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Government eyes land-use changes to cut emissions

22 Feb 17 - The Government is looking at changing some current land uses – including forestry and farming – to cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Govt could end up in court over energy plan, warns campaigner

21 Feb 17 - The Government risks court action over its latest energy efficiency strategy, says energy campaigner Jeanette Fitzsimons.

How your life could change without fossil fuels

17 Feb 17 - Here is a vision of the future in a warming world without fossil fuels:

EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT | Try these numbers: Humans are causing the climate to change at 170 times the natural rate. Our “carbon budget” to keep warming below 1.5deg will be used up in five years....

Forest bonds seen as way for long-term green investment

10 Feb 17 - A world-leading environmental impact bond scheme could channel substantial private investment into planting vast areas of native and exotic forests in New Zealand.

Relying on foreign credits dangerous, say officials

9 Feb 17 - New Zealand cannot rely on international carbon credits to meet its emissions reductions targets after 2030, officials have told the Government, warning that credits could be expensive and in short...

Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

1 Feb 17 - It’s hard to appreciate the difference electricity makes to your life, unless you’ve ever had to live entirely without it.

Can we learn to leave our wild forests alone?

27 Jan 17 - Here is how to turn a forest into a carbon-consuming machine that will help to contain global warming. Leave it alone. Let it grow. Do not log it.

Why do the ecosystems we depend on collapse?

26 Jan 17 - People collapse, buildings collapse, economies collapse and even entire human civilizations collapse. Collapse is also common in the natural world – animal populations and ecosystems collapse.

POWER CUTS: Our electricity is producing fewer emissions

25 Jan 17 - The emissions intensity of New Zealand’s electricity dropped to almost record lows at the end of last year.

New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16 - The Government’s plan to cut the emissions intensity from industrial heat generation by 1 per cent a year is just business as usual, and will do little to achieve New Zealand’s Paris Agreement...

The stuff we've put on Earth weighs 30 trillion tonnes

15 Dec 16 - Scientists have calculated the mass of that unnatural achievement called the “technosphere”, demonstrating the scale of human activity that drives climate change.

Govt targets industrial sector in new energy strategy

13 Dec 16 - The Government has unveiled plans to cut the emissions intensity of the country’s industrial sector by 1 per cent a year.

Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems

12 Dec 16 - Ecologists have demonstrated, once again, the global importance of healthy forests.

Sort out bioenergy, industry tells Government

8 Dec 16 - The ditching of plans for a large geothermally driven wood-processing plant in Northland shows why the Government must sort out New Zealand’s bioenergy plan, the industry says.

Healthy soils could start at the dairy shed

8 Dec 16 - Bio-waste from places like dairy sheds can be used to transform degraded soils into top-producing land, research is showing.

Pay farmers to fix environment, say scientists

7 Dec 16 - Up-front payments of $400 a kilogram to cut nitrogen run-off from farms would see dairy farms turned into forests, Government-funded research shows.

CLIMATE CALL: Waterway plantings worth billions

6 Dec 16 - New Zealand will be billions of dollars a year better off if it plants trees along waterways.

Cement develops an appetite for C02

5 Dec 16 - Three new studies illuminate the sheer complexity of the aspect of climate science known as the carbon cycle − how carbon dioxide gets into the atmosphere and out again.

Richer forest biodiversity could rake in billions

25 Nov 16 - Biodiversity is not just a conservationist ideal, it is a high-value strategy, according to new research. It makes forests more productive, and could deliver up to $500bn a year in wealth across the...

