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Young Kiwi voices lead the climate change chorus

7 Jul 17 - By publisher ADELIA HALLETT | Two political actions this week give us some hope that New Zealand might one day get the leadership it needs to survive and prosper in a carbon-constrained world.

Government snubs MP's climate change motion

29 Jun 17 - The Government is refusing to support a motion acknowledging that a third of the world’s population is now exposed to deadly heatwaves because of climate change.

MPs to get the heatwave message

Aupito William Sio

27 Jun 17 - Parliament will be asked tomorrow to note that up to a third of the world’s population is now exposed to deadly heatwaves as a result of climate change.

Wood energy project start less than spectacular

12 May 17 - The Wood Energy South energy efficiency programme has prevented just 530 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions being released, Parliament has heard.

MPs out of the loop on farm emissions advice

10 May 17 - Parliament has again been told that the Government is getting advice on bringing agricultural emissions into the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Officials look at pricing of agricultural emissions

4 May 17 - Officials are investigating whether a price should be put on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, despite the issue being specifically excluded from the current review of the Emissions Trading...

Bennett rules out farming and climate commission

18 Apr 17 - Climate minister Paula Bennett says carbon prices need to go higher, but she won’t be putting a price on agricultural emissions and she doesn’t think New Zealand needs a climate commission.

Upton gets job, but not everyone is pleased

18 Apr 17 - Simon Upton’s nomination to be the next Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has been confirmed by Parliament, but it wasn’t unanimous.

EDITORIAL: Today is D-day for the climate debate

13 Apr 17 - Today could see one of the most important debates Parliament has ever had – a special session on proposals to make New Zealand carbon-neutral by the second half of the century.

Parliament under carbon-neutral pressure

10 Apr 17 - Proposals for a carbon-neutral New Zealand will go before Parliament this week, as the nation's youth start to apply political pressure over the world they will inherit.

RMA changes get through Parliament - just

7 Apr 17 - The Government’s changes to the Resource Management Act scraped through Parliament last night.

Politicians go face-to-face with environment facts

6 Apr 17 - The state of New Zealand’s environment is on the agenda for the country’s politicians today.

Beehive busy with changes to RMA

5 Apr 17 - Debate on changes to the Resource Management Act will continue in Parliament today.

SIMON UPTON: Credits, caps and cross-party deals

3 Apr 17 - The man likely to be the next Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says there might not be enough international carbon credits available to meet New Zealand’s Paris Agreement targets.

Upton favourite for Beehive climate watchdog post

29 Mar 17 - Former environment minister Simon Upton – who last week delivered a major report critical of New Zealand’s environmental performance – is likely to be the next Parliamentary Commissioner for the...

Govt MPs vote down 'good idea' sustainability bill

23 Mar 17 - A bill to include sustainability measures in public finance reporting has been voted down – despite Government MPs saying they supported the sentiment.

Whanganui's new status huge call for the environment

16 Mar 17 - The Whanganui River has become entity in its own right – a move potentially of huge environmental significance.

Climate change climbs the party ranks

8 Mar 17 - Climate change has made it to the top echelons of New Zealand’s two major political parties.

Minister defends action on water standards

8 Mar 17 - Environmental debates in Parliament yesterday stayed with the issue of the moment – fresh water.

Greens toss bouquet to Bennett, but ...

17 Feb 17 - Climate minister and deputy prime minister Paula Bennett has received a bouquet for her action on climate change from an unexpected quarter – Green MP Kennedy Graham.

