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Hopes rise for solution to forest-split problem

7 Nov 16 - The door is slightly open for the Government to reconsider the contentious pre-1990/post-1989 forestry split under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

NZ wins praise for work in global carbon markets

4 Nov 16 - New Zealand is showing “true leadership” on the development of global carbon markets, a new report says.

Border tax could cut emissions, says NZ economist

Peter Neilson

21 Oct 16 - The US, China and the European Union should bring in border taxes on carbon emissions contained in imported products not already taxed in their countries of origin, according to a former New Zealand...

Millions worth of free credits sit in private accounts

20 Oct 16 - Non-forestry carbon credits worth more than $350 million – many of them given by taxpayers to large industrial emitters – are sitting in private carbon accounts.

Bennett in no rush to surrender extra credits

Paula Bennett

11 Oct 16 - The Government will not surrender extra carbon credits to cover the environmentally worthless credits New Zealand used to meet its first emissions reduction target – at least not yet.

Govt knew use of hot-air credits would draw fire

10 Oct 16 - The Government was warned last year that New Zealand could face criticism for using hot-air credits to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target, documents show.

Opposition slams Government carbon credits plan

6 Oct 16 - New Zealand’s plans to buy its way out of emissions reductions run foul of the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change, Opposition parties say.

Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16 - A new global market-based measure for aviation emissions could see New Zealand having to offset 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

Govt learns we can't cut emissions and sell more milk

28 Sep 16 - The Government knows its economic strategy of increasing agricultural exports cannot go on if New Zealand is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a confidential paper shows.

PARIS PACT: Morganists say NZ must sell units

23 Sep 16 - The Government must cancel all surplus carbon units it’s sitting on in 2020 as part of ratifying the Paris Agreement, says the group that wrote the Climate Cheats report.

Ukraine ratifies Paris Agreement

21 Sep 16 - Ukraine – the source of many of the low-value carbon credits that have so embarrassed the New Zealand Government – is the latest country to ratify the Paris Agreement.

Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s reported greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically.

PACIFIC PARIAH: Australia’s love of coal has left it out in the diplomatic cold

Malcolm Turnbull

8 Sep 16 - Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will have some explaining to do when he attends the Pacific Islands Forum leaders' meeting in Pohnpei, Micronesia, this week.

Bennett all ears as Canberra talks about Paris

Julie Bishop

1 Sep 16 - New Zealand climate change minister Paula Bennett was in Australia’s Parliament yesterday when the Paris Agreement on climate change was tabled.

Dodgy dealing cost us dearly, says Asia expert

Natasha Hamilton-Hart

30 Aug 16 - Using dodgy carbon credits has damaged New Zealand’s chances of becoming an Asian carbon trading hub, says an expert on doing business in South-East Asia.

NZ looks for carbon credit trading friends

19 Aug 16 - New Zealand is stepping up the hunt for sources of quality carbon credits to help to meet its international emissions reduction targets.

Bennett rules out parties' two key climate points

18 Aug 16 - Carbon budgeting and a climate commission are not on the table for cross-party talks on climate change.

DIRTY DOZEN: Big firms who traded in cheap units

16 Aug 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest carbon emitters, along with forestry companies and even iwi are among the organisations that used cheap EURs to meet their liabilities under the Emissions Trading...

Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16 - Farmers – already exempt from liability for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from their businesses – urged the Government to keep other subsidies in place to further protect them from carbon...

Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

Sina Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi

18 Jul 16 - New Zealand needs a carbon tax as well as the Emissions Trading Scheme if it is to meet its promise to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, new research shows.

12 Jul 16  Forester urges Govt to remove carbon market risks

7 Jul 16  Nature and wildlife need their own seats at the UN

7 Jul 16  History of emissions trading winds up

1 Jul 16  Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

29 Jun 16  Politicians not helping, says climate academic

23 Jun 16  Carbon market history, chapter five

22 Jun 16  NZ unlikely to use banked credits, says minister

20 Jun 16  Big players' threats might force NZ to sign early

9 Jun 16  Carbon story part three out now

26 May 16  Carbon prices jump after Budget breakthrough

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

26 May 16  Minister puts figure on hot-air credits

26 May 16  Now hear this ...

25 May 16  PARIS PUSH: Pact could be ready to go next year

23 May 16  CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

17 May 16  Fairness key as UN begins strengthening Paris deal

3 May 16  Government might not carry over units

27 Apr 16  Carbon budgeting big success, says UK expert

26 Apr 16  Bennett stays on course for higher carbon price

21 Apr 16  ETS ADVICE: Supply more important than price

20 Apr 16  Dodgy units aside, we could make money from ETS credits

19 Apr 16  WAKE UP! The nation must start taking action

18 Apr 16  NZ international credits dealing is fraud, says report

14 Apr 16  Top table invites us to chew over carbon market

13 Apr 16  Adopting Paris Agreement could be a year away

12 Apr 16  Climate minister will sign us up to Paris pact

12 Apr 16  Could this be a fair dinkum climate policy for Australia?

12 Apr 16  EXPOSED! Our man in Paris comes in from the cold

11 Apr 16  NZ runs global group setting up trading rules

11 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: Will we or won't we join the party?