22 Nov 16  Emissions to jump under NSW land-clearing laws

17 Nov 16  World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

16 Nov 16  MARRAKECH MESSAGE: We've got enough clean credits

11 Nov 16  KYOTO QUERY: Is NZ carbon units stand legal?

11 Nov 16  New funding round will see 5.5m trees planted

9 Nov 16  We might be better than we think at absorbing carbon

7 Nov 16  Hopes rise for solution to forest-split problem

3 Nov 16  Government getting serious about forestry

3 Nov 16  PAY DAY: Bioenergy switch brings in business

2 Nov 16  Is the Government cooking the forestry books?

2 Nov 16  You can't do it alone, bioenergy body hears

1 Nov 16  Govt wants to break new ground for tree planting

1 Nov 16  Changing rainfall patterns threaten food production

31 Oct 16  Electric floor sparks power from footfalls

27 Oct 16  $2.5b carbon bill hanging over heads of Treelords iwi

20 Oct 16  Millions worth of free credits sit in private accounts

20 Oct 16  NO WORRIES: Science will fix emissions, says PM

20 Oct 16  Farm emissions report gets nods of approval

18 Oct 16  Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

14 Oct 16  Do we need an independent climate body?

11 Oct 16  Agroforestry can help the planet (and profits)

10 Oct 16  Govt knew use of hot-air credits would draw fire

10 Oct 16  It's our age, but we've lost control of the planet

6 Oct 16  Opposition slams Government carbon credits plan

5 Oct 16  NZ ratifies Paris Agreement

29 Sep 16  Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

28 Sep 16  Food supply fears spark China's global land grab

23 Sep 16  PARIS PACT: Morganists say NZ must sell units

23 Sep 16  What we can do about threats to our food security and feed nine billion people

23 Sep 16  Dire climate impacts go unheeded

16 Sep 16  Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16  Agriculture emissions continue to grow

16 Sep 16  Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

15 Sep 16  Modified wood aims to save forests from the axe

13 Sep 16  Logged forests could be wildlife refuges

6 Sep 16  Paris pact signing could be only weeks away

5 Sep 16  Planet paying high price for palm oil profits

31 Aug 16  Forestry up for Prince of Wales awards

29 Aug 16  How Paris Agreement could punish the economy

18 Aug 16  Bennett rules out parties' two key climate points

16 Aug 16  DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

11 Aug 16  Carbon-farming case lawyer under investigation

5 Aug 16  Trees clear winner as carbon farmer cashes in

4 Aug 16  Businesses call for ETS policy certainty

2 Aug 16  Industries fought to keep 1:2 carbon subsidy

1 Aug 16  Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

26 Jul 16  Pest-free state could help to control climate changes

25 Jul 16  AGS forests will bank million tonnes of carbon

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

20 Jul 16  Minister reports on second stage of ETS review

19 Jul 16  Britain could warm by 4deg this century

19 Jul 16  Humans leave greater green fingerprints

18 Jul 16  Can Nauru bounce back from mining boom and bust?

13 Jul 16  ETS REVIEW: Plenty are talking about agriculture

12 Jul 16  Forester urges Govt to remove carbon market risks

12 Jul 16  Disturbing forests damages natural diversity

11 Jul 16  Drying lands increase peat bog fire hazard

11 Jul 16  Renewable jet fuel could be growing on gum trees

11 Jul 16  Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips

7 Jul 16  CLIMATE CRUNCH: Is the political ice beginning to melt?

6 Jul 16  Greens slam Government for climate failures

6 Jul 16  BURNING ISSUE: One fire service way to go, say Greens

5 Jul 16  Global bond market mobilises for climate change

4 Jul 16  ETS changes you might not know about ...

1 Jul 16  Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

30 Jun 16  Bill and I haven't talked sea level, admits Bennett

27 Jun 16  California trees have billion-dollar street value

27 Jun 16  How science can strengthen endangered plants

23 Jun 16  Officials tell why we need a carbon price floor

22 Jun 16  Experts offer help to victims of solar charge

20 Jun 16  Fonterra nod pleases bioenergy industry

20 Jun 16  Portal holds our plantation forest facts

20 Jun 16  Climate warming raises global economic threats

17 Jun 16  Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

15 Jun 16  Carbon should trade in limited range, says forester

13 Jun 16  COAL PART 2: Window on an ancient world

13 Jun 16  Introducing: The bionic leaf that could fuel a revolution

10 Jun 16  COAL PART 1: King of the Industrial Revolution, but not always on the right path

3 Jun 16  Carbon price up 10.9% since subsidy dumped

2 Jun 16  SOUTHERN COMFORT: Southland sets the new-energy style

30 May 16  More work still needed on ETS, say foresters

30 May 16  Consultants reply to Solarcity crticism of report

30 May 16  We’re kidding ourselves if we think we can reset Earth’s damaged ecosystems

30 May 16  Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

27 May 16  Farming’s dirty needs have a deadly effect

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

23 May 16  CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

19 May 16  BLOWIN' IN THE WIND: China's desertification dust is even reaching our shores

12 May 16  Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

12 May 16  Will taxpayers foot the bill for broke coal companies?

11 May 16  Big names line up for Green Ribbon Awards

6 May 16  Wary forest investors watch climbing carbon price

6 May 16  Enviro scorecard shows Australia again in decline

5 May 16  CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

4 May 16  At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

4 May 16  ... and this is what the country expects to see

4 May 16  Cut the kindling, Huntly could run on wood

2 May 16  Run carbon prices like the dollar, says academic

2 May 16  Officials eye pile of ETS submissions

2 May 16  Why cities need to add up the economic value of trees

2 May 16  Scientists see the future in natural resources

29 Apr 16  Deadline nears for Stage 2 of ETS review

28 Apr 16  Purse strings now open for forest planting

28 Apr 16  Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: How should we compensate the poor countries?

21 Apr 16  ETS ADVICE: Supply more important than price

21 Apr 16  NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

20 Apr 16  Dodgy units aside, we could make money from ETS credits

20 Apr 16  Business backs stronger line on climate

15 Apr 16  Why carbon price is key to forestry worth billions

14 Apr 16  Day of the industrials in next ERF auction

12 Apr 16  There's a sea of our soil ending up in the ocean

5 Apr 16  GET WISE! We have a real carbon exposure risk

5 Apr 16  Air NZ emissions move wins global support

5 Apr 16  Depending on how you do the sums, we could be carbon neutral right now

4 Apr 16  Scientists crack secrets of wood-based glass

1 Apr 16  WHAT A WASTE! Native forests key to cutting carbon

31 Mar 16  Storing carbon could help to meet climate goals

30 Mar 16  LanzaTech signs first US biofuels deal

24 Mar 16  What will Turnbull’s $1b energy fund actually do?

23 Mar 16  Are vegetables really the most low-carbon diet?

22 Mar 16  Goodies v baddies ... why labelling is holding farming back

21 Mar 16  Minister's reminder: Trees are really, really important

18 Mar 16  Welcome aboard, iwi adviser tells Air New Zealand

17 Mar 16  Give ETS strength, pleads forest industry chief

17 Mar 16  Carbon creeps up as minister talks ETS changes

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

15 Mar 16  Why Conservation officers feel left out of RMA

14 Mar 16  Processors in ETS could pose problem, says industry

14 Mar 16  Study to look at alternatives to radiata pine

11 Mar 16  Give farmers a reason to join ETS, says academic

10 Mar 16  Customers want clean transport, says KiwiRail

9 Mar 16  Clean, green report card shows we're woeful

8 Mar 16  Foresters laud Landcorp's change of mind

7 Mar 16  Scrap carbon subsidies, says our worst emitter

4 Mar 16  Wood processors could get the nod with ETS changes

4 Mar 16  Greens want probe into future of Huntly

3 Mar 16  OIO-action company sells NZ carbon assets

26 Feb 16  Scientists calculate our debt to the Earth

23 Feb 16  Angry foresters want end to 1:2 subsidy

23 Feb 16  ETS key is clear direction, say officials

23 Feb 16  OPINION: Our forest industry is heading south

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

22 Feb 16  Why ETS examination should take the long view

22 Feb 16  ETS ... we're hitting the target but missing the point

22 Feb 16  Carbon capture could be costly and risky

15 Feb 16  Saving our ecosystems step in the right direction

9 Feb 16  Govt's ETS stand has dangers, say economists

9 Feb 16  Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

2 Feb 16  Stakeholders next up in ETS review

25 Jan 16  Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

18 Jan 16  Carbon closing in on $10 mark

15 Dec 15  We're beginning to see the wood despite the trees

15 Dec 15  Pacific forester grabs Paris incentive

15 Dec 15  Foresters likely have cover for fire losses

30 Nov 15  Plant to beat emissions, expert tells farmers

30 Nov 15  Taupo farmers take sustainability award

24 Nov 15  Government launches review of ETS

23 Nov 15  Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target

23 Nov 15  How we see ourselves in the year 2100

9 Nov 15  Get the waka back on course, says Maori expert

2 Nov 15  Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

27 Oct 15  Groser confirms emissions backlash fear

27 Oct 15  Quality emissions key to airline offsets

19 Oct 15  Papers suggest what's on the table at ETS review

19 Oct 15  Fonterra becomes second-largest user of coal

19 Oct 15  TPP has good news for environment

12 Oct 15  France has a soil plan – and it’s not just about wine

5 Oct 15  Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

28 Sep 15  Our farming economics are flawed, says economist

28 Sep 15  Forests move centre stage in India’s climate plan

21 Sep 15  Backlash fear stopped move on agriculture emissions

21 Sep 15  The global warming slowdown is an illusion

21 Sep 15  Climate change efforts are hurting Africa’s rural poor

21 Sep 15  Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

14 Sep 15  Tim Flannery gives us hope ... and we're giving away a of copy of his new book

14 Sep 15  Foresters suggest harvesting bans as solution

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15  Global tree census highlights need to restore forests

7 Sep 15  Businesses make sustainability awards finals

31 Aug 15  Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

24 Aug 15  New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

24 Aug 15  Time to tap an underused energy source: wasted heat

17 Aug 15  'Myopic focus' costing us climate change progress

17 Aug 15  Review ETS after Paris, says climate lawyer

17 Aug 15  Why promoting green ways in Africa might be bad

10 Aug 15  Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

10 Aug 15  Foresters sidestep Government and go it alone

3 Aug 15  Wildfire threat spreads across warming world

3 Aug 15  Good practice makes perfect sense for emissions cuts

27 Jul 15  You knock it down, we'll pick it up, says recovery firm

20 Jul 15  Australia hit its Kyoto target, but it was more a three-inch putt than a hole in one

20 Jul 15  Climate change brings ill winds for airline industry

20 Jul 15  Bioenergy: making money and clean energy

13 Jul 15  'Failed' NZ could be walking into trap at Paris climate summit

13 Jul 15  Foresters see need for big ETS changes

13 Jul 15  Don't ignore us, bioenergy lobby tells Government

13 Jul 15  Prefab revolution? Factory houses are the secret to green building

8 Jul 15  Million-credit tender attracts strong interest

7 Jul 15  Is our target ambitious, or just spin?

7 Jul 15  Large parcel of NZUs for tender

7 Jul 15  PFSI consultation meeting today

6 Jul 15  Is palm oil the scourge of the earth, or a wonder crop?

29 Jun 15  Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

22 Jun 15  What the Pope said about the trouble we're in

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

8 Jun 15  Leadership is what we need, say scientists

8 Jun 15  Drop free carbon credits, says environment chief

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

8 Jun 15  Bio-waste boon for natives on poor pine soils

8 Jun 15  Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan

2 Jun 15  Coffee drinkers beware, your brew will change with the climate

25 May 15  The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood

18 May 15  Forest policy action pleases timber industry

18 May 15  Why the Government's forestry policies are not working

18 May 15  A tale of two futures: Australia’s economy under climate change

18 May 15  No green shoots for sustainability in this Budget

11 May 15  At last, Government reveals cost of gases reduction

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  Farming our forests could be the answer to green-world prayers

4 May 15  It's simple, says action group, coal's day is done

4 May 15  Southern project shows way with wood-fired boilers

4 May 15  Our best brains to take a look at climate change

4 May 15  US braces itself for even worse wildfire season

4 May 15  Malaysian authorities seize book on timber corruption

28 Apr 15  Why we must remember our debt to the natural world

30 Mar 15  Govt opens doors to new oil and gas exploration

30 Mar 15  Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

23 Mar 15  Memo Jo: Foresters need a bit more than praise

23 Mar 15  Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

23 Mar 15  No matter how you cut it, the answer is ecosystem services

16 Mar 15  Foresters draw up wishlist for ETS review

16 Mar 15  Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

9 Mar 15  Beehive breaking our climate change pledge

2 Mar 15  Business leaders cast wary eye over latest EU plans

2 Mar 15  Building performance in spotlight at Green Property Summit

23 Feb 15  ETS nothing but 'words, fishhooks and traps,' says Palmer

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

16 Feb 15  APP welcomes Rainforest Alliance report

9 Feb 15  Iwi leaders lose climate change champion

9 Feb 15  Climate debt grows as Australia messes about

9 Feb 15  New labelling rules steer shoppers clear of palm oil

2 Feb 15  Yes minister, but ...

28 Jan 15  NZUs remain steady

27 Jan 15  Forest owners seek truth about dairying

27 Jan 15  The economic cost of climate change: time for new math

27 Jan 15  UN stresses need for genetic diversity

22 Dec 14  World wood production just grows and grows

22 Dec 14  Australia's emissions targets are heading in the wrong direction

15 Dec 14  Climate expert: It's all smoke and mirrors, Mr Groser

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

8 Dec 14  The country needs a carbon budget, says pressure group

8 Dec 14  Groser has a cunning plan (but he won't say what it is)

1 Dec 14  Fitzsimons putting her money where her heart is

1 Dec 14  Scientists find new fuel job for sawdust

24 Nov 14  Govt slammed for weak climate fund contribution

24 Nov 14  Climate change too far down Labour's list

24 Nov 14  New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

17 Nov 14  Crowd-funders get behind CarbonScape

17 Nov 14  Designer dumps leather and heads for greener pastures

10 Nov 14  Environment another casualty of war, says UN

3 Nov 14  At last, there's a glimpse of an ETS in Australia

3 Nov 14  Why uncontrolled climate change might limit growth

28 Oct 14  Honey hits the jackpot for steep-land believer

28 Oct 14  Green-coke pioneer puts faith in public-funding

6 Oct 14  Controlling deforestation will take more than words

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

22 Sep 14  How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

22 Sep 14  Solid Energy needs extension of guarantee

16 Sep 14  New York summit could be the turning point

8 Sep 14  NZ needs to be in China now, says carbon trader

8 Sep 14  New book exposes Malaysian logging crimes

1 Sep 14  Labour vows to scrap emitters' one-for-two deal

1 Sep 14  NZ First backs iwi $600m carbon claim

1 Sep 14  Forest owners welcome return of grant scheme

1 Sep 14  Foresters like look of climate commission

1 Sep 14  Sarawak’s logging roads would go round the Earth … twice

25 Aug 14  Economy changes fuel Spain's fire dangers

11 Aug 14  Register holds 150 million NZUs

11 Aug 14  Greens have a tempting carbon tax idea

11 Aug 14  Science eyes role of water in beating climate change

6 Aug 14  Spot NZUs at $3.95

4 Aug 14  Low surrender shows emitters using foreign units

1 Aug 14  Business begins to adopt the circular economy

1 Aug 14  Iwi appoints new environment chief

18 Jul 14  Green cities make us feel better, says study

11 Jul 14  Savvy farmers back push for clean-tech economy

11 Jul 14  NORMAN: The longer we wait the more it will cost

4 Jul 14  'I shuddered at the thought of connecting my cooking stove with a toilet’s septic tank'

27 Jun 14  Foresters leave scheme

27 Jun 14  Carbon tax won't fix troubled ETS, says report

27 Jun 14  The many reasons why wood is the way to go

20 Jun 14  Carbon tax call is all about playing politics

13 Jun 14  Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

6 Jun 14  EU members abandon new-energy plans

6 Jun 14  Carbon world roundup

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

30 May 14  Angry iwi to file carbon prices Treaty claim

30 May 14  Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

30 May 14  Hydrogen and fuel cells worth a look for home heating

30 May 14  Banks must stop financing crimes against the environment

23 May 14  Foresters threaten to pull out of ETS

23 May 14  Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

16 May 14  Govt explains arbitrage actions

16 May 14  New environment rules keep foresters in line

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14  Scientists answer soil microbes questions

