18 May 16  China dominates wind turbine installation

17 May 16  New RMA proposals won't cut it, say farmers

17 May 16  It's more bad news for carbon capture

17 May 16  Coal-free SA could fill the gap with batteries

16 May 16  Troubled Brazil prepares to roll back green laws

16 May 16  Vanadium the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

13 May 16  How updating office buildings can cut emissions

12 May 16  Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

12 May 16  Carbon emissions rise in study of future energy

12 May 16  Will taxpayers foot the bill for broke coal companies?

11 May 16  Big names line up for Green Ribbon Awards

11 May 16  How your garden could help to stop city flooding

10 May 16  Australia delays ETS report till after election

10 May 16  Change to clean energy means massive social change

10 May 16  Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

9 May 16  LOST ISLANDS OF THE SOLOMONS: Finally, scientists have the evidence

9 May 16  Solar industry fights lines companies' taxes

9 May 16  Climate confusion creeps into Trump camp

9 May 16  Nuclear power plant costs roll onwards and upwards

6 May 16  Long road ahead for EVs, says energy expert

6 May 16  We've made owning e-cars easier, claims minister

6 May 16  Better solar cells mean more energy from the sun

5 May 16  CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

4 May 16  At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

4 May 16  Cut the kindling, Huntly could run on wood

4 May 16  Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

4 May 16  Why scientists must challenge poor media reporting

3 May 16  Make ETS like a market, says our biggest emitter

3 May 16  Busy Bennett draws up climate to-do list

3 May 16  Phasing out fossil fuels more than just a straight swap

2 May 16  Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

2 May 16  Morganites want moratorium on free credits

2 May 16  Why cities need to add up the economic value of trees

2 May 16  Scientists see the future in natural resources

29 Apr 16  Watchdog wants answers to solar questions

29 Apr 16  Love thy neighbour and feel the power

28 Apr 16  Genesis extends life of Huntly coal-fired plant

28 Apr 16  We need an emissions cap, says business council

28 Apr 16  Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

28 Apr 16  Policy sounds good to us, say investors

27 Apr 16  Carbon budgeting big success, says UK expert

26 Apr 16  What we must change to get emissions under control

26 Apr 16  Bennett stays on course for higher carbon price

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: New Zealand's world, according to Bennett

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: How should we compensate the poor countries?

26 Apr 16  Volvo sets target of a million e-cars sold by 2025

22 Apr 16  Cool building ideas for hot cities of the future

21 Apr 16  NZ Bus going electric will save the capital's trolleys

21 Apr 16  US-Canada pact eases Arctic drilling fears

20 Apr 16  YES WE CAN! Business leaders to make blueprint for our low-carbon future

20 Apr 16  Business backs stronger line on climate

20 Apr 16  Z Energy's biodiesel plant strikes gold

20 Apr 16  Nuclear costs are travelling in uncharted territory

19 Apr 16  Here's a six-point plan for getting Australia on track

18 Apr 16  Climate-threatened islands now facing the Big Dry

18 Apr 16  Forgetting fossil fuels a turning point in history

15 Apr 16  Why carbon price is key to forestry worth billions

15 Apr 16  Wasted food places heavy burden on climate

14 Apr 16  Top table invites us to chew over carbon market

14 Apr 16  Day of the industrials in next ERF auction

14 Apr 16  Big powers in push for small nuclear reactors

14 Apr 16  China coal use: Here’s how to read the tea leaves

13 Apr 16  Nine ways steel could build a greener economy

13 Apr 16  Couch potatoes have outsized energy footprints

12 Apr 16  Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16  If our ecosystems are threatened, let’s move them

11 Apr 16  Here’s a way to make carbon markets work better

11 Apr 16  Why it makes sense for offshore drilling to wait

11 Apr 16  We keep flushing valuable energy down the drain

8 Apr 16  Banks threaten to unleash infrastructure tsunami

7 Apr 16  Green business awards finalists pack energy punch

7 Apr 16  Solar energy shines as power business shrinks

7 Apr 16  Vancouver chases crown as world's greenest city crown

6 Apr 16  INDEFENSIBLE! Scientists slam Key's climate change attitude

6 Apr 16  Christchurch gets first fast-charging station

5 Apr 16  GET WISE! We have a real carbon exposure risk

5 Apr 16  GM crops can thrive as climate warms

4 Apr 16  Mighty River snaps up latest from Tesla

1 Apr 16  Science grapples with climate conundrums

31 Mar 16  That good addresses might not be so good for solar

31 Mar 16  Storing carbon could help to meet climate goals

30 Mar 16  It wouldn't take much for e-cars to ease our emissions

30 Mar 16  LanzaTech signs first US biofuels deal

30 Mar 16  Aussie offices race to go green

29 Mar 16  Emitters, you have until Thursday

29 Mar 16  Capital plugs in to fast-charge e-car stations

29 Mar 16  Does doing renewable energy demand the undoable?

29 Mar 16  It looks like Asia is losing its appetite for coal

24 Mar 16  Labour vows to set new rules around carbon risk

24 Mar 16  What will Turnbull’s $1b energy fund actually do?

23 Mar 16  Black-out Bridges keeps us in the dark on e-cars

23 Mar 16  US energy firm boosts Christchurch plant

23 Mar 16  Are vegetables really the most low-carbon diet?

22 Mar 16  Electric cars the answer for NZ, says report

22 Mar 16  Beehive blind to one big fact, says energy expert

22 Mar 16  European politicians push nuclear ‘poison pill’

21 Mar 16  Energy efficiency in itself can become a market

18 Mar 16  New energy cuts our greenhouse gas emissions

18 Mar 16  Climate change lines up big hit for hydro plants

17 Mar 16  Carbon creeps up as minister talks ETS changes

17 Mar 16  Stretching the laws of physics will make a world of difference

17 Mar 16  Meltdown Earth: Is there anyone out there listening?

16 Mar 16  NZ needs standard e-car charging, says Volvo

16 Mar 16  Clean energy is a win-win for the US

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

15 Mar 16  Minister goes back to school on sustainability

15 Mar 16  OPINION: It's nuts to open more coal mines

15 Mar 16  China's electricity sector soars

14 Mar 16  Processors in ETS could pose problem, says industry

14 Mar 16  Food production threatens to overwhelm climate efforts

14 Mar 16  Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

11 Mar 16  ETS needs a price floor, says environment watchdog

11 Mar 16  Sorry, but throwing seawater at Antarctica won't fix the problem

11 Mar 16  How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

10 Mar 16  Customers want clean transport, says KiwiRail

10 Mar 16  Electric car sales worldwide are powering ahead

9 Mar 16  Clean, green report card shows we're woeful

8 Mar 16  Dairy dive has message, says eco economist

8 Mar 16  Aviation losing emissions battle, say academics

7 Mar 16  Scrap carbon subsidies, says our worst emitter

7 Mar 16  Genesis explains wholesale price increases

7 Mar 16  What the White House hopefuls think of new energy

7 Mar 16  Warming means unfair share for poor

4 Mar 16  Greens want probe into future of Huntly

3 Mar 16  Government on verge of e-car action

3 Mar 16  It's time to look at energy goals, says minister

3 Mar 16  Yes to solar, but we're light years behind

3 Mar 16  Here's how we can make power plants green and beautiful

3 Mar 16  How Africa could leapfrog fossil fuels to clean energy

1 Mar 16  Clean energy reaches record heights in China

1 Mar 16  Cold light shines on Paris climate pledges

1 Mar 16  Australia’s pollution rising while Canberra tinkers

1 Mar 16  Capital first, people second, says cities report

29 Feb 16  US uses trade rules to hinder India’s solar hopes

29 Feb 16  Will self-driving cars make the world a better place?

29 Feb 16  Canberra backs fossil fuel 'growth centre' with $15m

26 Feb 16  ETS uncertainty is a worry, says Meridian

26 Feb 16  Carbon budget is only half as big as we thought

26 Feb 16  2040 will see electric-car sales in the millions, says report

26 Feb 16  Energy efficiency in the spotlight

26 Feb 16  Concrete innovator wins expansion money

25 Feb 16  Z Energy wishlist: Everybody must be in ETS

25 Feb 16  Stand by for a miracle, says billionaire Bill

25 Feb 16  Energy markets unlikely ally in the emissions effort

24 Feb 16  If you don't like your power, turn it off

24 Feb 16  New study finds Antarctic ice sheets vulnerable

24 Feb 16  To meet Paris goals, do we need to engineer the climate?

23 Feb 16  We're streets ahead on renewables, says Mighty River

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

22 Feb 16  Carbon capture could be costly and risky

15 Feb 16  World energy leaders pack bags for the capital

15 Feb 16  Businesses keen to save on energy use

15 Feb 16  Saving our ecosystems step in the right direction

15 Feb 16  Australia backs liveable cities with $250m boost

9 Feb 16  Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

9 Feb 16  Investors tip balance toward renewables

9 Feb 16  Giant blades snatch energy from the air

9 Feb 16  Many Brits can't be bothered, survey shows

2 Feb 16  Canberra pulls plug on emissions funding

2 Feb 16  Solar club builds up powerful alliance

2 Feb 16  Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

2 Feb 16  How planning helps these farmers to beat the climate

2 Feb 16  New oil and gas wells will wait for price rise

2 Feb 16  High-tech power lines seen as solar solution

25 Jan 16  We need fearless leaders, says Clark

25 Jan 16  Sydney makes a plan to win the climate war

25 Jan 16  Pakistan turns to coal to keep factories running

25 Jan 16  Carbon capture technology needs urgent help

25 Jan 16  The last time it was this hot hippos lived in Britain

18 Jan 16  Bulbs slash airline kitchen's costs

18 Jan 16  America's politics of climate unlikely to change

18 Jan 16  Are electric vehicles really the best option?

18 Jan 16  Why more droughts might mean less power

18 Jan 16  Science opens routes to energy recycling

15 Dec 15  Treaty emerges from battle of the verbs

15 Dec 15  Meet the fossil fuel firms paying for Paris

7 Dec 15  Govt looks to slow solar spread, says industry player

7 Dec 15  Hansen: Why global ‘carbon fee’ system will work

7 Dec 15  Corporate sustainability won’t solve climate change

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

30 Nov 15  Oil-hunter Key calls for end to fossil fuel help

30 Nov 15  Taupo farmers take sustainability award

30 Nov 15  Can eating less meat really tackle climate change?

30 Nov 15  Perfect storm heads for fossil fuel assets

30 Nov 15  Just what is solar thermal electricity, anyway?

30 Nov 15  Breakthrough ushers in era of guilt-free gas

30 Nov 15  Wind, solar, coal and gas will reach similar costs by 2030

30 Nov 15  Toyota dealers save on energy costs

23 Nov 15  Smelter owner among worst carbon offenders

23 Nov 15  Brazilian drought adds to impact of dam collapse

23 Nov 15  Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip

23 Nov 15  How this agreement deals another blow to coal

23 Nov 15  How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

23 Nov 15  What will be top of mind for Africa at climate talks?

23 Nov 15  How we see ourselves in the year 2100

23 Nov 15  Euro nations lead in use of solar generation

16 Nov 15  Top-drawer dozen dodge climate change grilling

16 Nov 15  Business speaks out: There's no other choice

16 Nov 15  Five chase energy management prize

16 Nov 15  Biggest economies still backing fossil fuels

16 Nov 15  Auction time again, but it's not really working

16 Nov 15  Fires and drought put pressure on US agriculture

16 Nov 15  Hopes run high for floating power stations

16 Nov 15  Business picking up the pace ahead of Paris summit

9 Nov 15  TPPA acknowledges carbon emissions

9 Nov 15  Greens show green light to electric vehicles

9 Nov 15  Entries open for sought-after EECA Awards

9 Nov 15  Go-it-alone action can break climate gridlock

9 Nov 15  How ‘dragon water’ could power the planet

9 Nov 15  Industrial waste could offset climate emissions

9 Nov 15  China boosts renewables

2 Nov 15  Big Aussies signal quit-carbon commitments

2 Nov 15  Why we need a world agreement on agri emissions

2 Nov 15  Get smart, get e-cars, Peters urges Government

2 Nov 15  How to build a city fit for 50deg heatwaves

2 Nov 15  Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

2 Nov 15  Solar can cut our bills and still be good for utilities

2 Nov 15  Lexus launches hydrogen 'bomb'

27 Oct 15  BNZ's farmers are serious about climate change

27 Oct 15  Cities are the key, says Auckland mayor

27 Oct 15  Humanity at climate crossroads, warns Stern

27 Oct 15  Victoria's green efforts win high awards

27 Oct 15  Hurricanes wreak economic havoc as world warms

27 Oct 15  Big emitters shift burden to poorer nations

27 Oct 15  Quality emissions key to airline offsets

19 Oct 15  Solar goes solo on RadioLive

19 Oct 15  Fonterra becomes second-largest user of coal

19 Oct 15  Follow us and save the world, says Groser

12 Oct 15  NZ great test-bed for plug-and-play energy system

12 Oct 15  Worried health workers call for climate action

12 Oct 15  Solar innovator takes to the stage

12 Oct 15  It's time for the hard work to begin

12 Oct 15  Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

12 Oct 15  France has a soil plan – and it’s not just about wine

12 Oct 15  Solar tops renewables in Australia

5 Oct 15  Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

5 Oct 15  China ups the pace, so the time to act is now

5 Oct 15  Global megatrends driving our energy changes

5 Oct 15  Auction 2 could see contracts total worth $1b

5 Oct 15  Climate change threatens financial crash, says banker

5 Oct 15  Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

5 Oct 15  Australian states threaten to go back to the future

5 Oct 15  The VW affair: It's about honesty and transparency

5 Oct 15  Pesticides are not the only way to deal with insects

5 Oct 15  Solar capacity to grow more than fourfold

5 Oct 15  Remote Queensland solar plant makes a mark

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

28 Sep 15  UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

28 Sep 15  China unveils trading plan and joins hands with US

28 Sep 15  OECD urges end to policies which support fossil fuels

28 Sep 15  Investors opt out of fossil fuels as climate talks near

28 Sep 15  Asia-Pacific heads for solar powerhouse status

28 Sep 15  Arctic thaw would cost half of world's annual earnings

28 Sep 15  Forests move centre stage in India’s climate plan

21 Sep 15  Member's bill demands end to fossil fuels investment

21 Sep 15  We're a nation of wastrels, says OECD report

21 Sep 15  Report shows up double-standards of G20 countries

21 Sep 15  Renewable energy flexes its muscles

21 Sep 15  Turnbull should go back to his old climate self

21 Sep 15  Making e-cars fun: why new Porsche runs on batteries

21 Sep 15  India in disarray over strategy on global warming

21 Sep 15  Climate change efforts are hurting Africa’s rural poor

21 Sep 15  Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

21 Sep 15  Power of alcohol might be the answer

14 Sep 15  Tim Flannery gives us hope ... and we're giving away a of copy of his new book

14 Sep 15  Paris pledges on emissions cuts too weak to work

14 Sep 15  Copenhagen chair fears Paris talks outcome

14 Sep 15  World’s first solar-powered airport takes off

14 Sep 15  Efficiency drive can cut a quarter off energy demand

7 Sep 15  Advisers scrap over emissions cuts target

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15  Pssst! ... Government wants to kickstart e-cars

7 Sep 15  Australia’s new cap a trading scheme in all but name

7 Sep 15  Clean water musn't send climate targets down the gurgler

7 Sep 15  Global tree census highlights need to restore forests

7 Sep 15  Greener cities are best at taming urban heat

7 Sep 15  Coal town's vote makes rumbles at the port

7 Sep 15  Businesses make sustainability awards finals

7 Sep 15  Worth listening to ... Naomi Klein on climate change

7 Sep 15  Green cleaners no better than water, says watchdog

31 Aug 15  Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

31 Aug 15  Shell swims against oil price tide

31 Aug 15  Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

31 Aug 15  The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

31 Aug 15  Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

31 Aug 15  Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

31 Aug 15  Scientists rate Australia even worse than NZ

31 Aug 15  We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

31 Aug 15  Support for new energy vital for growth

24 Aug 15  Tiwai halves free credits, but still pockets $5m

24 Aug 15  Islamic climate experts urge 1.5° limit on warming

24 Aug 15  China’s carbon count is not as high as feared

24 Aug 15  Sydney sets energy sights on saving $600 million

24 Aug 15  Renewables raise challenge to coal in power league

24 Aug 15  Time to tap an underused energy source: wasted heat

24 Aug 15  The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

24 Aug 15  Milk plant cuts water consumption

17 Aug 15  Australia's 'weak' emissions targets don't add up

17 Aug 15  It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15  Contact to close gas-fired Auckland plant

17 Aug 15  Clouds gather over China’s solar power industry

17 Aug 15  Frustrated Sydney gets climate act together

17 Aug 15  Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

17 Aug 15  Why promoting green ways in Africa might be bad

17 Aug 15  Clean Power Plan will have a real impact

17 Aug 15  India lets loose the reins of its energy horses

17 Aug 15  Added gene can make rice more climate-friendly

10 Aug 15  Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

10 Aug 15  World doesn't have time for pessimism, says IPCC man

10 Aug 15  Iwi leaders sign up to water partnership

10 Aug 15  Obama plan opens door to real action in Paris

10 Aug 15  Revolutionary fence is set to trap the sea’s power

10 Aug 15  Here’s how we can save the car – and the planet

10 Aug 15  ‘Peak car’ means UK might get much closer to carbon targets than it realised

10 Aug 15  Chinese ride to the rescue of Europe’s nuclear industry

10 Aug 15  A carbon tax for South Africa: why a pragmatic approach makes sense

10 Aug 15  Arctic’s melting ice shrinks Europe-Asia shipping routes

3 Aug 15  Why Tiwai stands between us and 100% renewable energy

3 Aug 15  Caygill sets out on new energy mission

3 Aug 15  Australia's worst emitters look like dodging the bullet

3 Aug 15  Clinton stakes out safe political ground with energy and climate plan

3 Aug 15  Fossil fuel industry still winning the investment war

3 Aug 15  Good practice makes perfect sense for emissions cuts

3 Aug 15  Sustainable oil from algae: the technology is ready, but what about the politics?

27 Jul 15  Why cities are a rare good news story in climate change

27 Jul 15  Norway pumps up 'green battery' plan for Europe

27 Jul 15  Big money in reforming fossil fuel subsidies

27 Jul 15  Recession cut US emissions, not falling coal use

27 Jul 15  One year on from the carbon price experiment, the rebound in emissions is clear

20 Jul 15  Japan signs up for geothermal classes

20 Jul 15  EPA Clean Power Plan reenergises US climate policy debate

20 Jul 15  Climate threat as grave a risk as nuclear war, say scientists

20 Jul 15  Bioenergy: making money and clean energy

13 Jul 15  How the country can save $37 million a year ... use KiwiRail

13 Jul 15  Businesses put brakes on climate action, says study

13 Jul 15  Don't ignore us, bioenergy lobby tells Government

13 Jul 15  Groser off on climate-talking tour

13 Jul 15  Prefab revolution? Factory houses are the secret to green building

13 Jul 15  Fossil fuel firms fail to report climate risks

13 Jul 15  How long before you ditch your car for a driverless electric taxi?

13 Jul 15  Science breaks new ground in converting coal ash from pollutant to useful products

8 Jul 15  Why our cuts will be an embarrassment in Paris

8 Jul 15  11% cut ... follow us down the path to catastrophe

8 Jul 15  We're still undecided on ETS, says minister

7 Jul 15  NZ sets post 2030 target

7 Jul 15  We need a plan to get there, says business

6 Jul 15  Tesla batteries might power your home but stored fuels will still run the country

6 Jul 15  Australia’s ‘climate roundtable’ could unite old foes and end the carbon deadlock

6 Jul 15  It looks like carbon capture is going down down the tubes

6 Jul 15  How transport sharing boosts health, wealth and climate

6 Jul 15  Greenhouse gas-guzzlers might spurn extra carbon dioxide

6 Jul 15  WORLD TODAY: New coal plants most urgent threat to the planet, warns OECD head

6 Jul 15  Q&A: Robert Redford tells us what he told the UN General Assembly

1 Jul 15  Carbon trades higher

29 Jun 15  Indian developer might junk giant Australian coal project

29 Jun 15  If everyone lived in an ecovillage, the Earth would still be in trouble

29 Jun 15  Renewable energy redoubles its global reach

29 Jun 15  Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

29 Jun 15  The carbon tax wasn’t a ‘slug’ to the economy and Direct Action may be a waste of money

29 Jun 15  Solar fuels: how planes and cars could be powered by the sun

29 Jun 15  How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

22 Jun 15  What the Pope said about the trouble we're in

22 Jun 15  Waste to wealth: the hidden potential of waste from fruit

15 Jun 15  EcoStore pioneer is still setting the pace after 20 years

15 Jun 15  The G7 is right to call for fossil fuel phase-out, but it can happen sooner

15 Jun 15  Australia's emissions figures wrong, says report

15 Jun 15  European power is slipping away from King Coal

15 Jun 15  Could one million smart pool pumps store renewable energy better than giant batteries?

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

15 Jun 15  Group aims to improve transport systems

15 Jun 15  China sets the pace in solar installations

8 Jun 15  Leadership is what we need, say scientists

8 Jun 15  Stranded assets not for us, declares minister

8 Jun 15  Drop free carbon credits, says environment chief

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

8 Jun 15  Australia in the spotlight at climate talks, for all the wrong reasons

8 Jun 15  Apollo plan asks for the moon in switch to renewables

8 Jun 15  World leaders urged to kick killer coal habit

8 Jun 15  Africa’s advocates say fossil fuel subsidies must go

2 Jun 15  Our businesses don't get it, says new Greens leader

2 Jun 15  Networking good way to make wind power reliable

2 Jun 15  Shell can’t afford to wait until 2050 to adapt its business to climate change

2 Jun 15  Take care with electric vehicles, says academic

2 Jun 15  New energy policy needed as nuclear giants take a hit

2 Jun 15  China’s investment in renewables soars by a third

2 Jun 15  Why global finance must face up to the climate challenge

2 Jun 15  Wait and pay: action on climate change is cheap, delay is costly

25 May 15  The world is waking up to the $5.3 trillion cost of fossil fuels

25 May 15  Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies

25 May 15  OPINION: New Zealand should be using its abundant renewable electricity generation capacity to power its transport fleet, argues BOB BINGHAM:

25 May 15  Wealthy nations overlook the dangers of climate change

25 May 15  Hungarian leader first head of state to back climate campaign

25 May 15  Brazil leads South American renewable energy charge

25 May 15  Inter-island ferry tests cleaner fuels

18 May 15  In the new war of the worlds, the old world is losing

18 May 15  Storm shows we haven't got the message, say weather experts

18 May 15  Tesla's battery power could give Nevada a $100b jolt

18 May 15  Oceans generate rising tide of renewables ideas

18 May 15  Will the presidential candidates have a substantive debate on climate change?

18 May 15  World Bank advocates long-term thinking on climate change

18 May 15  Canadian city wants to be the world's greenest

18 May 15  Why falling oil prices should not undermine investment in green energy

18 May 15  A tale of two futures: Australia’s economy under climate change

18 May 15  No green shoots for sustainability in this Budget

18 May 15  Geraldton pools get in the swim

18 May 15  Islands switch to solar power

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  'PM's bank' pulls back from coal investments