5 Apr 16  Air NZ emissions move wins global support

5 Apr 16  Depending on how you do the sums, we could be carbon neutral right now

30 Mar 16  It wouldn't take much for e-cars to ease our emissions

14 Mar 16  Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

11 Mar 16  How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

7 Mar 16  New map will help you navigate the ETS world

4 Mar 16  Wood processors could get the nod with ETS changes

2 Mar 16  Quitting Kyoto might cost us, new minister hears

2 Mar 16  The NZEUR is dead, long live the NZETR

1 Mar 16  Cold light shines on Paris climate pledges

25 Feb 16  Energy markets unlikely ally in the emissions effort

22 Feb 16  NZ to promote international markets idea at UN

22 Feb 16  ETS ... we're hitting the target but missing the point

15 Feb 16  Bill puts the environment in its place

25 Jan 16  NZ unlikely to act on emissions conditions

18 Jan 16  Target in sight ... but we're dining on leftovers

15 Dec 15  COMMENT: Great, now all we need is a plan

15 Dec 15  We're beginning to see the wood despite the trees

13 Dec 15  They've done it!

7 Dec 15  Europe shows up NZ Kyoto credits decision

23 Nov 15  Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip

23 Nov 15  How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

23 Nov 15  Australia eyes carry-over credits, says expert

16 Nov 15  This week ...

9 Nov 15  OFFICIALS: Why we need to halve our emissions

2 Nov 15  Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

27 Oct 15  Groser confirms emissions backlash fear

21 Oct 15  'Bottom-up' agreement possible in Paris

28 Sep 15  UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

21 Sep 15  Backlash fear stopped move on agriculture emissions

7 Sep 15  What really happened with Kyoto ERUs

31 Aug 15  We're knee-deep in it (adding up emissions, that is)

24 Aug 15  New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

17 Aug 15  Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

3 Aug 15  Message in a bottle: wine industry gives farmers a taste of what's to come

20 Jul 15  Groser pleads special case for animal emissions

20 Jul 15  Australia hit its Kyoto target, but it was more a three-inch putt than a hole in one

13 Jul 15  'Failed' NZ could be walking into trap at Paris climate summit

8 Jul 15  Why our cuts will be an embarrassment in Paris

2 Jun 15  Coffee drinkers beware, your brew will change with the climate

18 May 15  Canadian city wants to be the world's greenest

11 May 15  At last, Government reveals cost of gases reduction

20 Apr 15  Minister happy with dairying emissions progress

13 Apr 15  We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

7 Apr 15  NZ hangs back as countries commit to carbon cuts

7 Apr 15  How the US’s post-2020 climate target could fit into a global deal

9 Mar 15  Beehive breaking our climate change pledge

23 Feb 15  ETS nothing but 'words, fishhooks and traps,' says Palmer

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

23 Feb 15  Shell chief calls for climate action, but what are the motives?

27 Jan 15  Carbon prices hit two-year high

22 Dec 14  Australia's emissions targets are heading in the wrong direction

15 Dec 14  Climate expert: It's all smoke and mirrors, Mr Groser

15 Dec 14  Climate talks off on the rocky road to Paris

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

1 Dec 14  Govt hopes Kyoto credits will cover emissions blow-out

1 Dec 14  Lima climate talks ‘stepping stone’ for universal treaty

10 Nov 14  Election rout blow to US climate change role

3 Nov 14  What the politicians said ...

28 Oct 14  Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens green trade deal

20 Oct 14  Chile's new tax could open carbon doors for NZ

13 Oct 14  Anxious foresters await review of foreign credits ban

13 Oct 14  Beehive stays silent on emissions target

13 Oct 14  VOILA! A simple new way to put a price on global carbon

13 Oct 14  Sick seas could cost us billions, UN warns

29 Sep 14  MIA ... but it doesn't mean China's not interested

29 Sep 14  Would a climate change treaty be enough?

22 Sep 14  Scientists plead for cuts to ballooning fossil fuel emissions

16 Sep 14  There's more to renewable energy than fighting climate change

1 Sep 14  Ten more years is too late, says Nobel winner

1 Sep 14  Foresters like look of climate commission

25 Aug 14  Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

25 Aug 14  Study holds out little hope for climate solutions

11 Aug 14  Register holds 150 million NZUs

11 Aug 14  Greens have a tempting carbon tax idea

11 Aug 14  Why the Chinese leadership puts China first

1 Aug 14  Foreign foresters might sue over ETS changes

11 Jul 14  Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

13 Jun 14  Australia's emissions fund could start short

13 Jun 14  The case for a carbon consumption tax

30 May 14  Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

23 May 14  Foresters threaten to pull out of ETS

23 May 14  Government took easy option on forest credits

23 May 14  Carbon prices on steady upward path

16 May 14  Maori unhappy about having to back carbon move

16 May 14  Surprise forest credits move sees market rise

16 May 14  Govt explains arbitrage actions

9 May 14  Early carbon auctions unlikely, says Government

9 May 14  Market trades 34 million carbon credits

9 May 14  Why Australia has something to worry about

2 May 14  NZUs issued to post-1989 forest owners

17 Apr 14  National driving climate change, say Greens

11 Apr 14  Our emissions up ... thanks to cars and cows

4 Apr 14  No-action Abbott stalls climate policy decisions

21 Mar 14  Post-89 emissions returns trickle in

28 Feb 14  Why Australia needs to increase emissions targets

21 Feb 14  Angry Maori take carbon case to UN

21 Feb 14  Emissions lower under Direct Action, says research

21 Feb 14  Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

14 Feb 14  Pine nurseries got it wrong, says Groser

24 Jan 14  Change ahead, so business needs to get smart

20 Dec 13  ETS dysfunctional, says forestry academic

13 Dec 13  Govt sitting on millions worth of Kyoto units

6 Dec 13  Restrictions on CERs and ERUs

29 Nov 13  Warsaw wobbles … and now we're off to Paris

22 Nov 13  What Tim Groser told the world at Warsaw

22 Nov 13  Europe wants to see some action out of Warsaw

15 Nov 13  Warsaw the great test of will, say Greens

15 Nov 13  Well done, Mr Abbott, says Canada

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

11 Nov 13  Hope from Europe

8 Nov 13  Poland will be stepping stone, says Groser

8 Nov 13  Young man in a hurry ... all the way to Warsaw

1 Nov 13  Doha decision forced hand on setting 5% emissions target, says Groser

25 Oct 13  Parties stay quiet on 2015 carbon auctions

25 Oct 13  Islands have three-pronged approach to climate change

11 Oct 13  International update

4 Oct 13  Govt still silent on auctioning credits

20 Sep 13  Are we doing our bit? It seems not

30 Aug 13  'I don't think I've ever driven a Kyoto Protocol ...'

30 Aug 13  Why the Pacific problem will not go away

23 Aug 13  Kyoto rules govern new emissions stand

23 Aug 13  Experts slam 5% emissions target

23 Aug 13  NZUs owners hang on for $7 a tonne

23 Aug 13  Emissions target under fire from MPs

16 Aug 13  Foresters in the know eye big profits

16 Aug 13  Forest figures meaningless, say growers

16 Aug 13  NZ commits to 5% climate change target

16 Aug 13  Foresters opting out of ETS, says Labour

16 Aug 13  Australia draws the battle lines

9 Aug 13  Carbon budget essential, says council

2 Aug 13  Climate action long overdue, says Labour

26 Jul 13  Trading seen as answer to South Africa’s energy crisis

26 Jul 13  EUAs hit three-week high

19 Jul 13  Australia makes early move to carbon trading

28 Jun 13  Big news from the US, Australia

21 Jun 13  Prices force rethink of forestry carbon rules

21 Jun 13  Deadline looms for forest owners

7 Jun 13  WWF accuses NZ of hypocrisy

31 May 13  Europe wants emissions plans set early

24 May 13  Govt vow ‘huge news’ for foresters