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

24 Apr 14  So long Shane Jones, a man who got the message

24 Apr 14  At last, we're moving on wood carbon rules

17 Apr 14  Agriculture gas emissions on the rise, warns UN

17 Apr 14  National driving climate change, say Greens

11 Apr 14  Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

11 Apr 14  UN to promote sustainable energy for all

4 Apr 14  Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

4 Apr 14  Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

4 Apr 14  Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?

28 Mar 14  We need a price target range, says forest expert

28 Mar 14  Z Energy on fuels project sideline

28 Mar 14  Not worth it, say international traders

28 Mar 14  The air that we breathe is killing one person in eight, says new report

21 Mar 14  Carbon price inaction could hurt Nats at poll

21 Mar 14  Greens have plans for timber buildings

21 Mar 14  Water is the key in a hungry world

14 Mar 14  Wood foam joins the list of insulations

14 Mar 14  Asia-Pacific must boost food supply, says UN

7 Mar 14  Reluctant PM fends off $600m iwi ultimatum

7 Mar 14  Government says no to national forest policy

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

28 Feb 14  Is Beehive about to act on low carbon prices?

28 Feb 14  Government knows how we can be carbon-neutral

28 Feb 14  Big Wood keen on iwi carbon price action

28 Feb 14  Why Australia needs to increase emissions targets

28 Feb 14  Scientists crack code for duckweed ... and raise hopes for biofuel

21 Feb 14  Angry Maori take carbon case to UN

21 Feb 14  Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

14 Feb 14  Iwi forest plan key to processing boom

14 Feb 14  Pine nurseries got it wrong, says Groser

7 Feb 14  Angry Maori table $600,000 carbon ultimatum

31 Jan 14  It's the forestry effect, explains Groser

31 Jan 14  We're willing to pay for an ecosystem, says study

24 Jan 14  Pulp politics bring tension to Tasmania

20 Dec 13  EDITORIAL: Forget the pretence and let's make a real start with our water quality

20 Dec 13  ETS dysfunctional, says forestry academic

20 Dec 13  New carbon trading idea challenges deforestation

20 Dec 13  Draft pollution law seeks to tackle lethal European air

13 Dec 13  Move on carbon units worries foresters

6 Dec 13  NXT biofuels project excites retail chain

6 Dec 13  Analysts fear big Australian polluters might win

6 Dec 13  OPINION: Future of coal calls for serious debate … not slogans

22 Nov 13  EXCLUSIVE: Biofuels pioneer wants to go into production with refinery in NZ

22 Nov 13  It’s about more than talking the talk, says award winner

22 Nov 13  California approves first forest carbon offsets

22 Nov 13  What's going on in world carbon markets

15 Nov 13  Government plays loose with ETS facts

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

15 Nov 13  Buyers get interested

8 Nov 13  Dunedin takes serious look at carbon footprint

1 Nov 13  World foresters go face to face in Rotorua

25 Oct 13  Young forester happy to play the long game

11 Oct 13  Forest trust for all seeks board members

27 Sep 13  True carbon price bioenergy aid, says expert

27 Sep 13  Brussels aims to chop through EU forest rules

20 Sep 13  Emitters make canny use of cheap ERUs

20 Sep 13  Scientist gets $2m for dairy research

20 Sep 13  Crunching the numbers

6 Sep 13  BOC boasts fumigant is ozone safe

16 Aug 13  Foresters in the know eye big profits

16 Aug 13  Forest figures meaningless, say growers

16 Aug 13  Foresters opting out of ETS, says Labour

16 Aug 13  Australia draws the battle lines

16 Aug 13  Soot and methane not the whole emissions story

9 Aug 13  Carbon budget essential, says council

2 Aug 13  Climate action long overdue, says Labour

2 Aug 13  Biofuel brokers welcome Beehive backing

26 Jul 13  Foresters cool on wood fuel project support

26 Jul 13  Beehive backs Stump to Pump project

26 Jul 13  Renewable energy alone can do it, says report

5 Jul 13  CO2 aids desert greening, say scientists

28 Jun 13  What the power industry players think

21 Jun 13  Prices force rethink of forestry carbon rules

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

21 Jun 13  People come first, say UN leaders

14 Jun 13  Woodies want large-scale biofuel plant

14 Jun 13  Industry sees bioenergy as key to jobs

14 Jun 13  Is there something we haven't been told?

24 May 13  Govt vow ‘huge news’ for foresters

24 May 13  Govt banks on low, low carbon price

24 May 13  Biofuels + Food = farming winner

24 May 13  Bring back natives, says tree scientist

17 May 13  Farm couple finds Asia an eye-opener

10 May 13  Europe embraces green infrastructure

26 Apr 13  Worries deepen over future of ETS

26 Apr 13  No word yet on tree-planting plans

26 Apr 13  Co-operate or crash, warns forests expert

19 Apr 13  IT’S OFFICIAL: Forests make way for dairying

19 Apr 13  Australia cuts emissions … slightly

19 Apr 13  Private sector looms as key funder of forests

12 Apr 13  Think bionergy, farmers will be told

28 Mar 13  Climate change could make us a better wine producer

22 Mar 13  Power plant gas emissions show rise

8 Mar 13  Wood industry report shows the way

8 Mar 13  Nations make stand on illegal timber

8 Mar 13  Expense puts farmers off, says expert

1 Mar 13  Meet the ETS winners ... and losers

22 Feb 13  Land laps up third of Aussie fuel emissions

22 Feb 13  Forest safety record could hurt industry

22 Feb 13  Can't get NZUs 'for love nor money'

15 Feb 13  NZ carbon in race to the bottom

15 Feb 13  Companies link to build fuel demo plant

15 Feb 13  Kenya eyes millions from carbon trade

8 Feb 13  Wood-waste plant idea excites biofuel pioneer

8 Feb 13  We've become small-scale and stand-alone

1 Feb 13  Forest grants could make return

25 Jan 13  Low prices way out for pre-90 foresters

18 Jan 13  Profit-rich foresters might quit ETS

18 Jan 13  Emitters turn backs on local credits

18 Jan 13  Forest returns dragging the chain

18 Jan 13  Black carbon looms as much bigger problem

18 Jan 13  Forest owners to vote on industry voice

18 Jan 13  Dull year behind us, flat year ahead

14 Dec 12  What's our market worth?

14 Dec 12  ETS progress? You're better off going fishing

30 Nov 12  Get smart with power, says PowerSmart chief

30 Nov 12  New strategy aims to help primary producers

23 Nov 12  Gas emissions levels up by 20%, says UN

23 Nov 12  Everyman's guide to Tiger Country

16 Nov 12  Boost regional bio-industry, says report

16 Nov 12  If the world burns, we burn

9 Nov 12  Google keeps an eye on the land

2 Nov 12  Forget today, think carbon 30 years out

2 Nov 12  Govt eyes better planting policies

2 Nov 12  Food key to Australia’s role in Asia

26 Oct 12  Price flop not a good look, admits Smith

26 Oct 12  Dunne seems deaf to foresters' pleas

26 Oct 12  Maori vow to fight for ETS rights

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

26 Oct 12  Carbon not quite a cot case yet

19 Oct 12  Groser: We'll check out status of units

19 Oct 12  ETS 'disappointing and costly' decision

19 Oct 12  Europe’s biofuel makers threaten revolt

12 Oct 12  Philips to light up energy house

5 Oct 12  Farmers target of climate investment help

5 Oct 12  Which way will landowners go?

28 Sep 12  Worried forest owners urge Key to act

28 Sep 12  Government lying to us, says forester

28 Sep 12  EDITORIAL: The problem called John Banks

28 Sep 12  Think carrot ... not stick

21 Sep 12  CarbonScape tracks big prize

14 Sep 12  ETS submission: Clarify forest ownership

7 Sep 12  Blenheim innovator makes world final

31 Aug 12  Industry slams Govt biofuel backdown

31 Aug 12  Work goes on to link Tasman trading schemes

31 Aug 12  Was that the sound of a slamming door?

24 Aug 12  ETS bill has October deadline

24 Aug 12  Foresters put faith in new technology

24 Aug 12  EXCLUSIVE: Carbon News readers can now get full climate report

24 Aug 12  Tasman pact aims to fight illegal logging

24 Aug 12  Beer drinkers say cheers to reducing methane

17 Aug 12  Most Kiwis back a green revolution

17 Aug 12  AL MORRISON: We've been too smug for too long

17 Aug 12  Missed opportunity to invest in NZ

10 Aug 12  We'll need years to get going, says forester

10 Aug 12  Conference urges Govt to act on carbon

3 Aug 12  Don't stand back, environment adviser tells NZ

3 Aug 12  A good word to use is languish ...

27 Jul 12  Sustainability must on menu, says report

27 Jul 12  Forester forms safe haven for kiwi