11 May 15  We’re not there yet, Garnaut tells Australia

11 May 15  WORLD TODAY: What does Cameron's election win mean for the environment?

11 May 15  Waste Warriors shift the waste

4 May 15  It's simple, says action group, coal's day is done

4 May 15  Southern project shows way with wood-fired boilers

4 May 15  Meat processor aims high to curb emissions

4 May 15  Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

4 May 15  Teslas, in one place at least, aren’t greener than diesels

4 May 15  Commitment to end flaring is boost for climate talks

4 May 15  Battery-maker claims world first

28 Apr 15  Why we must remember our debt to the natural world

28 Apr 15  NZ emissions figures worse than average, says report

28 Apr 15  LanzaTech lines up more commercial plants

28 Apr 15  So, where's the carbon auction money going?

28 Apr 15  Watchdog calls for 30% emissions cut by 2025

28 Apr 15  Unburnable carbon: why we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground

28 Apr 15  Scientists again raise carbon storage hopes

28 Apr 15  It's up to central banks to back the climate change fight

28 Apr 15  There’s nothing ‘perma’ about Arctic permafrost

20 Apr 15  NZ's fine on fossil-fuel subsidies, says Groser

20 Apr 15  Power giant to dump coal-fired stations and go green

20 Apr 15  Big Oil faces new pressure to disclose climate risk

20 Apr 15  Battery costs drop even faster as electric car sales keep rising

20 Apr 15  Additives to make plastic biodegradable don’t cut it

13 Apr 15  We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15  China helping London’s famous black cabs to turn green

13 Apr 15  Unhappy birthday for UK's nuclear white elephants

13 Apr 15  Industrial corn farming is ruining health and water

13 Apr 15  An economy focused solely on growth is unsustainable

7 Apr 15  Hydrogen moves could trigger $44 billion green economy, says Toshiba

7 Apr 15  BP’s extreme climate forecast puts energy giant in a bind

7 Apr 15  Water crisis pushes Brazil toward solar power at last

7 Apr 15  Hi-tech farming seen as way to green the food chain

7 Apr 15  New ocean energy plan could worsen global warming

7 Apr 15  Australian boffins make cement from iron waste

7 Apr 15  Energy promoters adopt Dragons' Den concept

30 Mar 15  Govt opens doors to new oil and gas exploration

30 Mar 15  Third thermal station finds competition too much

30 Mar 15  Australia well short of meeting emissions target

30 Mar 15  China ramps up the rhetoric on climate change

30 Mar 15  New tandem solar cells pave way for better solar

30 Mar 15  Wynyard scheme adopts green rating

23 Mar 15  We're in the right gear to hit the e-car highway

23 Mar 15  Old King Coal is sick ... but not yet dying

23 Mar 15  No matter how you cut it, the answer is ecosystem services

23 Mar 15  Lots of hot air about heat, but why is no one talking about sustainable cooling?

23 Mar 15  Why is low-carbon energy innovation so slow? You can thank Economics 101

23 Mar 15  Powerful wind blows through US energy sector

23 Mar 15  Aussies want to know your water secrets

23 Mar 15  Wind power pioneer collects honour

16 Mar 15  Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

16 Mar 15  Heat is on to slow down faster rise in temperatures

16 Mar 15  Why is pumping CO2 underground stuck in second gear?

16 Mar 15  Anthropocene began with species exchange between Old and New Worlds

16 Mar 15  Better water quality in the spotlight

9 Mar 15  Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

9 Mar 15  How well prepared are businesses for climate change?

9 Mar 15  Four ways to boost Australia’s economy and help the climate

9 Mar 15  How artificial lagoons can be used to harvest energy from the tides

9 Mar 15  Carbon could be key to better water, says researcher

9 Mar 15  Civic energy could provide half our electricity by 2050

9 Mar 15  Prices fail to reflect real costs of fossil fuels

2 Mar 15  Waikato mine delayed, not on hold, says Fonterra

2 Mar 15  Sydney aims to save $600m on energy bills

2 Mar 15  Let's cut emissions, not worry about how

2 Mar 15  Bad news, says BP, we're looking at a 25% rise in CO2

2 Mar 15  Business leaders cast wary eye over latest EU plans

2 Mar 15  Tiny capsules can have big impact on carbon capture

2 Mar 15  Building performance in spotlight at Green Property Summit

23 Feb 15  ETS nothing but 'words, fishhooks and traps,' says Palmer

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

23 Feb 15  Jobs v environment: the debate Queensland can end

23 Feb 15  Can wave energy rise to the challenge in Australia?

23 Feb 15  Shell chief calls for climate action, but what are the motives?

23 Feb 15  Energy Union targets renewables subsidies, boosts idle coal plants

16 Feb 15  Politicians sign cross-party climate change pact

16 Feb 15  Energy-efficiency rules fail US academic's test

16 Feb 15  Australia readies for first emissions auction

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

16 Feb 15  ‘Bionic leaf’ could turn solar energy into chemicals and fuels

16 Feb 15  EU edges toward 2018 start date for carbon reform

16 Feb 15  Geoengineering might work in a rational world … but we don’t live in one

16 Feb 15  Good in the Hood makes a $1m return

9 Feb 15  Climate debt grows as Australia messes about

9 Feb 15  Cheap fuel little help with emissions, says expert

9 Feb 15  Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution

9 Feb 15  Yes, we can live well and avoid climate disaster, says report

9 Feb 15  Gas will replace oil in the UK – with or without fracking

9 Feb 15  Can Americans save the environment and expand oil drilling?

9 Feb 15  Canberra to get wind power from South Australia

2 Feb 15  Carbon pricing the challenge for the future

2 Feb 15  Welcome to 2015 where fracking changes everything

2 Feb 15  Fracking and local jobs … a false promise

2 Feb 15  India gives nothing away in climate talks with US

2 Feb 15  Yes minister, but ...

2 Feb 15  Will Obama’s methane plan reduce dependence on natural gas?

2 Feb 15  Going down ... green lifts can cut building costs

2 Feb 15  Sustainability experts take to the stage

27 Jan 15  It's time to take a good look at ourselves ...

27 Jan 15  Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

27 Jan 15  Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

27 Jan 15  Sun and wind could make electricity too cheap to meter

27 Jan 15  The economic cost of climate change: time for new math

27 Jan 15  Energy leaders fret about uncertainties

27 Jan 15  Your energy ideas could win $4m

22 Dec 14  Transport and heating force up gas emissions

22 Dec 14  Minister's transport plan just tokenism, says expert

22 Dec 14  TWELVE ways to deal with a climate change denier (the BBQ guide)

22 Dec 14  Australia's emissions targets are heading in the wrong direction

22 Dec 14  Health fears see New York ban fracking

22 Dec 14  Chile’s mines set hot pace in renewables

22 Dec 14  Why climate policies are for life, not just for Christmas

22 Dec 14  Voluntary action isn't enough to make cities better

15 Dec 14  English goes silent on carbon deficit costs

15 Dec 14  Climate expert: It's all smoke and mirrors, Mr Groser

15 Dec 14  Fossil fuel probe under way as NZ goes exploring

15 Dec 14  UN launches new coalition to promote renewable energy

15 Dec 14  Australia takes action on energy market reform

15 Dec 14  Our new energy mix is a game-changer, says India

15 Dec 14  Bank of England probes risk of fossil fuel assets

15 Dec 14  Spotlight turns on roadway illumination

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

8 Dec 14  Ocean heat drives surge to global warming record

8 Dec 14  Outlook bright for UK’s solar power potential

8 Dec 14  Australia should export more ideas and fewer greenhouse emissions

8 Dec 14  Paper mill sets new benchmarks for best practice

8 Dec 14  Lines company loves its electric cars

1 Dec 14  Labour vows to watch work and the new economy

1 Dec 14  Fitzsimons putting her money where her heart is

1 Dec 14  Lima climate talks ‘stepping stone’ for universal treaty

1 Dec 14  Cities key to economic growth and fighting climate crisis

1 Dec 14  How climate fund pledges stack up to what's needed

1 Dec 14  Mighty River contests paying for carbon units

1 Dec 14  Climate change health action urgent, say doctors

1 Dec 14  Why playing around with the climate could make things a whole lot worse

1 Dec 14  Why Australian investment in renewable energy has stalled

1 Dec 14  Getting out of fossil fuel investment is the right way to go

1 Dec 14  Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

1 Dec 14  Sydney's green energy plans impress judges

1 Dec 14  Scientists find new fuel job for sawdust

24 Nov 14  New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

24 Nov 14  Yealands wins sustainability award

24 Nov 14  Obama pledge gets dollars flowing into climate fund

24 Nov 14  Investors slow to take up climate change fight

24 Nov 14  Six steps world leaders must agree to take to protect Earth

24 Nov 14  Australia’s coal and gas exports being left stranded

17 Nov 14  Deal or no deal … can China and the US deliver?

17 Nov 14  Does this climate deal let China do nothing for 16 years?

17 Nov 14  We can cut carbon and pollution at no cost, says China

17 Nov 14  Expand climate portfolio, says Mahuta

17 Nov 14  Launchpad jury likes wilding pines project

17 Nov 14  New Australian report debunks coal industry myths

17 Nov 14  UK ignores pledge to end fossil fuel support

17 Nov 14  Australia's green building review adds more uncertainty

10 Nov 14  How Mighty River is switching on to the new economy

10 Nov 14  Trustpower's Aussie wind farm breezes along

10 Nov 14  Election rout blow to US climate change role

10 Nov 14  India wants to double coal production

10 Nov 14  Big business sounds water warning bells

10 Nov 14  EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables

10 Nov 14  Why Australia’s entire power sector should support target

10 Nov 14  Social acceptance new key for today's miners

3 Nov 14  Our emissions plan hopeless, says renowned academic

3 Nov 14  Leaders must act, says UN after dire climate report

3 Nov 14  What the politicians said ...

3 Nov 14  Climate refugees? We'll think of something ...

3 Nov 14  State miner rethinks environment liabilities

3 Nov 14  At last, there's a glimpse of an ETS in Australia

3 Nov 14  Tararua turbines set power-output record

3 Nov 14  Southern winery wins green award ... again

3 Nov 14  Business network names sustainability finalists

3 Nov 14  Denmark wants to be coal-free by 2025

3 Nov 14  Actually, a high oil price might be a good thing for the world

3 Nov 14  China-US links could spark emissions breakthrough

3 Nov 14  Business leaders praise EU emissions deal

28 Oct 14  Hunt for oil anchors Govt's environment plan

28 Oct 14  Good tyres tread lightly on the Earth

28 Oct 14  New EU emissions goal pits green business against industry

28 Oct 14  Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens green trade deal

28 Oct 14  Universities act to hit fossil fuel firms where it hurts

28 Oct 14  Oil boom prompts US to push for crude exports

20 Oct 14  Chile's new tax could open carbon doors for NZ

20 Oct 14  Rod Oram: Why I'm getting out of fossil fuels

20 Oct 14  Fracking boom could mean up to 12% more carbon emissions

20 Oct 14  Angry city draws a line in the (fracking) sand

20 Oct 14  Greenpeace v Shell via Lego: The building blocks of a successful campaign

20 Oct 14  A new agricultural economy is knocking on the door

20 Oct 14  Problem seaweed could provide biofuel solution

20 Oct 14  Solar chief: There’s no cost to solar energy, only savings

20 Oct 14  Outlook palls for fossil fuel investment

20 Oct 14  Don’t get too excited, no one has cracked nuclear fusion yet

13 Oct 14  BUSINESS POSER: Are you creating value, or destroying it?

13 Oct 14  'Business as usual' no way to run our rivers

13 Oct 14  Landcorp bio-generation scheme runs out of gas

13 Oct 14  WANTED: $44 trillion to switch to clean energy

13 Oct 14  World of clean energy 'feasible' by mid-century

13 Oct 14  Shift to low-carbon economy could free up $1.8 trillion

13 Oct 14  Europe throws nuclear power a state-aid lifeline

13 Oct 14  China’s mythical coal habit is no excuse for climate inaction

13 Oct 14  VUW researchers work on better solar systems

13 Oct 14  Smart grids in the spotlight

6 Oct 14  QUIET! Climate-cautious Key sends message to ministers

6 Oct 14  Medicos inject themselves into climate debate

6 Oct 14  E-cars could make British carmakers great again

6 Oct 14  Party pact blocks environmental one-stop move

6 Oct 14  Protesters say no to waste-burning power plant

6 Oct 14  Surfers fear climate will wipe out big waves

29 Sep 14  Memo John Key: Look Pacific leaders in the eye

29 Sep 14  Renewables make mark on emissions figures

29 Sep 14  New York talked the talk, but we’ll have to wait and see who heard

29 Sep 14  MIA ... but it doesn't mean China's not interested

29 Sep 14  Cities in the spotlight at Climate Week summit

29 Sep 14  Do something, big business warns political leaders

29 Sep 14  Unhappy power consumers eye solar generation

29 Sep 14  Have a say in energy development

29 Sep 14  WORLD WEB ... Obama’s drive for carbon pricing fails to win at home

29 Sep 14  How to save the planet ... bike, walk or take a bus

29 Sep 14  Win some, lose some ... that's climate change

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

29 Sep 14  Off to the tip ... 33,000 polystyrene cups

22 Sep 14  Scientists plead for cuts to ballooning fossil fuel emissions

22 Sep 14  If the PM doesn't worry about climate change, why should we?

22 Sep 14  Why Kiwibank took its business to the kids

22 Sep 14  Growth and greening now go together, says Stern study

22 Sep 14  ... but critic says report fails to back up core message

22 Sep 14  Move over, Queensland, here comes the Great Sydney Reef

22 Sep 14  China goes up a gear but still has a lot of work to do

22 Sep 14  How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

22 Sep 14  LED street lights could be 50% cheaper

22 Sep 14  Drought now could be drought forever in California

22 Sep 14  Solid Energy needs extension of guarantee

22 Sep 14  Pumped-up couple win energy award

16 Sep 14  It's simple ... either you believe, or you don't

16 Sep 14  New York summit could be the turning point

16 Sep 14  Post-Fukushima, Japan's power plans are all at sea

16 Sep 14  Drain the milk lake and create healthier, happier cows

16 Sep 14  Drought bites as Amazon’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up

16 Sep 14  To make this fuel just add water and sunlight

16 Sep 14  Fossil-free superannuation is an idea that’s going to snowball

16 Sep 14  There's more to renewable energy than fighting climate change

16 Sep 14  Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

8 Sep 14  New-energy groups join up to sell NZ credentials

8 Sep 14  Island states celebrate $2 billion conference

8 Sep 14  China looks like kicking its coal habit

8 Sep 14  Worried carmakers force Korea ETS changes

8 Sep 14  New book exposes Malaysian logging crimes

8 Sep 14  Leaders are emerging, says senior scientist

8 Sep 14  Is the Mosul Dam start of the water wars?

8 Sep 14  Scientists give Australia the really bad news

8 Sep 14  How we tricked bacteria into making renewable propane

8 Sep 14  Change the way you wee ... and help to save the world

1 Sep 14  NZ First backs iwi $600m carbon claim

1 Sep 14  We're going off grid ... surely but slowly

1 Sep 14  Policy wobbles could slow renewable energy growth

1 Sep 14  Worldwide, public shows its support for renewables

1 Sep 14  Business gleans ideas at small islands forum

1 Sep 14  Australian transport stuck in the energy queue

1 Sep 14  Water levels rank with soccer scores in drying Brazil

1 Sep 14  The fact is we're making the emissions problem worse

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

1 Sep 14  Scientists claim fertiliser breakthrough

25 Aug 14  Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

25 Aug 14  Sustainability council pushes puchasing power

25 Aug 14  COMMENT: Jeepers, John, you forgot the environment

25 Aug 14  Watchdog rules ‘clean coal’ advertisement misleading

25 Aug 14  G20 energy brains talk business in Brisbane

25 Aug 14  Media clashes raise questions of news bias

25 Aug 14  European carbon prices look set to rise

25 Aug 14  Economy changes fuel Spain's fire dangers

18 Aug 14  High-altitude winds could help to power the Earth

18 Aug 14  Judge throws out family's fracking pollution case

18 Aug 14  Don't waste your money on oil and gas

18 Aug 14  Norway finds the wells have run dry

18 Aug 14  So, what is this thing called perovskite?

18 Aug 14  The climate change world according to Piketty

18 Aug 14  Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

18 Aug 14  Debate heats up as US looks at gas emissions

18 Aug 14  Canon offers environment prizes

11 Aug 14  Flower power one way to bring new life to broken mill town

11 Aug 14  Smog-plagued Beijing sets timer on use of coal

11 Aug 14  New York posts climate crisis message … by law

11 Aug 14  Greens have a tempting carbon tax idea

11 Aug 14  Is natural gas fracking the answer to our energy problems?

11 Aug 14  Panel to discuss the big questions

11 Aug 14  Airports super-inefficient, says emissions study

11 Aug 14  Science eyes role of water in beating climate change

11 Aug 14  Why the Chinese leadership puts China first

11 Aug 14  Scientists warn of biofuel plant dangers

4 Aug 14  Economist rubbishes Govt's $500 power cost claim

4 Aug 14  Smartphone could be way of beating the traffic jam

4 Aug 14  Former Shell chief here to talk about drilling

4 Aug 14  Climate change increases the odds of a hungry world

4 Aug 14  NZ ups spending on Pacific new-energy projects

1 Aug 14  Carbon axe will boost renewables, says Trustpower

1 Aug 14  Why swimmable rivers are a bridge too far

1 Aug 14  How the Rock got on a climate change roll

1 Aug 14  Nuclear power champions paint rosy picture

1 Aug 14  Business begins to adopt the circular economy

1 Aug 14  Canberra gives go-ahead to massive coal mine

1 Aug 14  Worth listening to ...

1 Aug 14  CRL Energy wins environment award

1 Aug 14  Glass is the game for biggest manufacturer

25 Jul 14  Shorten pleads for G20 to talk climate crisis

25 Jul 14  Germany and Britain top the Dirty 30

25 Jul 14  Greening needs workers, says UN labour chief

25 Jul 14  Big thinking, fresh thinking key to our future

25 Jul 14  Europe lacks courage on energy targets

18 Jul 14  What is the future of coal? It depends on which part of the world you’re talking about

18 Jul 14  Europe could pay huge climate price, says report

18 Jul 14  Carbon tax repeal could leave businesses marooned

18 Jul 14  Study shows Australian emissions cuts were working

18 Jul 14  ETS pay-off puts millions into climate projects

18 Jul 14  Paris gears up pay-for-pedal plan to boost the bicycle

11 Jul 14  Savvy farmers back push for clean-tech economy

11 Jul 14  Ambition key to 2015 global climate accord

11 Jul 14  Time is not on our side, warns UN

11 Jul 14  Billions in money pot could unlock clean energy deal

11 Jul 14  Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

11 Jul 14  Scientists accuse Shell of climate doublethink

11 Jul 14  Cut emissions, say scientists, it's the only way

11 Jul 14  Crisis-mauled Montserrat turns disasters to its advantage

11 Jul 14  Sydney takes lead role in urban energy drive

11 Jul 14  NORMAN: The longer we wait the more it will cost

11 Jul 14  Project sheds light on how we use power

4 Jul 14  Asia-Pacific targets $2.5 trillion for renewables

4 Jul 14  Climate target needs new money … but not that much more

4 Jul 14  'I shuddered at the thought of connecting my cooking stove with a toilet’s septic tank'

4 Jul 14  Change needed if world is to home nine billion

4 Jul 14  Doctors swap fossil fuels for renewables

4 Jul 14  Memo America: It could be a lot worse than you think

4 Jul 14  New solar panel system safer and cheaper

4 Jul 14  Sorry, say most Britons, but electric cars are not for us

4 Jul 14  Coal forever? It depends on what we do now

4 Jul 14  Bioenergy group praises Auckland action

4 Jul 14  Be in to win a sustainability award

27 Jun 14  Millionaire miner rocks Canberra carbon camp

27 Jun 14  No worries, says Bridges, the world loves us

27 Jun 14  Progress must be climate-smart, says World Bank

27 Jun 14  Island nations set agenda for Samoa conference

27 Jun 14  Australian Senate likely to pass carbon tax repeal

27 Jun 14  Kia loves its new e-car but we won't see it ... yet

27 Jun 14  Scientists see dangers in jet contrails

27 Jun 14  The many reasons why wood is the way to go

20 Jun 14  Figures show how coal curbs cut gas emissions

20 Jun 14  Rivers' turn as Wright fires second salvo at Government

20 Jun 14  Australia will suffer, warns new carbon report

20 Jun 14  Hot rocks are a core asset for renewable energy

20 Jun 14  Foot-draggers back robust 2030 climate goals

20 Jun 14  Supercritical steam new frontier for power generation

20 Jun 14  Fracking seriously dangerous, say campaigners

20 Jun 14  Carbon tax call is all about playing politics

13 Jun 14  Australia's emissions fund could start short

13 Jun 14  China becomes world No2 carbon trader

13 Jun 14  Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

13 Jun 14  How to save our seas: stop all fishing

13 Jun 14  Come and see our lovely renewable energy sites

13 Jun 14  New city hotspots are the air conditioners

13 Jun 14  Energy efficient homes could help Treasury balance the books

13 Jun 14  Why we need clear emissions-reduction reporting

6 Jun 14  Let's get back to ETS basics, says Internet leader

6 Jun 14  Harre: Business seems to like us

6 Jun 14  Obama climate move seen as a game-changer

6 Jun 14  Why European carbon prices remain low

6 Jun 14  EU emissions lowest on record

6 Jun 14  How China changes could leave coal a stranded asset

6 Jun 14  Wellington mayor gets hands-on with China's electric buses

6 Jun 14  Ambitious Sydney slashes carbon emissions

6 Jun 14  New Indian leader inherits energy problems

6 Jun 14  EU members abandon new-energy plans

6 Jun 14  Carbon world roundup

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

30 May 14  Climate change? She'll be right, says Shell

30 May 14  Hydrogen and fuel cells worth a look for home heating

30 May 14  Costly golden oldie now gets heating energy from the sea

23 May 14  Big 10 food companies pollute as much as some countries

23 May 14  Clark calls for sustainability cooperation

23 May 14  Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

23 May 14  Methane hydtrates are a whole new world

16 May 14  New-look energy system catches the wind

16 May 14  Coal use spiking climate mitigation costs

16 May 14  New book lifts the lid on what went wrong with Labor and climate change

16 May 14  You could bill the beef, scientists tell Brazil

16 May 14  Can we harness the might of magma?

9 May 14  Businesses keen on solar, but need official help

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14  US businesses tread water on enviro issues

