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Bill and I haven't talked sea level, admits Bennett

Paula Bennett

30 Jun 16 - Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says she has not asked Finance Minister Bill English to set up a working group to assess the economic impacts of rising sea levels, as recommended by the...

Are the Greens the climate radicals Australia needs?

23 Jun 16 - If you despair of Australia’s lacklustre climate policies, you might take heart from the Greens’ stated goal of limiting global warming to 1.5degC. But are the party’s own policies up to the job?

NZ unlikely to use banked credits, says minister

Paula Bennett

22 Jun 16 - The Government is unlikely to use New Zealand’s banked carbon credits to make-good on hot-air credits we have already surrendered internationally, a Parliamentary select committee has heard.

Experts offer help to victims of solar charge

22 Jun 16 - Greenpeace has pooled its renewable energy and legal experts to create a solar hot desk to help people affected by New Zealand’s first charge for using solar energy.

CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

8 Jun 16 - The Government sought no advice on whether building major new roads would affect greenhouse gas emissions, documents show.

Carbon cracks $16 and climbing

7 Jun 16 - Carbon continues to climb, hitting $16 just a week after reaching the $15 milestone.

So, what does it mean for climate change?

27 May 16 - What’s in the Budget for climate change?

NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

Paula Bennett

26 May 16 - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions have gone up 19 per cent under the National Government – and Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett is blaming population growth.

Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

Sir Peter Gluckman

23 May 16 - The Prime Minister’s chief science adviser has told a United Nations forum that scientists and policy-makers need to work together on issues like climate change.

How your garden could help to stop city flooding

11 May 16 - Urban flooding represents the most common yet severe environmental threat to cities and towns worldwide.

CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

5 May 16 - New Zealand is likely to need up to 220 million international credits to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target because even a domestic carbon price of $300 a tonne is unlikely to drive enough...

At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

Simon Bridges

4 May 16 - The Government will unveil its electric vehicle policy tomorrow.

Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

4 May 16 - Lack of scientific co-operation with other countries has cost Japan “trillions of yen” in expensive solar power because the country did not learn from the experience of other countries before rushing...

Government might not carry over units

3 May 16 - The Government might not carry any carbon units over after 2020.

CLIMATE CRISIS: Why English must act on costs

Bill English

29 Apr 16 - Finance Minister Bill English must investigate the fiscal implications of climate change, says the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

MEMO MINISTER: How to do it the Morgan Way

Paula Bennett

29 Apr 16 - The Morgan Foundation is keeping up the pressure on the Government over the use of hot-air carbon credits.

Bennett stays on course for higher carbon price

Paula Bennett

26 Apr 16 - Climate Change Minister Paula has again said that carbon prices need to be higher.

NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

21 Apr 16 - An Australian carbon farming company that used a New Zealander to buy land has been fined $40,000.

Couch potatoes have outsized energy footprints

13 Apr 16 - It is alluringly easy to use averages, but when most of a group is far from average, they can lead us astray. This is no less true in the area of energy consumption.

There's a sea of our soil ending up in the ocean

12 Apr 16 - Soil is a farmer’s most precious resource, but, in New Zealand, we lose it to the ocean about 10 times faster than the rest of the world, with between 200 million and 300 million tonnes sliding into...