17 May 13  Emissions windfall drops … by millions

17 May 13  Yes, NZ is in the carbon trading club

10 May 13  Have we joined the carbon power brokers?

19 Apr 13  NZ increases emissions ... by a lot

12 Apr 13  Ministry studies carry-over submissions

12 Apr 13  Shanghai second city to trade carbon

28 Mar 13  Speculators suddenly see profit in carbon

22 Mar 13  NZUs look good as carbon prices rise

22 Mar 13  Kyoto call kills off tar sands project

22 Mar 13  Carry-over of Kyoto units not what’s wanted

8 Mar 13  Climate challenges in the spotlight

1 Mar 13  Meet the ETS winners ... and losers

22 Feb 13  It's official ... NZ banned from Kyoto deals

22 Feb 13  ERUs' numbers double in year

22 Feb 13  Can't get NZUs 'for love nor money'

15 Feb 13  Carbon market close to collapse

8 Feb 13  We've become small-scale and stand-alone

1 Feb 13  Officials sort out Kyoto withdrawal

1 Feb 13  FORUM: '100% pure' is 100% damaging

1 Feb 13  Our oil sands are fine, insists Canada

18 Jan 13  Forest returns dragging the chain

18 Jan 13  China could lead world in carbon trading

18 Jan 13  Dull year behind us, flat year ahead

14 Dec 12  NZ carbon stand wrong, says Kyoto expert

14 Dec 12  Doha votes to bar NZ from KP2 credits

14 Dec 12  What's our market worth?

14 Dec 12  Poor countries the big climate winners

14 Dec 12  UN happy with progress made in Doha

14 Dec 12  ETS progress? You're better off going fishing

7 Dec 12  NZ faces carbon markets shut-out

7 Dec 12  Key defends climate change actions

7 Dec 12  We're staunch, junior minister tells world

7 Dec 12  This is a crisis, Ban tells Doha

7 Dec 12  Energy savings only way left, says economist

30 Nov 12  Dodgy Doha poor place for climate talks

23 Nov 12  Greens accuse Nats of breaking promises

23 Nov 12  Plans to reduce supply in world's largest market

16 Nov 12  We'd sign with Kyoto, promises Labour

16 Nov 12  Good on ya, Julia, says UN chief

16 Nov 12  If the world burns, we burn

9 Nov 12  Carbon hovers above historic lows

2 Nov 12  EU cans plans to limit ‘hot air’ credits

26 Oct 12  Price flop not a good look, admits Smith

26 Oct 12  Brussels wants to ban $500m in ERU credits

26 Oct 12  Europe on track to meet Kyoto targets

19 Oct 12  Groser: We'll check out status of units

28 Sep 12  Government lying to us, says forester

28 Sep 12  EDITORIAL: The problem called John Banks

28 Sep 12  Why Romney in the White House scares Europe

28 Sep 12  Prices stage a rally ... of sorts

21 Sep 12  Trader warns of carbon unit avalanche

21 Sep 12  Is ETS a scheme or a scam, ask Greens

14 Sep 12  Put that in writing, minister, says council head

14 Sep 12  Experts urge action to save carbon market

14 Sep 12  Putin mulls over carbon trading

14 Sep 12  Surplus threatens climate deal, says report

14 Sep 12  NZUs down in line with European prices

7 Sep 12  We’re well on the road to Doha, says UN

7 Sep 12  It's raining ERUs ...

7 Sep 12  NZUs hit barrier at $5

31 Aug 12  Coconut compound does the trick

31 Aug 12  Mining cuts won't ease gases liability

31 Aug 12  Australia to link with EU carbon market

31 Aug 12  Was that the sound of a slamming door?

13 Jul 12  Groser talks green in Germany

29 Jun 12  Don't trade in the Holden on a push bike

15 Jun 12  EDITORIAL: Our leaders should be in Rio

1 Jun 12  Growing market meets carbon challenges

18 May 12  NZ facing the KP2 question

11 May 12  Forest credits must find place in Asia

11 May 12  NZ wants new deal for carbon markets

11 May 12  Time running out for ETS submissions

4 May 12  Deadlines loom for forest owners

27 Apr 12  Stop and think about the tax

23 Mar 12  Market revival in PFSI credits

23 Mar 12  Europe tells China to start own ETS

9 Mar 12  NZ yet to decide on Kyoto stance

17 Feb 12  Canterbury sets high emissions mark

3 Feb 12  Govt might block overseas credits

27 Jan 12  Minister puts plans for environment

20 Jan 12  Carbon battles back from lowest point

20 Jan 12  ETS safe, but where do we go from here?

16 Dec 11  Carbon prices plunge to record low

16 Dec 11  Durban delegates hail breakthrough

9 Dec 11  Carbon hits new low, but expect a fightback

9 Dec 11  Groser looks for more ETS partners

9 Dec 11  Durban knows our foresters are there

9 Dec 11  The longer we wait, the worse it gets

2 Dec 11  China key to future of carbon trading

25 Nov 11  Carbon crashes as Europe sells out

25 Nov 11  Europe a turn-off for our forest owners

25 Nov 11  Durban ... good COP or bad COP?

18 Nov 11  ETS here to stay, vows Groser

18 Nov 11  Scientists issue warnings over Durban

18 Nov 11  Environment: Where the minor parties stand

11 Nov 11  Offsetting OK ... but there's a catch

11 Nov 11  UN expects firm decisions in Durban

11 Nov 11  Where Labour and Greens stand on carbon trading

4 Nov 11  Some forest owners offered a break

4 Nov 11  Row brews over industrial gases

4 Nov 11  Gas outage spurs forest biofuel option

28 Oct 11  Industrial gas submissions close soon

28 Oct 11  Surprise ... NZUs hold their ground

21 Oct 11  Why we need to ban industrial CERs soon

14 Oct 11  Somehow, we've got a carbon surplus

14 Oct 11  Abbott will eat his words, says CMS

30 Sep 11  Global CO2 emissions show steep rise

16 Sep 11  Forests failure will cost plenty, says UN

26 Aug 11  What China does is vitally important

1 Aug 11  ETS review extended in wake of Aussie plan

29 Jul 11  Auckland talks make a little progress

22 Jul 11  UN warns of climate threats to security

15 Jul 11  Why it's better to sell NZUs at home

8 Jul 11  Africa ready for carbon deals, says UN

1 Jul 11  ETS review team hands over report

1 Jul 11  Market confusion sees prices at a low

24 Jun 11  All's not well after Bonn climate talks

24 Jun 11  At these levels, you have to start buying

17 Jun 11  Try incentives for farmers, says broker

17 Jun 11  World Bank tracks stalled carbon market

10 Jun 11  Climate fighter has a big job for NZ

3 Jun 11  Taxpayers face Kyoto bill worth billions

3 Jun 11  Progress on Kyoto forestry rules, says industry

3 Jun 11  Hopes dim for safe emissions levels

27 May 11  Europe keeps emissions under control

20 May 11  Government eyes fewer NZU allocations

13 May 11  Forest credits near nine million mark

13 May 11  Market eyes Japan's nuclear plans

6 May 11  Nervous foresters unsure about ETS

6 May 11  Smallholders miss out on new carbon measure

21 Apr 11  ETS stays no matter what, says Groser

21 Apr 11  Politics not way to beat climate change

21 Apr 11  Country expects to hit Kyoto targets

21 Apr 11  Animal emissions appear to be lower

21 Apr 11  Carbon pollution climbs in Australia

15 Apr 11  Forest-planting rates still low post-ETS

8 Apr 11  Forest owners will get 9m carbon credits

8 Apr 11  Foresters see way to reduce ETS risk

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

18 Mar 11  Price on move as carbon booms in Europe

18 Mar 11  Forests credit allocations top five million

11 Mar 11  ETS review panel wants YOUR input

11 Mar 11  ETS PAPER 2: World situation unclear

4 Mar 11  Climate chief urges action on Cancún accords

11 Feb 11  Combet: Australia must act to cut emissions

4 Feb 11  Caygill team gets down to business

28 Jan 11  Govt boosts NZUs issue by 86 million

21 Jan 11  Credits worth $15m stolen in registry heist

23 Dec 10  Review rules out some ETS challenges

23 Dec 10  Farmers renew call to keep agriculture out

23 Dec 10  California gives nod to timber carbon case

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Significant step forward

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: A clearer picture is emerging

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: What the scientists are saying

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Give money to research, says FedFarm

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Climate agreements at a glance

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're committed, says Smith

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're fooling nobody, says Chauvel