9 May 14  Be very wary of oil, report urges big investors

9 May 14  Air NZ aims high with solar power programme

9 May 14  Canberra finds ways to implement emissions plan

9 May 14  Meltdown as ice-cream maker sides with campaigners

9 May 14  Why Australia has something to worry about

9 May 14  Our cities enveloped in dirty air, says report

9 May 14  Europe reports fall in CO2 emissions from energy use

9 May 14  Europe adopts private-public partnerships

9 May 14  Scientists answer soil microbes questions

9 May 14  Builders get chance to learn sustainable ways

2 May 14  Australia explains how emissions plan will work

2 May 14  China's city smog might have a silver lining

2 May 14  A Mars bar a day could keep climate change at bay

2 May 14  Science aims to cut brown coal emissions by 50%

2 May 14  Plastics industry on right track, says EU

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

2 May 14  Charge raises questions about 'clean coal' method

2 May 14  LEDs light the path for bulb sales

24 Apr 14  Aussie Greens gain, but the rest is much the same

24 Apr 14  Householders doing their bit in Australia

24 Apr 14  Climate policy and the need for clarity and certainty

24 Apr 14  Fracking is flying high, but how long can it last?

24 Apr 14  Europe pushes renewables into the free market

24 Apr 14  By hook or by crook, science is finding new routes to energy

24 Apr 14  The energy revolution is jammed in reverse

24 Apr 14  Energy-effiicient homes not our strong point, says expert

17 Apr 14  Agriculture gas emissions on the rise, warns UN

17 Apr 14  Budgeting for use of carbon is key to cutting emissions

17 Apr 14  We’re on the right track, says Groser

17 Apr 14  Emissions cuts also about ethics, says IPCC

17 Apr 14  In the heart of Sydney City, green is bustin’ out all over

11 Apr 14  How sail is catching up with the fossil-fuel ships

11 Apr 14  Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

11 Apr 14  UN to promote sustainable energy for all

11 Apr 14  Tyres can save fuel, says consumer watchdog

11 Apr 14  Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

4 Apr 14  Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

4 Apr 14  Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

4 Apr 14  Make sure you watch your back when the heat goes on

4 Apr 14  No-action Abbott stalls climate policy decisions

4 Apr 14  UN chief praises Pacific islands' climate change actions

4 Apr 14  New aid rules offer big emitters $2b windfall

4 Apr 14  Why climate change is not a matter of cost

4 Apr 14  Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?

28 Mar 14  Z Energy on fuels project sideline

28 Mar 14  Time for the Big Three to take Big Action

28 Mar 14  Australia poised for carbon policy tussle

28 Mar 14  Heat extremes put major crops at risk, say scientists

28 Mar 14  Brm, brm ...move over, brick, there's a streamliner coming through

28 Mar 14  Hi-tech's a big job and Britain is doing it well

28 Mar 14  A green office is a happy office, say businesses

28 Mar 14  California goes nuts for water

21 Mar 14  Carbon price breach of rights, says Maori leader

21 Mar 14  Let's get together, says UK energy expert

21 Mar 14  Australian Senate throws out carbon tax bill

21 Mar 14  Power emissions down for quarter

21 Mar 14  We're keen on renewables, says Bridges

21 Mar 14  BP urges progress on global carbon price

21 Mar 14  EU climate ambitions clouded by calendar issues

21 Mar 14  Carbon sector wants Europe to act

21 Mar 14  Minister names forum members

21 Mar 14  Green buildings need to seen outside the CBD

21 Mar 14  Climate scientists 3, economists 0

21 Mar 14  Why business needs to know climate change laws

21 Mar 14  Not all is well with India’s dam-building boom

21 Mar 14  Why Deutsche Bank built a jungle in Manhattan (complete with anaconda)

21 Mar 14  Our cities need attention, say planners

14 Mar 14  MP wants power deal for Stewart Island

14 Mar 14  Norway pumps pension money into renewables

14 Mar 14  It's going to get warmer, says NASA

14 Mar 14  Wood foam joins the list of insulations

14 Mar 14  Germany expects quick deal on climate goals

7 Mar 14  Beehive stays silent on NZUs auctions

7 Mar 14  What do we do with the byproducts of fracking?

7 Mar 14  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

7 Mar 14  Defence housing wins green award

7 Mar 14  Sustainability graduates make their mark

28 Feb 14  Lawmakers get 'pragmatic' about off-shore drilling

28 Feb 14  Why Australia needs to increase emissions targets

28 Feb 14  Energy-wise dairy farmers could save millions

28 Feb 14  Credibility key selling point for green economy

28 Feb 14  Grass above, kids below mark country's 100th sustainable building

28 Feb 14  Climate laws cover nearly 90% of carbon pollution

28 Feb 14  Livestock diet can cut emissions, says study

28 Feb 14  Scientists crack code for duckweed ... and raise hopes for biofuel

28 Feb 14  Sydney emissions cuts plan hits the roof

28 Feb 14  F&P marks 20 years of recycling whiteware

28 Feb 14  Greens' solar policy breath of fresh air

21 Feb 14  Think green, builders urge Christchurch

21 Feb 14  UN presses for action on sustainability crises

21 Feb 14  China renewables target could be 2050

21 Feb 14  Costly, toxic and slow to charge? Busting electric car myths

21 Feb 14  Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

21 Feb 14  Scientists find key methane micro-organism

14 Feb 14  Maori ultimatum leaves Government unmoved

14 Feb 14  Solar plants bring fresh water to Vanuatu

14 Feb 14  Trade deal ‘opens door to environmental lawsuits’

14 Feb 14  Nuclear waste disposal gets expensive

7 Feb 14  Angry Maori table $600,000 carbon ultimatum

7 Feb 14  Scrap offshore oil rules, says watchdog group

7 Feb 14  Dilmah founder bankrolls 'green' tea to save the planet

7 Feb 14  Why the big boys are serious about carbon pricing

7 Feb 14  Turbine tower installers eye windfall

7 Feb 14  Hang on, isn't carbon-happy China just making stuff for us?

7 Feb 14  Engineers claim solar cell breakthrough

31 Jan 14  Major powerco sets pace for fall in emissions

31 Jan 14  It's the forestry effect, explains Groser

31 Jan 14  Think or swim ... that's our climate change choice

31 Jan 14  Time for a green revolution, says Norman

31 Jan 14  Investors question EU climate moves

31 Jan 14  All power to Scottish tides, say engineers

24 Jan 14  Change ahead, so business needs to get smart

24 Jan 14  EU wants to see cut of 40% in gas emissions

24 Jan 14  Time to dump high-carbon investments, says UN

24 Jan 14  Database updates how we use energy

24 Jan 14  Study shows how to double renewable energy

24 Jan 14  So, if the carbon tax isn't working, what is?

24 Jan 14  Pulp politics bring tension to Tasmania

24 Jan 14  China tops wind turbine installations

24 Jan 14  Z Energy adds clean-fuel outlet

20 Dec 13  EDITORIAL: Forget the pretence and let's make a real start with our water quality

20 Dec 13  Post-recession, we're becoming a nation of greener Kiwis

20 Dec 13  New carbon trading idea challenges deforestation

20 Dec 13  Fuels emissions levels show increase

20 Dec 13  Court throws out Taranaki drilling challenge

20 Dec 13  FORUM: We don't want our landscapes to become movie fiction

20 Dec 13  Carbon scene around the world

20 Dec 13  Sydney aims for 100% renewable energy

20 Dec 13  Draft pollution law seeks to tackle lethal European air

20 Dec 13  Diesel additive has new outlet

13 Dec 13  Move on carbon units worries foresters

13 Dec 13  Govt releases climate change commitment report

13 Dec 13  UK proposes double-counting on biofuels

13 Dec 13  Leave fossil fuels in the ground, urges report

13 Dec 13  Power-wise women make huge savings in their homes

13 Dec 13  Why wise businesses should take note of Gen Y Kiwis

6 Dec 13  Govt has way to aid clean-tech pioneers, says Labour

6 Dec 13  NXT biofuels project excites retail chain

6 Dec 13  OPINION: Future of coal calls for serious debate … not slogans

6 Dec 13  China’s path to green economy fraught with challenges

6 Dec 13  Carbon storage report will shape new laws

6 Dec 13  Wind industry wants gas turned down

6 Dec 13  Mix rice straw with wool and you get ... Mibu

6 Dec 13  House will open doors to green builders

6 Dec 13  Stationary fuel cell market set to boom

29 Nov 13  Food stores switch to 'natural' refrigeration

29 Nov 13  Future bright for small-wind power, says study

29 Nov 13  Australia to ease environment path for drillers

29 Nov 13  NZI Centre wins top sustainability rating

29 Nov 13  Climate change will have economic impact on Pacific, says bank study

29 Nov 13  Motoring club takes prize for energy efficiency

22 Nov 13  It’s about more than talking the talk, says award winner

22 Nov 13  What Tim Groser told the world at Warsaw

22 Nov 13  Abbott fund has high price, says analyst

22 Nov 13  Melbourne expo might give us some answers

22 Nov 13  New-look Christchurch wins accolades at Warsaw

22 Nov 13  More and more Aussie offices going green

22 Nov 13  Australia going back to coal, says report

22 Nov 13  Coal industry must radically diversify, says UN

22 Nov 13  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

22 Nov 13  What's going on in world carbon markets

22 Nov 13  How Australia deals with carbon and electricity

22 Nov 13  Europe wants to see some action out of Warsaw

22 Nov 13  Brownlee talking brainy transport systems

15 Nov 13  EDITORIAL: The message is clear ... we have a government of climate deniers

15 Nov 13  Biggest field yet chases green business awards

15 Nov 13  CCS will be big, say energy leaders

15 Nov 13  Smartrafts ... smart way to treat waterways

15 Nov 13  Well done, Mr Abbott, says Canada

15 Nov 13  WANTED: Projects that are changing our lives

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

8 Nov 13  Poland will be stepping stone, says Groser

8 Nov 13  Meet Kennedy Graham, green sheep of the family ... and a man business would be wise to watch

8 Nov 13  Young man in a hurry ... all the way to Warsaw

8 Nov 13  LanzaTech wins praise for China operation

8 Nov 13  New carbon capture projects get go-ahead

8 Nov 13  NZ gas fireplace wins accolades

8 Nov 13  Dunedin takes serious look at carbon footprint

1 Nov 13  Business must play major role, says minister

1 Nov 13  Energy leaders to talk carbon capture

1 Nov 13  California finds friends to fight climate change

1 Nov 13  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13  Abbott wants ideas for emissions scheme

25 Oct 13  Climate-fight funds falling short of mark

25 Oct 13  China shows way to wind power expansion

25 Oct 13  Toyota finds green is good for business

25 Oct 13  Australia sees $580 boost to petroleum exploration

25 Oct 13  UN launches energy hub … with a plea

25 Oct 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13  Greens quiz minister on emissions reduction

18 Oct 13  Solar revolution carries huge financial pain

18 Oct 13  Big users keen on cutting energy costs

18 Oct 13  Major food firms sign up to substainability

18 Oct 13  Why Branson believes businesses must act on climate change

18 Oct 13  Lightbulbs get the recycling treatment ... but not here

18 Oct 13  Hydro power heads for growth period

18 Oct 13  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

18 Oct 13  UN wants to see greater financial effort

18 Oct 13  Oil engineer joins environment board

11 Oct 13  Where's the Kiwi vision, asks IPCC author

11 Oct 13  Expert dismisses Wellington rail plan

11 Oct 13  Obama's coal power call tougher than ours

11 Oct 13  Carbon pricing the cornerstone, says OECD

11 Oct 13  Greens vow to bring power to the people

11 Oct 13  Building green now cost effective, says report

11 Oct 13  Nuclear energy left behind, says report

11 Oct 13  Water key to sustainable development, says UN

11 Oct 13  International update

4 Oct 13  Obama's strategy guru joins LanzaTech

4 Oct 13  IPCC report means no more excuses for NZ

4 Oct 13  We're thinking solar, say power people

4 Oct 13  Happiness is herbs for boom business

4 Oct 13  Animal emissions can be controlled , says report

4 Oct 13  Home-energy firm wins UK accolade

4 Oct 13  What is NZ doing to help Pacific?

27 Sep 13  True carbon price bioenergy aid, says expert

27 Sep 13  100% Pure? We're ranked at a lowly 36

27 Sep 13  Business better, gas emissions worse

27 Sep 13  LanzaTech wins $4m US research grant

27 Sep 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

27 Sep 13  Small businesses star at green awards

20 Sep 13  Power rental market expects the best

20 Sep 13  Scientist gets $2m for dairy research

20 Sep 13  Smart Sydney landlords save millions

20 Sep 13  Big cities show how to tackle climate change

20 Sep 13  Green builder aims estate at the oldies

20 Sep 13  Are we doing our bit? It seems not

13 Sep 13  When small is best for NZ businesses

13 Sep 13  Why sustainable building speaks for itself

13 Sep 13  Waterfront building becomes a star

13 Sep 13  Big guns at Frankfurt show future of e-motoring

13 Sep 13  Office energy in race to the top

13 Sep 13  Renewables yes, but thermal power will win

13 Sep 13  Warehouse switches off energy-hungry bulbs

6 Sep 13  Our businesses must lead, says green champion

6 Sep 13  Businessmen join the stars in oil protest

6 Sep 13  Labour thermal power bid fails

6 Sep 13  La Nina effect cause of warming pause

6 Sep 13  Green architect unveils ‘Coral City’ housing

6 Sep 13  AUT in line for major green award

6 Sep 13  Solar installation rates trend down

30 Aug 13  Environment first, vows Labour contender

30 Aug 13  ANALYSIS: Australians' vote will affect carbon market

30 Aug 13  Production of biodiesel falls

30 Aug 13  Renewable energy generation drops

30 Aug 13  We're switching on to energy-saving bulbs

30 Aug 13  Geothermal projects win new funding

30 Aug 13  Australian carbon market value tops $6b

30 Aug 13  China’s power sector set for cleaner future

30 Aug 13  Meet the Armadillo … Honey, I shrunk the car

30 Aug 13  Why the Pacific problem will not go away

23 Aug 13  Experts slam 5% emissions target

23 Aug 13  Contact decision disappoints wind energy body

23 Aug 13  Carbon permits in China better EU price

23 Aug 13  Pacific women to see how the US does it

23 Aug 13  Official support gives boost to renewable energy

16 Aug 13  Our Super funds back pollution, says WWF

16 Aug 13  India laps up LanzaTech fuel process

16 Aug 13  EPA gets ready to sidestep Congress

16 Aug 13  Utilities must boost climate resilience, says report

16 Aug 13  China safe at top of wind power market

16 Aug 13  Google user’s carbon footprint equal to one mile drive in car

16 Aug 13  Soot and methane not the whole emissions story

9 Aug 13  Bathurst can dig up Denniston, rules court

9 Aug 13  California shuns linking emissions schemes

9 Aug 13  Why sweat bees could join the social whirl

9 Aug 13  Olympic planners to get power tips from UK

9 Aug 13  Council centre gets high energy rating

9 Aug 13  Business eyes clean, green economy

9 Aug 13  Aussie emitters await election outcome

2 Aug 13  NZ eyes move to natural capital cost

2 Aug 13  EDITORIAL: Gluckman has arrived

2 Aug 13  Climate action long overdue, says Labour

2 Aug 13  Biofuel brokers welcome Beehive backing

2 Aug 13  Green-building body gets new members

2 Aug 13  Here’s our electric car … and we’re serious, says BMW

2 Aug 13  Watch reform bill, EDS warns councils

2 Aug 13  Warming Arctic hides huge economic impact

2 Aug 13  Today’s emissions lock in sea-level rises

2 Aug 13  People power cuts in gas emissions

2 Aug 13  NSW to host huge solar power plant

2 Aug 13  Travellers prefer green hotels

2 Aug 13  Your chance to show off at Otaki

26 Jul 13  Foresters cool on wood fuel project support

26 Jul 13  Beehive backs Stump to Pump project

26 Jul 13  Treasury cashes in on energy rating

26 Jul 13  Human waste helps to mend mine sites

26 Jul 13  Renewable energy alone can do it, says report

26 Jul 13  Trading seen as answer to South Africa’s energy crisis

19 Jul 13  Gas emissions from oil on the rise

19 Jul 13  Industry set to celebrate concrete

19 Jul 13  Australia makes early move to carbon trading

19 Jul 13  Enatel markets power-saving device

12 Jul 13  Labour seeks help for fossil fuel action

12 Jul 13  Youth takes climate questions on tour

12 Jul 13  Solar plane shows world what's possible, says UN chief

12 Jul 13  Fruit growers eye big energy savings

5 Jul 13  We're woefully short on green facts, says report

5 Jul 13  Genesis gets nod for biggest windfarm

5 Jul 13  Parliament votes yes to backloading

5 Jul 13  Report paints grim picture of climate change in Asia

5 Jul 13  Sydney sets out to build a low-emissions city

5 Jul 13  Network to support carbon capture and storage

5 Jul 13  Authority gets set to talk up EEZ

5 Jul 13  Ricoh plugs in to dashboard power

5 Jul 13  Protocol parties vow to cut fridge gases

28 Jun 13  Top brass takes a note ... on paper

28 Jun 13  Obama shows up NZ, say young greens

28 Jun 13  Pollution puzzle: We're using more water than we've got

28 Jun 13  President promises to slash emissions

28 Jun 13  The five-way strategy to dodge Congress

28 Jun 13  What the power industry players think

28 Jun 13  UN climate chief applauds Obama

28 Jun 13  EU reaches deal to cut car emissions

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

21 Jun 13  EU body votes for weaker rescue plan

21 Jun 13  US ups social cost of carbon emissions

21 Jun 13  Rivals in race to market long-haul jets

14 Jun 13  Dunne decider on thermal power future

14 Jun 13  Industry sees bioenergy as key to jobs

14 Jun 13  China set to roll out trading scheme

14 Jun 13  Experts rule fracking too risky

14 Jun 13  Power saver ... take heat out of dirty laundry

7 Jun 13  Scrap carbon price cap, OECD tells NZ

7 Jun 13  House hears ETS 'far left' debate

7 Jun 13  WWF accuses NZ of hypocrisy

7 Jun 13  Museum wins environment award

7 Jun 13  Solar power access gets easier for farmers

7 Jun 13  WWF seeks $40b to back renewable energy

7 Jun 13  Little eco powerhouse wins best engine award

7 Jun 13  UN and big business bring light to Africa

31 May 13  Tread carefully, these consumers can bite

31 May 13  Europe wants emissions plans set early

31 May 13  Countries plug in to sustainable energy

24 May 13  Biofuels + Food = farming winner

24 May 13  Battery pioneer excites hybrid car makers

24 May 13  Look to NZ geothermal power, US hears

24 May 13  EU set to turn climate agenda upside down

24 May 13  MPs fail to approve renewables target

17 May 13  Todd takes control of tidal power project

17 May 13  Top scientist to look into the future

17 May 13  Green energy in the spotlight

17 May 13  Pot party pushes hemp for houses

17 May 13  Korea eyes ambitious carbon scheme

17 May 13  China holds key to cleaner skies

17 May 13  Power sector warns of costly 'lost decade'

17 May 13  Students protest at Shell science funding

17 May 13  Buy shares … and turn the heater off

10 May 13  Law academics spread energy word

10 May 13  Greening of global trade vital, says UN

10 May 13  Europe embraces green infrastructure

10 May 13  Carbon trading tax cut put on hold

10 May 13  Draft treaty threatens fracking bans

3 May 13  Power switch will cut emissions, says solar chief

3 May 13  Businesses don’t get it, says green campaigner

3 May 13  Gas emissions about to hit critical level

3 May 13  Why coal looks like a bad investment

3 May 13  States miss renewable energy targets

3 May 13  Interesting price action overnight

26 Apr 13  Worries deepen over future of ETS

26 Apr 13  Don’t deafen our dolphins, marine scientists urge

26 Apr 13  Here come the new supereconomies

26 Apr 13  Backloading might go to second vote

19 Apr 13  NZ increases emissions ... by a lot

19 Apr 13  Australia cuts emissions … slightly

19 Apr 13  World wind power on a roll

19 Apr 13  Women want out of the barn and into the boardroom

19 Apr 13  Hurunui wind farm gets green light

12 Apr 13  Fracking waste danger to food, say Greens

12 Apr 13  Russians and Shell sign Arctic deal

12 Apr 13  Shanghai second city to trade carbon

5 Apr 13  EDS claims RMA information is flawed

5 Apr 13  Museum aims high to cut emissions

28 Mar 13  Speculators suddenly see profit in carbon

28 Mar 13  EXCLUSIVE: Upstream paddle for next SOE floats

28 Mar 13  Lobbyist wants help to fight RMA changes

28 Mar 13  NZ firms win solar fresh water contracts

28 Mar 13  China outlines carbon trading road map

28 Mar 13  Combet becomes minister of everything

28 Mar 13  Drought costs power company $2m

28 Mar 13  Renewable energy share on the rise

22 Mar 13  NZUs look good as carbon prices rise

22 Mar 13  Power plant gas emissions show rise

22 Mar 13  Wind energy firm laps up UK tariff deal

22 Mar 13  Islands eye switch to renewable energy