6 Apr 16  INDEFENSIBLE! Scientists slam Key's climate change attitude

1 Apr 16  You're gambling, Greens tell Government

23 Mar 16  Black-out Bridges keeps us in the dark on e-cars

22 Feb 16  NZ to promote international markets idea at UN

9 Feb 16  It's time to rethink what we want from farming

9 Feb 16  CSIRO boss' logic could waste billions in taxes

25 Jan 16  What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

15 Dec 15  COMMENT: Great, now all we need is a plan

15 Dec 15  Carbon prices lift 50% since beginning of year

15 Dec 15  Govt didn't ask officials about agriculture and the ETS review

15 Dec 15  Minister releases (some) TPPA safeguards

16 Nov 15  Groser: I've given no advice on stranded assets

28 Sep 15  How low-tech farming can help African farmers

21 Sep 15  How Groser battled for a 15% emissions cut

21 Sep 15  Turnbull should go back to his old climate self

14 Sep 15  Business, officials want cross-party climate deal

14 Sep 15  Canberra climate boss quits over 'hostile' minister

14 Sep 15  ... so, where does the authority go from here

7 Sep 15  Advisers scrap over emissions cuts target

7 Sep 15  Smart modelling to help with aquifer management

7 Sep 15  What really happened with Kyoto ERUs

31 Aug 15  Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

31 Aug 15  Climate models may misjudge soils' carbon emissions

27 Jul 15  Forecasting dead zones and toxic algae in US waterways: a bad year for Lake Erie

13 Jul 15  How the country can save $37 million a year ... use KiwiRail

8 Jun 15  Stranded assets not for us, declares minister

8 Jun 15  Lobby group wants think tank to set emissions target

18 May 15  Why the Government's forestry policies are not working

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

13 Apr 15  Water Man of India makes rivers flow again

23 Mar 15  Fossil-fuel investment risk not on our radar, says Treasury

2 Mar 15  Farming boom leaves ecosystems in danger of collapse

23 Feb 15  ETS nothing but 'words, fishhooks and traps,' says Palmer

27 Jan 15  It's time to take a good look at ourselves ...

22 Dec 14  TWELVE ways to deal with a climate change denier (the BBQ guide)

15 Dec 14  English goes silent on carbon deficit costs

17 Nov 14  Minister knows of water woes, but public information tap is turned off

10 Nov 14  Why warnings on climate spark aggressive denials

3 Nov 14  What the politicians said ...

13 Oct 14  Anxious foresters await review of foreign credits ban

13 Oct 14  'Business as usual' no way to run our rivers

6 Oct 14  Sustainability network wins business award

16 Sep 14  Healthy diet guidelines hard to swallow for greenies

1 Sep 14  Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

25 Aug 14  Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

11 Aug 14  Anxious EU reviews scientific assessment rules

1 Aug 14  Canberra gives go-ahead to massive coal mine

11 Jul 14  Ambition key to 2015 global climate accord

13 Jun 14  Business-deal science under attack

13 Jun 14  Make a date with a green professional

30 May 14  Learn new ways to manage pests

9 May 14  Businesses keen on solar, but need official help

2 May 14  Australia explains how emissions plan will work

17 Apr 14  Scientists question Ruataniwha hearing advice

4 Apr 14  No-action Abbott stalls climate policy decisions

21 Mar 14  We're keen on renewables, says Bridges

21 Mar 14  Climate scientists 3, economists 0

21 Mar 14  Our cities need attention, say planners

14 Mar 14  Farmers remain free of emissions obligations

28 Feb 14  Energy-wise dairy farmers could save millions

21 Feb 14  Think green, builders urge Christchurch

25 Oct 13  Islands have three-pronged approach to climate change

9 Aug 13  Fund managers minding climate risks

19 Jul 13  Milford Dart quiet on tunnel appeal

19 Jul 13  Australia makes early move to carbon trading

17 May 13  Govt dumps funding for RMA services

5 Apr 13  EDS claims RMA information is flawed

22 Feb 13  Question for PM: UN is serious, are you?

22 Feb 13  Forest safety record could hurt industry

15 Feb 13  NZ carbon in race to the bottom

1 Feb 13  Government mulls over binding target

1 Feb 13  EU credits could be junk, says power chief

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

16 Nov 12  If the world burns, we burn

9 Nov 12  Textile companies slash energy costs

2 Nov 12  How to build green - for free

2 Nov 12  Millions back move to smarter energy use

31 Aug 12  Australian/European linkage causes spike

27 Jul 12  Forester forms safe haven for kiwi

13 Jul 12  NZ helps Tonga build solar plant

22 Jun 12  Greens probe fossil-fuel subsidies

15 Jun 12  Farmers eye new deal on cow gases

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

20 Apr 12  Demand will stall if agriculture delay goes ahead

5 Apr 12  Margin attracts buyers

24 Feb 12  European market has attack of nerves

17 Feb 12  Australia sets up energy aid packages

16 Dec 11  Poor prices will hurt government income

2 Dec 11  Smart meters need study, says expert