10 Dec 10  UN chief pleads for action at Cancun talks

3 Dec 10  NZ at heart of Cancun row over tree carbon

3 Dec 10  Cancun: The electricity isn't there

3 Dec 10  Act now or face more droughts, warn Greens

3 Dec 10  Stubborn Japan puts foot down at Cancun

3 Dec 10  Island states want climate insurance fund

30 Nov 10  NZU prices close on CERs

26 Nov 10  Interest grows as CERs deal in NZ dollars

26 Nov 10  Smith and Groser lead NZ team to Cancun

19 Nov 10  NZ forest credits might fill CDM shortfall

19 Nov 10  Farmers must come first, says Dairy group

19 Nov 10  Cancun talks just a staging post, says Britain

12 Nov 10  High dollar curbs demand for NZ AAUs

12 Nov 10  ETS not the way to go, says FedFarm

12 Nov 10  Come Cancun, India and China might toe the line

12 Nov 10  Russia's carbon market finally starts to move

5 Nov 10  Forest owner hits rich vein of NZUs sales

5 Nov 10  CERs take on new appeal for NZ emitters

5 Nov 10  Mexico our latest clean-tech partner

5 Nov 10  Forget deal at Cancun, says climate envoy

29 Oct 10  Credit-happy Japanese come back for more

29 Oct 10  Our prices too low for Aussie carbon pioneers

29 Oct 10  NZ will talk up markets and forestry at Cancun

29 Oct 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia 2010 - on now in Singapore

22 Oct 10  Manuka gets more muscle as a carbon crop

22 Oct 10  UN okays pioneering Russian carbon project

19 Oct 10  Forest owners get positive ETS message from Government

15 Oct 10  First pre-1990 forest credits due ... millions to follow

15 Oct 10  Forest owners might get a carbon bonus

15 Oct 10  China shows the way in wind energy boom

15 Oct 10  Current situation not ideal, but outlook for buyers positive

8 Oct 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia, Singapore, October 27-28

1 Oct 10  ETS changes leave Kiwis with $820m Kyoto bill

1 Oct 10  Pacific states plead for action at Cancun talks

24 Sep 10  Taiwan moves toward carbon offset scheme

10 Sep 10  Owners await NZU allocations

27 Aug 10  EVENT: Carbon Forum Asia 2010: October 27-28, Singapore

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

30 Jul 10  The Carbon Traders 1: Nigel Brunel, OMFinancial

30 Jul 10  Carbon quiet in NZ, dipping internationally

23 Jul 10  UN has Kyoto 'plan B' option if climate talks fail

23 Jul 10  China to begin domestic carbon trading

16 Jul 10  Foresters: Farmers can't see wood for the trees

16 Jul 10  National 'takes chainsaw' to afforestation grant scheme

9 Jul 10  Foresters test carbon sales through Trade Me

9 Jul 10  Credits market growing, says carbon pioneer

2 Jul 10  Businesses could carve $2b off energy bills

2 Jul 10  NZ carbon market catching buyers' attention

2 Jul 10  Europeans snap up another big parcel of NZ credits

2 Jul 10  UN gives bad Bulgaria the Kyoto boot

25 Jun 10  Carbon trading heads off oil in Europe

25 Jun 10  Taxpayers face $1.1 billion Kyoto liability, say authors

25 Jun 10  Analysis shows National's ETS the 'worst of all worlds'

18 Jun 10  Compost makers put case for carbon credits

18 Jun 10  NZ climate man gets key Kyoto job

4 Jun 10  US climate bill key to Pacific carbon market

4 Jun 10  MAF issues several new ETS guides for forestry and agriculture

28 May 10  New site gives latest on local carbon market

28 May 10  Global carbon market up in 2009, says World Bank

28 May 10  Time to pay up, UN tells rich nations

21 May 10  NZ on right road with ETS, says negotiator

14 May 10  Minister's credit allocation powers remain on hold

14 May 10  Business group wants right to use hot-air AAUs

14 May 10  Should we have tax cuts or extend emissions subsidies beyond 95%?

14 May 10  UN bans Bulgaria from carbon trading

14 May 10  Philippines bank to sell carbon credits

7 May 10  Forest owner pockets second round of millions

7 May 10  India talks tough in runup to Mexico

30 Apr 10  … and even Romania wants a piece of the action

30 Apr 10  Suspend the ETS until 2013, says farmers' lobby

23 Apr 10  Markit chief slams Kiwis' lack of carbon nous

23 Apr 10  Land use information goes online

16 Apr 10  Drought and slump trim our gas emissions

9 Apr 10  Forest owners flood ministry with returns

1 Apr 10  Govt stays silent over future of ETS

1 Apr 10  Climate change faces the trillion-dollar question

26 Mar 10  Carbon market a no-no, says Democrat

19 Mar 10  Europe shambles could boost value of NZ credits

19 Mar 10  Insurer backs off forest-damage protection

12 Mar 10  EXCLUSIVE: Why it's not worth planting trees

12 Mar 10  Broker moving carbon desk to Auckland

12 Mar 10  Report lists 10 ‘fat cats’ getting rich from carbon

26 Feb 10  Burning southern forest shows up carbon risk

19 Feb 10  Trader finds ready market for bundled carbon credits

12 Feb 10  Carbon changes face of forest economics, says scientist

5 Feb 10  City forester trebles profits with sale of credits

5 Feb 10  Copenhagen - a letter from Gordon Brown

22 Jan 10  Europe emerges as main buyer of NZ carbon credits

22 Jan 10  Obama climate plans under fire from all sides

22 Jan 10  Cool heads prevail over Copenhagen, says De Boer

22 Jan 10  An alternative lesson from Copenhagen

18 Dec 09  Treasury gave thumbs down to ETS intensity-based scheme

18 Dec 09  NZ might get its way, says business council head

18 Dec 09  Copenhagen in crisis: Why it all comes down to China

11 Dec 09  Copenhagen time running out, says forester

11 Dec 09  Forest owners gear up to sell Kyoto credits

11 Dec 09  Copenhagen split as island states make stand

11 Dec 09  Leaked ‘Danish text’ pushes power for the rich

11 Dec 09  Forget US dollars, Stern tells China

11 Dec 09  Carbon fraudsters rake in billions, say police

4 Dec 09  India comes to the party with emissions cut promise

4 Dec 09  Danes are going green for the big summit

27 Nov 09  Soil sequestration seen as cash boost for farmers

27 Nov 09  ETS: Federated Farmers praise handiwork

23 Nov 09  Maori win ETS voice ... and trip to Copenhagen

23 Nov 09  Maori Party: Deal to benefit all

23 Nov 09  ETS changes mean tomorrow's NZers will pay 84 per cent of Kyoto costs, says council

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

20 Nov 09  Obama and Hu shake hands on climate deal

20 Nov 09  South Korea, Brazil set carbon emissions targets

20 Nov 09  Time for a cup of tea, says veteran Nat

13 Nov 09  Treasury says it hasn't got Kyoto accounts wrong

13 Nov 09  Can Obama yet save the day at Copenhagen?

13 Nov 09  Ban calls on US to put full weight behind talks

13 Nov 09  Bio-fuel levy the last straw for forest owners

6 Nov 09  Kiwis and business reject ETS change, say Greens

30 Oct 09  Bill sets dangerous precedent, says law expert

30 Oct 09  Europe faces oversupply of carbon credits

30 Oct 09  All aboard the climate train to Copenhagen ...

23 Oct 09  Japan casts keen eye on NZ forest credits

23 Oct 09  Legal tangle awaits amended climate bill

23 Oct 09  Chauvel to energy leaders: ETS changes too generous to last

23 Oct 09  Australia readies for key climate debate next week

23 Oct 09  Emissions from major nations continue to rise

23 Oct 09  Interim steps … that’s about it from Copenhagen

23 Oct 09  China, India forge alternative to UN treaty

23 Oct 09  Maldives rallies nations under climate threat

16 Oct 09  Bangkok flop leaves little hope for Copenhagen

16 Oct 09  US ‘deeply committed,’ says energy chief

9 Oct 09  G8 countries could face class actions on climate change

9 Oct 09  What's to become of the Kyoto Protocol?

9 Oct 09  Humans undermine nature’s help in climate war

2 Oct 09  Blue-Greens must be 'pink' with embarrasment, says Chauvel

23 Sep 09  Airlines plan to halve emissions by 2050

18 Sep 09  World is listening to us, says Groser

18 Sep 09  Climate leaders set to give up on Copenhagen

18 Sep 09  India, China could join the big league of traders

11 Sep 09  Climate goal needs dramatic rise in renewables

4 Sep 09  Planting season lost, but foresters cling to hopes

4 Sep 09  UN chief calls for action from polar ice rim

31 Aug 09  Report lists 34 ways to shape our carbon future

31 Aug 09  Farmers: Report is a loaded gun at our heads

28 Aug 09  World airlines stung by European CO2 limits

28 Aug 09  African leaders want $67b-a-year in climate aid

28 Aug 09  Climate experts to brief young ambassadors

14 Aug 09  Cap-and-ban could kill carbon market, warns broker

14 Aug 09  Copenhagen is 10-times bigger than Kyoto for business

14 Aug 09  How green Denmark got ahead of the pack

14 Aug 09  Emissions pledges fall short of what’s needed

14 Aug 09  Bonn talks making headway, says UN official

10 Aug 09  ANALYSIS: Now it comes down to the ETS deal for agriculture

10 Aug 09  BUSINESS LEADERS: Target will have to rise later

10 Aug 09  OXFAM: Target shows NZ does not care

7 Aug 09  Companies must take care with carbon-neutral claims

7 Aug 09  Hands off price and trade ties, foresters tell Government

7 Aug 09  We can do it in Copenhagen, says China

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Chris Bryant, UK Foreign Affairs under-secretary

