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Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

4 Apr 17 - By 2020, fossil fuels will no longer be subsidised by the taxpayer, anywhere in the world. And by then, carbon dioxide emissions worldwide will have started to fall.

Farms can grow production … and cut emissions

3 Apr 17 - Substantial reductions in the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions at a South Canterbury farm show environmental gains can be made hand in hand with a farm’s growth, government scientists say.

Dead Sea drill shows unprecedented drought

31 Mar 17 - Far below the Dead Sea, between Israel, Jordan and Palestinian territory, researchers have found evidence of a drought that has no precedent in human experience.

Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

30 Mar 17 - Climate scientists puzzled by the traffic of carbon between soil and air might have to think more deeply about the role played by soil microbes − the planet’s smallest inhabitants.

Upton favourite for Beehive climate watchdog post

29 Mar 17 - Former environment minister Simon Upton – who last week delivered a major report critical of New Zealand’s environmental performance – is likely to be the next Parliamentary Commissioner for the...

Science links China pollution haze and climate change

27 Mar 17 - The future for China is likely to become increasingly unclear – and lurking behind the obscured outlook in the nation’s capital is the spectre of climate change.

Warming world shrinks prospects for mammals

27 Mar 17 - Scientists in the US have proved it yet again that, in a rapidly warming world, mammals face a diminished future.

Grassland lab raises the alarm on species loss

23 Mar 17 - Scientists in California who turned a patch of natural grassland into a laboratory have established a subtle link between flowering times and the mix of species in an ecosystem – indicating that...

US budget aims broadside at climate change

22 Mar 17 - If anything, it’s worse than expected: sweeping cutbacks to environmental programmes; an abandonment of efforts aimed at cleaning up air and water pollution around the US; and, most worrying for the...

There's nothing like a healthy diet to beat climate change

16 Mar 17 - Scientists have worked out how to combat climate change and improve human health, one mouthful at a time.

Costs of coastal climate damage set to climb

14 Mar 17 - By 2030, sea level rise driven by global warming could be costing the Netherlands city of Rotterdam $US240 million a year.

Scientists track down travelling droughts

14 Mar 17 - The biggest and worst droughts might not stay fixed in one place but can travel thousands of kilometres from their origin, according to a new study.

Baring Head records show CO2 on the rise

10 Mar 17 - Atmospheric carbon dioxide in the Southern Hemisphere continues to rise, with testing at Wellington’s Baring Head now consistently recording around 401 parts per million.

Forests still key to mitigating climate change

10 Mar 17 - Researchers have reminded the world’s governments that forests will play a vital role in mitigating the effects of climate change – provided policies are robustly pursued and reported with...

Scientists in NZ eye fish and climate world first

7 Mar 17 - The effects of climate change on fish are being studied in a world-first trial at Niwa’s Bream Bay marine science centre.

Water and soil muddy thinking on carbon budgets

6 Mar 17 - Climate scientists, struggling with the enduring problem of the carbon budget, may have to think again as a result of new research findings.

Poison algal blooms in our waterways will worsen

1 Mar 17 - Climate change will mean more poisonous algal blooms in New Zealand’s rivers and lakes, a scientist is warning.

Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence

The Airbus 319 burns 640 gallons of fuel per hour | Nordroden

1 Mar 17 - When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, one of the biggest hurdles is the world’s addiction to flying.

CLIMATE CASE: We need to know more ... and urgently

27 Feb 17 - New Zealand urgently needs to understand the likely impacts of climate change on the economy, environment and society, says a new government paper.

Canada’s glacial ice loss raises sea level

20 Feb 17 - Glaciers on Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands are melting at an ever faster rate. Between 2005 and 2015, ice loss accelerated massively from three billion tonnes a year to 30 billion, according to new...