20 Jul 12  Foresters might swap carbon for cows

20 Jul 12  ETS a Clayton's scheme, says forester

20 Jul 12  Our world in peril

6 Jul 12  Labour vows to protect carbon price

6 Jul 12  What about us, ask forest owners

6 Jul 12  Trading pioneer waits and watches

6 Jul 12  More Americans go cool on global warming

6 Jul 12  Carbon forestry in hibernation

22 Jun 12  UN sews sustainability ‘golden thread’

15 Jun 12  Farmers eye new deal on cow gases

8 Jun 12  Industry eyes mega wood-fuel plant

1 Jun 12  Foresters doing nicely, thank you

25 May 12  State leaders ignore tribes’ forest plan

18 May 12  Carbon low brings halt to forest planting

18 May 12  NZ facing the KP2 question

11 May 12  Forest credits must find place in Asia

11 May 12  ETS changing forestry, says minister

11 May 12  Vietnam eyes carbon trading scheme

4 May 12  Partners eye Havard forest share

4 May 12  Foresters should have their say on new rules

27 Apr 12  Govt stands back from new-world calls

27 Apr 12  NZUs close to 12 million mark

27 Apr 12  Obama warms to climate change action

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

13 Apr 12  Labour backs calls for a new world

5 Apr 12  Don't be a chimp this Easter, says zoo

5 Apr 12  Policy uncertainty makes for a foggy market

30 Mar 12  Worried scientists push for global action

23 Mar 12  Build pulp-biofuel plant, urges expert

23 Mar 12  Market revival in PFSI credits

23 Mar 12  Cloud forests heading for destruction

16 Mar 12  Wood the answer, says biofuel expert

16 Mar 12  Talks look at wood for bio-energy

16 Mar 12  China sees sense of low-carbon economy

9 Mar 12  Storm damage could cost foresters

9 Mar 12  NZ yet to decide on Kyoto stance

2 Mar 12  Green group steps up loo paper fight

24 Feb 12  Converting farmers like low carbon

17 Feb 12  Agencies chase slice of farm carbon pie

10 Feb 12  NZUs top of the pops with emitters

10 Feb 12  Stand by ... the weather will get worse

20 Jan 12  Prices force major forester to rethink

20 Jan 12  Forest owners fast out of the blocks

20 Jan 12  ETS safe, but where do we go from here?

9 Dec 11  Durban knows our foresters are there

2 Dec 11  Millions marked for look at biochar

2 Dec 11  Farmers sign up to $99m green fund

25 Nov 11  Europe a turn-off for our forest owners

18 Nov 11  ETS here to stay, vows Groser

18 Nov 11  Kauri might hold clues to climate secrets

18 Nov 11  Business getting serious about green investment

11 Nov 11  Offsetting OK ... but there's a catch

11 Nov 11  Aquaflow to show know-how in Australia

4 Nov 11  Chauvel lists flaws in ETS review

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

4 Nov 11  Ban names high-level team to push energy

28 Oct 11  Study urges care with harvesting for biofuel

21 Oct 11  Leaders must make changes, says report

21 Oct 11  Why we need to ban industrial CERs soon

14 Oct 11  Investors sniff out NZ forest fortunes

14 Oct 11  Changing climate could lead to chocolate meltdown

7 Oct 11  Pre-1990 credits near 10 million mark

30 Sep 11  How ecotourism can help save forests

23 Sep 11  Number of positives in ETS review

16 Sep 11  ETS review runs out of gas on CERs

16 Sep 11  Forests failure will cost plenty, says UN

16 Sep 11  Foresters shy at these prices

9 Sep 11  Car pollution: the answer lies in a good paint job

2 Sep 11  NZ Wood adopts new CEO

12 Aug 11  Carbon gear will map our land use

12 Aug 11  Greens praise plans for Christchurch

5 Aug 11  Heating scheme reaches more homes

1 Aug 11  ETS review extended in wake of Aussie plan

29 Jul 11  Perfect storm behind the CER meltdown

29 Jul 11  Are land prices too high for carbon investment?

22 Jul 11  Clear ETS signals bring in the money

22 Jul 11  Youth group makes zero-carbon stand

22 Jul 11  What's in the Australian carbon tax for New Zealand?

15 Jul 11  Scientists pinpoint vital role of forests

15 Jul 11  Why it's better to sell NZUs at home

15 Jul 11  The market is over-sold, says OMF

8 Jul 11  Sorry, say experts, it's no longer business as usual

1 Jul 11  ETS review team hands over report

1 Jul 11  NZU prices struggle to hold around $18

1 Jul 11  New enviro watchdog to run ETS

17 Jun 11  Why food and jobs will go as water dries up

17 Jun 11  Get rid of soot and smog, urges report

17 Jun 11  How the majors deal with sustainability

10 Jun 11  New trading platform handles big deal

10 Jun 11  Huge benefits in forest spending, says UN

10 Jun 11  Parties battle over carbon farming plans

10 Jun 11  Food waste firm wins green award

3 Jun 11  NZ attitudes concern climate cameraman

3 Jun 11  Progress on Kyoto forestry rules, says industry

3 Jun 11  Charcoal company gets special mention

3 Jun 11  Jet fuel industry viable, say scientists

3 Jun 11  French get ready to market green coal

27 May 11  Estimates pinpoint cost of ETS to farmers

20 May 11  Government eyes fewer NZU allocations

20 May 11  Forestry credits near 22 million mark

13 May 11  Forest credits near nine million mark

13 May 11  Biofuels project wins $5m funding

13 May 11  Greens hail success of Warm Up NZ

6 May 11  Banks coming to the carbon party

6 May 11  Nervous foresters unsure about ETS

6 May 11  Smallholders miss out on new carbon measure

6 May 11  FORUM: It's time to shut up and pay up

6 May 11  Why the ETS needs transparency

29 Apr 11  Caygill crew on target to produce report

29 Apr 11  Clark urges businesses to go low carbon

29 Apr 11  Stable week for NZUs

21 Apr 11  Country expects to hit Kyoto targets

21 Apr 11  Animal emissions appear to be lower

21 Apr 11  Carbon pollution climbs in Australia

15 Apr 11  Forest-planting rates still low post-ETS

15 Apr 11  CarboNZero steps out to stand alone

8 Apr 11  Forest owners will get 9m carbon credits

8 Apr 11  Foresters see way to reduce ETS risk

8 Apr 11  Wood processors want slice of the pie

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

25 Mar 11  Scientists show biochar slashes animal gas

25 Mar 11  Kiwi carbon player goes it alone

25 Mar 11  New carbon measurement regime for large forests

25 Mar 11  Will dialogue influence the outcome of the review?

11 Mar 11  Caygill crew meets business leaders

11 Mar 11  Kawerau mill wins forest award

11 Mar 11  Welcome to the Year of the Forest

4 Mar 11  Forest owners pick up three million credits

4 Mar 11  UK expert to talk with ETS review group

25 Feb 11  Buyers dominate market

18 Feb 11  US investors ask enviro questions

11 Feb 11  Foresters' champion plants trees for carbon

11 Feb 11  It's a buyer's market ... for now, at least

4 Feb 11  Caygill team gets down to business

4 Feb 11  Time running out for say on forest schemes

4 Feb 11  ETS adds to the confusion

4 Feb 11  NZU market drifts back

28 Jan 11  Northland iwi top credits allocations

28 Jan 11  Forestry credits close on 10m mark

28 Jan 11  Govt boosts NZUs issue by 86 million

28 Jan 11  Buyers active as Chinese New Year looms

21 Jan 11  Govt stays silent on value of free credits

23 Dec 10  Review rules out some ETS challenges

23 Dec 10  California gives nod to timber carbon case

17 Dec 10  Forestry credits pioneer set to sell more

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Significant step forward

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: A clearer picture is emerging

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: What the scientists are saying

17 Dec 10  Second chance on wilding trees exemptions

17 Dec 10  California set to sign up for cap-and-trade

17 Dec 10  Sarawak plans huge land-grab for oil palm

17 Dec 10  NZU prices hold up against CERs

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're getting somewhere, say foresters

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're committed, says Smith

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're fooling nobody, says Chauvel

10 Dec 10  Forests come to the rescue of clams exporter

10 Dec 10  Sellers looking to monetise holdings

3 Dec 10  NZ at heart of Cancun row over tree carbon

3 Dec 10  Cancun will learn why Kiwi way is the best

3 Dec 10  Parcel of 100,000 NZUs looks for buyer

3 Dec 10  Cancun: The electricity isn't there

3 Dec 10  Act now or face more droughts, warn Greens

3 Dec 10  Can we have a word, say kids at Cancun

3 Dec 10  Demand for NZUs softens as CER price falls

30 Nov 10  NZU prices close on CERs

26 Nov 10  Emitter buys 10,000 tonnes through tender

26 Nov 10  Top dairy farmers to talk sustainability

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  EECA 4 - two crowns for Christchurch