9 Feb 17  Relying on foreign credits dangerous, say officials

1 Feb 17  Linking carbon market would be a clever move

19 Dec 16  Bennett stands alone in climate change portfolio

12 Dec 16  Greens' bill calls for sustainability reporting

9 Dec 16  ZERO EMISSIONS: Study will show us how to do it

18 Nov 16  It's going well, says PM, as we pick up another fossil award

18 Nov 16  Key will talk climate change with Trump

15 Nov 16  Treasury eyes action on cost of rising seas

15 Nov 16  DODGY CREDITS: What does Treasury really think?

20 Oct 16  NO WORRIES: Science will fix emissions, says PM

23 Sep 16  PARIS PACT: Farmers play it short and sweet

23 Sep 16  PARIS PACT: Gen Zero does the job for MPs

22 Sep 16  No way, Nick, you can't claim credit for the ETS

15 Sep 16  Minister way off mark on EVs, says transport expert

9 Sep 16  Paris pact submissions will be heard this month

6 Sep 16  Greens' Hague quits to head Forest & Bird

1 Sep 16  CAPITAL CASE: Strong policies will attract investment

18 Aug 16  Bennett rules out parties' two key climate points

18 Aug 16  National MPs join Green climate group

8 Aug 16  Environment groups push plan to meet Paris goals

3 Aug 16  We look to be light on climate change officials

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

19 Jul 16  Britain could warm by 4deg this century

8 Jul 16  Road emissions rising ... at just the wrong time

8 Jul 16  Bennett keen to talk with opposition parties

7 Jul 16  CLIMATE CRUNCH: Is the political ice beginning to melt?

6 Jul 16  Greens slam Government for climate failures

6 Jul 16  BURNING ISSUE: One fire service way to go, say Greens

1 Jul 16  Brexit hot air causes climate project problems

20 Jun 16  Big players' threats might force NZ to sign early

17 Jun 16  UN says ratify; Government says not yet

16 Jun 16  DIRTY DOLLARS: PM's bank backs the big polluters

10 Jun 16  $20b Brownlee: We're doing all we can for climate

9 Jun 16  SEA-RISE RISK: We're facing damage worth billions

1 Jun 16  CLIMATE CO-OP: Welcome to Coalition of the Willing

27 May 16  Government to snaffle 1:2 subsidy revenue

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

26 May 16  Minister puts figure on hot-air credits

17 May 16  ETS ANSWERS: Three ways to make it work

4 May 16  Why scientists must challenge poor media reporting

13 Apr 16  TASK FORCE: Bennett going public to cut emissions

1 Apr 16  You're gambling, Greens tell Government

22 Mar 16  European politicians push nuclear ‘poison pill’

15 Mar 16  Minister goes back to school on sustainability

15 Feb 16  Bill puts the environment in its place

15 Dec 15  Minister releases (some) TPPA safeguards

7 Dec 15  Labour's new voice wins support for island nations

30 Nov 15  Little strengthens climate change muscle

16 Nov 15  Groser: I've given no advice on stranded assets

16 Nov 15  This week ...

9 Nov 15  Time running out on ETS review promises

2 Nov 15  Plantation boom broken, so let’s go carbon farming

19 Oct 15  TPP has good news for environment

19 Oct 15  Follow us and save the world, says Groser

28 Sep 15  Government shows no interest in climate risks study

28 Sep 15  Anyway, says Key, the ETS was brought in by National

14 Sep 15  Go talk to China, Key tells islands leaders

14 Sep 15  Norman hopes for more action ... this time for real

14 Sep 15  ... so, where does the authority go from here

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

27 Jul 15  Key: It's our climate policy and we're sticking with it

6 Jul 15  Best brains tell the story ... but will the Government act?

29 Jun 15  Financial pain ahead, warn climate-conscious Kiwis

29 Jun 15  Forget the courts, we must get to the politicians

25 May 15  Farmers hold the key to nature conservation ... so give them a break

30 Mar 15  Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

9 Mar 15  Carbon measure puts us among worst in the world

9 Feb 15  Gas will replace oil in the UK – with or without fracking

15 Dec 14  English goes silent on carbon deficit costs

15 Dec 14  Bank of England probes risk of fossil fuel assets

15 Dec 14  Eels worth the effort, says environment watchdog

1 Dec 14  Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

1 Dec 14  Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

24 Nov 14  New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

10 Nov 14  Election rout blow to US climate change role

6 Oct 14  QUIET! Climate-cautious Key sends message to ministers

6 Oct 14  Party pact blocks environmental one-stop move

29 Sep 14  Memo John Key: Look Pacific leaders in the eye

16 Sep 14  It's simple ... either you believe, or you don't