22 Mar 13  Kyoto call kills off tar sands project

22 Mar 13  Clean energy advocates join forces

22 Mar 13  Energy storage solutions win backing

15 Mar 13  Biodiesel NZ good buy, says new owner

15 Mar 13  Don't blame biofuels, says minister

15 Mar 13  NZ 'solution' wrong, says researcher

15 Mar 13  Money worries stall Europe's e-car plans

15 Mar 13  Japan might re-open carbon discussion

15 Mar 13  Price steady after overnight spike

15 Mar 13  NZU supply tight

8 Mar 13  Unfair to blame biodiesel, say critics

8 Mar 13  Europe eyes ambitious restructure

1 Mar 13  Steel mill, smelter top free credits list

1 Mar 13  Airport sets high energy cut goals

1 Mar 13  Water huge issue for food producers, says Nestle chief

1 Mar 13  California credits surpass reserve price

1 Mar 13  Brazilian beauty stands with Al Gore in energy push

22 Feb 13  European Parliament votes for backloading

22 Feb 13  UN boosts 30 countries into green economies

22 Feb 13  Solar can save millions for poor countries

22 Feb 13  Law firm smashes emissions targets

15 Feb 13  Obama vows to take tough line

15 Feb 13  US stand puts Abbot on the spot

15 Feb 13  Memo Phil: Sydney loves the Leaf

15 Feb 13  Companies link to build fuel demo plant

15 Feb 13  Former employees buy biofuels maker

15 Feb 13  Companies adrift on climate-change score

15 Feb 13  Meat exporter targets energy savings

15 Feb 13  Solar sponge soaks up gas emissions

15 Feb 13  Cuts will delay low-carbon Europe

8 Feb 13  Clean energy tops agenda at talkfest

8 Feb 13  Companies in court over cost of ETS

8 Feb 13  Power plants cut gas emissions

8 Feb 13  Ice yields secrets of a warmer world

8 Feb 13  Dirty vans might be running out of road

8 Feb 13  Manufacturers get help to cut emissions

8 Feb 13  Germans to build solar plant in Australia

1 Feb 13  New wind generator does it on the ground

1 Feb 13  FORUM: Why is it so hard to change?

1 Feb 13  EU credits could be junk, says power chief

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

1 Feb 13  Our oil sands are fine, insists Canada

25 Jan 13  Market reels as European carbon plummets

25 Jan 13  At last, it's climate-change time for Obama

25 Jan 13  Southern lignite stupid idea, says farmer

25 Jan 13  Mega-projects threaten us all, says report

25 Jan 13  Big industry claims policies unfair

25 Jan 13  UN eyes sustainable development goals

25 Jan 13  After 13 billion years, the Universe is getting cooler

25 Jan 13  Market plunge gets the tongues wagging

25 Jan 13  New low for European carbon

18 Jan 13  China could lead world in carbon trading

18 Jan 13  So, what exactly is going on in Europe?

18 Jan 13  Black carbon looms as much bigger problem

18 Jan 13  Britain backs off hard line on Arctic drilling

18 Jan 13  Countries in trouble over green buildings

14 Dec 12  Govt takes 'hard look' at green economy

14 Dec 12  Power plant gas emissions drop

14 Dec 12  Meat producer eyes millions in energy savings

14 Dec 12  Poor countries the big climate winners

14 Dec 12  Organisers hail success of green Olympics

14 Dec 12  Tassie bright sparks show the way

14 Dec 12  Industry leads electricity transformation

7 Dec 12  We're staunch, junior minister tells world

7 Dec 12  Power company grows home generators

7 Dec 12  Agriculture: It's not all bad news

7 Dec 12  De Boer wants carbon price of 150 euros

7 Dec 12  Energy savings only way left, says economist

30 Nov 12  NZ will end up just a slogan, Greens warn

30 Nov 12  Get smart with power, says PowerSmart chief

30 Nov 12  Environment watchdog questions fracking

30 Nov 12  UN wants private sector to stand up

30 Nov 12  EUAs take a dive ... again

30 Nov 12  Dodgy Doha poor place for climate talks

30 Nov 12  Insulation scheme hot news, say Greens

23 Nov 12  Villa Maria wins sustainability title

23 Nov 12  Trader steps into Australian market

23 Nov 12  Winemaker walks off with world award

23 Nov 12  Gas emissions levels up by 20%, says UN

23 Nov 12  California dips toe in carbon market

23 Nov 12  Market leaders grab cheap credits

23 Nov 12  Australia happy trading scheme is working

23 Nov 12  Europe decides when a bicycle isn’t a bicycle

23 Nov 12  New TVs cut hundreds from energy bill, say makers

16 Nov 12  Boost regional bio-industry, says report

16 Nov 12  We'd sign with Kyoto, promises Labour

16 Nov 12  US leads energy race, says report

16 Nov 12  EU climate chief demands action

16 Nov 12  Greenies threaten to sue Netherlands

16 Nov 12  Storage problems solved, say inventors

9 Nov 12  SOE moves into Australian carbon market

9 Nov 12  We must ramp up carbon cuts, says report

9 Nov 12  World of waste ... and it's worsening

9 Nov 12  US forces going green to fuel military machine

9 Nov 12  Google keeps an eye on the land

9 Nov 12  $22m carbon farming plan on the move

9 Nov 12  Grants on offer for retailers to cut energy

9 Nov 12  Textile companies slash energy costs

9 Nov 12  EXPO: How to lower fuel and power prices

2 Nov 12  How to build green - for free

2 Nov 12  Trustpower surges ahead with Snowtown 2

2 Nov 12  EU cans plans to limit ‘hot air’ credits

2 Nov 12  Food key to Australia’s role in Asia

2 Nov 12  Millions back move to smarter energy use

2 Nov 12  Scientist hopes to get fuel supply from thin air

2 Nov 12  Have your say on mining changes

2 Nov 12  Fashion show with an ethical edge

2 Nov 12  E-shopping works, says mail order firm

26 Oct 12  Price flop not a good look, admits Smith

26 Oct 12  Philippines wins NZ geothermal help

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

26 Oct 12  Carbon not quite a cot case yet

19 Oct 12  Poll shows Maori mood against mining

19 Oct 12  LanzaTech does the business in Malaysia

19 Oct 12  Traders call for intervention in Europe

19 Oct 12  Europe’s biofuel makers threaten revolt

19 Oct 12  World Cup cuts South Africa's carbon footprint

12 Oct 12  Mining mood catches industry by surprise

12 Oct 12  Developing countries adopt green energy

12 Oct 12  Why China is no longer the scapegoat

12 Oct 12  Greens praise Aussie ETS changes

12 Oct 12  Pioneer sees Singapore as trading centre

12 Oct 12  Forget that new laptop …upgrade the old one

12 Oct 12  Philips to light up energy house

12 Oct 12  Fundamentals 'too nauseating to contemplate'

5 Oct 12  Industry angry as Solid Energy acts to drop biodesiel

5 Oct 12  Why businesses should get water-wise

5 Oct 12  Dick Smith’s recipe for a fantastic future without perpetual economic growth

5 Oct 12  Rail closure wrong-headed, say Greens

5 Oct 12  Brussels to monitor shipping emissions

5 Oct 12  Plan B perhaps, but there’s no Planet B …

5 Oct 12  Market weakens on news of February vote in EU ETS

28 Sep 12  Government lying to us, says forester

28 Sep 12  EDITORIAL: The problem called John Banks

28 Sep 12  Emissions cut, but still at high level

28 Sep 12  Think carrot ... not stick

28 Sep 12  Super fund drops nuclear investment

28 Sep 12  Why Romney in the White House scares Europe

28 Sep 12  Prices stage a rally ... of sorts

21 Sep 12  Maori leaders want cheap credits blocked

21 Sep 12  Is ETS a scheme or a scam, ask Greens

21 Sep 12  Minister takes seat in the powerhouse

21 Sep 12  CarbonScape tracks big prize

21 Sep 12  Green firms an inspiration, says judge

21 Sep 12  Coal plans devastating, says protest group

21 Sep 12  Australia goes looking for geothermal energy

21 Sep 12  There's two sides to the green car story, say critics

21 Sep 12  Spaniards to build Canberra solar farm

21 Sep 12  Scientists urge new way of thinking

21 Sep 12  Hobsonville green homes sell well

14 Sep 12  Put that in writing, minister, says council head

14 Sep 12  ETS submission: Get real on power line trees

14 Sep 12  RMA not all hot air, says wind chief

14 Sep 12  Experts urge action to save carbon market

14 Sep 12  Europe eyes limit on crop biofuels

14 Sep 12  Australian units likely to sit at $15

14 Sep 12  NZUs down in line with European prices

7 Sep 12  Europe bulbs ban leaves NZ unmoved

7 Sep 12  Water-wise Maori now look to the wind

7 Sep 12  Blenheim innovator makes world final

7 Sep 12  NZ emissions-cutter wins recognition

7 Sep 12  Europe throws switch on incandescent bulbs

31 Aug 12  Industry slams Govt biofuel backdown

31 Aug 12  Coconut compound does the trick

31 Aug 12  Mining cuts won't ease gases liability

31 Aug 12  Dick Smith: How to keep ahead of the curve

31 Aug 12  NZ to host EU energy conference

31 Aug 12  Cool idea could cut coal gas emissions

31 Aug 12  Volt gives jolt to crash protection

31 Aug 12  Lakes eco home wins galaxy of stars

31 Aug 12  Green building guru for Auckland meet

24 Aug 12  Foresters put faith in new technology

24 Aug 12  EXCLUSIVE: Carbon News readers can now get full climate report

24 Aug 12  Billions back fossil fuels, says study

24 Aug 12  Fracking no answer, warn Greens

24 Aug 12  Transpower wins energy award

24 Aug 12  Biofuel under fire as food crisis looms

24 Aug 12  UN calls for integrated climate policies

24 Aug 12  Beer drinkers say cheers to reducing methane

17 Aug 12  Most Kiwis back a green revolution

17 Aug 12  Wave power popular, but progress is slow

17 Aug 12  AL MORRISON: We've been too smug for too long

17 Aug 12  Mill Creek wind farm to play key role

17 Aug 12  Study warns South Pacific of storm shocks

17 Aug 12  Missed opportunity to invest in NZ

17 Aug 12  NZUs 'unloved and expensive'

10 Aug 12  Shipping lines join clean port plan

10 Aug 12  Right food vital, say UN experts

10 Aug 12  Festival wins inspiration award

3 Aug 12  Academic diagnoses climate change fatigue

3 Aug 12  Scientists challenge biofuels claim

3 Aug 12  London wins praise for green Olympics

3 Aug 12  A good word to use is languish ...

3 Aug 12  NZUs now the 'wallflower' at the carbon dance

27 Jul 12  Petrobras protest skipper walks free

27 Jul 12  Europe to try twin-track fix for market

27 Jul 12  Australia discovers sea power

20 Jul 12  Our world in peril

20 Jul 12  It's all good news for biodiesel maker

20 Jul 12  China on the ball, says UN chief

20 Jul 12  Rare-earths monopoly worries US

13 Jul 12  Papers show support for credits cut

13 Jul 12  Huntly key to free credit allocations

13 Jul 12  NZ helps Tonga build solar plant

6 Jul 12  ETS inaction puts focus on transport

6 Jul 12  Bio-farming pays the bills, says study

6 Jul 12  No more cloudy days for solar, say scientists

6 Jul 12  More Americans go cool on global warming

6 Jul 12  Carbon forestry in hibernation

29 Jun 12  Dick Smith wants to power up our business leaders

29 Jun 12  Heavy metals firm wins accolade

29 Jun 12  Puketoi wind farm gets go-ahead

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

29 Jun 12  Rio shows how to have a conference with little paper

29 Jun 12  Australia takes aim at shipping

29 Jun 12  Don't trade in the Holden on a push bike

29 Jun 12  Rio reception pleases NZ tech company

22 Jun 12  I quite like this e-car, enthuses e-minister

22 Jun 12  UN sews sustainability ‘golden thread’

22 Jun 12  Experts show cities can be sustainable

22 Jun 12  Supercomputer to lead climate research

15 Jun 12  Wind energy pathway to jobs, says report

15 Jun 12  Figures paint sad picture of the world

15 Jun 12  Farmers eye new deal on cow gases

15 Jun 12  Best green cars in a rapidly changing world

15 Jun 12  Waikato businesses get eco smart

15 Jun 12  US conservationist to tell his stories

15 Jun 12  All quiet on the carbon front

8 Jun 12  Industry eyes mega wood-fuel plant

8 Jun 12  Big business gets busy with bioenergy

8 Jun 12  Jobs boom looms in clean energy

8 Jun 12  How corporates play the climate game

8 Jun 12  Australia nuclear by 2030, says expert

8 Jun 12  EU-China carbon talks get serious

8 Jun 12  Now’s the time to change our thinking

8 Jun 12  Winemaker takes top green ribbon

1 Jun 12  Help us, pleads wind power innovator

1 Jun 12  Make it easier, says rivers champion

1 Jun 12  Global emissions reach record high

1 Jun 12  Growing market meets carbon challenges

1 Jun 12  Stand by for the golden age of gas

1 Jun 12  Australia eyes new energy standards

1 Jun 12  Solid Energy keen on Taranaki gas

1 Jun 12  Warmer homes pay off, say Greens

25 May 12  Air NZ flies high as cutter of emissions

25 May 12  Energy-saving plant wins praise

25 May 12  LanzaTech takes global award ... again

25 May 12  Tool measures hort gas emissions

25 May 12  Carbon hits new low

25 May 12  It's all down to the Greeks

18 May 12  Carbon low brings halt to forest planting

18 May 12  Marsden eyes emissions savings

18 May 12  Low lake levels affect gas emissions

18 May 12  Switched-on insurer turns over new Leaf

18 May 12  Oceans still a mystery, say scientists

18 May 12  Banks need a shove to back green

18 May 12  EU airline cash could go to climate fund

18 May 12  Europe ETS to spare some industries

18 May 12  Asia-Pacific must respond to survive

18 May 12  Drug makers given green option

18 May 12  Warm homes green economics at work

11 May 12  ETS changing forestry, says minister

11 May 12  She'll be right, Combet tells public

11 May 12  Get moving, Ban tells Rio nations

11 May 12  Island nations commit to new fuels

11 May 12  Empire State Building to light up ... Kiwi-style

4 May 12  Key must quit coal connection, says campaigner

4 May 12  Report lists banks as coal’s ‘Filthy Five’

4 May 12  Koreans say yes to emissions trading

4 May 12  Climate drives security fears in Arctic

4 May 12  Australia revises carbon offset scheme

4 May 12  Senior scientists talk innovation access

4 May 12  Miner to make hydo-electricity

27 Apr 12  Britain tempts NZ over marine power

27 Apr 12  Talks urge film-makers to spread the word

27 Apr 12  Towns learn how landfill can make money

27 Apr 12  Obama warms to climate change action

27 Apr 12  Slow-down in European market

20 Apr 12  Coal survey unfair, says protest group

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

20 Apr 12  Southern gym goes green

20 Apr 12  Airport hotel signs for the environment

20 Apr 12  Insurer celebrates carbon first

20 Apr 12  Mexico eyes carbon trading system

20 Apr 12  Business takes over energy centre

13 Apr 12  We can't go on like this, says think tank

13 Apr 12  Firm doubles sales of LED lights

13 Apr 12  Buy coal ... and fight climate change

13 Apr 12  UN in pre-Rio call for business action

13 Apr 12  City wins praise for fracking stand

11 Apr 12  Agriculture might get 2018 reprieve

5 Apr 12  Uncertainty raises interest in NZUs

5 Apr 12  Wind energy lobby predicts big things

5 Apr 12  Australia and EU want ETS links

5 Apr 12  Why high-tech is vital in carbon economy

5 Apr 12  US aims to cut coal power emissions

5 Apr 12  Energy regulator reports for duty

5 Apr 12  EPA bombshell means big changes ahead

5 Apr 12  Southern project on track with award

5 Apr 12  Don't be a chimp this Easter, says zoo

30 Mar 12  Trader has high hopes for new platform

30 Mar 12  Greenhouse group shuts doors

30 Mar 12  Court gives go-ahead to mega mine

30 Mar 12  Carbon capture technology moves closer

30 Mar 12  Grassroots groups win UN prizes

30 Mar 12  Businesses learn how to be eco smart

23 Mar 12  Build pulp-biofuel plant, urges expert

23 Mar 12  Our focus wrong, says think-tank head

23 Mar 12  Market revival in PFSI credits

23 Mar 12  Marine energy groups to join forces

23 Mar 12  Australia stands alone in low-carbon slide

23 Mar 12  Europe tells China to start own ETS

16 Mar 12  Wood the answer, says biofuel expert

16 Mar 12  Talks look at wood for bio-energy

16 Mar 12  China sees sense of low-carbon economy

16 Mar 12  Biofuels get $15 million boost

16 Mar 12  Green buildings in spotlight

9 Mar 12  Govt will slow ETS

9 Mar 12  Wind power forecast is for huge growth

9 Mar 12  Businesses keen on clean tech classes

9 Mar 12  Don’t be like Singapore, says watchdog

9 Mar 12  Australia, China work on carbon capture

9 Mar 12  Nepal registers 40‚000 biogas plants

9 Mar 12  Government's mining plans worry Greens

2 Mar 12  Gas technology lines Aussie pockets

2 Mar 12  Campaign aims to to cut emissions

2 Mar 12  Australia eases impact of carbon price

2 Mar 12  Ferry terminals win green praise

2 Mar 12  Australian election poses ETS problems

24 Feb 12  Protesters’ pix show dam destruction

24 Feb 12  European market has attack of nerves

24 Feb 12  Carbon prices sailing choppy seas

17 Feb 12  Meridian explains jump in emissions

17 Feb 12  Electric cars ... what do you think?

17 Feb 12  Canterbury sets high emissions mark

17 Feb 12  Solid Energy wants coal from new mine

17 Feb 12  Scientists eye water-powered meter

17 Feb 12  Agencies chase slice of farm carbon pie

17 Feb 12  Business must do sustainability, says UN

17 Feb 12  Australia sets up energy aid packages

17 Feb 12  Why sludge is starting to look sexy

17 Feb 12  Taupo serves up solar for lunch

17 Feb 12  Europe move could jump prices

10 Feb 12  Green economy only way for Shearer

10 Feb 12  Labour likes ETS ... if it works

10 Feb 12  Lignite could fight cadmium, says study

10 Feb 12  We need new water system, says academic

10 Feb 12  Talks connect to connection technologies

10 Feb 12  Why CERs are best bet in the long run

3 Feb 12  Officials back slow-down of ETS

3 Feb 12  Developer goes solar for subdivision

3 Feb 12  Fancy fridges save country millions

3 Feb 12  Wind power creates jobs worldwide

3 Feb 12  Solid Energy buys back Spring Creek

3 Feb 12  Clean Energy Centre spreads the word

3 Feb 12  Where Europe goes, we go ...

27 Jan 12  Minister puts plans for environment

27 Jan 12  Interest high in green-living project

27 Jan 12  Hydropower on rise worldwide

27 Jan 12  Experts eye green economy in a blue world

27 Jan 12  US climate teams move into Pacific

27 Jan 12  Talks begin on agenda for Rio

20 Jan 12  Taupo tempts clean-tech Americans

20 Jan 12  Meridian drops wind farm project

20 Jan 12  China looks at benefits of carbon tax

20 Jan 12  Startling report warns of lives cut short

20 Jan 12  Energy efficiency vital, says UN report

16 Dec 11  Durban delegates hail breakthrough

9 Dec 11  Sunshine cars go all the way south

9 Dec 11  The longer we wait, the worse it gets

9 Dec 11  Why we must target the 2deg limit

9 Dec 11  Italian firm joins UN in helping poor

2 Dec 11  Business lobby signs up for green

2 Dec 11  Smart meters need study, says expert

2 Dec 11  Farmers sign up to $99m green fund

2 Dec 11  Nats break mining promise, says Labour

25 Nov 11  Hacker slams lignite on miner's website

25 Nov 11  Green wing: Air force hangar gets a star

25 Nov 11  Greenhouse gas levels reach worst-ever levels

25 Nov 11  China to set up climate change think tank

25 Nov 11  UN pleads for ‘global conversation’

25 Nov 11  Emails worry NZ climate deniers

18 Nov 11  Scrap lignite plan, says energy expert

18 Nov 11  Scientists issue warnings over Durban

18 Nov 11  Business getting serious about green investment

18 Nov 11  New rules cut ship emissions, says report

18 Nov 11  Minister sets date for new carbon rules

18 Nov 11  Smart boxes come to the Waikato

11 Nov 11  Unhappy exporters voice ETS fears

11 Nov 11  LanzaTech lands a first with India

11 Nov 11  Aquaflow to show know-how in Australia

11 Nov 11  Pig gas turns into nice little earner

11 Nov 11  Gillard warns businesses to behave

11 Nov 11  UN expects firm decisions in Durban

11 Nov 11  Pew Centre morphs into C2ES

11 Nov 11  Wind power projects short of money

11 Nov 11  Where Labour and Greens stand on carbon trading

4 Nov 11  Environment key poll issue, says Labour

4 Nov 11  We can capture carbon, says report

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

4 Nov 11  Key carbon tax vote next week

4 Nov 11  Environment needs urgent action, says report

4 Nov 11  California scheme opens investment doors

4 Nov 11  Ban names high-level team to push energy

28 Oct 11  Green pays recession dividends for Toyota

28 Oct 11  Study urges care with harvesting for biofuel

28 Oct 11  China expecting huge growth in wind power

28 Oct 11  Solar seen as saviour of Great Barrier Reef

28 Oct 11  Quake city to focus on energy-wise buildings

28 Oct 11  Dodgy ... that's Auckland City investment

21 Oct 11  How recession has divided business

21 Oct 11  Stewart Island wants to stand alone

21 Oct 11  Investment giants call for urgent climate action

21 Oct 11  Leaders must make changes, says report

21 Oct 11  Study sheds new light on cattle emissions

21 Oct 11  Young people put ideas for green economy

21 Oct 11  Why we need to ban industrial CERs soon

14 Oct 11  Investors sniff out NZ forest fortunes

14 Oct 11  Somehow, we've got a carbon surplus

14 Oct 11  Windflow puts future in shareholders' hands

14 Oct 11  Historic moment as carbon tax gets a yes

14 Oct 11  Clean energy corporation has $10b bank

14 Oct 11  Islands need help to beat droughts

14 Oct 11  Abbott will eat his words, says CMS