25 Nov 11  Coal mining to come under scientific scrutiny

28 Oct 11  Quake city to focus on energy-wise buildings

28 Oct 11  Dodgy ... that's Auckland City investment

21 Oct 11  Carbon heading south

21 Oct 11  Carbon price hits all-time low

7 Oct 11  Search starts for CDM replacement

7 Oct 11  Potential for a carbon bubble

30 Sep 11  NZ Steel pockets close to $10m in credits

23 Sep 11  Number of positives in ETS review

23 Sep 11  Global prices driving NZUs

16 Sep 11  Climate drives transport changes

16 Sep 11  Sales light, but price improves

2 Sep 11  Tasman carbon trade still a long way off

2 Sep 11  NZ carbon back in the low $15s

19 Aug 11  NZUs remain at premium over CERs

12 Aug 11  ETS report has a couple of surprises

12 Aug 11  At last, a little light relief

12 Aug 11  Carbon recovers - but medium-term outlook not good

5 Aug 11  Is cleantech dead in the water?

5 Aug 11  Carbon sheds $2

29 Jul 11  CERs still the unit of choice

22 Jul 11  Sedate prices for NZ carbon

15 Jul 11  The market is over-sold, says OMF

8 Jul 11  Group to eye benefits of green brand

8 Jul 11  Big is not always best

8 Jul 11  A slow week on the NZU market

8 Jul 11  NZUs look to retest the $18 level

1 Jul 11  NZU prices struggle to hold around $18

1 Jul 11  Europe collapse rocks NZ prices

24 Jun 11  All's not well after Bonn climate talks

24 Jun 11  NZUs look to retest the $18 level

17 Jun 11  The Carbon Traders: Lizzie Chambers, Carbon Match

17 Jun 11  Lack of demand drops NZU prices

17 Jun 11  Headwinds for New Zealand carbon

10 Jun 11  Market settles into Mexican stand-off

10 Jun 11  Little demand on spot market

3 Jun 11  Hopes dim for safe emissions levels

3 Jun 11  Slow market waits for new direction

3 Jun 11  Surrender date passes without a whimper

27 May 11  No danger of Australia leading the world

27 May 11  NZU price drops on murky market

20 May 11  Government eyes fewer NZU allocations

20 May 11  UK carbon budget sets course for cuts

20 May 11  Weaker NZUs demand comes as surprise

20 May 11  Game-changing events on the horizon

13 May 11  Public has no say in southern lignite plant

6 May 11  FORUM: It's time to shut up and pay up

6 May 11  Prices creep higher

29 Apr 11  ETS review eyes ban on gas CERs

29 Apr 11  Stable week for NZUs

29 Apr 11  Buy carbon, says OMF

21 Apr 11  Looming surrender date affects prices

15 Apr 11  Solid Energy hits out at Pike gas advice

15 Apr 11  Mexican standoff continues

8 Apr 11  Firms under pressure to manage carbon

1 Apr 11  EU emissary talks aviation

1 Apr 11  NZUs only credit in frame for emitters

25 Mar 11  Will dialogue influence the outcome of the review?

25 Mar 11  NZU prices stabilise in the low $20s

25 Mar 11  A lack of buying or selling

18 Mar 11  Quake shakes makets to core

11 Mar 11  NZUs bust through $20

4 Mar 11  Emissions target unrealistic, says lobbyist

18 Feb 11  Flannery to head Climate Commission

11 Feb 11  Ag emissions calculator updated

17 Dec 10  California set to sign up for cap-and-trade

17 Dec 10  Landcare gives Scottish parliament the nod

3 Dec 10  Climate minister defends 5 per cent target

3 Dec 10  Can we have a word, say kids at Cancun

26 Nov 10  Seller sends 100,000 tonnes to market

26 Nov 10  Emitter buys 10,000 tonnes through tender

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

5 Nov 10  Britain aims for 100,000 green-collar workers

29 Oct 10  NZ interest growing in CERs

22 Oct 10  Tenders an right circumstances

15 Oct 10  Lawyers shoot down ETS secrecy clause

1 Oct 10  Mexican stand-off in market, says Westpac

24 Sep 10  Combet admits carbon tax an option

17 Sep 10  A great time for sellers

3 Sep 10  Spot market thin, but talk of forward trades

20 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG

20 Aug 10  High Court asked to invalidate NIWA’s official NZ temperature record

13 Aug 10  The Carbon Traders 3: Wayne King, Carbon Market Solutions

13 Aug 10  Local trading picks up

30 Jul 10  Official energy website wins award

16 Jul 10  Foresters: Farmers can't see wood for the trees

2 Jul 10  Money-making Goldman Sachs points way to mass solar

25 Jun 10  Taxpayers face $1.1 billion Kyoto liability, say authors

18 Jun 10  Company tax cut puts $21m on Vector's books

11 Jun 10  Carbon forestry can work, say tree growers

11 Jun 10  Changes needed to air quality standard, says Smith

4 Jun 10  MAF issues several new ETS guides for forestry and agriculture

4 Jun 10  We must move from meat diet, says UN

21 May 10  NZ on right road with ETS, says negotiator

14 May 10  Ministry clears up status of carbon brokers

7 May 10  Too soon to say if falling markets will hit carbon - trader

30 Apr 10  Carbon market wide open to doubtful deals

23 Apr 10  Carbon prices might have reached bottom

23 Apr 10  Markit chief slams Kiwis' lack of carbon nous

16 Apr 10  EXCLUSIVE: Business lobby eyes big role in ETS review

9 Apr 10  ETS delay comes at a cost, warn foresters

1 Apr 10  Registry wins environment award


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