31 Jul 09  Carbon potential huge, says multi-million dollar seller

31 Jul 09  Fletcher urgently wants ETS answers

31 Jul 09  US, China upbeat on Copenhagen treaty

31 Jul 09  UN chief to visit Arctic ice rim to see for himself

31 Jul 09  India says no to legally binding emissions

31 Jul 09  Forum: Cool heads still needed on global warming

31 Jul 09  Business backs 20% emissions cut target

31 Jul 09  No new tree planting under this Parliament, say Kyoto forest owners

31 Jul 09  ETS in place by December, says Smith

31 Jul 09  Minister’s political games on climate are off target, say Greens

24 Jul 09  Coal pushes NZ's emissions up

24 Jul 09  Forum: Excluding agriculture from ETS neither principled nor smart

24 Jul 09  Government misreading public mood for free ride for agriculture?

24 Jul 09  Maritime chiefs act to cut emissions from ships

24 Jul 09  IPCC to elevate plight of poorest countries

17 Jul 09  NZ to target forest offsets issue in Denmark

17 Jul 09  Japan opposition eyes bolder emissions cuts

14 Jul 09  Get on with it, Gore tells Australians

14 Jul 09  US officials to prod China on climate change

10 Jul 09  Soil carbon question difficult, says minister

10 Jul 09  Concrete group fights wood-only rule

10 Jul 09  World leaders fail to agree on emissions targets

10 Jul 09  New angle on emissions: Make rich people pay

10 Jul 09  Key’s Pacific tour should prompt rethink of climate change targets

7 Jul 09  Voluntary soil carbon market on the way

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Goverment needs to wake up, say foresters