14 Oct 11  Philips wins lighting award

14 Oct 11  Spooked Europe slashes carbon price

7 Oct 11  Gas credits ban might catch some emitters

7 Oct 11  Windflow founder backs shares plan

7 Oct 11  Homeless could reach 200 million, says UN

7 Oct 11  Agency to aid world of seven billion

30 Sep 11  Greens demand subsidy answers

30 Sep 11  Global CO2 emissions show steep rise

30 Sep 11  UN to probe green impact of infotech

30 Sep 11  Minister rates ties with Chile

30 Sep 11  Nelson projects aim to cut emissions

23 Sep 11  Business wants green growth answers

23 Sep 11  Green jobs galore, promises Norman

23 Sep 11  Cheap, clean energy critical, says UN

23 Sep 11  Carbon price good news, says study

23 Sep 11  Why Asia-Pacific needs green revolution

23 Sep 11  Scientists spring speed checks on wind

16 Sep 11  That's it ... till after the election

16 Sep 11  Labour plans for state clean energy push

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Act stands for abolition

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Farm costs worry Fonterra

16 Sep 11  Australian carbon bills go to House

9 Sep 11  Fossil fuel investment will damage NZ's reputation

9 Sep 11  Colin Powell's got Karma … so has Leonardo

9 Sep 11  Carbon capture body opens Japan office

9 Sep 11  Rugby World Cup more than a load of rubbish

9 Sep 11  Greens push for Pacific climate action

2 Sep 11  Genesis surpasses cuts targets

2 Sep 11  Windflow seeks capital to take IP offshore

2 Sep 11  Doctor fears climate treaty challenge

2 Sep 11  Buildings will go green under $35m fund

2 Sep 11  Big business backs eucalypt biofuel

2 Sep 11  Hotel green scheme makes business sense

26 Aug 11  State deals cut out wind power pioneer

26 Aug 11  Carbon farming becomes reality in Australia

26 Aug 11  UN wants clean energy revolution

26 Aug 11  What China does is vitally important

19 Aug 11  Cautious market mulls over CERs moves

19 Aug 11  Greens slam stand on Auckland transport

19 Aug 11  ETS cutting emissions, says minister

19 Aug 11  LanzaTech eyes world-wide clients

19 Aug 11  Wind farm adds to environment awards

19 Aug 11  Environment reporting: What do you think?

19 Aug 11  Buildings in the frontline of climate battle

19 Aug 11  Wind powers Ford’s UK diesel plant

12 Aug 11  Callaghan: We need schemes, not dreams

12 Aug 11  E-cars equal petrol at 26c a litre, says EECA

12 Aug 11  UN exhorts academia to find solutions

5 Aug 11  Ministers eye 2015 for Tasman market

5 Aug 11  Japan cuts ties with the past

5 Aug 11  Make your second car electric

5 Aug 11  Coal has major role in power generation

5 Aug 11  Tool measures emissions from buildings

5 Aug 11  Israel puts energy solutions on show

5 Aug 11  Is cleantech dead in the water?

5 Aug 11  Petrol should be cheaper, says minister

5 Aug 11  Heating scheme reaches more homes

5 Aug 11  Air quality record improves

5 Aug 11  Sticker carries energy efficiency clues

29 Jul 11  Biofuel plan stagnates while Government dithers

29 Jul 11  One-for-two deal must stay, says coalition

29 Jul 11  Perfect storm behind the CER meltdown

29 Jul 11  Australian carbon bills on the move

29 Jul 11  Aussie clothier jumps in – boots and all

22 Jul 11  Clear ETS signals bring in the money

22 Jul 11  What's in the Australian carbon tax for New Zealand?

15 Jul 11  Are we keeping up, asks energy expert

15 Jul 11  Govt under fire over southern lignite

15 Jul 11  Renewable energy making its mark on the world

15 Jul 11  Australia makes carbon moves easy for householders

8 Jul 11  Trader claims NZ's biggest carbon deal

8 Jul 11  Sign up with us, say green business leaders

8 Jul 11  COMMENT: Government misses Pure Advantage

8 Jul 11  Sorry, say experts, it's no longer business as usual

8 Jul 11  UN panel wants halt to CDM coal projects

1 Jul 11  NZU prices struggle to hold around $18

1 Jul 11  New enviro watchdog to run ETS

1 Jul 11  California postpones trading scheme

1 Jul 11  Hydrogen car technology hits the fast lane

1 Jul 11  Jet Park hotel wins top enviro award

1 Jul 11  Market confusion sees prices at a low

24 Jun 11  Carbon price set to follow fall in Europe

24 Jun 11  Business grows for busy market pioneer

24 Jun 11  Six things companies need to know about climate change

24 Jun 11  Why cities are at the business end of climate challenge

24 Jun 11  At these levels, you have to start buying

17 Jun 11  Try incentives for farmers, says broker

17 Jun 11  WWF calls for countries to act on carbon

17 Jun 11  The Carbon Traders: Lizzie Chambers, Carbon Match

17 Jun 11  Emissions trading is best, says Shell chief

17 Jun 11  Hydro footprint light on environment

17 Jun 11  How the majors deal with sustainability

17 Jun 11  New standard measures energy efficiency

17 Jun 11  Wind generation needs a helping hand

10 Jun 11  BNZ intends to join carbon market

10 Jun 11  Climate fighter has a big job for NZ

10 Jun 11  What James Hansen told the Prime Minister ...

10 Jun 11  Wind energy now in the mainstream

10 Jun 11  Ten things they want you know about wind energy ...

10 Jun 11  Act now on Cancun pact, urges climate chief

10 Jun 11  Parties battle over carbon farming plans

10 Jun 11  Food waste firm wins green award

3 Jun 11  FORUM: Britain can't do it alone

3 Jun 11  NZ attitudes concern climate cameraman

3 Jun 11  Progress on Kyoto forestry rules, says industry

3 Jun 11  Charcoal company gets special mention

3 Jun 11  Cargo carbon calculations just a click away

3 Jun 11  Carbon emissions reach record high

3 Jun 11  French get ready to market green coal

3 Jun 11  Australia signs energy pact with Germany

3 Jun 11  Hopes dim for safe emissions levels

3 Jun 11  Unitec launches sustainability strategy

27 May 11  Estimates pinpoint cost of ETS to farmers

27 May 11  Metal recycling ‘discouragingly low,’ says UN

27 May 11  Europe keeps emissions under control

27 May 11  No danger of Australia leading the world

20 May 11  UK carbon budget sets course for cuts

20 May 11  Biodiesel maker to set up Nelson plant

20 May 11  Why world economies must go green

20 May 11  NZUs slip further

13 May 11  Business on right track, says Hansen

13 May 11  Public has no say in southern lignite plant

13 May 11  LanzaTech makes mark in Silicon Valley

13 May 11  Budget lines up carbon price programmes

13 May 11  Biofuels project wins $5m funding

13 May 11  Renewable energy can do the job, say experts

13 May 11  They are the Champions … of the Earth

13 May 11  UN energy report falls short, says WFC

13 May 11  Market eyes Japan's nuclear plans

13 May 11  Greens hail success of Warm Up NZ

6 May 11  Who says homes can't be stylish ... and energy efficient?

29 Apr 11  How high-tech can steer cars in right direction

29 Apr 11  Clark urges businesses to go low carbon

21 Apr 11  NZ drags chain in drive for green growth

21 Apr 11  Country expects to hit Kyoto targets

21 Apr 11  We can cut carbon ... so why fudge the figures?

21 Apr 11  Carbon pollution climbs in Australia

21 Apr 11  EVENT: Taupo Clean Energy Centre open day, May 13

21 Apr 11  Most Kiwis want renewables over fossil fuels

21 Apr 11  China on a clean energy roll

15 Apr 11  Solid Energy hits out at Pike gas advice

15 Apr 11  CarboNZero steps out to stand alone

15 Apr 11  Canberra okays $104m solar energy project

15 Apr 11  Consumer watchdog takes green firm to court

15 Apr 11  Islands join NZ in collecting e-waste

15 Apr 11  Auckland boosts home insulation

15 Apr 11  Tasman eyes turn to energy efficiency

15 Apr 11  EECA welcomes renewable energy stance

8 Apr 11  Foresters see way to reduce ETS risk

8 Apr 11  Wood processors want slice of the pie

8 Apr 11  We lack long-term thinking, say researchers

8 Apr 11  Green Africa envy of the world, says UN

8 Apr 11  India orders first floating solar plant

8 Apr 11  A quiet week, but long-term outlook for higher carbon prices

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

1 Apr 11  Greens: Emissions target is green-washing

1 Apr 11  Emissions target inadequate, says WWF

1 Apr 11  All going well as emitters file first returns

1 Apr 11  FORUM: It's our job to think long term

1 Apr 11  The business of marine energy, May 25 and 26

1 Apr 11  National standards smooth way

25 Mar 11  Scientists show biochar slashes animal gas

25 Mar 11  How Europe found other ways to cut emissions

25 Mar 11  Kiwi carbon player goes it alone

25 Mar 11  Ministers reveal more carbon details

25 Mar 11  Workers take climate petition to Canberra

25 Mar 11  Forum: How Israel watches its water

25 Mar 11  Kaipara key first step, says energy group

25 Mar 11  Quake cripples Nissan’s e-car production line

25 Mar 11  Scientists seek concrete answers

25 Mar 11  Forum: Why we must focus on the whole environment

25 Mar 11  Greens push for a green Christchurch

18 Mar 11  Price on move as carbon booms in Europe

18 Mar 11  Crest gets nod for Kaipara tidal plant

18 Mar 11  Biodiesel co-op wants to expand

18 Mar 11  How Australia helps China to repair the damage

18 Mar 11  Australia, Germany sign solar pact

18 Mar 11  Labour: All councils should look at solar

18 Mar 11  Fukushima drama affects carbon price

18 Mar 11  The day will come when you'll beg for $4 petrol

18 Mar 11  Shopping centre plans to celebrate

18 Mar 11  Winemaker urges Earth Hour action

11 Mar 11  ETS PAPER 1: Businesses feel the costs

11 Mar 11  New Christchurch could show world the way

11 Mar 11  Industrial emitters lodge first returns

11 Mar 11  Taupo centre showcases clean energy

11 Mar 11  Kawerau mill wins forest award

4 Mar 11  Emissions target unrealistic, says lobbyist

4 Mar 11  Windflow happy with UK tariff change

4 Mar 11  Waikato wind farm wins approval

4 Mar 11  Emissions fall as coal goes out of fashion

4 Mar 11  BOC signs long=term clean energy deal

25 Feb 11  Australia sets date for carbon scheme

25 Feb 11  Labour: It's the same old story

25 Feb 11  Garnaut about to tell it like it is

25 Feb 11  Geothermal best bet, says Contact

25 Feb 11  LanzaTech signs with Korean giant

25 Feb 11  Auckland scheme recycles waste oil

25 Feb 11  The video footage that terrifies power companies

25 Feb 11  Sell CERs and bank the profit, broker says

18 Feb 11  Lignite mining could send emissions soaring

18 Feb 11  Windfarm decision worries developers

18 Feb 11  UN chief calls for a global revolution

18 Feb 11  Flannery to head Climate Commission

18 Feb 11  US investors ask enviro questions

18 Feb 11  Aussie scheme could be lucrative for NZ carbon sellers

11 Feb 11  Clean-tech costs falling fast, says Garnaut

11 Feb 11  Engineers warn of infrastructure chaos

11 Feb 11  Combet: Australia must act to cut emissions

11 Feb 11  Public and private sectors must work together, says Charles

11 Feb 11  Wind farm adds power to the economy

4 Feb 11  Caygill team gets down to business

4 Feb 11  Smith calls for carbon reduction submissions

4 Feb 11  Lanzatech takes on international exec

4 Feb 11  Airport eyes switch from diesel boilers

4 Feb 11  Kiwi bach shows off power of solar

4 Feb 11  These days, it's all about shale oil

28 Jan 11  Australia ratifies renewable energy law

28 Jan 11  Australia eyes 50% tax cut on new fuels

28 Jan 11  Dramatic emissions cuts possible, says UN

28 Jan 11  Energy market contemplates the end of oil

21 Jan 11  Some growers qualify for free carbon credits

21 Jan 11  Investment in five wind farms tops $250m

21 Jan 11  FORUM: Signs of change

21 Jan 11  Blame Brownlee for blackouts, says Labour

23 Dec 10  Review rules out some ETS challenges

23 Dec 10  Public might not appear before panel

23 Dec 10  California gives nod to timber carbon case

23 Dec 10  RMA reforms deliver first major consent ahead of time, says Smith

17 Dec 10  Clean-tech strategists will go it alone

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: A clearer picture is emerging

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: What the scientists are saying

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Give money to research, says FedFarm

17 Dec 10  California set to sign up for cap-and-trade

17 Dec 10  Britons pay more under sweeping power reforms

17 Dec 10  Landcare gives Scottish parliament the nod

17 Dec 10  Underground gas storage gets go-ahead

17 Dec 10  Black Robin earns a feather in its cap

17 Dec 10  NZ wave-power machine wins award

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're committed, says Smith

10 Dec 10  Forests come to the rescue of clams exporter

10 Dec 10  Solid Energy happy to sit on lignite facts

10 Dec 10  Windflow rights issue raises $3 million

10 Dec 10  Let’s hear the truth about electric vehicles

10 Dec 10  World Bank will help to finance carbon markets

10 Dec 10  Ship operators eye return to the days of sail

10 Dec 10  China will lead way in clean energy, says Stern

10 Dec 10  US hopes technology will do the job

10 Dec 10  Multinationals pick up Gigaton awards

10 Dec 10  Lanzatech hits the hot 50

3 Dec 10  We must change our thinking, says think tank

3 Dec 10  Memo businesses: Get the message or you're history

3 Dec 10  Aquaflow links with US firm in energy move

3 Dec 10  Cancun: The electricity isn't there

3 Dec 10  Climate minister defends 5 per cent target

3 Dec 10  Solar scientists given $5m research boost

3 Dec 10  Wind group: Court gives nod to wind farms

3 Dec 10  Nova Energy buys EGas customers

26 Nov 10  Downer tip: How to cut your fuel bill by $3m

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  EECA 2 - top honours to Te Kuiti

26 Nov 10  EECA 3 - pig-power in Taranaki

26 Nov 10  EECA 4 - two crowns for Christchurch

26 Nov 10  Pledges not enough to avoid global damage

26 Nov 10  EU plans to clamp down on fridge gas scam

26 Nov 10  China’s Cancun promise: We’ll do our bit

26 Nov 10  Europe going too slowly, says climate report

26 Nov 10  South Korea promises carbon capture by 2020

26 Nov 10  They're installing one new wind turbine every hour

26 Nov 10  Macro companies vie for a mega Giga

26 Nov 10  Good demand for NZUs, despite low price of CERs

23 Nov 10  Buyer calls tender for spot carbon

19 Nov 10  UK opening for turbines excites Windflow

19 Nov 10  Australia comes in at No2 in the dirty half-dozen

19 Nov 10  Aussies go shopping for carbon information

19 Nov 10  Top energy idea worth one million dollars

19 Nov 10  How kitchen table talk can cut carbon footprint

19 Nov 10  LanzaTech to work on jet fuel development

19 Nov 10  Green homes good investment, says Harcourts

19 Nov 10  Ecotours operator wins environment award

12 Nov 10  How would YOU answer Suzuki's five questions for NZ?

12 Nov 10  ETS not the way to go, says FedFarm

12 Nov 10  Agency doubts Copenhagen pact energy goal

12 Nov 10  EU works with China on carbon-trading pilot

12 Nov 10  Pension giant to pump $500m into green portfolio

12 Nov 10  Russia's carbon market finally starts to move

5 Nov 10  NZ lends helping hand with Australian ETS

5 Nov 10  Mexico our latest clean-tech partner

5 Nov 10  Battle marks new era in environmental politics

5 Nov 10  Britain aims for 100,000 green-collar workers

5 Nov 10  Korea braces for carbon trading system

5 Nov 10  Asia seen as hub of renewable energy

5 Nov 10  Fuel-efficient Mini Cooper hits the market

29 Oct 10  Judges reward maker of light systems

29 Oct 10  Norfolk Island first to try out personal carbon trading

29 Oct 10  Big oil eyes free carbon permits in California

29 Oct 10  Australian experts examine carbon farming

29 Oct 10  Heliostats spell sunny future for solar industry

29 Oct 10  Frankly speaking - Groser addresses Brazil conference

29 Oct 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia 2010 - on now in Singapore

29 Oct 10  Southern builder launches sustainable homes

22 Oct 10  Sealord looks at ways to ease ETS costs

22 Oct 10  Carbon trade transparency key, says manager

22 Oct 10  NZ wind turbine makes California breakthrough

22 Oct 10  Union sparks probe of China's green-tech trade

22 Oct 10  Asian countries high on list of most vulnerable

22 Oct 10  Whitehall grabs billions from emissions scheme

22 Oct 10  UN okays pioneering Russian carbon project

22 Oct 10  Voters to speak on California climate law

22 Oct 10  There’s only one thing hotter than China

22 Oct 10  Sustainability wins award for hostel

19 Oct 10  Forest owners get positive ETS message from Government

15 Oct 10  Wind power plays key role in Trade Me cuts

15 Oct 10  Recycling plant starves as glass goes to pave roads

15 Oct 10  How the military's green energy transition can make you rich

15 Oct 10  China shows the way in wind energy boom

15 Oct 10  Europe claims victory for aviation role in ETS

8 Oct 10  Miner vows customers will benefit from free credits

8 Oct 10  Canada's $1b bonus sparks NZ forest interest

8 Oct 10  Judge fines Methven over enviro shower claim

8 Oct 10  Roadshow rams home the sustainability message

8 Oct 10  Big banks slammed for backing coal

8 Oct 10  Last talks before Cancun bog down in China

8 Oct 10  UN to list ‘30 Ways in 30 Days’ to combat change

8 Oct 10  Solar giant plans huge plant in WA

8 Oct 10  Greenpeace stages protest over oil drilling

8 Oct 10  Solar returning to the White House

1 Oct 10  Free credits now in the hands of industrial emitters

1 Oct 10  ETS changes leave Kiwis with $820m Kyoto bill

1 Oct 10  Wellington puts electric cars to the test

1 Oct 10  This emissions business is hard, says China

1 Oct 10  Garnaut back on the Aussie merry-go-round

1 Oct 10  Ecuador oil deal shows how it can be done, says UN

1 Oct 10  ETS in full swing as last bits tidied

24 Sep 10  Delays frustrate Kaipara tidal energy developer

24 Sep 10  Peak Oil: We've been lying to you

24 Sep 10  Country needs clean-tech skills, says innovator

24 Sep 10  Mayoral hopefuls quiet on eco-city proposals

24 Sep 10  Carbon management climbs boardroom agenda

24 Sep 10  UK green deal will make 250,000 jobs, says minister

24 Sep 10  Big money aims to shoot down California energy laws

24 Sep 10  EU carbon prices may treble by 2013, says bank

24 Sep 10  Toyota to build eco engines in Australia

24 Sep 10  Taiwan moves toward carbon offset scheme

24 Sep 10  Rugby star kicks off Global Climate Working Bee

17 Sep 10  New-tech fridge shows what NZ firms can do

17 Sep 10  Brownlee chuffed with geothermal figures

17 Sep 10  Coal comfort: New climate minister vows support

17 Sep 10  … but major miner says to look beyond coal

17 Sep 10  Canada looms as a polar tiger, says scientist

17 Sep 10  Maari reaches ‘10 million barrel’ milestone

17 Sep 10  Meridian, landowners talk on North Bank hydro project

10 Sep 10  Stern: It's out there if you want it

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

10 Sep 10  LanzaTech signs for first coal-to-biological-fuel project

10 Sep 10  Put your money on e-cars, says bank report

10 Sep 10  Early Greens pressure could see an Aussie ETS

10 Sep 10  It's a cinch, says Harry, nothing this year

10 Sep 10  Euronext to expand carbon trading to US, Asia

10 Sep 10  UK launches investor forum to spur green finance

10 Sep 10  FORUM: Can feed-in tariffs let everyone be an energy generator?

3 Sep 10  Pressure builds to change ETS obligation rule

3 Sep 10  Mighty River likes look of carbon market

3 Sep 10  We pay $11m too much, say major power users

3 Sep 10  Go for natural gas - the price is right

3 Sep 10  Big banks take new look at dirty industries

3 Sep 10  France to pump billions into renewables

3 Sep 10  Carbon traders setting up shop in Singapore

27 Aug 10  Iwi join Aussies in carbon forestry venture

27 Aug 10  New company sells Kiwi clean-tech to the world

27 Aug 10  Plants on a carbon go-slow, say scientists

27 Aug 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia 2010: October 27-28, Singapore

27 Aug 10  $6 billion of new investment likely to go to EPA

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

20 Aug 10  Race is on for biggest offshore wind turbines

20 Aug 10  Journals not court is place for scientific debate - experts

20 Aug 10  Top Energy sells Fiji operation

20 Aug 10  Te Uku wins Meridian environmental award

13 Aug 10  Boardroom doesn't get it, says climate talks chief

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

13 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 3: Wayne King, Carbon Market Solutions

13 Aug 10  Tasman challenge: Cut emissions by 15 per cent

13 Aug 10  Meridian to build huge Aussie wind farm

13 Aug 10  Ecuador touts world's first really green oil deal

13 Aug 10  How Portugal gave itself an energy makeover

13 Aug 10  Making biochar makes sense, study shows

13 Aug 10  Huge Greenland iceberg sparks sea-level scare

13 Aug 10  Australian car emissions rules well off pace

13 Aug 10  Televisions can now earn an Energy Star

6 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 2: Simon Young, Karo Group/EcoSecurities