20 Feb 17  Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?

17 Feb 17  How your life could change without fossil fuels

17 Feb 17  Birds caught in climate-change traps

15 Feb 17  Why politicians think they know better than scientists

14 Feb 17  Climate change research gets $2 million boost

14 Feb 17  Air conditioning drains US power supply

14 Feb 17  Norway saves skiing with climate-friendly snow

13 Feb 17  EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17  OPINION: Just another attempt to spread confusion

10 Feb 17  Methane emissions higher than feared, say scientists

8 Feb 17  Seawater puts a dent in delta rice production

3 Feb 17  CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Can waste solve the waste problem?

1 Feb 17  When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool

27 Jan 17  Can we learn to leave our wild forests alone?

27 Jan 17  How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

24 Jan 17  PACIFIC PROBLEM: Carbon cuts will not settle seas

21 Dec 16  Global warming already causing local extinctions

15 Dec 16  The stuff we've put on Earth weighs 30 trillion tonnes

14 Dec 16  Citizen power big help in the battle to protect water

13 Dec 16  Methane’s rapid spurt puts pressure on climate fight

13 Dec 16  Anxious oil countries look at low-carbon future

12 Dec 16  Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems

12 Dec 16  Tinkering with plants helps to boost crop yields

12 Dec 16  Climate deniers face scientific pushback

8 Dec 16  Healthy soils could start at the dairy shed

6 Dec 16  GRITTY GIFT: Windborne dust is Africa's export to the world

5 Dec 16  How NZ could become biofutures powerhouse

5 Dec 16  FUSION FUTURE: A time of transition and potential

5 Dec 16  Cement develops an appetite for C02

25 Nov 16  Richer forest biodiversity could rake in billions

24 Nov 16  Forget Trump, global climate action is on the move

23 Nov 16  Bennett's new climate think-tank has work deadline

18 Nov 16  Air NZ flies high at sustainable business awards

17 Nov 16  World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

15 Nov 16  Warming wreaks havoc with ecosystems

9 Nov 16  We might be better than we think at absorbing carbon

8 Nov 16  Arctic Ocean could be ice-free before mid-century

4 Nov 16  Why geo-engineering is unlikely to save the world

2 Nov 16  LETTER: Stern Report 10 years later

1 Nov 16  Iceland turning up the heat on thermal energy production

27 Oct 16  Students make critical nitrogen-pasture link

27 Oct 16  US faces megadroughts and superstorms

20 Oct 16  NO WORRIES: Science will fix emissions, says PM

20 Oct 16  Secret ingredient lures bees into making more food

19 Oct 16  WATCHDOG WISHLIST: How we can ease farm emissions

19 Oct 16  Trees do their job much better than we thought

18 Oct 16  Scientists' revolutionary plan can save the rainforest

18 Oct 16  BLOOM GLOOM: Climate causing plankton problem

17 Oct 16  Monoculture the enemy of our rainforests

13 Oct 16  Stargazing can give us keys to the world of climate change

13 Oct 16  Climate impacts double number of forest fires

12 Oct 16  Fossil fuel industry must halt expansion

11 Oct 16  Agroforestry can help the planet (and profits)

10 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

10 Oct 16  What’s sugar got to do with it?

7 Oct 16  Five cities that could change the future of Antarctica

5 Oct 16  Fossil fuel investors seek risks disclosure

4 Oct 16  PM's adviser has swing at climate policymakers

4 Oct 16  Greenland up in the air over melting ice sheets

30 Sep 16  REAGAN REVISTED: Climate change and the big race

29 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

28 Sep 16  IPCC chair: We can meet 2deg target if we act fast

27 Sep 16  Burning existing fossil fuels will break the Paris bank

27 Sep 16  Scientists find better way to run gas turbines

27 Sep 16  SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

26 Sep 16  Ten things you should know about climate change …

26 Sep 16  Polluted rivers become deadly threat to millions

26 Sep 16  Sometimes the research doesn't do the job

26 Sep 16  We can't blame the solar cycle for global warming

23 Sep 16  Dire climate impacts go unheeded

21 Sep 16  Native American pipeline resistance is about climate justice

21 Sep 16  New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

15 Sep 16  Modified wood aims to save forests from the axe

15 Sep 16  Gas pipelines run over EU energy policy

15 Sep 16  Lower crop yields test market forces

13 Sep 16  The fossil fuel divestment game is getting bigger