3 Jul 09  Sweden: Learn from our climate change miracle

3 Jul 09  Canada hits rock-bottom on emissions scorecard

30 Jun 09  Bill positive, says China, but more action needed

30 Jun 09  UK wants billions in climate fund for poor countries

26 Jun 09  Government inaction worries foresters

26 Jun 09  ETS 'alienates' Maori forest land, says MP

26 Jun 09  Ban calls leaders to ‘unprecedented’ climate summit

26 Jun 09  Welcome to Hopenhagen …

23 Jun 09  Greens fear impact of Ukraine connection

19 Jun 09  UN launches high-level climate and energy group

19 Jun 09  Brazil bank to offer cheap loans to green companies

16 Jun 09  Carter quiet on potential of forest carbon credits

16 Jun 09  Global climate agreement in sight, says UN

12 Jun 09  World first as Japan buys NZ carbon credits

12 Jun 09  Aust firms not ready for carbon scheme, says survey

12 Jun 09  Canada to establish carbon trading market

12 Jun 09  Japan under fire for 8% emissions cut target

12 Jun 09  Swedish PM calls for carbon taxes in Europe

12 Jun 09  New climate pact ‘unlikely’ in Copenhagen

12 Jun 09  Airline industry looks to global carbon solution

9 Jun 09  US connection boosts NZ Carbon Exchange

9 Jun 09  UK set to cut emissions 23 per cent by 2010

5 Jun 09  High-earning green sector workers feel safe in jobs

5 Jun 09  Latest round of climate talks ‘progressing well’

2 Jun 09  Climate change crisis 'catastrophic', says new report

2 Jun 09  Traders: Leave carbon price and speculators alone

2 Jun 09  African ministers reach climate change accord

29 May 09  $470 million NZ Units spend in the next year

29 May 09  We’re ready to work with US, says China

29 May 09  Russia loses billions from carbon trading delays

29 May 09  EU stands alone as world ponders carbon schemes

26 May 09  UN chief challenges business to create cleaner, greener economy

26 May 09  Business leaders vow to set price on carbon

26 May 09  Obama’s new green guru under fire for climate U-turn

22 May 09  US-China climate change deal near, says report

22 May 09  UN posts Copenhagen talks text online

19 May 09  Turnbull puts biochar at centre of emissions deal

15 May 09  Organic fruit growing gets carbon clearance

12 May 09  Air NZ wants carbon price cap in ETS

12 May 09  Emissions trading wrong route, say AA members

12 May 09  Indonesia urges world to act now on climate issues

12 May 09  Japanese ask world: What should we do?

8 May 09  China looks ready for post-Kyoto climate deal

8 May 09  US puts first case for new UN climate treaty

8 May 09  UN must send strong signal, says climate minister

8 May 09  Carbon rules make it hard, says airline industry

5 May 09  We still want to harmonise, says Smith

5 May 09  Farming groups split on need for ETS

5 May 09  Ngai Tahu faces bill of millions in clawbacks

5 May 09  Rudd delays emissions trading till 2011

5 May 09  Business leaders: emissions trading policy delays causing major investment blight

1 May 09  Fifty years of work under threat, says Oxfam

1 May 09  US officials express hope for climate talks

1 May 09  Traders call for land-use offsets in climate deal

28 Apr 09  Minister delays release of ETS risk report

28 Apr 09  Forest focus wrong, institute tells ETS hearing

28 Apr 09  Democrats drag feet as US opens major climate talks

24 Apr 09  Genesis buying credits, but quiet on NZUs deal

24 Apr 09  Forestry sector has date with ETS review

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

21 Apr 09  Inhibitors no silver bullet, warn farmers

21 Apr 09  World unionists push for fairness in climate deals

21 Apr 09  Antarctic Treaty governments slow to act

21 Apr 09  Kyoto news no reason for complacency, says lawyer

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

17 Apr 09  UN chief urges world to look on the bright side

17 Apr 09  Action needed on positive side of Kyoto ledger, say forestry contractors

17 Apr 09  Two million dollars for new Kyoto forests

17 Apr 09  How New Zealand can learn from “Towards a Global Green recovery”

17 Apr 09  Figures show why ETS should go ahead quickly

17 Apr 09  Reality check time on emissions trading, says Federated Farmers

17 Apr 09  More headroom for a better carbon scheme

14 Apr 09  Most Kiwis want climate deal at Copenhagen

14 Apr 09  Slow progress made at Bonn climate talks

14 Apr 09  A $6 solar cooker to save the world

7 Apr 09  Concrete plant swings on ETS, says manufacturer

7 Apr 09  UN calls for inclusion of farming in climate talks

7 Apr 09  Happiness is not a Hummer

3 Apr 09  Dunne: With Labour, we'll reach ETS agreement

3 Apr 09  Agricultural emissions can be cut 13% today - at a profit, says Sustainability Council

3 Apr 09  Carbon emissions trading core of US clean energy bill

3 Apr 09  Finland acts to tax low-carbon power producers

3 Apr 09  Airlines fear failure of global climate talks

31 Mar 09  UN climate plan talks of new world order

31 Mar 09  We’re glad to be back, US tells Bonn summit

31 Mar 09  Obama invites big emitters to Washington forum

31 Mar 09  G20 leaders plan special climate change talks

27 Mar 09  Follow the Danes on animal tax, say farmers

27 Mar 09  Obama might delay signing up to Copenhagen deal

27 Mar 09  Japan close to sealing Czech carbon deal

27 Mar 09  Worldwide darkness planned for Earth Hour

27 Mar 09  Gore writing new climate change book

24 Mar 09  Energy leader calls for carbon tax solution

24 Mar 09  Harmonising Tasman emissions schemes could mean massive losses

20 Mar 09  Australia move could cut agriculture from ETS

20 Mar 09  Infratil happily waits for Tasman emissions schemes

20 Mar 09  China rejects US carbon-based import tariff idea

17 Mar 09  Farmers want agriculture, food out of ETS

17 Mar 09  Opposition ups ETS pressure on Rudd government

13 Mar 09  Opposition terriers get teeth into Rudd’s ETS

13 Mar 09  What the Australian ETS proposes …

10 Mar 09  Bad news on way as scientists give climate update

10 Mar 09  Indian firms drop carbon trading for renewable projects

6 Mar 09  Smith calls for new report on cost of ETS

6 Mar 09  Prime Minister further undermining progress on climate change: Labour

3 Mar 09  Obama raises hopes for Copenhagen climate pact

3 Mar 09  'Alive and well' AAUs surviving money crisis

27 Feb 09  Business group to push for interim green tax

27 Feb 09  Confused foresters lament lack of Government direction

27 Feb 09  Business NZ stance may not give Government support it needs on ETS

27 Feb 09  Roundtable lines up Lomborg for second tour

27 Feb 09  Obama's commitment to ETS a signal to NZ

24 Feb 09  Stern warns of ‘extended world war' over climate

24 Feb 09  Federated Farmers: Fitzsimons' departure should lead to ETS rethink

20 Feb 09  Canadians woo our farmers with cash-for-carbon deal

20 Feb 09  Carter confirms ETS is the way to go

20 Feb 09  UK windmills flap helplessly as coal remains king

17 Feb 09  Our carbon bill set to pass $600 million mark

17 Feb 09  Clean energy at crossroads as firms cut plans and staff

13 Feb 09  Explorer Graphics works help MFE map soil carbon

10 Feb 09  Australian trader records biggest carbon sale

3 Feb 09  Forest owners close to getting first NZUs

3 Feb 09  Kyoto soil carbon rules don't fit NZ, says official

3 Feb 09  Time to charge full-steam-ahead with electrification

30 Jan 09  EU puts plan for global carbon trading system

30 Jan 09  Gore urges action on US green agenda

27 Jan 09  Europe woos US for transatlantic carbon market

27 Jan 09  Clinton names key US climate change envoy

23 Jan 09  Obama vows to pioneer renewable energy revolution

23 Jan 09  New firm eyes Africa’s carbon trading potential

20 Jan 09  It's all win-win for no-till farmers, says scientist

16 Jan 09  World carbon market could be worth $150 billion this year

13 Jan 09  Carbon trades to 22 month low

19 Dec 08  ETS select committee opens for business

19 Dec 08  No suspension of ETS - what the PM said

19 Dec 08  EU slashes emission caps on utilities, factories

19 Dec 08  Australian plan not enough, says influential minister

19 Dec 08  Westpac wins CEMARs certification

18 Dec 08  PM indicates ETS law will not be suspended during review

16 Dec 08  Australia sets minimum target of 5% emissions cut

16 Dec 08  Dunne to bar time-wasters from ETS review hearings

16 Dec 08  Poznan positives: At least some progress is being made

16 Dec 08  Poznan delegates (happily) say bye-bye to Bush

12 Dec 08  Critics slam NZ attitude at Poznan climate talks

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Poznan pressure groups blast Australia