26 Nov 10  Volume picks up, says Westpac

19 Nov 10  NZ forest credits might fill CDM shortfall

19 Nov 10  What Nick Smith said to farmers

19 Nov 10  Farming call vital for forests, says scientist

19 Nov 10  ETS leading to farm subsidies, warns Fed head

12 Nov 10  High dollar curbs demand for NZ AAUs

5 Nov 10  NZ teams with Australia and Brazil for Cancun

5 Nov 10  Supply shortfall may begin to ease

29 Oct 10  Credit-happy Japanese come back for more

29 Oct 10  Our prices too low for Aussie carbon pioneers

29 Oct 10  NZ will talk up markets and forestry at Cancun

29 Oct 10  Southern builder launches sustainable homes

22 Oct 10  Manuka gets more muscle as a carbon crop

22 Oct 10  Tenders an right circumstances

19 Oct 10  Forest owners get positive ETS message from Government

15 Oct 10  First pre-1990 forest credits due ... millions to follow

15 Oct 10  Forest owners might get a carbon bonus

15 Oct 10  Current situation not ideal, but outlook for buyers positive

8 Oct 10  New planting rules could cost forest owners

8 Oct 10  Canada's $1b bonus sparks NZ forest interest

8 Oct 10  UN to list ‘30 Ways in 30 Days’ to combat change

8 Oct 10  Demand building, but little evidence of increased prices

1 Oct 10  ETS in full swing as last bits tidied

24 Sep 10  Supply could be just around the corner, says Westpac

17 Sep 10  NZ wood eyes future in Europe's buildings

10 Sep 10  Foresters check trees for quake damage

10 Sep 10  Wary owners waiting on better NZU prices

10 Sep 10  Owners await NZU allocations

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

3 Sep 10  Big banks take new look at dirty industries

27 Aug 10  Iwi join Aussies in carbon forestry venture

27 Aug 10  Indonesia ripe for trading fraud, warn experts

27 Aug 10  Supply light on local market

27 Aug 10  Awards for leading science innovators

20 Aug 10  Govt might have to boost new plantings

20 Aug 10  Think tank: Clean-tech needs a new look, too

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

20 Aug 10  Trade in NZUs remains light

13 Aug 10  Boardroom doesn't get it, says climate talks chief

13 Aug 10  Kiwi ETS wins minister a rare bouquet

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

13 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 3: Wayne King, Carbon Market Solutions

13 Aug 10  Making biochar makes sense, study shows

13 Aug 10  Australian car emissions rules well off pace

13 Aug 10  Local trading picks up

13 Aug 10  Foresters want ban on illegal lumber imports

13 Aug 10  MAF allocates funds for soil erosion work

6 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 2: Simon Young, Karo Group/EcoSecurities

6 Aug 10  Copenhagen loopholes ‘make farce' of rich pledges

6 Aug 10  Scientist lists soot as public enemy number two

6 Aug 10  Now's the time to apply to farming fund

6 Aug 10  Buyers holding off, says Westpac

30 Jul 10  Farm leader angers 'foreign-owned' foresters

30 Jul 10  The Carbon Traders 1: Nigel Brunel, OMFinancial

30 Jul 10  No country for farmers? ... what Federated Farmers said on carbon forestry

30 Jul 10  Trade light in NZUs

16 Jul 10  Carbon credits ready to roll for big emitters

16 Jul 10  Foresters: Farmers can't see wood for the trees

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

16 Jul 10  National 'takes chainsaw' to afforestation grant scheme

9 Jul 10  Foresters test carbon sales through Trade Me

2 Jul 10  NZ carbon market catching buyers' attention

2 Jul 10  Europeans snap up another big parcel of NZ credits

2 Jul 10  Foresters seek timber imports safeguard

2 Jul 10  We're doing our fair share, says Smith

25 Jun 10  We won't dump you in it, minister tells farmers

25 Jun 10  Taxpayers face $1.1 billion Kyoto liability, say authors

18 Jun 10  NZ forest credits sell to Danish Government

18 Jun 10  Bank carbon desk: We're run off our feet

18 Jun 10  Report highlights importance of water storage

11 Jun 10  You had enough time, MAF tells farmers

11 Jun 10  Carbon forestry can work, say tree growers

11 Jun 10  NIWA scientists put better nitrogen management on the farm to the test

4 Jun 10  US climate bill key to Pacific carbon market

4 Jun 10  Clued-up investors move on forestry blocks

4 Jun 10  Help us make money from carbon, pleads dairyman

4 Jun 10  MAF issues several new ETS guides for forestry and agriculture

4 Jun 10  NZ owners sitting pretty, says forest chief

28 May 10  New site gives latest on local carbon market

28 May 10  Indonesia agrees to curb commercial deforestation

14 May 10  Business group wants right to use hot-air AAUs

14 May 10  Ministry clears up status of carbon brokers

7 May 10  Forest owner pockets second round of millions

7 May 10  Westpac move signals carbon is growing up

30 Apr 10  Carbon market wide open to doubtful deals

30 Apr 10  We'd sue Government, say forest owners

30 Apr 10  Information and reputational risk drives big shift in office paper choices

23 Apr 10  Markit chief slams Kiwis' lack of carbon nous

9 Apr 10  ETS delay comes at a cost, warn foresters

9 Apr 10  Forest owners flood ministry with returns

1 Apr 10  Govt stays silent over future of ETS

1 Apr 10  Cleantech investment: the numbers

1 Apr 10  US oil company paid sceptics, says report

1 Apr 10  Did climate bring about the collapse of Angkor?

26 Mar 10  Land lies idle as foresters fear conversion

26 Mar 10  Why Gull is happy to use NZ emissions scheme

19 Mar 10  Insurer backs off forest-damage protection

19 Mar 10  Obama looks at carbon trading shortcut

12 Mar 10  Broker moving carbon desk to Auckland

12 Mar 10  China and India sign, but keep climate stand

5 Mar 10  Foresters begin to see wood for the trees

5 Mar 10  Beehive still working through carbon free list

5 Mar 10  Australia, Indonesia sign forest carbon agreement

26 Feb 10  Burning southern forest shows up carbon risk

26 Feb 10  Have your say on forest credits allocations

19 Feb 10  Trader finds ready market for bundled carbon credits

19 Feb 10  Australia under fire for $60b China coal deal

19 Feb 10  BA to build first green jet-fuel plant in Europe

19 Feb 10  Australian firms eye biochar production

12 Feb 10  Carbon changes face of forest economics, says scientist

12 Feb 10  March 4-5: Carbon and biofuels key to future forest finance

5 Feb 10  City forester trebles profits with sale of credits

5 Feb 10  Mighty River wants more after Maori carbon deal

5 Feb 10  NZ ready to commit to Copenhagen Accord

29 Jan 10  Wanted: New chief for big boys' lobby group

22 Jan 10  Credit-rich foresters out looking for buyers

22 Jan 10  Europe emerges as main buyer of NZ carbon credits

18 Dec 09  NZ might get its way, says business council head

11 Dec 09  Copenhagen time running out, says forester

11 Dec 09  Forest owners gear up to sell Kyoto credits

11 Dec 09  Forget US dollars, Stern tells China

4 Dec 09  Forester: Our credits attracting world interest

4 Dec 09  At last, the forestry show can hit the road

4 Dec 09  Greens see jobs aplenty in carbon storage bonanza

4 Dec 09  Don’t trust Indonesia, warns forest report

27 Nov 09  It's game on as ETS interest starts to flow

27 Nov 09  ETS: What Climate Change Minister Nick Smith says

27 Nov 09  ETS: Society wants forestry answers

27 Nov 09  ETS: Forest owners say deal is unjust

27 Nov 09  Wood wins at environmental awards

23 Nov 09  Maori win ETS voice ... and trip to Copenhagen

23 Nov 09  Smith: Agreement enables progress on climate change

23 Nov 09  Maori Party: Deal to benefit all

23 Nov 09  Labour: A 'quick and dirty deal'

23 Nov 09  Greens: Deal will cost everyone

23 Nov 09  ETS changes mean tomorrow's NZers will pay 84 per cent of Kyoto costs, says council

20 Nov 09  Posh house wins most-sustainable award

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

20 Nov 09  Maori health will be hit hard, say MPs

16 Nov 09  Next steps will depend on Maori Party bottom line

16 Nov 09  Harmonisation not the way, says expert

13 Nov 09  Treasury says it hasn't got Kyoto accounts wrong

13 Nov 09  Bio-fuel levy the last straw for forest owners

6 Nov 09  Methane scare: NZ urged to watch and wait

6 Nov 09  Forum: Why must New Zealand adopt the limitations of the Australian CPRS, asks EITG's Richard Hayes

23 Oct 09  Japan casts keen eye on NZ forest credits

23 Oct 09  Farming opportunites huge, says recruiter

23 Oct 09  Turia confirms big iwi leading Maori Party ETS policy

16 Oct 09  Committee vote-tie could send ETS bill back with no changes

15 Oct 09  Protests force slowdown on full-speed-ahead ETS

15 Oct 09  Who Foss wants to hear on the ETS today

9 Oct 09  Cabinet paper reveals possible major policy shock for forestry

9 Oct 09  Smelter might suffer under Aussie rules

9 Oct 09  How trees can give us fuel freedom ... and 'plastic' bonanza

9 Oct 09  COMMENT: Are farmers still denying climate change?

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

2 Oct 09  US Senate bill toughens emissions target

2 Oct 09  China eyes emission trading as part of economic plan

23 Sep 09  Switch to trees pays off for carbon-conscious farmer

18 Sep 09  World is listening to us, says Groser

18 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: Deal with Maori under scrutiny