6 Aug 10  Coal-fired station predicts cut in emissions

6 Aug 10  Mighty River offers carbon deals to landowners

6 Aug 10  US regulator shrugs off climate deniers

6 Aug 10  South Africa mulls over carbon tax at source

6 Aug 10  Scientist lists soot as public enemy number two

6 Aug 10  Lightbulbs - so you think you know the difference

30 Jul 10  US losing ground in clean-tech revolution

30 Jul 10  The Carbon Traders 1: Nigel Brunel, OMFinancial

30 Jul 10  A nation run by cowards and thieves

30 Jul 10  Obama vows to fight on for climate bill

30 Jul 10  Senate failure dismays climate experts

30 Jul 10  Canadian researchers hope to green the web

30 Jul 10  Believe it, the world is getting warmer

30 Jul 10  Official energy website wins award

23 Jul 10  Vector shows off first of new-tech solar systems

23 Jul 10  NZ energy firm finds Aussie scheme profitable

23 Jul 10  Big nations move on global clean energy

23 Jul 10  UN has Kyoto 'plan B' option if climate talks fail

23 Jul 10  China to begin domestic carbon trading

23 Jul 10  Cool roofs and pavements can cut global warming

23 Jul 10  UK might miss boat, warns green watchdog

23 Jul 10  Sydney gets serious about bikes ... and e-cars

23 Jul 10  Waterweed idea wins science prize

23 Jul 10  Curry theory adds spice to emissions science

23 Jul 10  Scientists switch on super computer

23 Jul 10  NIWA harnesses Nelson’s sunshine

23 Jul 10  National’s biofuels policy a shambles, says Labour

23 Jul 10  Yealands to turn vine prunings into power

23 Jul 10  Entries open for Concrete3 Sustainability Awards

16 Jul 10  Rain and recession cut our pollution figures

16 Jul 10  South Korean firms to invest $18b in green business

16 Jul 10  UN to channel billions into coal-fired power plants

16 Jul 10  Japan's ETS plans hit electoral snag

16 Jul 10  Electric car sales on rise, says report

16 Jul 10  Schools sign up to national solar programme

16 Jul 10  Kenya pushes for first ETS in Africa

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

16 Jul 10  Labour: National needs a plan, not just a recession and rain, to beat emissions

16 Jul 10  Greens: Govt relies on rain and recession to reduce emissions

9 Jul 10  Foresters test carbon sales through Trade Me

9 Jul 10  Climate bill would save US billions, Congress hears

9 Jul 10  EPA proposal cuts power plant pollution

9 Jul 10  BMW has high hopes for Megacity carbon car

9 Jul 10  Sellers few and far between

2 Jul 10  Businesses could carve $2b off energy bills

2 Jul 10  Money-making Goldman Sachs points way to mass solar

2 Jul 10  Obama optimistic on climate bill despite senate rifts

2 Jul 10  UK must take radical action, warns watchdog

2 Jul 10  Bank puts its money where its lightbulbs are

2 Jul 10  We're doing our fair share, says Smith

2 Jul 10  F1 racers give green light to carbon reduction scheme

2 Jul 10  Japanese told to go to bed early to cut emissions

2 Jul 10  Event: Energy Roundtable

2 Jul 10  Govt fails to provide climate-friendly choices, say Greens

25 Jun 10  Climate change key issue for new Australian leader

25 Jun 10  China deal opens huge market to NZ company

25 Jun 10  Carbon trading heads off oil in Europe

25 Jun 10  All Australia's power could be renewable, says report

25 Jun 10  Canada promises to show coal the door

25 Jun 10  APEC ministers set out energy targets

25 Jun 10  De Boer departs … delighted, determined

25 Jun 10  Summer time clocks could cut carbon emissions

18 Jun 10  NZ forest credits sell to Danish Government

18 Jun 10  Compost makers put case for carbon credits

18 Jun 10  Seven days that will forever change the energy game (and your portfolio)

18 Jun 10  UK minister vows to ease path for nuclear power

18 Jun 10  New PM aims to slash Govt emissions

18 Jun 10  UK farmers show how to cut carbon

18 Jun 10  Entries open in EECA Awards

18 Jun 10  Renewable generation remains high

18 Jun 10  Green business tool transferred to business community

18 Jun 10  NZUs continue to be well bid

11 Jun 10  LanzaTech eyes oil and coal waste gases

11 Jun 10  Zero carbon low on green goals for Asian firms

11 Jun 10  Wal-Mart went green for the money, says former boss

11 Jun 10  Americans begin to worry again

11 Jun 10  Changes needed to air quality standard, says Smith

11 Jun 10  'Sensible' Norway halts new oil drilling, say Greens

4 Jun 10  Vital ETS rules for agriculture emissions being prepared

4 Jun 10  Inventor claims he's beaten energy storage problems

4 Jun 10  Obama vows to fight for climate bill

4 Jun 10  We must move from meat diet, says UN

4 Jun 10  China to start carbon market by 2014

4 Jun 10  NZ owners sitting pretty, says forest chief

4 Jun 10  Power companies look at hedge market

4 Jun 10  Kiwis 'throwing away millions' in electricity savings

28 May 10  Power companies explain ETS price rises

28 May 10  Gull likes look of Kiwi biofuel company

28 May 10  Global carbon market up in 2009, says World Bank

28 May 10  Remote-access meters cut energy costs

28 May 10  Pacific climate change could drive droughts

21 May 10  BUDGET 2010: Billion set aside to kickstart ETS

21 May 10  Ministry pushes to meet allocations deadline

21 May 10  NZ on right road with ETS, says negotiator

21 May 10  Coal looks good again, says power chief

21 May 10  Senate climate bill seems stuck in limbo

21 May 10  Slump slashes Europe’s carbon emissions

14 May 10  Minister's credit allocation powers remain on hold

14 May 10  Big player Genesis turns carbon market builder

14 May 10  Should we have tax cuts or extend emissions subsidies beyond 95%?

14 May 10  Kiwi companies eye $800m Canberra fund

14 May 10  150 billion reasons to be bullish about clean energy

14 May 10  US: We’re back on top of the energy world

14 May 10  UK’s green coalition hits a nuclear snag

14 May 10  Australia votes $652m for renewable energy

14 May 10  How Tokyo became first cap-and-trade city

14 May 10  UN bans Bulgaria from carbon trading

14 May 10  China looks likely to levy carbon tax

14 May 10  Philippines bank to sell carbon credits

7 May 10  Too soon to say if falling markets will hit carbon - trader

7 May 10  Forest owner pockets second round of millions

7 May 10  Government takes ETS hardline with farmers

7 May 10  Why the Gulf oil spill doesn't matter

7 May 10  No climate deal this year, says UN climate chief

7 May 10  US whizkid sells Chicago Climate Exchange

7 May 10  Scientists hit the skies to measure gas emissions

7 May 10  US carbon emissions down record 7 per cent

30 Apr 10  Carbon market wide open to doubtful deals

30 Apr 10  Business lobby gives up on ETS demands

30 Apr 10  Two smart grid companies with IPO implications

30 Apr 10  Aussie states could run own ETS, says minister

30 Apr 10  Senate climate bill just keeps on rollin’ along

30 Apr 10  UN pushes clean energy access to fight poverty

30 Apr 10  Morocco chalks up a first for the Arabs

30 Apr 10  … and even Romania wants a piece of the action

30 Apr 10  Careful, warns Castro, we could kill ourselves

30 Apr 10  Aussies building largest tower of solar power

30 Apr 10  Delay ETS, say major electricity users

30 Apr 10  Suspend the ETS until 2013, says farmers' lobby

23 Apr 10  Markit chief slams Kiwis' lack of carbon nous

23 Apr 10  Gull might import ethanol to meet fuel demand

23 Apr 10  We've got stamp costs licked, says NZ Post

23 Apr 10  We're putting $650b into renewable energy

23 Apr 10  Senators miss Earth Day climate bill deadline

23 Apr 10  Super Hornet carries biofuel sting in its tail

23 Apr 10  Giant solar power station for the Alice

16 Apr 10  EXCLUSIVE: Business lobby eyes big role in ETS review

16 Apr 10  Drought and slump trim our gas emissions

16 Apr 10  Why farming chief is turning his back on $30,000

16 Apr 10  Three green stocks that could double your money

16 Apr 10  Senators book Earth Day for new energy plan

16 Apr 10  Coal the fuel of the future, Congress told

16 Apr 10  Europe eyes low-carbon energy without risks

16 Apr 10  Indecision could fuel huge power price rises

16 Apr 10  Government puts its own water forum under threat, says Labour

9 Apr 10  Solid Energy lawyers check out free credits

9 Apr 10  Tokyo kicks off Asia’s first trading scheme

9 Apr 10  Washington simmers over proposed US fuel tax

9 Apr 10  EU carbon auctions to limit pain for exchanges

9 Apr 10  Low-carbon Scotland eyes 60,000 green jobs

9 Apr 10  Where the real investment action is in off-shore energy

9 Apr 10  Insulation rate high through summer, says Brownlie

1 Apr 10  Govt stays silent over future of ETS

1 Apr 10  Cleantech investment: the numbers

1 Apr 10  Kiwis sticking to green values, despite recession

1 Apr 10  Climate change faces the trillion-dollar question

1 Apr 10  Obama changes mind on offshore oil drilling

1 Apr 10  US oil company paid sceptics, says report

1 Apr 10  Repentant Pachauri slips into neutral

26 Mar 10  Coal users count the cost - but how much?

26 Mar 10  Why Gull is happy to use NZ emissions scheme

26 Mar 10  KiwiRail on track to operating green

26 Mar 10  UK to set up green investment bank

26 Mar 10  UN launches global gas emissions calculator

26 Mar 10  Meridian to mark Earth Hour

19 Mar 10  Europe shambles could boost value of NZ credits

19 Mar 10  NZ pioneer sells first overseas clean-tech rights

19 Mar 10  Obama looks at carbon trading shortcut

19 Mar 10  UK claims carbon capture will make 100,000 jobs

19 Mar 10  Battle over California climate law takes shape

19 Mar 10  Los Angeles launches green tax on electricity

19 Mar 10  UK companies race to stock up on smart meters

19 Mar 10  Watchdog rules ads overstate climate change risk

19 Mar 10  Time to stop pointing fingers, says Maldives

19 Mar 10  World watches for a green world cup in South Afica

12 Mar 10  ETS first step will push inflation, says bank

12 Mar 10  Report lists 10 ‘fat cats’ getting rich from carbon

12 Mar 10  China and India sign, but keep climate stand

12 Mar 10  Vietnam to get $790m climate change funding

5 Mar 10  Government (slowly) gets green-tech message

5 Mar 10  Marks and Spencer’s big green plan sends a message to Kiwi businesses

5 Mar 10  Big Oil asks Senate for carbon fee on industry

5 Mar 10  Britain plans soft loans for home efficiency

5 Mar 10  Houses with low energy efficiency will lose value

5 Mar 10  Uncertainty dries up Aussie carbon market

26 Feb 10  Others dither, but NZ certain about ETS

26 Feb 10  US no wiser as Obama chats up business leaders

26 Feb 10  Aussie trading scheme bogs down again

26 Feb 10  Solar builders chase $1.5b for power stations

26 Feb 10  Thailand eyes up nuclear power in energy plans

19 Feb 10  NZ drags chain on clean-tech, says Crest director

19 Feb 10  Obama backs new nuclear plant with $8 billion

19 Feb 10  Big companies quit US climate change coalition

19 Feb 10  Australia under fire for $60b China coal deal

19 Feb 10  UN climate chief stepping down to go private

19 Feb 10  BA to build first green jet-fuel plant in Europe

19 Feb 10  Korea floats carbon tax plan ... among others

19 Feb 10  US diddles while China sizzles

19 Feb 10  Australian firms eye biochar production

19 Feb 10  New civic building the 'greenest' in NZ

19 Feb 10  Toyota has high hopes for hybrid Camry

12 Feb 10  Wind grows share of power generation

12 Feb 10  US looks at other ways to limit gas emissions

12 Feb 10  How green policies could move UK out of the red

12 Feb 10  Pachauri toughs it out as pressure grows

12 Feb 10  Website tracks daily climate change

12 Feb 10  Personal carbon credit deal earns couple $17

12 Feb 10  Christchurch getting its head around e-cars

5 Feb 10  Mighty River wants more after Maori carbon deal

5 Feb 10  Obama retreats from goal of cap-and-trade bill

5 Feb 10  UK will pay people for wind and solar power

5 Feb 10  55 nations set 2020 goals under Copenhagen Accord

5 Feb 10  Firms to pioneer employee cap and trade scheme

5 Feb 10  US cleantech stocks fall despite major market growth

5 Feb 10  Three companies in energy efficiency campaign

5 Feb 10  Aussie hotel wins carboNZero certification

5 Feb 10  Copenhagen - a letter from Gordon Brown

5 Feb 10  NZ carbon at $20 a tonne

29 Jan 10  Gym does the exercise ... and saves thousands a year

29 Jan 10  Wanted: New chief for big boys' lobby group

29 Jan 10  Obama goes quiet on cap and trade

29 Jan 10  Will this senator kill renewables?

29 Jan 10  Harsh winter actually a sign of climate change, says report

22 Jan 10  Obama climate plans under fire from all sides

22 Jan 10  China seen as world carbon market leader

22 Jan 10  New Rainbow Warrior will be super-green superyacht

22 Jan 10  Come on, Kiwis, let’s ride the green wave

22 Jan 10  An alternative lesson from Copenhagen

18 Dec 09  Treasury gave thumbs down to ETS intensity-based scheme

18 Dec 09  Copenhagen in crisis: Why it all comes down to China

18 Dec 09  UN shuts clean coal out of emissions trading

18 Dec 09  Big business puts case for global action

18 Dec 09  If diplomacy fails, there is always the fantastic Plan B

18 Dec 09  Aussie centre churns out leaders

18 Dec 09  Windflow progress pleases shareholders

11 Dec 09  Forest owners gear up to sell Kyoto credits

11 Dec 09  Power stations switch turns off Meridian

11 Dec 09  Copenhagen split as island states make stand

11 Dec 09  Leaked ‘Danish text’ pushes power for the rich

11 Dec 09  Forget US dollars, Stern tells China

11 Dec 09  The editorial that gave world the message …

4 Dec 09  NZ does quick ETS rules patch-up after Aussie collapse

4 Dec 09  Emitters start to focus on credits, says trader

4 Dec 09  OBITUARY: Kiwi pioneered biochar research

4 Dec 09  Danes are going green for the big summit

4 Dec 09  Greens see jobs aplenty in carbon storage bonanza

4 Dec 09  Denmark lures e-car owners with $40,000 tax break

4 Dec 09  UN suspends approval of China wind farms

4 Dec 09  Todd takes stake in Crest

4 Dec 09  The truth about climate change making you rich

4 Dec 09  Meridian to appeal Project Hayes decision

27 Nov 09  Be warned: ETS is here and businesses must comply

27 Nov 09  Chinese premier, too, taking cuts promise to Denmark

27 Nov 09  US and India pledge common action on climate change

27 Nov 09  California takes step to limit emissions

27 Nov 09  Cleantech bigger money-maker than the internet

27 Nov 09  Wood wins at environmental awards

23 Nov 09  Maori Party: Deal to benefit all

20 Nov 09  Australia, US woo NZ biofuel pioneer

20 Nov 09  IN THE HOUSE: Maori Party ETS deal

20 Nov 09  Posh house wins most-sustainable award

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

20 Nov 09  ‘Human’ CO2 emissions continue to rise

20 Nov 09  Obama and Hu shake hands on climate deal

20 Nov 09  Climate officials cling to hope for Copenhagen

20 Nov 09  South Korea, Brazil set carbon emissions targets

20 Nov 09  Police probe Mafia ties in wind energy scams

20 Nov 09  Jaguar sinks teeth into climate change

20 Nov 09  Steam turbine wins award

20 Nov 09  Arrested activists criticise Fonterra

16 Nov 09  ETS debate might still be a week away

13 Nov 09  Divided Maori Party likely to toe the line on ETS

13 Nov 09  Britain to build 10 nuclear power stations

13 Nov 09  Can Obama yet save the day at Copenhagen?

13 Nov 09  Carbon price must at least double, warns watchdog

13 Nov 09  $500b annual bill for climate delay, says report

13 Nov 09  Vulnerable nations call on big countries to act

13 Nov 09  Turnbull feels heat over sceptics remark

13 Nov 09  What happens when the Age of Oil comes to an end

13 Nov 09  Big returns to come from lithium battery and car investment

13 Nov 09  FORUM: Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with Maldives on climate change

13 Nov 09  North Shore in line for sustainability award

13 Nov 09  Bio-fuel levy the last straw for forest owners

6 Nov 09  ETS politics frustrating, says business chief

6 Nov 09  It’s official: US goes cool on Copenhagen

6 Nov 09  Electric cars could deliver $8 billion+ net benefit

6 Nov 09  Senate moves on energy ... without Republicans

6 Nov 09  Campaigners call carbon markets corrupt

6 Nov 09  Emissions trading doesn’t work, says scientist

6 Nov 09  Gore denies ‘carbon billionaire’ accusation

30 Oct 09  Ecostore: First, we take Manhatten …

30 Oct 09  China-US pact unlikely from Obama visit

30 Oct 09  Climate change turmoil poses security risks

30 Oct 09  Australia gives e-cars a three-month workout

30 Oct 09  Australian provider buys CERs from China

23 Oct 09  $209 MILLION A YEAR - that's what we'll pay to protect Rio Tinto, says analyst

23 Oct 09  Chauvel to energy leaders: ETS changes too generous to last

23 Oct 09  Industrial giant Siemens in $418m 'green grab'

23 Oct 09  Australia readies for key climate debate next week

23 Oct 09  Europe: Sign the deal and we’ll cut emissions 95%

23 Oct 09  Interim steps … that’s about it from Copenhagen

23 Oct 09  China, India forge alternative to UN treaty

23 Oct 09  Leaders could feel wrath of people-power protest

16 Oct 09  Fishing carbon quota plan splits industry

16 Oct 09  Business blasts rushed changes to ETS

16 Oct 09  Taxpayers face hefty bill from ETS subsidies, says business council

16 Oct 09  Push to exempt Australian farmers from carbon laws

16 Oct 09  Biodiesel looking better than ever, says study

16 Oct 09  Soros pledges $1bn to search for clean energy

16 Oct 09  US ‘deeply committed,’ says energy chief

16 Oct 09  EVENT: Sustainable housing symposium, November 19-21

16 Oct 09  Sack Nick Smith from climate portfolio, says Dunleavy

15 Oct 09  Business lobby group gets a night appointment

15 Oct 09  Who Foss wants to hear on the ETS today

9 Oct 09  Cabinet buys a piece of string on cost of new ETS subsidies

9 Oct 09  Was National pretending to deal with Labour?

9 Oct 09  Smelter might suffer under Aussie rules

9 Oct 09  How trees can give us fuel freedom ... and 'plastic' bonanza

9 Oct 09  ASX green move means good news for NZ

9 Oct 09  Halve our GHG emissions, say doctors

9 Oct 09  Rich countries’ pledges not enough, says report

9 Oct 09  Obama orders agencies to slash emissions

9 Oct 09  Apple latest to jump ship from US Chamber

9 Oct 09  Humans undermine nature’s help in climate war

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

2 Oct 09  BMW to Government: get your vehicle policies right

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

2 Oct 09  US Senate bill toughens emissions target

2 Oct 09  Forget ‘cap and trade,’ it's now all about PRI

2 Oct 09  Back me or sack me, says troubled Turnbull

2 Oct 09  G20 countries to phase out fossil fuel subsidies

2 Oct 09  Bank issues dire warning to Asia-Pacific countries

2 Oct 09  Climate catastrophe 50 years away, say experts

2 Oct 09  Blue-Greens must be 'pink' with embarrasment, says Chauvel

23 Sep 09  Labour grizzles as ETS changes go through House

23 Sep 09  Back our bill, pleads 'proud' climate minister

23 Sep 09  Big words, little action from world climate leaders

23 Sep 09  EU lists industries exempted from carbon trading

23 Sep 09  Carbon emissions post biggest drop in 40 years

23 Sep 09  Solid Energy and Ravensdown investigate lignite-to-fertiliser plant

18 Sep 09  No-deals Nats would have gone for a carbon tax

18 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: Deal with Maori under scrutiny

18 Sep 09  Climate leaders set to give up on Copenhagen

18 Sep 09  ‘Carbon bully’ Canada gets a caning

18 Sep 09  India, China could join the big league of traders

18 Sep 09  Sustainable business programme makes a difference in Cromwell

18 Sep 09  Biofuels move welcomed

14 Sep 09  Farmers could have gained millions in secret deal proposed by Labour

14 Sep 09  Smith: ETS revisions "balance" environment, economy

14 Sep 09  Business NZ: Revised ETS ‘more measured’

11 Sep 09  Don't get caught without credits, businesses told

11 Sep 09  Confident Labour sits in ETS driving seat

11 Sep 09  Personal trading not for us, say Greens

11 Sep 09  Sarkozy sets carbon tax to 'save human race'

11 Sep 09  Japan target could change the carbon game

11 Sep 09  Copenhagen talks in danger, warns Miliband

11 Sep 09  Climate goal needs dramatic rise in renewables

11 Sep 09  Senate Democrats sceptical about climate bill

11 Sep 09  Cities better carbon traps than forests, says study

11 Sep 09  NZ leads the world in compressed air power saving

4 Sep 09  US climate change bill faces fresh delays

4 Sep 09  PNG carbon scandal snares Australian company

4 Sep 09  French carbon tax debate turns toxic for Sarkozy

4 Sep 09  Rich Norway fund moves toward green investments

4 Sep 09  India remeasures emissions - pile of money to be made in clean energy

4 Sep 09  UN chief calls for action from polar ice rim

4 Sep 09  People won't change lifestyle for planet, says poll

4 Sep 09  Carbon Market Expo 26 - 28 October 2009

4 Sep 09  NZ Clean Energy Centre to break ground in Taupo

31 Aug 09  Report lists 34 ways to shape our carbon future

31 Aug 09  Business: Review leaves huge issues up in the air

28 Aug 09  Denmark has recycling down to a fine art

28 Aug 09  China gets serious with climate change resolution

28 Aug 09  Carbon trading to be China's new financial product

28 Aug 09  California looks at $1b carbon-capture plant

28 Aug 09  Obama’s grandma goes solar at village home

28 Aug 09  Mt Cass wind farm plan revised

28 Aug 09  Online GHG reduction calculator

21 Aug 09  ETS deal hangs on Key's response to Goff

21 Aug 09  Bio-oil from wood trials excite backers

21 Aug 09  New tech means farmers can turn dung into dollars

21 Aug 09  Pioneer Pers is making waves in Denmark

21 Aug 09  Australia targets 20% renewable energy by 2020

21 Aug 09  Democrats want banks barred from carbon trading

21 Aug 09  BMW ready to market hybrid with heft

21 Aug 09  Cash for clunkers scheme doesn’t pay its way

21 Aug 09  California faces quandary over travel offsets

21 Aug 09  Meridian buys US solar-farm developer

21 Aug 09  Queenstown businesses learn how to use less power

14 Aug 09  EXCLUSIVE: Smith firm on ETS despite Rudd's defeat

14 Aug 09  Wind energy key to cutting electricity emissions

14 Aug 09  Copenhagen is 10-times bigger than Kyoto for business

14 Aug 09  How green Denmark got ahead of the pack

14 Aug 09  Carbon-tracking business gets ready to boom

14 Aug 09  North American leaders promise a low-carbon future

10 Aug 09  BUSINESS LEADERS: Target will have to rise later


7 Aug 09  Crest can't get its hands on million-dollar grant

7 Aug 09  Law makes electric cars exempt from RUCs

7 Aug 09  Aussie farmers call for carbon trading exemption

7 Aug 09  Household impact of US bill only modest, says study

7 Aug 09  You’re not alone – UN climate chief comforts Australia

7 Aug 09  We can do it in Copenhagen, says China

7 Aug 09  UK taxpayer may foot bill for missed emission targets

7 Aug 09  Double nuclear energy output, Britain told

7 Aug 09  One carbon choice: Don’t have that child

7 Aug 09  Psychological barriers hobble climate action

7 Aug 09  Most New Zealanders want 20-plus emissions reduction target

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Nick Smith doesn’t get it

7 Aug 09  Market comment: Why cleantech stocks have the energy advantage

31 Jul 09  How US can halve emissions from transport

31 Jul 09  UN chief to visit Arctic ice rim to see for himself

31 Jul 09  Costs of emissions cuts most likely overstated - report

31 Jul 09  Timber tops for environmentally friendly buildings - report

31 Jul 09  Business backs 20% emissions cut target

31 Jul 09  Guarantee for good biofuel moves closer

31 Jul 09  Biodiesel Grants Scheme off to a strong start, says Brownlee

31 Jul 09  ETS in place by December, says Smith

31 Jul 09  Minister’s political games on climate are off target, say Greens

31 Jul 09  Sustainability report a useful step towards accurate reporting

24 Jul 09  Coal pushes NZ's emissions up

24 Jul 09  Our ag emissions in the spotlight, says minister

24 Jul 09  Better timing would help, says airport company

24 Jul 09  Government misreading public mood for free ride for agriculture?

24 Jul 09  Companies link to hasten biofuel production

24 Jul 09  NZ House told to green up its act

24 Jul 09  Straterra goes to bat for mining industry

24 Jul 09  GNS sings praises of NZ oil potential

24 Jul 09  Wal-Mart to demand eco-labels on all products

24 Jul 09  Maritime chiefs act to cut emissions from ships

24 Jul 09  Ban to talk climate change on trip to China

24 Jul 09  Tiny Tuvalu: If we can do it, so can you

24 Jul 09  Entries open for 2009 Concrete3 Sustainability Award

17 Jul 09  UK aims for 40% low carbon energy by 2020

17 Jul 09  Low carbon: How Britain plans to do it

17 Jul 09  High-speed rail part of UK carbon strategy

17 Jul 09  Exxon to invest millions in fuel from algae

17 Jul 09  US ready to lead on climate change, Chu tells China

17 Jul 09  Japan opposition eyes bolder emissions cuts

17 Jul 09  Gull supports Greenpeace emissions reduction stand

17 Jul 09  Babydoll sheep to cut emissions at vineyard

14 Jul 09  Power bills up £200 a year in UK energy move

14 Jul 09  US officials to prod China on climate change

14 Jul 09  Whangarei's first energy efficient marine township in development

10 Jul 09  New angle on emissions: Make rich people pay

10 Jul 09  Accountants the winners as carbon economy grows

10 Jul 09  Key’s Pacific tour should prompt rethink of climate change targets

10 Jul 09  Environmental initiatives help OfficeMax strike diamond

7 Jul 09  NZ climate deniers wed US counterpart

7 Jul 09  G8 leaders could set emissions goal of 80%

7 Jul 09  Obama to seek climate deal in Moscow

7 Jul 09  Could rice possibly be the new concrete?

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Government won't talk about stationary energy

3 Jul 09  Crown Minerals happy with tour of the majors

3 Jul 09  Holcim delays decision on cement plant move

3 Jul 09  Sweden: Learn from our climate change miracle

3 Jul 09  Democrats gear up for Senate climate bill battle

3 Jul 09  ExxonMobil still funds climate change sceptics

3 Jul 09  Canada hits rock-bottom on emissions scorecard

3 Jul 09  Nuclear energy key to India’s climate action

3 Jul 09  Carbon management is information management

3 Jul 09  Report shows positive shifts in energy use and supply, govt says

3 Jul 09  Electrolux wins award for excellence in sustainable design

3 Jul 09  Golden Bay house gets energy efficiency rating

30 Jun 09  Energy sector wants firm emissions targets now

30 Jun 09  Farmers deserve reward, not tax, says scientist

30 Jun 09  'Green capital' to show off zero-emissions vehicle

30 Jun 09  Why Top Energy is sitting pretty

30 Jun 09  Obama hails climate bill … but has some changes

30 Jun 09  Ford gets $6 billion loan for green vehicles

30 Jun 09  California cracks down on windscreens

26 Jun 09  Industry counts cost of government's ETS delay

26 Jun 09  Labour: Government had enough time

26 Jun 09  Forest owners notch Copenhagen victory

26 Jun 09  Green Spaniards here and keen to talk business

26 Jun 09  Europe keen to show us how to insulate

26 Jun 09  Ban calls leaders to ‘unprecedented’ climate summit

26 Jun 09  US climate bill proponents agree to concessions

26 Jun 09  Myths … and the making of a climate bill

26 Jun 09  Russia not ready for climate battle, says bank

26 Jun 09  New York sees world’s smallest car

23 Jun 09  ETS review body on hold for key report

23 Jun 09  Report: How climate change will affect business

23 Jun 09  Landmark science warns UK faces climate dangers

23 Jun 09  US pours $600b into Asian green energy deals

23 Jun 09  Commission declines Transpower request to amend settlement

23 Jun 09  Climate lobby wants longer ETS review

23 Jun 09  Sustainability cuts cost at council

23 Jun 09  Green hotel top choice for eco-conscious corporates

19 Jun 09  Greens get in on the act with ETS talks

19 Jun 09  Emissions from power generation at low level

19 Jun 09  Filibustering may delay carbon trading vote

19 Jun 09  Australia unveils new renewable energy targets

19 Jun 09  Brussels tries to charm NZ into action on ETS

19 Jun 09  Last of the coal to be mined at Kimihia project

19 Jun 09  US House may vote on climate bill next week

19 Jun 09  Asia set to become biggest climate change driver

19 Jun 09  UN launches high-level climate and energy group

19 Jun 09  Women leading the charge to cleaner energy

19 Jun 09  What's the carbon footprint of your cell phone?

19 Jun 09  ETS economic impact report reaction: Labour

19 Jun 09  ETS economic impact report reaction: Greens

19 Jun 09  Banks waive fees for home insulation scheme

19 Jun 09  Govt 'over-selling' home insulation scheme

19 Jun 09  Electric vehicles to be RUC exempt

19 Jun 09  Kawerau Jet wins silver Qualmark award

19 Jun 09  Study into impact of sugar policies on energy and food issues

16 Jun 09  Carter quiet on potential of forest carbon credits

16 Jun 09  US forests stand crucial for NZ growers

16 Jun 09  Biofuel source important to us, says Air NZ

16 Jun 09  German coal move good for NZ researchers

16 Jun 09  Big computer companies scramble to go green

16 Jun 09  US debates climate change role of farms and forests

16 Jun 09  How white roofs could have a green impact

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  Japan under fire for 8% emissions cut target