8 Sep 16  Humans running the show, so let’s make sure we learn

8 Sep 16  Europe’s nuclear club slows emissions cuts

7 Sep 16  A-CHOO!: Warming world set to raise pollen count

7 Sep 16  Dissenting academics write own climate report

7 Sep 16  Time to move on life-saving soil science solutions

5 Sep 16  FLY BUYS: Insects could be the animal food of the future

31 Aug 16  Bennett talks climate change in Canberra

29 Aug 16  Asia gets its own back ... soot, that is

25 Aug 16  DE-GROWTH D-DAY: Why we must shrink the economy

18 Aug 16  National MPs join Green climate group

16 Aug 16  Our marine farms might be feeling the pinch

11 Aug 16  EPA appoints science voice for the people

9 Aug 16  Mighty mangroves might be major weapon in climate fight

4 Aug 16  SHARKNADO 4: Really, this movie matters

3 Aug 16  We look to be light on climate change officials

3 Aug 16  BEE WARNED: Agriculture stands to lose millions

1 Aug 16  NZ scientist to join key climate study

29 Jul 16  Don't expect a solar 747 anytime soon

27 Jul 16  Z gets an A for corporate responsibility

27 Jul 16  Bacteria powers microscopic 'wind farm'

26 Jul 16  Pest-free state could help to control climate changes

26 Jul 16  Scientists call for more work on 1.5deg target

26 Jul 16  Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

22 Jul 16  Climate change costs are still climbing

19 Jul 16  Humans leave greater green fingerprints

18 Jul 16  DROUGHT-DODGER: Let's hear it for the humble bean

12 Jul 16  How a single word sparked a four-year saga of climate fact-checking and blog backlash

11 Jul 16  Climate change killed Europeans in 2003 heat

11 Jul 16  Drying lands increase peat bog fire hazard

11 Jul 16  Reducing water pollution with microbes and wood chips

6 Jul 16  Greens slam Government for climate failures

6 Jul 16  Why UK’s latest carbon budget isn’t ambitious enough

1 Jul 16  Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

29 Jun 16  How China can harness wind of change

24 Jun 16  A brief history of fossil-fuelled climate denial

20 Jun 16  Portal holds our plantation forest facts

20 Jun 16  Climate warming raises global economic threats

14 Jun 16  Why we're getting it wrong on growth of cities

14 Jun 16  HOW TO DO IT: Store CO2 by turning it into stone

13 Jun 16  COAL PART 2: Window on an ancient world

13 Jun 16  Introducing: The bionic leaf that could fuel a revolution

9 Jun 16  Energy independence won’t cure climate ills

7 Jun 16  Big names back global renewable energy drive

31 May 16  TEN YEARS ON: How An Inconvenient Truth made its mark on climate debate

30 May 16  We’re kidding ourselves if we think we can reset Earth’s damaged ecosystems

30 May 16  Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

30 May 16  Nanotechnology can help us to grow more food

30 May 16  Australia’s low-emissions roadmap a trip to nowhere

27 May 16  $100m water package fails to impress scientists

24 May 16  Antarctic glacier melt could raise sea level by 3m

24 May 16  EATING AUSSIES: Dining on kangaroos and camels could help the environment

24 May 16  Oil majors tread cautiously toward renewables

23 May 16  Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

23 May 16  Climate food shocks not good news for us, says report

20 May 16  I agree this is serious, Bennett tells scientists

20 May 16  Student finds way to make use of dumped plastic

17 May 16  It's more bad news for carbon capture

16 May 16  Vanadium the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

13 May 16  How updating office buildings can cut emissions

13 May 16  RISING SEAS: It all depends on your neighbourhood

12 May 16  Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

12 May 16  Rainstorms whip up airborne dust problem

11 May 16  How your garden could help to stop city flooding

10 May 16  Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

9 May 16  Cow-gas fix no silver bullet for us, says researcher

9 May 16  Climate confusion creeps into Trump camp

6 May 16  Enviro scorecard shows Australia again in decline

6 May 16  Better solar cells mean more energy from the sun

4 May 16  Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

4 May 16  Why scientists must challenge poor media reporting

2 May 16  Why cities need to add up the economic value of trees

2 May 16  Scientists see the future in natural resources

28 Apr 16  How ancient warm periods can help to predict climate change

27 Apr 16  Drought forecasting isn’t just about water

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: New Zealand's world, according to Bennett