14 Sep 09  Farmers could have gained millions in secret deal proposed by Labour

14 Sep 09  Smith: ETS revisions "balance" environment, economy

14 Sep 09  Business NZ: Revised ETS ‘more measured’

11 Sep 09  Confident Labour sits in ETS driving seat

11 Sep 09  Cities better carbon traps than forests, says study

4 Sep 09  EXCLUSIVE: Here's a way out of ETS impasse

4 Sep 09  Planting season lost, but foresters cling to hopes

31 Aug 09  All sectors, all gases the way to go, says ETS report

31 Aug 09  Report lists 34 ways to shape our carbon future

31 Aug 09  Business: Review leaves huge issues up in the air

31 Aug 09  Labour: Big chance for a meaningful ETS

31 Aug 09  Farmers: Report is a loaded gun at our heads

31 Aug 09  Government fiddling while planet burns, says Greenpeace

28 Aug 09  EXCLUSIVE: Business says no to carbon trade hobbles

28 Aug 09  Speculation rife as ETS report faces new delay

21 Aug 09  ETS deal hangs on Key's response to Goff

21 Aug 09  Bio-oil from wood trials excite backers

21 Aug 09  California faces quandary over travel offsets

21 Aug 09  Smith hopes ETS will please everyone

14 Aug 09  Agriculture bogs down bipartisan ETS deal

14 Aug 09  Cap-and-ban could kill carbon market, warns broker

14 Aug 09  Greens: NZ to spend on emissions target when it could save

10 Aug 09  NZ sets 10-20% emissions target ... with big ifs

10 Aug 09  Tree-planting key to meeting target, says expert

10 Aug 09  ANALYSIS: Now it comes down to the ETS deal for agriculture

10 Aug 09  BUSINESS LEADERS: Target will have to rise later

7 Aug 09  Hands off price and trade ties, foresters tell Government

7 Aug 09  Household impact of US bill only modest, says study

7 Aug 09  Most New Zealanders want 20-plus emissions reduction target

31 Jul 09  Carbon potential huge, says multi-million dollar seller

31 Jul 09  Emissions target to be set next week

31 Jul 09  Fruit producers lead way in carbon footprinting

31 Jul 09  Forum: Cool heads still needed on global warming

31 Jul 09  Costs of emissions cuts most likely overstated - report

31 Jul 09  Timber tops for environmentally friendly buildings - report

31 Jul 09  'Wood miles' stack up in New Zealand's favour

31 Jul 09  Business backs 20% emissions cut target

31 Jul 09  No new tree planting under this Parliament, say Kyoto forest owners

31 Jul 09  Minister’s political games on climate are off target, say Greens

24 Jul 09  Forum: Excluding agriculture from ETS neither principled nor smart

17 Jul 09  NZ to target forest offsets issue in Denmark

17 Jul 09  Govt sees NZ as leader in ag emissions research

14 Jul 09  Forester forges link with carbon manager

14 Jul 09  Small miner puts case for use of coal

14 Jul 09  Indonesia issues first forest-carbon revenue rules

10 Jul 09  Concrete group fights wood-only rule

10 Jul 09  Environmental initiatives help OfficeMax strike diamond

7 Jul 09  Avocado growers look for carbon answers

7 Jul 09  Hard-up Harvard eyes sale of NZ forests

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Government won't talk about stationary energy

3 Jul 09  NZ carbon credits could be in short supply

3 Jul 09  Rules change, but forest owners still obligated

3 Jul 09  Goverment needs to wake up, say foresters

30 Jun 09  Energy sector wants firm emissions targets now

26 Jun 09  Industry counts cost of government's ETS delay

26 Jun 09  Forest owners notch Copenhagen victory

26 Jun 09  Government inaction worries foresters

26 Jun 09  ETS 'alienates' Maori forest land, says MP

23 Jun 09  In the House ...

19 Jun 09  Dunne: ETS report might be July or August ... or later

19 Jun 09  Report doesn't do us justice, says forest chief

19 Jun 09  UN launches high-level climate and energy group

16 Jun 09  Carter quiet on potential of forest carbon credits

16 Jun 09  US forests stand crucial for NZ growers

16 Jun 09  US debates climate change role of farms and forests

12 Jun 09  World first as Japan buys NZ carbon credits

12 Jun 09  Ecologist queries Air NZ enviroment award

12 Jun 09  Where are our carbon credits, asks tribal group

12 Jun 09  Japan under fire for 8% emissions cut target

9 Jun 09  US trading plans excite NZ forest owners

9 Jun 09  Land use seen as vital to fixing climate toll

9 Jun 09  Nature best at handling climate change, says UN

5 Jun 09  Climate change: Where there's a Wills there's a way

5 Jun 09  Huge boost in wood, says report

5 Jun 09  Wood the new coal in a low-carbon world

2 Jun 09  New centre to study agriculture gas emissions

2 Jun 09  MAF's message: Our way of farming must change

2 Jun 09  Forestry owners plead for level playing field

2 Jun 09  Wood industry welcomes primary growth partnership

29 May 09  Act must back ETS, says forest owner

29 May 09  Beware of 'carbon cowboys', foresters warned

26 May 09  Uncertainty means forest industry taking a beating

26 May 09  Our ETS already up and running, says law firm

26 May 09  US climate change bill clears key hurdle

22 May 09  Smith delivers significant pro-ETS policy steer

22 May 09  New book, new challenge to climate change

22 May 09  UN posts Copenhagen talks text online

22 May 09  Yarn-maker takes EECA award

19 May 09  Suspending ETS punishes forestry, says grower

15 May 09  GREENS 3: Business leaders welcome package

15 May 09  Analysis: Solid Energy reveals its hand

12 May 09  Coal’s idea for tiny tax and trees given solid debunking

12 May 09  Emissions trading wrong route, say AA members

12 May 09  Ethanol test for Obama backing science over politics

12 May 09  Chauvel: We'll help National fix the mess

8 May 09  Solid Energy pushes new 'tax and plant' emissions strategy

8 May 09  No takers for first NZUs offered on Trade Me

5 May 09  We still want to harmonise, says Smith

5 May 09  Farming groups split on need for ETS

5 May 09  Solid Energy on trail of carbon accounting

5 May 09  Business leaders: emissions trading policy delays causing major investment blight

1 May 09  Zespri aims high as carbon-clean producer

1 May 09  We must burn less diesel and wood, says Gore

1 May 09  Traders call for land-use offsets in climate deal

28 Apr 09  Forest focus wrong, institute tells ETS hearing

28 Apr 09  ETS will close mills, warn wood processors

28 Apr 09  SE Asia will be hit hard , warns bank report

24 Apr 09  Genesis buying credits, but quiet on NZUs deal

24 Apr 09  Forestry sector has date with ETS review

24 Apr 09  Deforestation must stop, says power company

24 Apr 09  Careful forest management crucial, says UN

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

21 Apr 09  Kyoto news no reason for complacency, says lawyer

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

17 Apr 09  Green light for environmental footprinting centre

17 Apr 09  Action needed on positive side of Kyoto ledger, say forestry contractors

17 Apr 09  Two million dollars for new Kyoto forests

17 Apr 09  Figures show why ETS should go ahead quickly

14 Apr 09  Most Kiwis want climate deal at Copenhagen

14 Apr 09  Uncertainty keeps NZUs volatile, says trader

14 Apr 09  Slow progress made at Bonn climate talks

14 Apr 09  Add agriculture to climate talks, says global body

14 Apr 09  Timber mill train decision clears roads

14 Apr 09  ETS uncertainty points to serious energy problems, says Labour

9 Apr 09  TZ1 and American Carbon Registry form partnership

9 Apr 09  Government uncertainty over ETS must end, say Greens

7 Apr 09  Labour: We're ready to start work on joint ETS

7 Apr 09  Baroness slams dual-purpose biofuel crops

7 Apr 09  Forest campaigners reject Charles’ rescue plan

3 Apr 09  Dunne: With Labour, we'll reach ETS agreement

3 Apr 09  NZUs allocation clear sign of future ETS plans

27 Mar 09  Insurers work through climate disasters liability

27 Mar 09  Blue Mountain finds the BOOT fits

27 Mar 09  'Big Picture' partnership claims top environmental prize

27 Mar 09  Minister refuses to rule out further delays to ETS - Labour

24 Mar 09  Happy forest owners now look for better NZUs price

24 Mar 09  Harmonising Tasman emissions schemes could mean massive losses

20 Mar 09  EXCLUSIVE: Forestry credits sale marks world first

20 Mar 09  Wood-pellet industry resents officials’ disinterest

17 Mar 09  Farmers want agriculture, food out of ETS

17 Mar 09  World gets interested in our forestry NZUs

17 Mar 09  Greens call for forest industry to diversify

17 Mar 09  Capital acts to reduce carbon footprint

13 Mar 09  Mapp urges biofuel crops for our badlands

10 Mar 09  Foresters: We've had enough of uncertainty

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

6 Mar 09  Include biochar in ETS, urges top scientist

6 Mar 09  ETS delay hampers lake protection moves

6 Mar 09  Credit freeze forces foresters to stall harvests

6 Mar 09  Australia votes $32 million for soil and emissions study

6 Mar 09  FORUM: In praise of urban forests

3 Mar 09  Foresters might end milling to earn carbon credits

3 Mar 09  Planted forests critical to wood supplies, says UN

3 Mar 09  Greenpeace targets US toilet paper

27 Feb 09  Confused foresters lament lack of Government direction

27 Feb 09  Minister's omission worries wood fuel backers

27 Feb 09  Business NZ stance may not give Government support it needs on ETS

27 Feb 09  Australia goes all-out to cut animal gas emissions

24 Feb 09  Invasive jatropha might have dodged NZ security net

24 Feb 09  NZUs market needs more industries, say foresters

24 Feb 09  UN: Heat waves and extreme drought will increase with climate change

20 Feb 09  Green ideology gets blame for tragic bushfires

20 Feb 09  Brazil climate changes threaten coffee crop

17 Feb 09  Biofuels might speed up global warming, says study

17 Feb 09  Climate change truth is self-evident: Greens

13 Feb 09  Regional council gives thumbs down to jatropha

13 Feb 09  Government welcomes progress to protect Lake Taupo

10 Feb 09  First bio-oil plant offers boost for foresters

3 Feb 09  Forest owners close to getting first NZUs

3 Feb 09  Council targets marginal land for forest planting

3 Feb 09  Kyoto soil carbon rules don't fit NZ, says official

3 Feb 09  World can afford green economy, says new report

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Toxic seeds could fool children