12 Jun 09  Rich countries have ‘moral duty’ to cut emissions

12 Jun 09  Air quality standards to be reviewed

9 Jun 09  US trading plans excite NZ forest owners

9 Jun 09  Decision near on greenhouse gas emissions rules

9 Jun 09  US connection boosts NZ Carbon Exchange

9 Jun 09  Capital clearing way for e-car stations

9 Jun 09  UK set to cut emissions 23 per cent by 2010

9 Jun 09  Flights tax could fund climate aid for poor countries

9 Jun 09  Japanese green-car makers slip back into top gear

9 Jun 09  Land use seen as vital to fixing climate toll

9 Jun 09  Get smart on climate change, urges UN chief

9 Jun 09  Change of focus on fresh water management

9 Jun 09  Mainzeal nails elusive Green Ribbon for environmental excellence

5 Jun 09  Coal mining takes on touch of the golden days

5 Jun 09  $155 billion spent on clean energy, says UN

5 Jun 09  Wood the new coal in a low-carbon world

5 Jun 09  High-earning green sector workers feel safe in jobs

5 Jun 09  Companies not disclosing climate risks, say studies

5 Jun 09  Diesel-pusher VW signs with China hybrid builder

5 Jun 09  NSW to build Australia's largest wind farm

5 Jun 09  Kiwi organisations unite to tackle climate change

5 Jun 09  Cleaning company calls for better practices on World Environment Day

2 Jun 09  New centre to study agriculture gas emissions

2 Jun 09  Organics campaigner sends key message to farmers

2 Jun 09  Dumped computers major headache, says lobby group

2 Jun 09  Climate crisis like nuclear threat, say Nobel laureates

2 Jun 09  Traders: Leave carbon price and speculators alone

2 Jun 09  US says rich nations likely to miss carbon targets

2 Jun 09  Big banks gear up for US carbon trading

2 Jun 09  Australia points to $200b natural gas-powered recovery

2 Jun 09  African ministers reach climate change accord

2 Jun 09  Release details of home insulation deal, says Labour

2 Jun 09  Community group welcomes insulation package

29 May 09  New loans key to home insulation success

29 May 09  Contact keen to support insulation initiative

29 May 09  We’re ready to work with US, says China

29 May 09  Report card: How the tech-execs rate

29 May 09  Motor vehicle batteries spark new gold rush

29 May 09  EU stands alone as world ponders carbon schemes

29 May 09  A toast to sustainable winemaking

29 May 09  Forum: Cooler weather heats up debate

26 May 09  Business leaders vow to set price on carbon

26 May 09  Business group's climate change voice remains hushed

26 May 09  Our ETS already up and running, says law firm

26 May 09  US climate change bill clears key hurdle

26 May 09  Obama’s new green guru under fire for climate U-turn

26 May 09  Get from A2B on the world’s fastest e-bike

26 May 09  Event: June 5-7: Ecoexpo 09

22 May 09  Government cans electric car think-tank

22 May 09  Smith delivers significant pro-ETS policy steer

22 May 09  We'd rather have a tax break, say biofuels producers

22 May 09  Capital carpool operation hits the road

22 May 09  Power companies' earnings 'disturb' minister

22 May 09  US-China climate change deal near, says report

22 May 09  UPDATE: US cap and trade bill clears House committee

22 May 09  House panel set to clear US climate change bill

22 May 09  Applause greets Obama car emissions plan

22 May 09  European investors call for carbon trading revamp

22 May 09  Analysts see carbon windfall profits for EU industry

22 May 09  UN posts Copenhagen talks text online

22 May 09  Yarn-maker takes EECA award

22 May 09  Simply Energy deal offers alternative supply option

22 May 09  Biodiesel grants scheme briefings

22 May 09  Labour welcomes Commerce Commission report on energy sector

19 May 09  Biodiesel industry gets multi-million dollar boost

19 May 09  Consortium wins funding for wave energy device

19 May 09  Aquaflow keen despite poor share issue response

19 May 09  Forget Australia, urges wind energy expert

19 May 09  Kiwi boffin has her eyes on the stars

19 May 09  US lawmakers formally unveil climate change bill

19 May 09  Big business lobbyists queue up on Capitol Hill

19 May 09  Turnbull puts biochar at centre of emissions deal

19 May 09  Millions of British homes to have smart meters

19 May 09  Thinktanks seek funds for green tech in poor countries

19 May 09  Acidic oceans could aid photosynthesis, says researcher

15 May 09  GREENS 1: New Deal creates 42,000 jobs

15 May 09  GREENS 2: 6000 state houses, planting waterways

15 May 09  GREENS 3: Business leaders welcome package

15 May 09  Analysis: Solid Energy reveals its hand

15 May 09  Business leaders pool plans for green economic success

15 May 09  Australia votes $4.3b for energy-efficient homes

15 May 09  US climate bill targets 15% renewables by 2020

15 May 09  Car makers could get billions from carbon pact

15 May 09  Renewables growth transforms global energy picture

15 May 09  Organic fruit growing gets carbon clearance

15 May 09  Forum voices opposition to ETS

15 May 09  Straterra welcomes tax exemption for oil and gas exploration

15 May 09  Solid Energy in talks with Downer EDI Mining over Stockton

12 May 09  Coal’s idea for tiny tax and trees given solid debunking

12 May 09  Auckland-Wellington for $4.40 in the Green Machine

12 May 09  Sentimental baby-boomers drive up insurance

12 May 09  Australian carbon market does a disappearing act

12 May 09  Ethanol test for Obama backing science over politics

12 May 09  US climate bill unlikely to pass this year, say experts

12 May 09  Japanese ask world: What should we do?

12 May 09  Ford to transform SUV plant for electric Focus

12 May 09  New direction for Electricity Commission

12 May 09  Chauvel: We'll help National fix the mess

8 May 09  Solid Energy pushes new 'tax and plant' emissions strategy

8 May 09  No takers for first NZUs offered on Trade Me

8 May 09  Aussie officials to visit amid calls to end NZ policy 'chaos'

8 May 09  NZX looks to regain carbon market ground

8 May 09  Australians merge to boost NZ coal gas search

8 May 09  China looks ready for post-Kyoto climate deal

8 May 09  UN must send strong signal, says climate minister

8 May 09  Maldives joins NZ in climate neutral pact

5 May 09  Solid Energy on trail of carbon accounting

5 May 09  Rudd delays emissions trading till 2011

5 May 09  China looking at carbon tax proposals

5 May 09  Giant solar power tower begins generating

5 May 09  ETS should be suspended, says coalition

5 May 09  Business leaders: emissions trading policy delays causing major investment blight

5 May 09  NZ can lead world in renewable energy, says expert

5 May 09  Fonterra wants intensity approach to ETS

1 May 09  ETS certainty vital, says wind energy chief

1 May 09  Australian powerco in landmark carbon deal

1 May 09  US officials express hope for climate talks

1 May 09  Minister concerned over Cook Strait cable failure

28 Apr 09  Minister delays release of ETS risk report

28 Apr 09  Forest focus wrong, institute tells ETS hearing

28 Apr 09  ETS will close mills, warn wood processors

28 Apr 09  Democrats drag feet as US opens major climate talks

28 Apr 09  Britain advances carbon-capture plans

28 Apr 09  MainPower appeals Mt Cass wind farm decision

28 Apr 09  Waikato student off to Asia-Pacific eco forum

24 Apr 09  Genesis buying credits, but quiet on NZUs deal

24 Apr 09  Kiwi researchers in major cow methane breakthrough

24 Apr 09  Trading website readies for carbon units sale

24 Apr 09  Origin could be player in southern coal gas

24 Apr 09  Deforestation must stop, says power company

24 Apr 09  King Solomon looking at more than gold

24 Apr 09  Obama launches push for green revolution

24 Apr 09  US Catholics organise against climate change

24 Apr 09  Fully subscribed rights issue for Pike River Coal

24 Apr 09  Key's 'road' for economic recovery should look more like a light-rail line, say Greens

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

21 Apr 09  NZ could lead in wind energy, says global expert

21 Apr 09  Climate deal fraught with problems, says EU envoy

21 Apr 09  Wellington shelves 'green capital' plans

21 Apr 09  UN calls on governments to invest in Green Deal

21 Apr 09  Keeping slim good for the planet, say scientists

21 Apr 09  Kyoto news no reason for complacency, says lawyer

21 Apr 09  NZ-designed system wins Aussie GECA mark

17 Apr 09  Hydro dams carry concerns, says Greenpeace

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

17 Apr 09  Knock-backs no worry, says wind energy group

17 Apr 09  Coal-rich southern mine heads for closure

17 Apr 09  Carbon credits sale funds heat-loss spy in the sky

17 Apr 09  Emissions cuts will work, say climate experts

17 Apr 09  China gears up for green cars push

17 Apr 09  Welcome to the brave new world of disputes

17 Apr 09  UN chief urges world to look on the bright side

17 Apr 09  Why companies develop green products

17 Apr 09  NZ joins international climate change initiative

17 Apr 09  Waikato Univeristy to host free climate change lecture

17 Apr 09  How New Zealand can learn from “Towards a Global Green recovery”

14 Apr 09  Most Kiwis want climate deal at Copenhagen

14 Apr 09  Drilling crews busy in hunt for Southland gas

14 Apr 09  Europe’s steelmakers reap $1b carbon windfall

14 Apr 09  French power plant first to run carbon capture

14 Apr 09  State governor calls for carbon tax to fight warming

14 Apr 09  A $6 solar cooker to save the world

14 Apr 09  ETS uncertainty points to serious energy problems, says Labour

9 Apr 09  Energy leaders have big day out at ETS hearings

9 Apr 09  Greens and Nats do deal over home insulation

9 Apr 09  HFCs clampdown could backfire, company warns

9 Apr 09  Doubts grow over greening of national library

9 Apr 09  Wairarapa wind farms win consent

9 Apr 09  Rainbow Warrior chief here to talk wind power

9 Apr 09  Climate change could cost California billions

9 Apr 09  Old buildings take the green lead

9 Apr 09  Government uncertainty over ETS must end, say Greens

7 Apr 09  Labour: We're ready to start work on joint ETS

7 Apr 09  Commissioners knock back wind farms

7 Apr 09  'Polar bear' ministry cuts expected today

7 Apr 09  Europe, US vow to cooperate in fighting climate change

7 Apr 09  Happiness is not a Hummer

7 Apr 09  Aussies snap up solar hot water rebate

7 Apr 09  Reining in energy use in Christchurch

3 Apr 09  Dunne: With Labour, we'll reach ETS agreement

3 Apr 09  US cap-and-trade bill may pose problems for NZ large emitters

3 Apr 09  Blame transport, not animals, says energy expert

3 Apr 09  Togetherness key to our bioenergy success

3 Apr 09  Carbon emissions trading core of US clean energy bill

3 Apr 09  Europe’s carbon trading scheme is working … just

3 Apr 09  Underground water can store CO2, study shows

3 Apr 09  Ministerial review of electricity market

31 Mar 09  No hurry on methane emissions, says Groser

31 Mar 09  Meridian tests Kaipara potential for wind power

31 Mar 09  Wellington eyes hydro plant at Wainuiomata

31 Mar 09  UN climate plan talks of new world order

31 Mar 09  We’re glad to be back, US tells Bonn summit

31 Mar 09  Obama invites big emitters to Washington forum

27 Mar 09  Energy leader backs cross-party action on ETS

27 Mar 09  Solid Energy wants action on southern lignite

27 Mar 09  Blue Mountain finds the BOOT fits

27 Mar 09  Obama might delay signing up to Copenhagen deal

24 Mar 09  Energy leader calls for carbon tax solution

24 Mar 09  Harmonising Tasman emissions schemes could mean massive losses

24 Mar 09  Biofuels and e-car experts in capital talks

24 Mar 09  Coal turned to gold for British millionaire

24 Mar 09  Obama invests $2b in plug-in hybrids

24 Mar 09  Honda tackles Prius in US after wowing Japan

24 Mar 09  Use e-car power, says new US energy chief

24 Mar 09  Super funds in dark over costs of climate change

24 Mar 09  Carbon trading 'undermined by boom and bust’

20 Mar 09  Brownlee facts spur power station protesters

20 Mar 09  Wood-pellet industry resents officials’ disinterest

20 Mar 09  Infratil happily waits for Tasman emissions schemes

20 Mar 09  Backlash as Shell cuts renewables business

20 Mar 09  China rejects US carbon-based import tariff idea

20 Mar 09  World Bank appeals for water investment

20 Mar 09  World leaders to be given green new deal facts

20 Mar 09  Meridian and NZ Antarctic Institute sign MOU

20 Mar 09  Five leading New Zealand minds for Eco-Minds

20 Mar 09  Labour calls for Government investment in jobs and warm homes for Dunedin

20 Mar 09  Solid Energy says it continues improvement in environmental performance

17 Mar 09  World gets interested in our forestry NZUs

17 Mar 09  Capital acts to reduce carbon footprint

17 Mar 09  Escape to New Zealand, Americans told

17 Mar 09  Opposition ups ETS pressure on Rudd government

17 Mar 09  Scientists slam ‘weak, ineffective’ governments

17 Mar 09  Threatened Maldives now aims to be carbon-neutral

17 Mar 09  Pike River, raising NZ$45 mln in share sale, has stock halted

13 Mar 09  Opposition terriers get teeth into Rudd’s ETS

13 Mar 09  US senators attack Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal

13 Mar 09  EPA proposes reporting on gas emissions

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

10 Mar 09  Time right for mass home insulation, says economist

10 Mar 09  Australian researchers claim algae breakthrough

10 Mar 09  Rising tides seen as threat to our wetlands

10 Mar 09  Low-carbon economy only way out, says Brown

10 Mar 09  Carbon trade wrong, says former BP chief

10 Mar 09  We’ll have to wait and see carbon-effect of recession

10 Mar 09  Food fears prompt China to spend on agriculture

10 Mar 09  Indian firms drop carbon trading for renewable projects

10 Mar 09  Gas hotspot Nigeria on frontline for climate change

6 Mar 09  Smith calls for new report on cost of ETS

6 Mar 09  Electricity Commission review puts M-co at risk

6 Mar 09  Clean Energy Corps rides to the rescue of US homes

6 Mar 09  UN drives roadmap for halving car emissions

3 Mar 09  Key Business NZ manager now minister's ETS kingpin

3 Mar 09  Don't count on Kaukapakapa thermal plant to solve electricity woes, Genesis tells commission

3 Mar 09  CTU pushes for environment and social projects

3 Mar 09  Obama raises hopes for Copenhagen climate pact

3 Mar 09  'Alive and well' AAUs surviving money crisis

3 Mar 09  Planted forests critical to wood supplies, says UN

3 Mar 09  Govt releases draft new rules for Electricity Commission

3 Mar 09  Don’t trade the environment for short term jobs - Eco

27 Feb 09  Minister's omission worries wood fuel backers

27 Feb 09  Business NZ stance may not give Government support it needs on ETS

27 Feb 09  Roundtable lines up Lomborg for second tour

27 Feb 09  Manapouri power problems worry Government

27 Feb 09  Carbon price floor not the way to go, say experts

27 Feb 09  Green activists change minds over nuclear power

27 Feb 09  There’s money to be made in climate change

27 Feb 09  Consumers keen for energy answers, says report

27 Feb 09  Rocket carrying space carbon-spy crashes into sea

27 Feb 09  Watch the carbon dioxide flow on Google Earth

27 Feb 09  Obama's commitment to ETS a signal to NZ

24 Feb 09  NZ firms chase slice of Obama's clean-energy billions

24 Feb 09  Invasive jatropha might have dodged NZ security net

24 Feb 09  Costs slow action on fixing Cook Strait cables

24 Feb 09  Electric car on trial, but price still a mystery

24 Feb 09  Stern warns of ‘extended world war' over climate

24 Feb 09  Green billions fertilise Obama’s economic package

24 Feb 09  Big US gold miner wins ‘prize of shame’

24 Feb 09  Britons beat the petrol price thanks to fish and chips

24 Feb 09  China about to roll out new electric buses

24 Feb 09  Green light for New Zealand’s first Solar City Pilot

24 Feb 09  Smith: DOC needs to be more transparent

20 Feb 09  Crest gathers support for Kaipara tidal project

20 Feb 09  GNS sees big benefits in geothermal link with Japan

20 Feb 09  Mission sparks high-level interest in marine energy

20 Feb 09  Rudd ditches inquiry and sticks with emissions plans

20 Feb 09  UK windmills flap helplessly as coal remains king

20 Feb 09  Beijing Olympics raises bar on green sporting events

20 Feb 09  Meridian wins consent for Mill Creek wind farm

17 Feb 09  Biochar pioneer recruits top Australian scientist

17 Feb 09  Capital fast-tracks tidal turbine trial

17 Feb 09  Global warming worse than we thought, say scientists

17 Feb 09  Biofuels might speed up global warming, says study

17 Feb 09  Clean energy at crossroads as firms cut plans and staff

17 Feb 09  Britain wants green makeover of all homes

17 Feb 09  Clinton tries to build climate change pact with China

17 Feb 09  DOC rejects secrecy claims over Project Hayes deal

13 Feb 09  Big emitters win more time to put ETS review case

13 Feb 09  Scientist pioneers cheaper solar cells

13 Feb 09  Get rid of our flimsy houses, says leading architect

13 Feb 09  ASX to launch trading in thermal coal futures

13 Feb 09  European cities (and Christchurch) sign climate pact

13 Feb 09  National grid upgrade

13 Feb 09  Tasman Eco Village attracts international attention

10 Feb 09  First bio-oil plant offers boost for foresters

10 Feb 09  Kiwis a bit short on good ideas, UK expert says

10 Feb 09  NZ research finds new life in old concrete

10 Feb 09  Capital scraps over windfarms in parks

10 Feb 09  Wellington to stage micro-turbines trials

10 Feb 09  Australian executives ahead of pack on climate change

10 Feb 09  They all love lithium, but have we got enough?

10 Feb 09  US and China told to cooperate on climate change

10 Feb 09  Energy boss warns of end to California farming

10 Feb 09  Australian trader records biggest carbon sale

10 Feb 09  Reinstating Labour’s home-insulation plan first step

10 Feb 09  Business as usual for Green Homes Fund: Greens

10 Feb 09  Mitsubishi and Meridian launch electric car trial

3 Feb 09  Learn from us, says UK renewables expert

3 Feb 09  BP accused of watering down EU green agenda

3 Feb 09  Carbon trading may be new sub-prime, says energy boss

3 Feb 09  There’s still some hope for the American car

3 Feb 09  World can afford green economy, says new report

3 Feb 09  Smart meters give households power to choose lower prices

3 Feb 09  Ngawha power station officially opens

3 Feb 09  Drop in consents builds case for housing and green-home fund

3 Feb 09  Greens support new hydro scheme in Buller

3 Feb 09  Meridian says its programme will boost employment and economy

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

30 Jan 09  Holcim readies for court hearing on plant shift

30 Jan 09  Big UK polluters abusing EU carbon trading scheme

30 Jan 09  Gore urges action on US green agenda

30 Jan 09  Stockton long-term investments confirmed, production cut in response to steel downturn

27 Jan 09  NZ could pay the price for Australian energy targets

27 Jan 09  Dairy farmers place orders for local biogas system

27 Jan 09  Leading investors call for US 'green recovery'

27 Jan 09  Rudd minister rubbishes Opposition’s ETS scheme

27 Jan 09  Clinton names key US climate change envoy

27 Jan 09  New Zealand should join the new International Renewable Energy Agency

23 Jan 09  Australia better investment bet than NZ, says Trustpower

23 Jan 09  Anxious Asian buyers try to rewrite NZ coal deals

23 Jan 09  Mighty River chief takes on carbon management

23 Jan 09  Obama vows to pioneer renewable energy revolution

23 Jan 09  ‘Optimistic’ UN chief greets new US president

23 Jan 09  UN hails green stimulus plans by Japan and Korea

23 Jan 09  UK names date for second emissions trading auction

23 Jan 09  Zurich approach 'bearing fruit'

23 Jan 09  Obama's green leadership challenges National, say Greens

20 Jan 09  Nats' ETS opinions don't worry me, says Hide

20 Jan 09  Timber plant pioneers geothermal sequestration

20 Jan 09  British developers keen to work with NZ on clean energy

20 Jan 09  Major US companies put plan to cut carbon emissions

20 Jan 09  US power company plans $2b coal-fired plant

20 Jan 09  It could be a good move to hang on to that old Corolla

16 Jan 09  Farming attitude change could slash NZ emissions

16 Jan 09  Ministry hunts out experts to boost green exports info

16 Jan 09  Brownlee's biofuels backdown hurts tallow pioneer

16 Jan 09  Solid Energy: NZIER report all we funded

16 Jan 09  World carbon market could be worth $150 billion this year

16 Jan 09  Day one will reveal Obama’s climate change track

16 Jan 09  Lawyers to launch association for climate change officers

16 Jan 09  Emerging economies more concerned, but optimistic about solving climate change

16 Jan 09  Learn the lingo with buzzwords for greenspeak

16 Jan 09  ‘Smart’ fridges stay cool by talking to each other

16 Jan 09  Used cooking oil slashes hot water power bill by 92%

16 Jan 09  Nats to trash public recycling bins, says Greens

13 Jan 09  Carbon trades to 22 month low

22 Dec 08  Environment Court confirms Mahinerangi windfarm

22 Dec 08  Greenpeace New Zealand Inc v Genesis Power Ltd

22 Dec 08  Greens label Supreme Court decision as blow to climate

19 Dec 08  ETS select committee opens for business

19 Dec 08  No suspension of ETS - what the PM said

19 Dec 08  EU slashes emission caps on utilities, factories

19 Dec 08  Rudd backs renewables and home power generation

19 Dec 08  Obama: Chu appointment shows we’re serious

19 Dec 08  IBM tops climate change governance league table

19 Dec 08  The new slavery - some say it's time to face up to the curse of oil

19 Dec 08  Biofuels obligation removed

19 Dec 08  Board of inquiry into Turitea wind farm proposal

19 Dec 08  Waitakere joins international climate change network

18 Dec 08  PM indicates ETS law will not be suspended during review

16 Dec 08  Dunne to bar time-wasters from ETS review hearings

16 Dec 08  NZ should be backing geothermal brains, says expert

16 Dec 08  Ministry extends time for carbon-reporting comments

16 Dec 08  Brownlee urgently wipes thermal ban and biofuel requirement

16 Dec 08  Crown Minerals taking oil offers to Asia

16 Dec 08  Poznan delegates (happily) say bye-bye to Bush

16 Dec 08  Environment groups slam EU deal on climate, economy

16 Dec 08  Nobel winner likely to head Obama’s climate team

16 Dec 08  Chinese hybrid car is charging into weak market

16 Dec 08  Saving water key to reducing energy use, says report

12 Dec 08  National will have an ETS, says Brownlee

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Lightbulb move angers NZ manufacturer