26 Apr 16  Monsoon on the move brews trouble for tea

21 Apr 16  US-Canada pact eases Arctic drilling fears

20 Apr 16  Feeding cows brassicas might solve the nitrogen problem

20 Apr 16  Nature is neglected in election at nation's peril

19 Apr 16  WAKE UP! The nation must start taking action

19 Apr 16  Here's a six-point plan for getting Australia on track

19 Apr 16  Soil could save Earth from overheating

19 Apr 16  CONFIRMED: Over 90% of climate scientists are believers

18 Apr 16  Climate-threatened islands now facing the Big Dry

15 Apr 16  Wasted food places heavy burden on climate

15 Apr 16  Blame burning fossil fuels for most sea-level rise

14 Apr 16  China coal use: Here’s how to read the tea leaves

13 Apr 16  Nine ways steel could build a greener economy

13 Apr 16  Couch potatoes have outsized energy footprints

11 Apr 16  Here’s a way to make carbon markets work better

11 Apr 16  Why it makes sense for offshore drilling to wait

11 Apr 16  We keep flushing valuable energy down the drain

11 Apr 16  Drought-ravaged California is feeling the pressure

7 Apr 16  Why water footprinting should be used with caution

6 Apr 16  INDEFENSIBLE! Scientists slam Key's climate change attitude

6 Apr 16  Plants find cool response to warming

5 Apr 16  GM crops can thrive as climate warms

4 Apr 16  SEA-LEVEL WARNING: The Government won't listen

4 Apr 16  Scientists crack secrets of wood-based glass

1 Apr 16  What does the science really say about sea-level rise?

1 Apr 16  Science grapples with climate conundrums

31 Mar 16  Storing carbon could help to meet climate goals

29 Mar 16  Does doing renewable energy demand the undoable?

23 Mar 16  OUR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Labour lays it on the line

23 Mar 16  No worries, says Key, science will save the world

22 Mar 16  Goodies v baddies ... why labelling is holding farming back

21 Mar 16  Energy efficiency in itself can become a market

17 Mar 16  Stretching the laws of physics will make a world of difference

16 Mar 16  Clean energy is a win-win for the US

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

14 Mar 16  Food production threatens to overwhelm climate efforts

14 Mar 16  Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

11 Mar 16  New methane probe points finger at agriculture

11 Mar 16  Massive sea level rise if southern ice sheet melts

11 Mar 16  How climate denial gained a foothold in the Liberal Party

10 Mar 16  If planners understand it's cool to green cities, what's stopping them?

9 Mar 16  The Great White Hope of climate science gets darker

8 Mar 16  Dairy dive has message, says eco economist

4 Mar 16  Future food needs decisions now, says report

4 Mar 16  If you think this is hot, think again

3 Mar 16  Recycled water could help to cut the food bills

29 Feb 16  Scientists study slow-burning trees

29 Feb 16  Canberra backs fossil fuel 'growth centre' with $15m

26 Feb 16  Concrete innovator wins expansion money

26 Feb 16  Scientists calculate our debt to the Earth

25 Feb 16  Energy markets unlikely ally in the emissions effort

24 Feb 16  Beehive shows signs of hearing business call

24 Feb 16  New study finds Antarctic ice sheets vulnerable

24 Feb 16  To meet Paris goals, do we need to engineer the climate?

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

22 Feb 16  Carbon capture could be costly and risky

22 Feb 16  Ethical shoppers scorned – and the headlines don’t help

15 Feb 16  How a phosphorus shortage could leave us short of food

9 Feb 16  It's time to rethink what we want from farming

9 Feb 16  CSIRO boss' logic could waste billions in taxes

9 Feb 16  Disease threatens to kill off bananas ... but there's a way we might save them

9 Feb 16  Oceans are heating up ... at the double

9 Feb 16  Giant blades snatch energy from the air

9 Feb 16  How human impacts fuel weather extremes

9 Feb 16  Many Brits can't be bothered, survey shows

2 Feb 16  Why post-Paris businesses must get moving

2 Feb 16  Sick seas paint picture of how our future could be

2 Feb 16  How planning helps these farmers to beat the climate

2 Feb 16  Ancient plankton give up secrets to science

25 Jan 16  Sydney makes a plan to win the climate war

25 Jan 16  Carbon capture technology needs urgent help

25 Jan 16  The last time it was this hot hippos lived in Britain

25 Jan 16  Out-of-touch traffic modelling drives policy madness

18 Jan 16  America's politics of climate unlikely to change

18 Jan 16  The current economic system is looking pretty tired

18 Jan 16  UK must balance food farming impacts

15 Dec 15  Treaty emerges from battle of the verbs

7 Dec 15  Hansen: Why global ‘carbon fee’ system will work

7 Dec 15  Corporate sustainability won’t solve climate change

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

30 Nov 15  Can eating less meat really tackle climate change?

30 Nov 15  Just what is solar thermal electricity, anyway?

23 Nov 15  How climate change has taken a turn for the worse

23 Nov 15  The Big Apple puts bite on all corporations

23 Nov 15  How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

23 Nov 15  How we see ourselves in the year 2100

16 Nov 15  Business picking up the pace ahead of Paris summit