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Everyone should plant it, says grower

30 Jan 09  Deforestation returns running late

30 Jan 09  Stockton long-term investments confirmed, production cut in response to steel downturn

27 Jan 09  Farmers fear fuel-source jatropha will kill stock

23 Jan 09  Deadline looms for owners to report deforestation

23 Jan 09  Mighty River chief takes on carbon management

20 Jan 09  Timber plant pioneers geothermal sequestration

20 Jan 09  Obey the law, minister tells confused forest owners

16 Jan 09  Ministry hunts out experts to boost green exports info

16 Jan 09  Climate could be changing the sound of music

16 Jan 09  New investment in climate change research

16 Jan 09  National will have to do better than announce old policy , says Anderton

16 Jan 09  Charlie’s launches an honest water

16 Jan 09  Used cooking oil slashes hot water power bill by 92%

22 Dec 08  Environmental footprinting expertise funded

19 Dec 08  Confused forest owners keep planting plans on hold

19 Dec 08  No suspension of ETS - what the PM said

18 Dec 08  PM indicates ETS law will not be suspended during review

12 Dec 08  National will have an ETS, says Brownlee

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Forest owners 'positive' after meeting new minister

12 Dec 08  Harawira tries again to link treaty and ETS

9 Dec 08  Dunne at the helm: We need an ETS quickly

9 Dec 08  Buck: Forget ETS review, we're nearly out of time

9 Dec 08  DOC has carbon credits deal for private companies

9 Dec 08  Foresters have high hopes for Kyoto proposal

9 Dec 08  Wairarapa pine planters mourn loss of ETS millions

9 Dec 08  At last, forest owners get a date with the minister

9 Dec 08  Forest protection hopes fade at Poznan talks

9 Dec 08  Scotland comes up with ‘world leading’ climate bill

9 Dec 08  Australian paper questions role of carbon trading

5 Dec 08  World listens to NZ forest owners' Kyoto case

5 Dec 08  Food disaster looms in Pacific, says UN report

5 Dec 08  UK airport tax 'reprisal' for NZ stand on food miles

2 Dec 08  Foresters fear trading advice is a waste of time

28 Nov 08  ETS on hold results in some “carbon traders” promoting VCS to New Zealand exotic forest owners.

25 Nov 08  Forest owners to confront new minister with facts

21 Nov 08  Hold on to your carbon credits, experts advise

21 Nov 08  Report deals blow to wind-and-water power backers

21 Nov 08  Voluntary carbon market first to embrace REDD

21 Nov 08  National already breaking promises on climate change, says Labour

21 Nov 08  Business council not surprised by ETS review

18 Nov 08  ETS delay deal scuppers forestry project worth millions

18 Nov 08  China outlines plans for domestic carbon trading

18 Nov 08  Shopping centre forms America’s first carbon neutral zone

14 Nov 08  Govt must unravel carbon standards rules, says consultant

14 Nov 08  $11.75m for rural projects

7 Nov 08  Fisheries TAG in the wings as others wind down

7 Nov 08  Add coconut to biofuel mix, says PNG politician

7 Nov 08  Concrete makers fear dose of the 'coal syndrome'

4 Nov 08  EXCLUSIVE: Forest owners make Kyoto advance

4 Nov 08  No cap and no fixed price on carbon, investors say

4 Nov 08  Government's stand against illegal logging backed by forest owners

31 Oct 08  Nervous foresters: We don't want policy flip-flops

31 Oct 08  Households up for $1 a day under ETS, says Australian Treasury

31 Oct 08  Brits reluctant investors in climate change, says report

28 Oct 08  ETS will put us out of business, says horticulture chief

24 Oct 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government might back first bioethanol plant

24 Oct 08  EC eyes market solution to deforestation

22 Oct 08  Tsakounis Global to investigate JI coal methane projects in Australia.

21 Oct 08  Biodeisel demand fuels price of wood waste

17 Oct 08  Forests back in fashion as weapon to combat climate change

14 Oct 08  We're wasting our wood resource, says biofuel innovator

14 Oct 08  Anderton vows to shelter farmers troubled by ETS

14 Oct 08  Hydro schemes on wrong side of the island, says report

10 Oct 08  FORUM: Institute of Forestry reply

10 Oct 08  Reducing greenhouse gases one fridge at a time.

7 Oct 08  Major players say no to carbon price-cap proposal

7 Oct 08  No need for panic-buying, Smith tells businesses

7 Oct 08  Our shipping treated badly, say West Coast businesses

3 Oct 08  Asian coal demand gives longer life to Stockton mine

3 Oct 08  Lawyers smile as carbon trading warms up in Tianjin

30 Sep 08  Kiwi company claims world first for charcoal

30 Sep 08  Bosses know little of carbon risk, survey shows

26 Sep 08  Nats vow to sweep new broom through forest industry

26 Sep 08  ANALYSIS: Our future under K2 bleak without forestry

26 Sep 08  Pallet-maker puts the heat on plastic bags

23 Sep 08  Canadians will pay Rwandans to plant trees

19 Sep 08  Promises, promises ... but what are the costs, asks forester

16 Sep 08  Carbon platform eyes start early next year

16 Sep 08  ETS picture becoming clearer for forest owners

12 Sep 08  Forest owners: Problems have not gone away

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greens: ETS a first step, time for some big strides now

12 Sep 08  LETTER: Bad news for Ngai Tahu

11 Sep 08  Forest owners first to feel effects of ETS

11 Sep 08  New world of emissions - what happens and when

11 Sep 08  REACTION: Thank god that's over, now back to the climate, says Greenpeace

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

9 Sep 08  Govt all talk and no action, says vehicle emissions group

9 Sep 08  ValueAdd model promotes 'carbon farming'

5 Sep 08  Parker: Not the time to move on offset planting

5 Sep 08  Govt: ETS forestry compo benefits large number of iwi

5 Sep 08  Tribal group challenges Parker's ETS support claim

5 Sep 08  National’s ETS changes: devilish cost in the detail

5 Sep 08  Rare glimpse of National's post-election ETS policy detail

2 Sep 08  First publicly-displayed credits on TZ1 registry

2 Sep 08  Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre 30-31 October 2008

29 Aug 08  Carbon credit sharing fails to impress wood processors

29 Aug 08  Biofuels sustainability review puts forests ahead of food crops

27 Aug 08  BREAKING NEWS: ETS bill has the numbers

27 Aug 08  Statement from New Zealand First

26 Aug 08  Report spells out future for precious water resources

26 Aug 08  Deforestation question splits delegates at Ghana conference

26 Aug 08  Kyoto Forest owners say they need ETS passed

22 Aug 08  World Bank names countries eligible for forest rewards

22 Aug 08  Matariki Forests to explore strategic opportunities

15 Aug 08  ETS equals economic upheaval, say heavy emitters

15 Aug 08  UN chief urges young people to take active role in climate change fight

15 Aug 08  AUGUST 19: Managing carbon for business

12 Aug 08  NZ in the box seat on emissions trading, says economist

12 Aug 08  Greenair: Forestry carbon opportunities are real

12 Aug 08  New report paints bright future for second-generation biofuels

8 Aug 08  UK Carbon Reduction Commitment – a lesson for New Zealand firms

8 Aug 08  A good news story ... they’re using our trees over there

5 Aug 08  Forester warns farmers of get-rich-quick carbon hucksters

1 Aug 08  BP: What it says over there - and here

1 Aug 08  Farmers backed with $26.5 million for climate change training

29 Jul 08  EXCLUSIVE: Union-led climate alliance reaches across the Tasman

29 Jul 08  Major breakthrough in tropical timber campaign

25 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Heavy emitters and National scoring major own goal

25 Jul 08  Goldsmith organisation condemns plans for importing biofuels into NZ

25 Jul 08  Report details huge climate change cost for US states

25 Jul 08  Kyoto foresters seek assurances on Labour and National's carbon credit promises

22 Jul 08  Fertiliser companies' carbon move could cost consumers

18 Jul 08  Carbon trader helps landowner win funding for gas emissions study

18 Jul 08  UN embarks on worldwide survey to assess deforestation

18 Jul 08  Consider Aussie ETS before passing bill, say Nats

16 Jul 08  Australia announces all-gases and almost-all sectors ETS

16 Jul 08  REACTION: NZ emission scheme should pick up some Aussie ideas, say forest owners

15 Jul 08  Pure Power looking to up New Zealand investment

15 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Australian Green Paper: Will faces here go green or red?