9 Dec 08  ETS review committee announced

9 Dec 08  Chauvel: Hide failed to show for the last select committee

9 Dec 08  Foresters have high hopes for Kyoto proposal

9 Dec 08  Forest protection hopes fade at Poznan talks

9 Dec 08  UN defends American attack on carbon trading scheme

9 Dec 08  Builders can do more to curb carbon, says UN report

5 Dec 08  World listens to NZ forest owners' Kyoto case

5 Dec 08  Emissions scheme 'sound', but Treasury issues warning

5 Dec 08  POZNAN: China, India say Obama is the key

5 Dec 08  UK airport tax 'reprisal' for NZ stand on food miles

2 Dec 08  ETS review could damage farming, says Pedersen

2 Dec 08  Foresters fear trading advice is a waste of time

2 Dec 08  British bulldog snarls Kyoto message Downunder

2 Dec 08  We're risking our clean reputation, says organics chief

2 Dec 08  District council factors in 10% cost of ETS

2 Dec 08  10,000 turn up for crucial climate talks in Poland

2 Dec 08  Germany cuts gas emissions to below Kyoto marks

28 Nov 08  Act's climate change questions damaging, says professor

28 Nov 08  Govt mum on position for Poznan

28 Nov 08  CO2 levels reach highest point … and still growing

28 Nov 08  POZNAN 1: Where the big players stand

28 Nov 08  POZNAN 2: We need a shared vision, says UN chief

25 Nov 08  Listener criticises government's ETS move

25 Nov 08  British climate change bill shows how it can be done

21 Nov 08  Obama vows ‘new chapter’ in US climate change policy

21 Nov 08  Business council not surprised by ETS review

18 Nov 08  ETS delay deal scuppers forestry project worth millions

18 Nov 08  Aussies march to back climate change action

14 Nov 08  ETS uncertainty worries geothermal developers

14 Nov 08  Ban calls on economic summit to tackle global warming

11 Nov 08  Ditch ETS and we're in big trouble, say business bosses

11 Nov 08  Time for another look at carbon tax, say farmers

11 Nov 08  ANALYSIS: Clark could follow in Blair's footsteps

11 Nov 08  US must take leading role in climate change, says UN official

11 Nov 08  Meeting hears why Africa left behind in carbon offset trade

7 Nov 08  Obama 2: Climate plan must have priority, says Pachauri

7 Nov 08  Obama 3: Canada quick to seek climate deal

4 Nov 08  EXCLUSIVE: Forest owners make Kyoto advance

4 Nov 08  Key ETS agriculture decisions out this month

4 Nov 08  Steel manufacturer calls for global carbon regime

4 Nov 08  Global recession reaches carbon market

31 Oct 08  Nervous foresters: We don't want policy flip-flops

31 Oct 08  China issues post-Kyoto plans on climate change

31 Oct 08  Economies continue to grow with emissions trading, says Parker

28 Oct 08  New climate deal possible in 2009, says EU chief

28 Oct 08  Cities' leaders pledge action on climate change

24 Oct 08  Now is the time to get out of Kyoto, says Hide

24 Oct 08  MAF’s master tool for farm emissions measurement in doubt

24 Oct 08  Japan set to introduce voluntary carbon market

24 Oct 08  Financial crisis blurs Australian Treasury's carbon view

24 Oct 08  Settle it, and quickly, Ban tells Europe’s leaders

24 Oct 08  Climate change needs a Roosevelt ‘New Deal,’ says UN

24 Oct 08  EC eyes market solution to deforestation

22 Oct 08  Tsakounis Global to investigate JI coal methane projects in Australia.

21 Oct 08  EU’s climate actions could be economic boon, says Ban

21 Oct 08  Environment will wither whoever wins US election

17 Oct 08  National-Maori coalition raises major issues over fate of ETS

17 Oct 08  Finally, EU-Kyoto carbon trading link up and running

17 Oct 08  Experts warn Arab states of climate catastrophe

17 Oct 08  Greece again fails to meet emissions test standards

14 Oct 08  Markets turmoil could usher in new green era, says UN

14 Oct 08  ETS will hinder economic growth, says Kiwi Party

10 Oct 08  First NZ carbon credits attract strong interest

7 Oct 08  Hong Kong, Singapore fight for carbon trading crown

7 Oct 08  Time for green thinking on the economy, say Greens

3 Oct 08  Carbon trading drives surge in ‘green’ patents

3 Oct 08  Eastern Europe collects windfall as Japan snaps up carbon credits

30 Sep 08  Kiwi company claims world first for charcoal

30 Sep 08  Millions of new jobs in green economy, says UN report

30 Sep 08  Greenhouse gas pollution up despite economic downturn

30 Sep 08  IDEAcarbon rates Joint Implementation projects

26 Sep 08  Nats vow to sweep new broom through forest industry

26 Sep 08  ANALYSIS: Our future under K2 bleak without forestry

23 Sep 08  Market readies as NZUs about to go on line

23 Sep 08  Patagonia talks paved way for Poznan, says Parker

23 Sep 08  EU offers first analysis of carbon leakage risk

23 Sep 08  Copenhagen most important meeting since WWII, says Stern

23 Sep 08  Leading ad agencies join UN in climate change campaign

19 Sep 08  Our ETS action outstrips nuclear stand, says international expert

19 Sep 08  South Korea to set up first carbon trading company

16 Sep 08  NZ key player at Patagonia climate change talks

16 Sep 08  Carbon trading band-aid solution, report tells Philippines

12 Sep 08  Disappointed farmers vow to fight on ... but how?

12 Sep 08  Greenhouse gas emissions: What others are doing

11 Sep 08  Parliament passes emissions scheme into law

11 Sep 08  GOVERNMENT STATEMENT: Historic climate change legislation passes

11 Sep 08  REACTION: Good work on ETS, now get on with it, says business council

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

9 Sep 08  Parker hails party leaders for 'great victory' on climate change bill

9 Sep 08  Carbon forum helps Africa profit from greenhouse gas offset scheme

9 Sep 08  Energy expert welcomes investment guidelines

5 Sep 08  Garnaut sets top target of 80% emissions cut by 2050

5 Sep 08  Australians told to shoulder their burden of Kyoto

5 Sep 08  Iwi leaders doubt ETS forest land dispute will spread

5 Sep 08  Govt: ETS forestry compo benefits large number of iwi

5 Sep 08  National’s ETS changes: devilish cost in the detail

2 Sep 08  Ban hails UN climate panel on 20th anniversary

2 Sep 08  ETS bill a good compromise - CTU

2 Sep 08  Maori Party against ETS bill: concern over subsidies, impacts on Maori land owners

29 Aug 08  Accra talks bode well for future climate change negotiations, says UN

29 Aug 08  Poorer countries face $170 billion climate change bill

29 Aug 08  New world-wide indexes designed to help carbon traders

26 Aug 08  Deforestation question splits delegates at Ghana conference

26 Aug 08  Kyoto Forest owners say they need ETS passed

22 Aug 08  Pass the ETS, greens, unions and business tell politicians

22 Aug 08  India accuses UN of bias as climate change talks resume

15 Aug 08  Get real, Greenpeace tells Nats

15 Aug 08  AUGUST 19: Managing carbon for business

8 Aug 08  NZ carbon register tests world-wide connections

5 Aug 08  Forester warns farmers of get-rich-quick carbon hucksters

1 Aug 08  BP: What it says over there - and here

1 Aug 08  Australians strongly back carbon trade scheme, poll shows

1 Aug 08  Former UN man joins IDEAcarbon

29 Jul 08  BREAKING NEWS: Government calls for tough CDM regime

25 Jul 08  We'll fight for our forest rights, owners warn ETS policy-makers

25 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Heavy emitters and National scoring major own goal

25 Jul 08  Our politicians ignoring peak oil impact, says forum

25 Jul 08  Hungary joins us in international carbon trading scheme

25 Jul 08  Kyoto foresters seek assurances on Labour and National's carbon credit promises

22 Jul 08  BBC TV about to air climate change the thriller

16 Jul 08  Australia announces all-gases and almost-all sectors ETS

16 Jul 08  REACTION: NZ emission scheme should pick up some Aussie ideas, say forest owners

16 Jul 08  Acting on climate change: towards an Australian carbon pollution reduction scheme

15 Jul 08  Air NZ reviewing implications of EU emissions plan

15 Jul 08  Corporate 'greening' wasted on consumers, report says

11 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The NZIER and friends' poll slip is showing

11 Jul 08  UN agency says G8 leaders 'missed opportunity'

8 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The poll result NZIER’s mystery funders won’t like

8 Jul 08  Forest owners urge NZ to follow Garnaut carbon storage action

8 Jul 08  October vote by EU Environment Committee to decide on new ETS detail

8 Jul 08  Did the ETS really cause big business to leak?: the Dutch evidence

8 Jul 08  Japan summit to test G8 leaders on climate change, world economy and security

8 Jul 08  Seoul aims for voluntary compliance with greenhouse gas protocols

4 Jul 08  Dissenters will support ETS if it's law, minutes show

4 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The Labour-National negotiation that should be under way