9 Nov 15  Go-it-alone action can break climate gridlock

9 Nov 15  Cash is key to success at Paris climate talks

9 Nov 15  Industrial waste could offset climate emissions

2 Nov 15  Why we need a world agreement on agri emissions

2 Nov 15  Best not to mess with agriculture yet, says NZ First

2 Nov 15  How to build a city fit for 50deg heatwaves

2 Nov 15  Solar can cut our bills and still be good for utilities

27 Oct 15  Hurricanes wreak economic havoc as world warms

27 Oct 15  Big emitters shift burden to poorer nations

27 Oct 15  Wages set to fall unless warming is tackled

19 Oct 15  A new era of migration ... and not just for people

12 Oct 15  Worried health workers call for climate action

12 Oct 15  It's time for the hard work to begin

12 Oct 15  Scientists push boundaries to find alternative energy

12 Oct 15  France has a soil plan – and it’s not just about wine

5 Oct 15  Climate threatens Pacific with seesaw sea levels

5 Oct 15  Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

28 Sep 15  How low-tech farming can help African farmers

21 Sep 15  Let’s take the market out of conservation

21 Sep 15  India in disarray over strategy on global warming

7 Sep 15  Smart modelling to help with aquifer management

7 Sep 15  Scientists to probe ocean acidification

31 Aug 15  The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

31 Aug 15  Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

31 Aug 15  Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

31 Aug 15  We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

24 Aug 15  Nelson talkfest to get serious about contaminants

24 Aug 15  China’s carbon count is not as high as feared

24 Aug 15  If we want to eat tuna, we need to learn how to share

24 Aug 15  Time to tap an underused energy source: wasted heat

17 Aug 15  Climate expert gives Anzacs a fail mark

17 Aug 15  Frustrated Sydney gets climate act together

17 Aug 15  Why promoting green ways in Africa might be bad

17 Aug 15  Extreme weather puts Africa's food security at risk

17 Aug 15  Added gene can make rice more climate-friendly

10 Aug 15  World doesn't have time for pessimism, says IPCC man

10 Aug 15  Revolutionary fence is set to trap the sea’s power

10 Aug 15  Here’s how we can save the car – and the planet

10 Aug 15  ‘Peak car’ means UK might get much closer to carbon targets than it realised

3 Aug 15  Half of climate safety level has gone, say scientists

3 Aug 15  Fossil fuel industry still winning the investment war

3 Aug 15  Sustainable oil from algae: the technology is ready, but what about the politics?

3 Aug 15  Message in a bottle: wine industry gives farmers a taste of what's to come

27 Jul 15  Why cities are a rare good news story in climate change

27 Jul 15  Soil maps could help show the way for farmers

27 Jul 15  Norway pumps up 'green battery' plan for Europe

20 Jul 15  Japan signs up for geothermal classes

20 Jul 15  Australia hit its Kyoto target, but it was more a three-inch putt than a hole in one

20 Jul 15  Eco-friendly golf means not worrying if the grass is greener on the other course

20 Jul 15  Climate threat as grave a risk as nuclear war, say scientists

13 Jul 15  'Failed' NZ could be walking into trap at Paris climate summit

13 Jul 15  Why climate change could knock seafood off the menu

13 Jul 15  How long before you ditch your car for a driverless electric taxi?

13 Jul 15  Warming planet heightens plight of the bumblebee

13 Jul 15  Science breaks new ground in converting coal ash from pollutant to useful products

8 Jul 15  11% cut ... follow us down the path to catastrophe

6 Jul 15  Best brains tell the story ... but will the Government act?

6 Jul 15  We could still be a carbon leader, says trader

6 Jul 15  Is palm oil the scourge of the earth, or a wonder crop?

6 Jul 15  Greenhouse gas-guzzlers might spurn extra carbon dioxide

6 Jul 15  Q&A: Robert Redford tells us what he told the UN General Assembly

29 Jun 15  If everyone lived in an ecovillage, the Earth would still be in trouble

29 Jun 15  How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

22 Jun 15  We must act now to save farming industry, says expert

22 Jun 15  Rise in CO2 could restrict growing days for crops

22 Jun 15  India blames heatwave deaths on climate change

15 Jun 15  Australia faces stormy future as temperatures soar

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

8 Jun 15  Lobby group wants think tank to set emissions target

8 Jun 15  Apollo plan asks for the moon in switch to renewables

8 Jun 15  How modern crops can ensure food security in a heatwave

2 Jun 15  Shell can’t afford to wait until 2050 to adapt its business to climate change

2 Jun 15  Coffee drinkers beware, your brew will change with the climate

2 Jun 15  Group sits down to settle cod question

25 May 15  Farmers given early warning about hungry crop pest

18 May 15  Why lack of leadership breeds lack of concern

18 May 15  World Bank advocates long-term thinking on climate change

18 May 15  No green shoots for sustainability in this Budget

18 May 15  Geraldton pools get in the swim

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  Pope aims to win hearts and minds on climate change