11 Jul 08  NZ, Australia emissions schemes sit happily together, says Parker

11 Jul 08  Gas the way to go for home heating, say manufacturers

8 Jul 08  Forest owners urge NZ to follow Garnaut carbon storage action

8 Jul 08  Branch out into willow, biofuel maker urges farmers

8 Jul 08  Troubled Tasmania: Where do we sit in carbon trading scheme?

4 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The Labour-National negotiation that should be under way

4 Jul 08  No horse trading on other issues in Govt - NZ First ETS negotiations

1 Jul 08  New report: more carbon credits needed to protect native forests

1 Jul 08  Rio Tinto to get 96.5% more for iron ore - steel price hike predicted

27 Jun 08  Heavy emitters fire more salvoes on ETS

27 Jun 08  Report underestimates benefits of increased forestry planting, say forest owners

24 Jun 08  ETS bonus: $12b and 10,000 jobs, says report by big business

24 Jun 08  New investment, new jobs, new wages, new income

24 Jun 08  NZ biodiesel market big enough for everyone, says Solid Energy

24 Jun 08  Sustainable biofuels likely to reduce fuel prices - Minister

20 Jun 08  Carbon exchange chief criticises lack of business and political courage

17 Jun 08  ETS amendments tinkering around the edges for forestry sector

17 Jun 08  Government forestry policies costly mistake, say owners

16 Jun 08  National's full minitory report on ETS bill

16 Jun 08  Business Council: Changes soften way for ETS, reach limit of public acceptance

13 Jun 08  Forestry owners: Ministers claim of liabilities warning not true

13 Jun 08  Fewer trees unless govt changes policies

13 Jun 08  Unique cross-sector roundtable forms to discuss sustainable agriculture

13 Jun 08  Cross-sector partnership forms on sustainable water management

13 Jun 08  "Outrage" at AWE burning 17 million cu ft of natural gas daily at Taranaki

12 Jun 08  NZ Wood urges caution over concrete carbonisation claims

12 Jun 08  Smart software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto obligations

12 Jun 08  SOE wields deforestation chainsaw

11 Jun 08  Major deforestation reported, but MAF survey shows ETS will lift replanting rates

11 Jun 08  Holcim researching concrete’s CO2 absorption potential

11 Jun 08  Clark "personally responsible" for shocking deforestation data - Kyoto Forestry Association

5 Jun 08  Business urged to steal a march on new green business ideas

4 Jun 08  Minister: Green co-leader being "looney" on water issue

4 Jun 08  Australian Minister talks on ETS and fuel prices

4 Jun 08  Farmers calculate carbon emissions online

3 Jun 08  Key reveals thoughts on "bastardised" ETS scheme to student blogger

3 Jun 08  Red Stag co-generation plant puts $1m a year on bottomline

30 May 08  Go carefully on soil carbon sequestration - officials

30 May 08  Aussie Carbon Planet credit brokers breeze into local market

30 May 08  Banrock Station boss: make money by carbon sinking local reserves

30 May 08  Marks and Spencers' CSR leader to speak

29 May 08  Greens want US-style ban on illegally logged timber imports

28 May 08  Major policy clamp down on climate-warming illegal wood imports?

28 May 08  Parker's full speech on climate change effects and impacts assessment

27 May 08  Kiwis embrace the chop-down-trees environmental message

27 May 08  MAF: wood supply to jump about 3 million cu m a year

23 May 08  EXCLUSIVE - National answers questions on ETS: No bill backing even if it gets all it wants

22 May 08  Australia's first carbon trade cheap and symbolic

21 May 08  Deforestation Risk Overstated

20 May 08  Changing climate threatens Europe's prized black truffles

19 May 08  30-year trial shows organic farming is the way to go

19 May 08  Regulating greenhouse gases will generate a lot of money -- who should get it?

14 May 08  Big landowners take centre stage at ETS hearings

14 May 08  Australia signs $2.3b cheque for climate change action

14 May 08  Government campaign urges industry to burn wood

13 May 08  Forest owners tell ETS body: Our burden is unfair

13 May 08  Aussie Budget tipped to deliver massive boost in climate change spending

12 May 08  Dairy operator eyes $75m loss without forestry offset scheme

8 May 08  NZX chief: Here's our big chance to impress the Americans

8 May 08  Big players put cases to ETS select committee

8 May 08  Changes to Kyoto last straw for forest owners

8 May 08  MARKET REPORT: Oil drives across-the-board carbon price rise

7 May 08  Government ETS moves will batter forestry Kyoto credit values

7 May 08  Indigenous groups blast UN over carbon trading

7 May 08  Asia's disappearing rainforests ‘an appalling crisis’

5 May 08  Forest giant could be carbon-saving crop of the future

2 May 08  Tree-mendous ... Charles to check on our forests

1 May 08  ANALYSIS: What you are not hearing from the NZIER and heavy emitters

1 May 08  Political realities mean emissions scheme phase in slower than desirable

1 May 08  UN 1: Ban Ki-moon to lead task force to tackle global food crisis

1 May 08  Agroforestry the best bet, say Aussies

1 May 08  Are our cattle killing the orangutan?

30 Apr 08  ETS will lead to more forests and cleaner air and water

30 Apr 08  Club Tower development reaches for five-star rating

29 Apr 08  Climate Change Leadership Forum backs emissions trading scheme

29 Apr 08  Tougher energy efficiency rules for hot water systems

29 Apr 08  EMA: "Carbon trade proposals could destroy economy"

24 Apr 08  Deer hunters stalk carbon sink scheme

23 Apr 08  Small-forest scheme open for business

22 Apr 08  Climate change 'a problem for now'

22 Apr 08  It's not so bad - a Carbon News series on mitigating the impact of emissions trading down on the farm

21 Apr 08  Farm leaders, Agriculture Minister trade words on impact of ETS

21 Apr 08  Energy’s emissions nearly match agriculture’s

21 Apr 08  Wellington City decides on carbon credit revenue plan from town belts, forests

18 Apr 08  Biofuels target of protests in UK

17 Apr 08  Bush sets 2025 as year for nil US emissions growth

16 Apr 08  Internet search engine pledges two trees for every 1000 searches

15 Apr 08  Auckland’s first five-star environmentally sustainable building

14 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: 'Surprise' MAF report shows some farms will profit from ETS

14 Apr 08  Forestry summit - Rotorua - July 22, 2008

10 Apr 08  Dunajtschik: The shy man behind the nation's newest, biggest green building

9 Apr 08  New indicators predict productivity of forestry sites

9 Apr 08  FEATURE: NZ's biggest coprorate dairy venture putting water quality first

8 Apr 08  GreenAir Fund pitches for major new forestry emision unit business

4 Apr 08  Greens insist on biofuel sustainability standard

3 Apr 08  A slippery sort of "come out of the closet day" of climate change politics

3 Apr 08  Major CO2 storage project launches, brightens future for coal use

3 Apr 08  Consultation on climate change measures continues

3 Apr 08  Professor reviewing forestry offset scheme proposal

2 Apr 08  No emissions trading revenue windfall for NZ

2 Apr 08  Parker: Full trans-Tasman ETS harmonisation only one option

2 Apr 08  Bangkok talks warned little time remains for climate change solution

1 Apr 08  Insolvency threatens Maori forest owners

1 Apr 08  Conserving biodiversity is a business opportunity, say IUCN and Shell

31 Mar 08  Skids under government’s bio-fuels mandate

31 Mar 08  International biofuels and electric vehicles experts speaking at Wellington

31 Mar 08  Roger Kerr: Saving the Planet Must Not Cost the Earth

27 Mar 08  Top business speakers appearing at carbon market workshop

27 Mar 08  NZ emissions trading regulations - what's in store

26 Mar 08  Government needs to define clean coal future

26 Mar 08  Three pillars to Wong’s emissions policy

26 Mar 08  Now it’s petrol giving the Aussies cold feet

26 Mar 08  Lockwood Launches EcoSmart Home

26 Mar 08  Half year loss but Solid Energy forecasts profitability for full year

25 Mar 08  Kiwi ETS start-up market so small - traders will go international immediately

25 Mar 08  Garnaut bucks Wong’s exclusion of agriculture: wants all permits auctioned

25 Mar 08  Millions pour into ag emission reduction research projects

20 Mar 08  Self-assessment the Kiwi ETS maxim

20 Mar 08  BNZ’s Alexander on NZ ETS: “We’ve got to pull finger”

20 Mar 08  "Energy Forests" could meet all future NZ transport and heat needs

20 Mar 08  Trillion-dollar carbon market targeted

20 Mar 08  Official timetable for introducing Australia's ETS

19 Mar 08  Deforestation in 2007 exceeds Anderton’s expectations

19 Mar 08  Anderton says survey shows deforestation reducing

19 Mar 08  Smith: Chainsaw massacre continues unabated

18 Mar 08  Forestry, agriculture may not be in Aussie ETS

18 Mar 08  Forestry offsetting gains "overwhelming" support

17 Mar 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government to plead for forest off-setting option

17 Mar 08  Calculate your deforestation liability

16 Mar 08  Agricultural emission rumours discounted

12 Mar 08  Solid Energy plans major expansions of renewable fuel production


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