12 Dec 08  Environmental sustainability key issue, say advisers

12 Dec 08  Hugh Green: Contractor turns oil and gas hunter

12 Dec 08  Obama on climate change: The time for denial is over

12 Dec 08  Climate experts begin to doubt renewables, says survey

12 Dec 08  Government does not support any form of mandatory bio fuel obligation

12 Dec 08  Italy stalling on eve of EU climate change summit

12 Dec 08  NZ could have 100% renewable energy

9 Dec 08  ETS review committee announced

9 Dec 08  Buck: Forget ETS review, we're nearly out of time

9 Dec 08  DOC has carbon credits deal for private companies

9 Dec 08  Oil price fall poses problem for exploration

9 Dec 08  Like the weather, Poznan climate talks go cool

9 Dec 08  Brussels talks will decide EU stance on climate change

9 Dec 08  Builders can do more to curb carbon, says UN report

9 Dec 08  Scotland comes up with ‘world leading’ climate bill

9 Dec 08  Australian paper questions role of carbon trading

5 Dec 08  POZNAN: China, India say Obama is the key

5 Dec 08  Nader: Why we need a global carbon tax

5 Dec 08  Hawaii signs up for electric car network

2 Dec 08  Aquaflow woos big international players

2 Dec 08  British bulldog snarls Kyoto message Downunder

2 Dec 08  Entrepreneurial phase of CDM market over, says report

2 Dec 08  10,000 turn up for crucial climate talks in Poland

2 Dec 08  UK climate chief cracks down on coal-fired energy

2 Dec 08  Germany cuts gas emissions to below Kyoto marks

2 Dec 08  FORUM: Billions in benefits to flow from curing our million sick homes

2 Dec 08  Entries open for energy awards

28 Nov 08  Anxious EMA wants to meet ministers on ETS review

28 Nov 08  Act's climate change questions damaging, says professor

28 Nov 08  Govt mum on position for Poznan

28 Nov 08  Trolley lines could power cars, says Wellington mayor

28 Nov 08  POZNAN 2: We need a shared vision, says UN chief

28 Nov 08  Shell signs for Australia’s carbon capture institute

28 Nov 08  ‘Green Pope’ switches Vatican on to solar energy

28 Nov 08  FORUM: May our representatives not make us a laughing stock in Poznan

28 Nov 08  FORUM: How the world will look in 2025

28 Nov 08  UK moves send a strong signal to NZ exporters to cut carbon

28 Nov 08  Wellington City voters back direct water charges, Hutt in two minds and Porirua opposed

25 Nov 08  Don't panic, emissions expert tells NZUs sellers

25 Nov 08  Oil companies hail move to look at carbon tax

25 Nov 08  FORUM: more wind means more power

25 Nov 08  British climate change bill shows how it can be done

25 Nov 08  Energy-saving scheme targets old industrial motors

25 Nov 08  New interest shown in southern oil shale field

25 Nov 08  Key joins APEC leaders in call to fight climate change

25 Nov 08  Top entrepreneurs see climate change as growing strategic concern

25 Nov 08  Governors sign pact to work with Obama – and each other

25 Nov 08  GLOBE Americas Legislators' Forum on Climate Change

25 Nov 08  Electricity from coal seam gas now on the national grid

21 Nov 08  Hold on to your carbon credits, experts advise

21 Nov 08  NZ businesses told: Get used to it, carbon rules

21 Nov 08  Youthful manager drives Meridian's electric cars project

21 Nov 08  Local company keeps our coal industry clean

21 Nov 08  Report deals blow to wind-and-water power backers

21 Nov 08  NZOG shows way in Canterbury Basin oil search

21 Nov 08  Protests follow UK’s first carbon permits auction

21 Nov 08  Europe's $14 billion clean-coal plan running out of backers

21 Nov 08  Voluntary carbon market first to embrace REDD

21 Nov 08  DECEMBER 8-9: Bioenergy Australia conference

21 Nov 08  FORUM: Run cars on green electricity

21 Nov 08  Solid Energy and New Zealand Steel sign coal supply contract

21 Nov 08  Business council not surprised by ETS review

18 Nov 08  Worried investors back off renewables sector decisions

18 Nov 08  Big Three power companies silent on changes

18 Nov 08  Electricity watchdog might be made independent

18 Nov 08  Aussies march to back climate change action

18 Nov 08  Arnie orders full steam ahead on climate strategy

18 Nov 08  Shopping centre forms America’s first carbon neutral zone

18 Nov 08  Greenpeace questions ‘missing’ portfolio

14 Nov 08  New Zealanders get first chance to buy Aquaflow shares

14 Nov 08  ETS uncertainty worries geothermal developers

14 Nov 08  NZ obstacles scare off major overseas companies

14 Nov 08  National on a roll over cement plant future

14 Nov 08  Ban calls on economic summit to tackle global warming

14 Nov 08  World-wide investment in clean energy falls sharply

14 Nov 08  Clever climate change thinking could win you $75,000

14 Nov 08  New coastal ship to slash carbon emissions

11 Nov 08  Time for another look at carbon tax, say farmers

11 Nov 08  ANALYSIS: Clark could follow in Blair's footsteps

11 Nov 08  Port Taranaki gas terminal high on Nats' action list

11 Nov 08  BP decisions big blow to Britain’s energy hopes

11 Nov 08  US must take leading role in climate change, says UN official

11 Nov 08  Don’t sit around and wait, Aussie farmers told

11 Nov 08  Shell chief urges Canadian governments to take control

11 Nov 08  Meeting hears why Africa left behind in carbon offset trade

7 Nov 08  Labour eyes nation-wide electric-car charging network

7 Nov 08  Nat's bedfellows happy to cuddle up with energy policy

7 Nov 08  Fisheries TAG in the wings as others wind down

7 Nov 08  Solid Energy chief heads world coal body

7 Nov 08  Obama 1: Dark days ahead for fossil fuels

7 Nov 08  Obama 2: Climate plan must have priority, says Pachauri

7 Nov 08  Canadian firms taking climate change seriously, says report

7 Nov 08  Parker jobs claim wrong, says coalition

4 Nov 08  Taranaki engineer in move to produce low-cost fuel

4 Nov 08  No cap and no fixed price on carbon, investors say

4 Nov 08  Expert praises China's will to tackle climate change

4 Nov 08  KPMG gets serious about climate change

4 Nov 08  Genesis considers bond issue

4 Nov 08  TrustPower opens Australian wind farm

31 Oct 08  Aquaflow signs 'significant' US clean-tech deal

31 Oct 08  Crown Minerals eyes rich gas hydrates deposits

31 Oct 08  NZ magnets might play part in Big Bang showcase experiment

31 Oct 08  Households up for $1 a day under ETS, says Australian Treasury

31 Oct 08  World business leaders back UN climate change deal

31 Oct 08  Brits reluctant investors in climate change, says report

31 Oct 08  China issues post-Kyoto plans on climate change

31 Oct 08  Australian scientists to help wean chemicals industry off crude oil

31 Oct 08  FORUM: The flawed economics of nuclear power

28 Oct 08  $1-a-litre southern diesel might be closer than we think

28 Oct 08  ETS will put us out of business, says horticulture chief

28 Oct 08  Officials working on plan if Bluff smelter is sold

28 Oct 08  E-car entrepreneur eyes charging stations network for NZ

28 Oct 08  Miliband bows to pressure on UK aviation and shipping emissions

28 Oct 08  Climate change: A safe haven for worried investors?

28 Oct 08  Cities' leaders pledge action on climate change

28 Oct 08  PaintPlus first small enterprise in NZ to be carbon neutral

24 Oct 08  Contact puts $75 million price tag on carbon commitment

24 Oct 08  Nats' research stance worries wind turbine pioneer

24 Oct 08  National-Maori deal to put geothermal under Minerals Act?

24 Oct 08  Britain to auction first carbon allowances next month

24 Oct 08  Japan set to introduce voluntary carbon market

24 Oct 08  Settle it, and quickly, Ban tells Europe’s leaders

24 Oct 08  Nasdaq buy-out leads it into emissions trading market

21 Oct 08  Costs force Smart Drive innovator to look at US base

21 Oct 08  Parker: Nats won't, but we'll answer the questions

21 Oct 08  Backing is out there for 'right' companies, says investor

21 Oct 08  Biodeisel demand fuels price of wood waste

21 Oct 08  Worst polluters pick up $3b under Australian ETS, says report

21 Oct 08  Use ETS money to fund green projects, says Britain

21 Oct 08  Environment will wither whoever wins US election

21 Oct 08  New-man Miliband has blueprint for greener UK homes

21 Oct 08  We’re facing climate change havoc, warns new report

21 Oct 08  ASX to introduce emission futures next year

17 Oct 08  Nats and climate change: The unanswered questions

17 Oct 08  Nat's insulation snub huge setback, says health expert

17 Oct 08  Clean-tech investors need to bring money and skills

17 Oct 08  Cook Strait cable in the spotlight

17 Oct 08  Rudd firm: Financial crisis won't delay Australian carbon trade

17 Oct 08  Troubled EU pledges to stick with climate change plans

17 Oct 08  Finally, EU-Kyoto carbon trading link up and running

17 Oct 08  Climate change targets could cripple UK agriculture, say farmers

17 Oct 08  It’s full speed ahead for America’s new energy economy

17 Oct 08  Survey shows energy market opportunities

17 Oct 08  Green Globe offers carbon 'health check'

14 Oct 08  Nats won't back billion-dollar warm homes plan, says Smith

14 Oct 08  Govt releases rules for emissions reporting

14 Oct 08  No carbon cap leaves NZ wide open, says coalition

14 Oct 08  Company clustering aims to cut energy and waste costs

14 Oct 08  We're wasting our wood resource, says biofuel innovator

14 Oct 08  Buffett millions back first Chinese green car

14 Oct 08  Financial crisis clouds EU's climate change plans

14 Oct 08  EC set to grant industry relief on carbon trading

14 Oct 08  Markets turmoil could usher in new green era, says UN

14 Oct 08  Lab-grown meat, licences to have children … welcome to 2030

14 Oct 08  Top economist supports chamber's views on carbon taxes

14 Oct 08  Paraoa Bakehouse judged New Zealand’s sustainable business of the year

10 Oct 08  Europe stand likely to boost carbon capture technology

10 Oct 08  Key players ponder Nat's 'unusual' R&D decision

10 Oct 08  Bluff smelter sale could mean big problems in the south

10 Oct 08  Airport has high hopes for $50m green pier building

10 Oct 08  EU nods to credit crisis but remains tough on emissions

10 Oct 08  UK facing climate decisions crunch time, says report

10 Oct 08  Reducing greenhouse gases one fridge at a time.

7 Oct 08  NZ in danger of missing clean-tech boom, warns expert

7 Oct 08  Major players say no to carbon price-cap proposal

7 Oct 08  We can have cheaper street lights, says promoter

7 Oct 08  London might get Olympics buses from Ashburton

7 Oct 08  EU vote will spell out future of carbon capture

7 Oct 08  Cleantech investment soars as big business catches on

7 Oct 08  World Bank makes huge jump in funding of renewable energy projects

7 Oct 08  Time for green thinking on the economy, say Greens

7 Oct 08  Brewery project wins cement industry sustainability award

3 Oct 08  Power users unite in push for electricity reform

3 Oct 08  Asian coal demand gives longer life to Stockton mine

3 Oct 08  Huntly helps Genesis to $10m profit increase

3 Oct 08  'Hard year' nearly halves Meridian profit

3 Oct 08  Houston company buy-in will boost Contact Energy coal

3 Oct 08  Everyone’s happy with first US carbon auction

3 Oct 08  Carbon trading drives surge in ‘green’ patents

3 Oct 08  Tax cuts eaten into by emissions trading

3 Oct 08  Further 32 turbines ordered for TRH wind farm

30 Sep 08  Kiwi company claims world first for charcoal

30 Sep 08  Big emitters play the waiting game with ETS

30 Sep 08  Bosses know little of carbon risk, survey shows

30 Sep 08  Holcim debates future of South Island cement works

30 Sep 08  Millions of new jobs in green economy, says UN report

30 Sep 08  Greenhouse gas pollution up despite economic downturn

30 Sep 08  US states auction off right to emit global warming pollution

30 Sep 08  Tourism businesses sign up for energy-efficiency programme

30 Sep 08  IDEAcarbon rates Joint Implementation projects

26 Sep 08  Hydrogen economy tumbles down the NZ wish-list

26 Sep 08  Pallet-maker puts the heat on plastic bags

26 Sep 08  US states, Canadian provinces announce emissions pact

26 Sep 08  Clean coal is like healthy cigarettes, says Gore

26 Sep 08  US eastern states start obligatory carbon trading

26 Sep 08  UK emissions bill about to become law, says minister

26 Sep 08  America unwise to pin its hopes on the Chevy Volt

26 Sep 08  Local ethanol production could ensure NZ farming sustainability

26 Sep 08  Electricity Commission making some progress toward environmental goals, says PCE

23 Sep 08  Heavy emitters told climate change issues ripe for litigation

23 Sep 08  Australian carbon credit price doubles as emissions scheme looms

19 Sep 08  Our ETS action outstrips nuclear stand, says international expert

19 Sep 08  Crest appeal one of four over tidal power scheme

19 Sep 08  Be careful of giving heavy emitters more, Australia told

19 Sep 08  UK scheme unlikely to reduce carbon on target, says new study

19 Sep 08  FUTURE AMERICA: What the candidates say about emissions and climate change

19 Sep 08  Cambodia pioneering carbon trading cooperative

19 Sep 08  FORUM: Is the door open for a carbon tax?

16 Sep 08  ETS picture becoming clearer for forest owners

16 Sep 08  Entrepreneur finds use for dairy effluent

16 Sep 08  Failed Lehman Brothers closes carbon desk

16 Sep 08  Kiwi boffin says he can turn tyres into fuel

16 Sep 08  Kaipara hapu lodges appeal against Crest tidal project

16 Sep 08  Contact wins consent for Taupo geothermal station

16 Sep 08  Grab the opportunities, UK expert tells our farmers

16 Sep 08  Carbon trading band-aid solution, report tells Philippines

16 Sep 08  Garrett launches ‘solar suburb’ on Barrier Reef island

12 Sep 08  Carbon courses aim to help small businesses

12 Sep 08  Garrett: Don't tinker with your new ETS law

12 Sep 08  Industry group tries to scrap EU emissions scheme

12 Sep 08  Public strongly behind EU policies on climate change

12 Sep 08  Greenhouse gas emissions: What others are doing

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greenhouse Policy Coalition - Emissions trading scheme is flawed

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greens: ETS a first step, time for some big strides now

12 Sep 08  Rudd’s carbon scheme leaves early movers exposed

12 Sep 08  LETTER: Crests' Poutu power project

11 Sep 08  New world of emissions - what happens and when

11 Sep 08  REACTION: Good work on ETS, now get on with it, says business council

11 Sep 08  REACTION: Thank god that's over, now back to the climate, says Greenpeace

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

9 Sep 08  NZ scientists unrecognised for work behind the scenes

9 Sep 08  Ecology group wants NZ ban on Brazilian biofuel

9 Sep 08  China launches large-scale renewable energy plan

9 Sep 08  World's first carbon capture pilot fires up clean-coal advocates

9 Sep 08  Japan eyes home greenhouse gas savings in emission trading system

9 Sep 08  Carbon forum helps Africa profit from greenhouse gas offset scheme

9 Sep 08  More details needed in National’s Environment Policy

9 Sep 08  Energy expert welcomes investment guidelines

9 Sep 08  Minister praises train drivers for saving fuel

5 Sep 08  US speculation regulator includes NZ among targets

5 Sep 08  Dunne's eggs crack

5 Sep 08  Meet Major Holmes, our forgotten father of oil

5 Sep 08  Climate forecasts crucial to water resources, say weather watchers

5 Sep 08  India must brace for the worst, warns UN agency

5 Sep 08  Pachauri to head IPCC for further five years

5 Sep 08  Honda brings back Insight to fight for hybrid market share

5 Sep 08  Crown submission on Meridian wind farm proposal

5 Sep 08  Solar energy can bring clean energy to over 4 billion people by 2030

2 Sep 08  ETS bill a good compromise - CTU

2 Sep 08  Maori Party against ETS bill: concern over subsidies, impacts on Maori land owners

2 Sep 08  Contact files consent application for Waitahora wind farm

2 Sep 08  OctaFuel slams AA over comments that fuel saving devices don’t work

2 Sep 08  Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre 30-31 October 2008

29 Aug 08  ETS agreement blocks trade in 'black' hot-air credits

29 Aug 08  Big businesses might flee NZ, warn heavy emitters

29 Aug 08  Wind energy developers keep keen eye on new approvals process

29 Aug 08  ETS DEALS: What the Greens and NZ First got changed

29 Aug 08  MAF excited at finding cellulose perennial solution to biofuels

29 Aug 08  Accra talks bode well for future climate change negotiations, says UN

29 Aug 08  Poorer countries face $170 billion climate change bill

29 Aug 08  New report lists advantages of scrapping fossil fuel subsidies

29 Aug 08  Biofuels sustainability review puts forests ahead of food crops

27 Aug 08  Statement from New Zealand First

26 Aug 08  Green Party statement

26 Aug 08  REACTION: Greenpeace welcomes Greens' decision

26 Aug 08  REACTION: Emissions trading will hurt, says coalition

26 Aug 08  Heavy emitters stand to lose credits under deal with Greens

26 Aug 08  National goes quiet on coal-fired power

26 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: How we can live without cars

26 Aug 08  NEW ROADS: Do we really need them, asks energy activist

26 Aug 08  Deforestation question splits delegates at Ghana conference

26 Aug 08  Student’s build-in-a-day wind turbine is made from junk

26 Aug 08  Kyoto Forest owners say they need ETS passed

22 Aug 08  Northland gives nod to Kaipara tidal energy project

22 Aug 08  Niwa scientists take serious look at algae for biofuel

22 Aug 08  City-centre green village signs Telecom as anchor tenant

22 Aug 08  India accuses UN of bias as climate change talks resume

22 Aug 08  O’Reilly and son go big in Irish Sea oil and gas

22 Aug 08  Schools race to sign with solar power programme

22 Aug 08  Fonterra trialling new eco-friendly tanker

22 Aug 08  ETS must pass despite weaknesses, says Greenpeace

19 Aug 08  National’s energy policy hooks the fishing crowd

19 Aug 08  Public happier with Personal Carbon Trading, study shows

15 Aug 08  We'll have an ETS in nine months, vows National

15 Aug 08  Key’s energy message: We’ll give you all the electricity you need

15 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: Nats' policy shop - an open back door?

15 Aug 08  ETS equals economic upheaval, say heavy emitters

15 Aug 08  Carbon credits undervalued, says report

15 Aug 08  Carbon sequestration has its problems, warns report

15 Aug 08  BMW joins hydrogen cars on trail to nudge politicians

15 Aug 08  Aussies vote $1 million to boost small wind-turbines

15 Aug 08  Get real, Greenpeace tells Nats

15 Aug 08  Business backs policy not to ban new base-load thermal generation

15 Aug 08  AUGUST 19: Managing carbon for business

12 Aug 08  NZ in the box seat on emissions trading, says economist

12 Aug 08  Wind-turbine pioneer sceptical about National policy

12 Aug 08  Nats to reveal energy policy this week

12 Aug 08  Council delays decision on Kaipara tidal-power station

12 Aug 08  Caygill, Cayford new members on EECA

12 Aug 08  New report paints bright future for second-generation biofuels

12 Aug 08  Nuclear power definitely not an option: Greens

12 Aug 08  Dunedin Airport wins gold award

12 Aug 08  TrustPower saves power at home

8 Aug 08  Pike River deal trebles forecast revenues for first coal production

8 Aug 08  Supreme Court still quiet on Rodney gas power station

8 Aug 08  Pioneer system changes hydrocarbons to hydrogen under the bonnet

8 Aug 08  Crest expects Kaipara tidal power decision next week

8 Aug 08  China grabs low-carbon export opportunities in clean tech race

8 Aug 08  Dell comes under fire after carbon-neutral claim

8 Aug 08  UK Carbon Reduction Commitment – a lesson for New Zealand firms

8 Aug 08  New UN report suggests how to boost cities’ resiliency to climate change

8 Aug 08  Heavy-emitter label not fair, angry India tells NZ

8 Aug 08  A good news story ... they’re using our trees over there

8 Aug 08  Bayfield takes the next step

5 Aug 08  Unhappy Argent questions future of NZ biodiesel industry

5 Aug 08  'Too busy' Key suddenly finds time to meet power station opponents

5 Aug 08  Tiny turbines to power Antarctic science station

5 Aug 08  Asia emerging as centre of carbon trade programme

5 Aug 08  Pro-coal energy minister calls UK protesters naïve

5 Aug 08  Patience a virtue when Prius battery supply chains go flat

1 Aug 08  Biofuels player pulls $100m plug on New Zealand plant

1 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: Show faith in our emerging biofuels industry

1 Aug 08  BP: What it says over there - and here

1 Aug 08  Silicon-fuelled power stations one solution, says NZ scientist

1 Aug 08  Blind Kiwi musician pioneers battery technology in US

1 Aug 08  Government reopens marine energy chequebook

1 Aug 08  China enters pact with UK carbon trading player

1 Aug 08  South Africa vows to shift energy policy from coal to nuclear

1 Aug 08  Australians strongly back carbon trade scheme, poll shows

1 Aug 08  Firms found to be ill-prepared for cap-and-trade scheme

1 Aug 08  AUGUST 18: Clean billions on conference agenda

1 Aug 08  Former UN man joins IDEAcarbon

1 Aug 08  Proven personal wind turbines

29 Jul 08  BREAKING NEWS: Government calls for tough CDM regime

29 Jul 08  EXCLUSIVE: Union-led climate alliance reaches across the Tasman

29 Jul 08  Millions on research could mean billions in earnings

29 Jul 08  American judge rejects proposed coal-fired power plant

29 Jul 08  Battle-weary US soldiers told to cut carbon bootprint

29 Jul 08  Finland joins 26-country partnership to curb methane emissions

29 Jul 08  New members for GIAB announced

29 Jul 08  NZ joins new clean energy partnership

29 Jul 08  Coal or Kiwi: Solid Energy at it again

25 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Heavy emitters and National scoring major own goal

25 Jul 08  Our politicians ignoring peak oil impact, says forum

25 Jul 08  Minister stays mum on support for Biofuels bill

25 Jul 08  Energy authority cock-a-hoop over Tegel heat recovery success

25 Jul 08  California joins major North American effort to curb greenhouse gases

25 Jul 08  Goldsmith organisation condemns plans for importing biofuels into NZ

25 Jul 08  Hungary joins us in international carbon trading scheme

25 Jul 08  Indian businesses reluctant climate change players, says report

22 Jul 08  Neptune in turbine talks over Cook Strait tidal energy plans

22 Jul 08  Bitumen industry hits back at claims by cement companies

22 Jul 08  Meridian building windfarms in Australia and Antarctica

22 Jul 08  Contact plans wind farm for Southern Hawke's Bay

22 Jul 08  Canadian PM under pressure as major province signs up with US emissions group

22 Jul 08  US scientists issue dire new warning on effects of climate change

18 Jul 08  In time, Australia and NZ ETS plans can work together, say governments

18 Jul 08  National Party hopeful targets Indonesian coal used at Huntly

18 Jul 08  Biofuel subsidies waste of money, says OECD report

18 Jul 08  US power giant will spend $10b to slash gas emissions

18 Jul 08  Canadian premiers squabble over climate change action

18 Jul 08  Pioneering carbon scheme promotes school energy efficiency

18 Jul 08  Spending on science and innovation is best for combating climate change

18 Jul 08  Consider Aussie ETS before passing bill, say Nats

16 Jul 08  Australia announces all-gases and almost-all sectors ETS

16 Jul 08  REACTION: Green Paper gives cold comfort to those wanting to delay emissions trading

16 Jul 08  REACTION: NZ emission scheme should pick up some Aussie ideas, say forest owners

16 Jul 08  Acting on climate change: towards an Australian carbon pollution reduction scheme

15 Jul 08  Pure Power looking to up New Zealand investment

15 Jul 08  Crest waits for Kaipara nod as Portugal prepares to plug in to wave power

15 Jul 08  Waste-to-biofuel developer wins $12m in state funding

15 Jul 08  Contact Energy’s pending parent determined to go nuclear

15 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Australian Green Paper: Will faces here go green or red?

15 Jul 08  Garnaut urges big spend on renewable energy and carbon capture

15 Jul 08  Corporate 'greening' wasted on consumers, report says

11 Jul 08  Frustrated scientists hammer home the climate change message

11 Jul 08  Gas the way to go for home heating, say manufacturers

11 Jul 08  New York mayor prods businesses in city's $2b emissions clean-up

11 Jul 08  Green cars - Honda's Civic GX pick of the bunch

11 Jul 08  Cows given rbST reduce environmental impact, study shows

11 Jul 08  Kupe exploration update

8 Jul 08  Paper giant might fold and flee if NZ emissions scheme 'hostile'

8 Jul 08  Forest owners urge NZ to follow Garnaut carbon storage action

8 Jul 08  Worried union wants summit talks on climate change

8 Jul 08  NZ farmers welcome Garnaut report’s cautionary note on agriculture

8 Jul 08  Branch out into willow, biofuel maker urges farmers

8 Jul 08  October vote by EU Environment Committee to decide on new ETS detail

8 Jul 08  Garnaut review releases draft report

8 Jul 08  Did the ETS really cause big business to leak?: the Dutch evidence

8 Jul 08  Troubled Tasmania: Where do we sit in carbon trading scheme?

8 Jul 08  India shapes up as second-biggest emitter, says report

8 Jul 08  Seoul aims for voluntary compliance with greenhouse gas protocols

8 Jul 08  Will we see the chequered flag for Ferrari hybrid?

4 Jul 08  Employers using ETS scare tactics on workers, says union

4 Jul 08  Dissenters will support ETS if it's law, minutes show

4 Jul 08  Wind-generated electricity blows past 2007 figures

4 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The Labour-National negotiation that should be under way

4 Jul 08  Kiwi scientists eye commercial breakthrough with methane-muncher

4 Jul 08  No horse trading on other issues in Govt - NZ First ETS negotiations

4 Jul 08  Energy summit chance for power players to let off steam

4 Jul 08  Australian managers not ready for ETS

4 Jul 08  China 1: Asian giant must do its bit to solve world problems, says UN chief

4 Jul 08  China 3: Foreign governments help to map plans for climate change

4 Jul 08  India unveils eight-part action plan on climate change

4 Jul 08  British Columbians pay more for petrol as carbon tax kicks in

4 Jul 08  Windflow attracts Mighty River Power

4 Jul 08  Beca green building contributes to major award win

1 Jul 08  Questions over SOE-funding of ETS reports

1 Jul 08  OPINION: CTU economist Peter Conway on the ETS

1 Jul 08  New chief for ETS' administration ministry

1 Jul 08  Australia embarks on greenhouse gas reporting system