11 May 15  WORLD TODAY: What does Cameron's election win mean for the environment?

11 May 15  Farming our forests could be the answer to green-world prayers

4 May 15  Our best brains to take a look at climate change

4 May 15  Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

4 May 15  Man-made climate change increases extinction dangers

4 May 15  US braces itself for even worse wildfire season

28 Apr 15  The word is out ... dairying costs more than income

28 Apr 15  Watchdog calls for 30% emissions cut by 2025

28 Apr 15  Call for an end to ‘business as usual’ option on climate

20 Apr 15  Additives to make plastic biodegradable don’t cut it

13 Apr 15  New fishing method proves potential

13 Apr 15  An economy focused solely on growth is unsustainable

7 Apr 15  New ocean energy plan could worsen global warming

23 Mar 15  No matter how you cut it, the answer is ecosystem services

23 Mar 15  Earth at risk in new epoch ruled by destructive humans

23 Mar 15  Why is low-carbon energy innovation so slow? You can thank Economics 101

23 Mar 15  Chemicals in fashion industry under spotlight

16 Mar 15  Heat is on to slow down faster rise in temperatures

16 Mar 15  Anthropocene began with species exchange between Old and New Worlds

9 Mar 15  How well prepared are businesses for climate change?

9 Mar 15  Carbon could be key to better water, says researcher

2 Mar 15  When it comes to N in effluent – fresher is better

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

23 Feb 15  Shell chief calls for climate action, but what are the motives?

23 Feb 15  Climate impacts on European farmers’ yields per field

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

16 Feb 15  Geoengineering might work in a rational world … but we don’t live in one

16 Feb 15  UN states agree on key document for climate change pact

2 Feb 15  Welcome to 2015 where fracking changes everything

27 Jan 15  Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

27 Jan 15  Kiwi keeps an eye on Qatar project environment

22 Dec 14  TWELVE ways to deal with a climate change denier (the BBQ guide)

22 Dec 14  Australia's emissions targets are heading in the wrong direction

22 Dec 14  Organic techniques closing gap on farming yields

22 Dec 14  Why climate policies are for life, not just for Christmas

22 Dec 14  Voluntary action isn't enough to make cities better

15 Dec 14  Climate talks off on the rocky road to Paris

15 Dec 14  Our new energy mix is a game-changer, says India

8 Dec 14  It doesn't take much to turn up the temperature

1 Dec 14  Memo farmers: Learn to manage your methanotrophs

1 Dec 14  Why playing around with the climate could make things a whole lot worse

1 Dec 14  Scientists find new fuel job for sawdust

24 Nov 14  New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

24 Nov 14  Green Revolution trebles human burden on planet

24 Nov 14  NZ carbon measuring project turns 60

24 Nov 14  Australia’s coal and gas exports being left stranded

24 Nov 14  How a garden on your roof could fight floods this winter

17 Nov 14  Lakes expert to spotlight water quality

17 Nov 14  Diet's effects on emissions give food for thought

10 Nov 14  Climate change will send pollen count soaring

10 Nov 14  Election rout blow to US climate change role

10 Nov 14  Why warnings on climate spark aggressive denials

10 Nov 14  US drought shows why the price of water should rise

10 Nov 14  Social acceptance new key for today's miners

3 Nov 14  Leaders must act, says UN after dire climate report

3 Nov 14  What the politicians said ...

3 Nov 14  Salt-poisoning a growing threat to crops

3 Nov 14  Why uncontrolled climate change might limit growth

28 Oct 14  Universities act to hit fossil fuel firms where it hurts

28 Oct 14  Oil boom prompts US to push for crude exports

20 Oct 14  Problem seaweed could provide biofuel solution

20 Oct 14  Outlook palls for fossil fuel investment

20 Oct 14  Don’t get too excited, no one has cracked nuclear fusion yet

13 Oct 14  New Zealand is drying out ... and here’s why

13 Oct 14  'Business as usual' no way to run our rivers

13 Oct 14  World of clean energy 'feasible' by mid-century

13 Oct 14  China’s mythical coal habit is no excuse for climate inaction

13 Oct 14  VUW researchers work on better solar systems

6 Oct 14  We're wrong about waterways, admits Government

6 Oct 14  Human handprint marks Australia’s hottest year

6 Oct 14  Listen to LUCI and keep land use on the level

6 Oct 14  E-cars could make British carmakers great again

6 Oct 14  World failing to meet biodiversity targets, study shows

29 Sep 14  Unhappy power consumers eye solar generation

29 Sep 14  WORLD WEB ... Obama’s drive for carbon pricing fails to win at home

29 Sep 14  Win some, lose some ... that's climate change

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

29 Sep 14  WORTH SEEING … Thin Ice

22 Sep 14  ... but critic says report fails to back up core message

22 Sep 14  Move over, Queensland, here comes the Great Sydney Reef

22 Sep 14  Population explosion lowers chance of managing climate change

22 Sep 14  Drought now could be drought forever in California

16 Sep 14  It makes no sense to rely on the same few crops

16 Sep 14  Drain the milk lake and create healthier, happier cows

16 Sep 14  Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

8 Sep 14  Angry green-plan backers desert Horizon council

8 Sep 14  Scientists give Australia the really bad news

8 Sep 14  How we tricked bacteria into making renewable propane

1 Sep 14  Ten more years is too late, says Nobel winner

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

25 Aug 14  New facts show importance of Antarctic ice

25 Aug 14  Media clashes raise questions of news bias

25 Aug 14  Economy changes fuel Spain's fire dangers

18 Aug 14  Business needs to make climate change stand

18 Aug 14  Scientists see problems with tar sand pipeline

18 Aug 14  Norway finds the wells have run dry