1 Jul 08  Get on with it, unions tell business and politicians

1 Jul 08  Questions over SOE-funding of ETS reports

1 Jul 08  OPINION: CTU economist Peter Conway on the ETS

1 Jul 08  California's draft carbon cap-and-trade plan could be blueprint for whole US

1 Jul 08  Blair calls for 'short steps' to climate change

1 Jul 08  UN chief uses Kyoto to call for new climate change agreement by end of 2009

1 Jul 08  Billions on board - carbon trading set to dominate commodities

27 Jun 08  Report underestimates benefits of increased forestry planting, say forest owners

27 Jun 08  Tokyo approves Japan's first greenhouse gas curbs

27 Jun 08  Tokyo bourse carbon-permit trade hinges on Japan plan

24 Jun 08  Business bosses deliver climate change plan to G8 leaders

20 Jun 08  EU on target, but long-term emissions hopes look doubtful

20 Jun 08  Lights out - Japan acts to cut hours of convenience stores

20 Jun 08  Emissions Trading Scheme Proves to be Trojan Horse

17 Jun 08  ETS amendments tinkering around the edges for forestry sector

17 Jun 08  Government forestry policies costly mistake, say owners

17 Jun 08  Ships' captains to get the order: Slow ahead and save emission

17 Jun 08  Latest UN climate change talks end with calls for speedier negotiations

16 Jun 08  National's full minitory report on ETS bill

16 Jun 08  The Bill in full

13 Jun 08  Backroom deal guts agricultural targets: Greens

13 Jun 08  Forestry owners: Ministers claim of liabilities warning not true

12 Jun 08  Heavy emitters' bull turned loose in Maori Party's china shop

12 Jun 08  Smart software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto obligations

11 Jun 08  Maori party attacks proposed heavy emitter subsidies as “outrageous”

11 Jun 08  Major breakthrough in NZ animal methane research

11 Jun 08  Clark "personally responsible" for shocking deforestation data - Kyoto Forestry Association

10 Jun 08  Scoping work under way to enhance register for start of ETS

5 Jun 08  Progress on new climate change deal "extremely disconcerting" says UN leader

5 Jun 08  Ferrier meets Taylor on the question on taxpayers subsidising high earning farmers

5 Jun 08  PM: Significant risks to export industries without ETS and sustainability

5 Jun 08  Bonn post-Kyoto treaty talks get underway

4 Jun 08  Greens to Fonterra: Can we stop $1.3 billion emissions subsidy now?

4 Jun 08  Farmers calculate carbon emissions online

3 Jun 08  Forum assures committee: parliamentary process is parliamentary process

3 Jun 08  Key reveals thoughts on "bastardised" ETS scheme to student blogger

3 Jun 08  Transport sector advised to help shape next world emissions deal

30 May 08  Go carefully on soil carbon sequestration - officials

29 May 08  Federated Farmers: We did not fund secret report

29 May 08  Farmers: Green move to get agriculture into ETS early "not a runner"

29 May 08  Brtish Gas wants NZ as green test bench

29 May 08  Stern's global climate change deal proposal

28 May 08  New US climate change bill will subsidise low-emission energy

28 May 08  EU Parliament committee votes overnight for tougher aviation ETS regime

28 May 08  G8 environment ministers fail to set emissions cut target

27 May 08  Parker rules out personal carbon rationing

26 May 08  Forum heads to the select committee

26 May 08  Assumptions used to delay fossil fuel in ETS may prove unreliable

26 May 08  Tanzos: Landcorp should help sheep farmers avoid emissions costs

26 May 08  "Aspirational goal" G8 ministers told climate change not waiting for any of us

23 May 08  Fiscal forecast: ETS will lose Govt $121m net in first commitment period

23 May 08  Financiers: Is Kyoto factored into Contact Energy?

23 May 08  Cullen quizzed on multi-billion ETS surplus from sale of credits

22 May 08  EU Parliament backs report calling for carbon information on imports

22 May 08  Australia's first carbon trade cheap and symbolic

21 May 08  Smith: Labour needs to come clean on multi-billion dollar ETS windfall profits

21 May 08  Top climate change academics shun National's bid to delay ETS

21 May 08  US' biggest coal burning power firm to turn cow dung into carbon credits

21 May 08  EMA applauds plan to "pause" ETS

20 May 08  Fed Farmers pushes to have soil carbon sequestration included in ETS

20 May 08  Brazilian companies announce global warming game plan

20 May 08  Who pays for climate change?

19 May 08  Kyoto carbon trade hits one million tonnes a day

19 May 08  Trading in the dark is no place for the nervous

16 May 08  ETS will trim Kyoto bill $909 million, pushes Key further out on policy tightrope

16 May 08  Japan extends $4b helping hand for climate change projects

15 May 08  Bluffing over aluminium: EU says post-2012 ETS impact may be 'negligible'

14 May 08  Fletcher role revealed, Government extends credit assistance further than sought

14 May 08  McCain outlines plan to confront climate change

13 May 08  Smelter submission actually supports ETS, makes special pleadings

13 May 08  Little point in NZ carbon trading currency, says business group

13 May 08  Australian report: Climate change will boost farm output

9 May 08  Government disputes $80b 'carbon tax' windfall claim

9 May 08  ANALYSIS: Will Don Elder today spell out his dream for New Zealand?

8 May 08  Big players put cases to ETS select committee

8 May 08  New World Bank Report : Carbon market value doubles to US$64b in a year

8 May 08  Changes to Kyoto last straw for forest owners

8 May 08  The world is getting warmer … faster

8 May 08  Canada faces suspension by Kyoto watchdog

8 May 08  EC fires warning shot to Greece about poor greenhouse gas monitoring

8 May 08  Greenpeace: Don't subsidise polluting industries

7 May 08  Government ETS moves will batter forestry Kyoto credit values

7 May 08  Government allies vent their anger

6 May 08  Overnight prices indicate real Kyoto bill more than $1.5 billion?

6 May 08  Change in policies and pace call after Kyoto bill breaks billion dollar barrier

6 May 08  UN confident world can reach climate change pact in time

5 May 08  ETS threatens viability of $400m plant, says cement maker

5 May 08  Joint warming statement likely at Fukuda-Hu meeting

5 May 08  Aussie big boys scramble for carbon trading exemptions

5 May 08  US airlines face $9 billion carbon bill by 2020

5 May 08  Asia tourism, airlines 'complacent' on climate change

2 May 08  Russia’s no adds to UN climate treaty troubles

1 May 08  ETS impact ‘like a major war’ – Act leader Hide

1 May 08  ANALYSIS: What you are not hearing from the NZIER and heavy emitters

1 May 08  Parker: Emissions trading 'effective and affordable'

30 Apr 08  NEW REPORT: 'households, road users and SMEs' carry multi-billion ETS bill

30 Apr 08  Green Party wants commonsense emissions trading policies

29 Apr 08  High-powered leadership group endorses emissions trading scheme

29 Apr 08  Climate Change Leadership Forum backs emissions trading scheme

24 Apr 08  UN watchdog bans ‘shamed’ Greeks from carbon trading

24 Apr 08  India’s eager money men study $6b carbon trading market

23 Apr 08  Carbon storage in soil being researched: Major benefits possible for landowners

23 Apr 08  Small-forest scheme open for business

23 Apr 08  Norwegian leader digs deeps to help poor African nation

22 Apr 08  Parker: No emissions credits for new renewable power plant developers

21 Apr 08  Farm leaders, Agriculture Minister trade words on impact of ETS

21 Apr 08  Energy’s emissions nearly match agriculture’s

21 Apr 08  Wellington City decides on carbon credit revenue plan from town belts, forests

21 Apr 08  Parker: Industry protection under ETS being considered

21 Apr 08  Greens on NZ emissions: When will we turn the corner?

21 Apr 08  Labour’s credibility on climate change dies with latest figures

21 Apr 08  NZ emissions up .5 million tonnes in 2006

18 Apr 08  NZIER foreshadows grim ETS study in pre committee publicity flurry

18 Apr 08  Bush whacked over climate change goals statement

18 Apr 08  Conservation Minister to meet Australian colleagues

17 Apr 08  Bush sets 2025 as year for nil US emissions growth

17 Apr 08  Ministerial press secretaries impose up to 20 day information ban on Carbon News

17 Apr 08  ANALYSIS: High hopes for the Lieberman-Warner ETS bill in the US

16 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: Treasury responds on ETS windfall, but defers to select committeee

15 Apr 08  FINALLY IT IS OUT: Emissions trading windfall estimate now tops $21b

15 Apr 08  Auckland airport: $30 per tonne will mean $68 under ETS plan

14 Apr 08  Clark: Jury out on opponents' support for ETS, climate change policies

14 Apr 08  Major new Indian NCDEX exchange enjoys enthusiastic first day trading

11 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: $18b windfall for NZ government from ETS

10 Apr 08  No European-like second phase windfall profits for NZ generators

10 Apr 08  So just how does a country go 'carbon neutral'?

8 Apr 08  Crucial soft launch for TZ1’s new registry

8 Apr 08  BP executive warns emission market players to mitigate risk first

8 Apr 08  GreenAir Fund pitches for major new forestry emision unit business

7 Apr 08  Holcim wants access to "hot-air" AAUs

7 Apr 08  UK Trade Minister: tariffs threat could gain momentum if market doesn’t work

7 Apr 08  Emissions specialist: manadatry rules needed on emissions calculations

7 Apr 08  NCDEX –launching developing world's first CER trading platform

4 Apr 08  Simple standard will deliver net bio-fuel gains - Fitzsimons

3 Apr 08  Greens will vote to ban nuclear credits trading - admit 'laundering' likely

2 Apr 08  No emissions trading revenue windfall for NZ

2 Apr 08  Parker: Full trans-Tasman ETS harmonisation only one option

2 Apr 08  Merrill Lynch launches new global carbon emissions indicies

2 Apr 08  Bangkok talks warned little time remains for climate change solution

1 Apr 08  Ground-breaking Swiss-NZ transfer of CERs

1 Apr 08  Family Party to oppose carbon tax

1 Apr 08  Latest Round Of UN Climate Talks to push Bali Roadmap to next stage

31 Mar 08  Australia leads way in sea-bed carbon storage

31 Mar 08  Roger Kerr: Saving the Planet Must Not Cost the Earth

28 Mar 08  Air NZ: Do you want carbon credits with that?

27 Mar 08  Top business speakers appearing at carbon market workshop

27 Mar 08  NSW weighs flogging the family silver

27 Mar 08  Greenpeace turns spotlight on farmers

26 Mar 08  Three pillars to Wong’s emissions policy

26 Mar 08  New network launches to accelerate climate change investments

25 Mar 08  Kiwi ETS start-up market so small - traders will go international immediately

25 Mar 08  Garnaut bucks Wong’s exclusion of agriculture: wants all permits auctioned

25 Mar 08  Cut company tax to 25%, Aussies plead

20 Mar 08  American ETS cost estimates parallel New Zealand’s

20 Mar 08  "Energy Forests" could meet all future NZ transport and heat needs

19 Mar 08  Deforestation in 2007 exceeds Anderton’s expectations

19 Mar 08  Anderton says survey shows deforestation reducing

19 Mar 08  CARBON NEWS FORUM: BP Chief Executive - Action needed now to smooth transition to low carbon economy

18 Mar 08  Forestry, agriculture may not be in Aussie ETS

18 Mar 08  FRANKLIN SPECIAL INTERVIEW: US well down the climate track

18 Mar 08  Forestry offsetting gains "overwhelming" support

17 Mar 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government to plead for forest off-setting option

17 Mar 08  Renewables credits find ready markets

17 Mar 08  Business wants New Zealand to go nuclear on emission credits

17 Mar 08  MPs on track to get emissions bill back to House June 10

17 Mar 08  Emissions trading bill backed – but with major safeguard reviews from 2012

17 Mar 08  EU e-affirms 20% GHG cut by 2020, new energy source goals

16 Mar 08  Blair back on big nation campaign for bold global deal

12 Mar 08  Climate Change natural - unstoppable

12 Mar 08  Global Carbon Credits: Act to avoid carbon tax


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