18 Aug 14  So, what is this thing called perovskite?

18 Aug 14  The climate change world according to Piketty

18 Aug 14  Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

11 Aug 14  Flower power one way to bring new life to broken mill town

11 Aug 14  It looks like air fares will have to rise ... and rise ... and rise

11 Aug 14  Anxious EU reviews scientific assessment rules

11 Aug 14  Science eyes role of water in beating climate change

4 Aug 14  Pacific leaders call for tougher UN ocean laws

4 Aug 14  Climate change increases the odds of a hungry world

1 Aug 14  If the Southern Alps look different, it's because they're losing snow and ice

25 Jul 14  Big thinking, fresh thinking key to our future

25 Jul 14  Europe lacks courage on energy targets

18 Jul 14  Australia 'underarms' our key commercial fish

18 Jul 14  Believe it, Mr Abbott, climate change is hurting Australia

11 Jul 14  Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

11 Jul 14  Cut emissions, say scientists, it's the only way

11 Jul 14  Project sheds light on how we use power

27 Jun 14  NZ has warmest winter

27 Jun 14  Queenstown plays big part in Aussie ski season

20 Jun 14  Brazil scores winning goal on carbon emissions

13 Jun 14  Business-deal science under attack

13 Jun 14  Scientists find simple way to produce biofuel

6 Jun 14  American students claim to clean the air with roof tiles

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

23 May 14  Seeds for all seasons when farmers get together

23 May 14  Methane hydtrates are a whole new world

16 May 14  Drought lines up corn for a fall

16 May 14  You could bill the beef, scientists tell Brazil

16 May 14  Can we harness the might of magma?

9 May 14  Why Australia has something to worry about

9 May 14  Scientists answer soil microbes questions

9 May 14  Food crops might lose their bite, says report

2 May 14  Australia explains how emissions plan will work

24 Apr 14  The energy revolution is jammed in reverse

17 Apr 14  Climate change means the skids are under skiing

11 Apr 14  Politicians leading us on a path to catastrophe, warns former PM

11 Apr 14  NZ climate change film goes global

11 Apr 14  Academic gets funds for drought studies

11 Apr 14  Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

4 Apr 14  Tax credits deal fuels LanzaTech move to Illinois

4 Apr 14  Make sure you watch your back when the heat goes on

4 Apr 14  No-action Abbott stalls climate policy decisions

28 Mar 14  New investors pump $70m into LanzaTech

28 Mar 14  Time for the Big Three to take Big Action

28 Mar 14  Australia poised for carbon policy tussle

21 Mar 14  Let's get together, says UK energy expert

21 Mar 14  Climate scientists 3, economists 0

14 Mar 14  Should climate deniers be brought to book?

14 Mar 14  Eight ways to better manage our livestock

14 Mar 14  Did Genghis Khan ride to world domination on the back of climate change?

7 Mar 14  Australia hotting up, say scientists

7 Mar 14  Antarctic sea changes could bring big problems

7 Mar 14  Sustainability graduates make their mark

28 Feb 14  Livestock diet can cut emissions, says study

28 Feb 14  And the answer is ...

28 Feb 14  Sea-level rises threaten island havens

21 Feb 14  Blocking the sunlight has a dark side

21 Feb 14  Scientists find key methane micro-organism

14 Feb 14  Pacific holds key to climate change’s ‘missing warmth’

7 Feb 14  Earth Law move perfect for us, says academic

7 Feb 14  Why the big boys are serious about carbon pricing

7 Feb 14  Hang on, isn't carbon-happy China just making stuff for us?

7 Feb 14  Engineers claim solar cell breakthrough

31 Jan 14  Think or swim ... that's our climate change choice

31 Jan 14  All power to Scottish tides, say engineers

24 Jan 14  The war on science: Why we should be very afraid

24 Jan 14  Tiny sensors will allow bees to tell us their troubles

24 Jan 14  Study shows how to double renewable energy

24 Jan 14  Pulp politics bring tension to Tasmania

24 Jan 14  Farmers put weight behind water storage

20 Dec 13  Young scientist sets sights on future of the mozzie

6 Dec 13  Study points finger at troublesome native birds

22 Nov 13  What Tim Groser told the world at Warsaw

22 Nov 13  Local bodies need no-till, says scientist

22 Nov 13  Take a searching look at our rivers ... and be in the draw to win a copy of this book

15 Nov 13  Welcome to the Bill and Gerry Climate Change Show ...

15 Nov 13  Our ministers ill-informed, says top scientist

15 Nov 13  EDITORIAL: The message is clear ... we have a government of climate deniers

15 Nov 13  Here we go again ... still talking

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

8 Nov 13  LanzaTech wins praise for China operation

8 Nov 13  Massey scientists unlock plant secrets

25 Oct 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

18 Oct 13  Why Branson believes businesses must act on climate change

11 Oct 13  Where's the Kiwi vision, asks IPCC author

11 Oct 13  Expert dismisses Wellington rail plan

11 Oct 13  Aussies rush to back Flannery’s climate body

4 Oct 13  IPCC report means no more excuses for NZ

27 Sep 13  IPCC serious over sea levels

27 Sep 13  WEB WIRE ... news from the world of carbon

27 Sep 13  Norway helps farmers to diversify

20 Sep 13  Science sees human waste as weapon in war against climate change

13 Sep 13  Start now, science chief tells businesses

6 Sep 13  Our businesses must lead, says green champion

6 Sep 13  Why won't they listen, asks Suzuki

6 Sep 13  Scientists work on carbon-based cell phones

6 Sep 13  A hitchhiker’s guide to pumice ...

30 Aug 13  Is this the new Groser, asks academic

30 Aug 13  Geothermal projects win new funding

30 Aug 13  Meet the Armadillo … Honey, I shrunk the car

30 Aug 13  Why the Pacific problem will not go away

23 Aug 13  Experts slam 5% emissions target

23 Aug 13  Emissions target under fire from MPs

16 Aug 13  Free market doesn't do it for us, say academics

16 Aug 13  Scientists find methane super seep

16 Aug 13  Soot and methane not the whole emissions story

9 Aug 13  Groser defends climate change attitudes

9 Aug 13  Feeling mad? Could be you’re feeling the heat

2 Aug 13  NZ eyes move to natural capital cost

2 Aug 13  EDITORIAL: Gluckman has arrived

2 Aug 13  Climate action long overdue, says Labour

2 Aug 13  Today’s emissions lock in sea-level rises

26 Jul 13  Tropical ecosystems play key role, says study

12 Jul 13  Solar plane shows world what's possible, says UN chief

5 Jul 13  It's not all about profit, says farm report

5 Jul 13  IWC wants bans to protect Maui's dolphin

21 Jun 13  US ups social cost of carbon emissions

14 Jun 13  China and US leaders sign chemicals pact

7 Jun 13  House hears ETS 'far left' debate

7 Jun 13  Farmers slam fracking opposition

31 May 13  Environment in economic spotlight

24 May 13  Look to NZ geothermal power, US hears

24 May 13  Scientists believe man to blame, says study

17 May 13  Top scientist to look into the future

17 May 13  Students protest at Shell science funding

10 May 13  Charles takes royal crack at corporates and sceptics

3 May 13  Top team turning out for enviro talks

3 May 13  Gas emissions about to hit critical level

3 May 13  Asia’s resource use unsustainable, UN warns

3 May 13  Move over sci-fi ... here comes cli-fi, the hot new fiction

26 Apr 13  Co-operate or crash, warns forests expert

26 Apr 13  Don’t deafen our dolphins, marine scientists urge

26 Apr 13  Here come the new supereconomies

12 Apr 13  US gives pass mark to climate change ... but UK says no

5 Apr 13  Australia's weather bad and getting worse

5 Apr 13  Pioneer activist quits job … to get busy

28 Mar 13  Science world honours LanzaTech founder

28 Mar 13  Combet becomes minister of everything

15 Mar 13  UN experts eye ways to fight drought

8 Mar 13  '100% Pure Kiwi lad' challenges brand claims

8 Mar 13  Australia backs clean food production

8 Mar 13  Expense puts farmers off, says expert

22 Feb 13  Land laps up third of Aussie fuel emissions

22 Feb 13  Seafood industry passes good practice test

22 Feb 13  Millions back farming sustainability

15 Feb 13  Obama vows to take tough line

15 Feb 13  Solar sponge soaks up gas emissions

8 Feb 13  'Pure NZ' impossible mountain, says scientist

8 Feb 13  Gas research centre gets more funding

8 Feb 13  Ice yields secrets of a warmer world

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

1 Feb 13  Our oil sands are fine, insists Canada

25 Jan 13  At last, it's climate-change time for Obama

25 Jan 13  Southern lignite stupid idea, says farmer

25 Jan 13  After 13 billion years, the Universe is getting cooler

18 Jan 13  So, what exactly is going on in Europe?

14 Dec 12  Twenty-year-old predictions looking good

7 Dec 12  Key defends climate change actions

30 Nov 12  Permafrost hosts massive danger, says UN

30 Nov 12  The answer is a fish’s ear …

30 Nov 12  EUAs take a dive ... again

23 Nov 12  Gas emissions levels up by 20%, says UN

9 Nov 12  National MP questions the science

9 Nov 12  Google keeps an eye on the land

2 Nov 12  Food key to Australia’s role in Asia

26 Oct 12  Philippines wins NZ geothermal help

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

19 Oct 12  Europe’s biofuel makers threaten revolt

5 Oct 12  Silicon Valley backs LanzaTech

5 Oct 12  Our lakes are warming up, says report

28 Sep 12  UN chief urges Pacific leaders to act

21 Sep 12  Scientists urge new way of thinking

14 Sep 12  Scientist wants to breathe new life into flax

14 Sep 12  Court rejects challenge to weather records

31 Aug 12  Cool idea could cut coal gas emissions

24 Aug 12  It's about balance, says science chief

24 Aug 12  Billions back fossil fuels, says study

24 Aug 12  Niwa gets bulk of new research money

24 Aug 12  Biofuel under fire as food crisis looms

24 Aug 12  Beer drinkers say cheers to reducing methane

17 Aug 12  AL MORRISON: We've been too smug for too long

20 Jul 12  Rare-earths monopoly worries US

13 Jul 12  Stripping of Lauder station a 'travesty'

6 Jul 12  More Americans go cool on global warming

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

22 Jun 12  Supercomputer to lead climate research

8 Jun 12  How corporates play the climate game

8 Jun 12  Australia nuclear by 2030, says expert

1 Jun 12  Help us, pleads wind power innovator

18 May 12  Oceans still a mystery, say scientists

18 May 12  Drug makers given green option

18 May 12  NZ facing the KP2 question

11 May 12  Toolbox ticks climate change boxes

4 May 12  Senior scientists talk innovation access

27 Apr 12  Britain tempts NZ over marine power

27 Apr 12  View of oceans must change, says expert

20 Apr 12  Carbon company feels cut by Australia

20 Apr 12  Science key to our future, says UN

20 Apr 12  Partners have high hopes for insect silk

20 Apr 12  Scientists find which plants will survive

30 Mar 12  Worried scientists push for global action

30 Mar 12  Court gives go-ahead to mega mine

30 Mar 12  Carbon capture technology moves closer

2 Mar 12  Antarctic call shonky, says ice-man Morgan

17 Feb 12  Taupo serves up solar for lunch

10 Feb 12  Green economy only way for Shearer

10 Feb 12  Lignite could fight cadmium, says study

10 Feb 12  NZ scientists caught up in climate row

10 Feb 12  Stand by ... the weather will get worse

3 Feb 12  Blueprint demands action on sustainability

27 Jan 12  Minister puts plans for environment

27 Jan 12  LIfe gets harder for the environment

16 Dec 11  Durban delegates hail breakthrough

16 Dec 11  Scientists get excited about biochar

9 Dec 11  Sunshine cars go all the way south

9 Dec 11  Why we must target the 2deg limit

2 Dec 11  LanzaTech to make avgas for US

2 Dec 11  Black carbon moves could save millions

2 Dec 11  Millions marked for look at biochar

2 Dec 11  Health experts voice climate fears


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