4 Aug 14  Economist rubbishes Govt's $500 power cost claim

4 Aug 14  WORTH WATCHING: New film shows up our sorry climate change story

1 Aug 14  New marine reserves laws set mark, says industry

1 Aug 14  Business begins to adopt the circular economy

25 Jul 14  Shorten pleads for G20 to talk climate crisis

27 Jun 14  Millionaire miner rocks Canberra carbon camp

27 Jun 14  No worries, says Bridges, the world loves us

20 Jun 14  Rivers' turn as Wright fires second salvo at Government

13 Jun 14  Australia's emissions fund could start short

6 Jun 14  Harre: Business seems to like us

3 Jun 14  ETS more workable than carbon tax, says Labour

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

30 May 14  Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

30 May 14  Costly golden oldie now gets heating energy from the sea

23 May 14  Foresters threaten to pull out of ETS

16 May 14  Maori unhappy about having to back carbon move

16 May 14  Surprise forest credits move sees market rise

16 May 14  Govt explains arbitrage actions

9 May 14  Canberra finds ways to implement emissions plan

2 May 14  Plastics industry on right track, says EU

24 Apr 14  So long Shane Jones, a man who got the message

17 Apr 14  Scientists question Ruataniwha hearing advice

11 Apr 14  Straterra wants better mineral industry rules

21 Mar 14  Australian Senate throws out carbon tax bill

21 Mar 14  Foreign airlines should pay, say Europe lawmakers

21 Mar 14  We're keen on renewables, says Bridges

21 Mar 14  Why business needs to know climate change laws

14 Mar 14  Nats push green achievements

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14  EU agrees on draft plan for aviation emissions

14 Feb 14  Maori ultimatum leaves Government unmoved

14 Feb 14  Pine nurseries got it wrong, says Groser

14 Feb 14  Nuclear waste disposal gets expensive

7 Feb 14  New water moves not enough, says commissioner

31 Jan 14  It's the forestry effect, explains Groser

31 Jan 14  Time for a green revolution, says Norman

24 Jan 14  EU wants to see cut of 40% in gas emissions

24 Jan 14  The war on science: Why we should be very afraid

24 Jan 14  Pulp politics bring tension to Tasmania

13 Dec 13  Move on carbon units worries foresters

29 Nov 13  NZ none the wiser after rejecting refugee’s case

22 Nov 13  What's going on in world carbon markets

15 Nov 13  Welcome to the Bill and Gerry Climate Change Show ...

15 Nov 13  Our ministers ill-informed, says top scientist

15 Nov 13  Government plays loose with ETS facts

15 Nov 13  EDITORIAL: The message is clear ... we have a government of climate deniers

11 Nov 13  Hope from Europe

8 Nov 13  Meet Kennedy Graham, green sheep of the family ... and a man business would be wise to watch

25 Oct 13  Our GHG emissions on the way up ... not down

25 Oct 13  Greens quiz minister on emissions reduction

18 Oct 13  Back below $4

6 Sep 13  Labour thermal power bid fails

30 Aug 13  ANALYSIS: Australians' vote will affect carbon market

23 Aug 13  Emissions target under fire from MPs

16 Aug 13  EPA gets ready to sidestep Congress

16 Aug 13  Australia draws the battle lines

9 Aug 13  Groser defends climate change attitudes

9 Aug 13  Aussie emitters await election outcome

2 Aug 13  Watch reform bill, EDS warns councils

12 Jul 13  Labour seeks help for fossil fuel action

12 Jul 13  Light trading in EUAs

28 Jun 13  Air NZ to refuse shark-fin freight

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

21 Jun 13  EU body votes for weaker rescue plan

14 Jun 13  Dunne decider on thermal power future

7 Jun 13  House hears ETS 'far left' debate

7 Jun 13  Museum wins environment award

31 May 13  Minister defends Denniston decisions

10 May 13  Leaders to talk climate change

19 Apr 13  Pacific refugees not urgent problem, says PM

19 Apr 13  New law protects EEZ, says minister

5 Apr 13  Ratepayers foot the bill, say local authorities

5 Apr 13  Casualties could be trees, says board

15 Mar 13  Don't blame biofuels, says minister

15 Mar 13  Price steady after overnight spike

15 Mar 13  NZU supply tight

8 Mar 13  Europe eyes ambitious restructure

1 Mar 13  Beehive watchdog slams RMA proposals

1 Mar 13  Brussels abuzz as carbon vote falters

22 Feb 13  Question for PM: UN is serious, are you?

1 Feb 13  Refugees? Don't ask us, says Government

1 Feb 13  Key's climate change answers anger Greens

1 Feb 13  Government mulls over binding target

1 Feb 13  Marketing getting news-fatigue

25 Jan 13  At last, it's climate-change time for Obama

25 Jan 13  Southern lignite stupid idea, says farmer

25 Jan 13  Market plunge gets the tongues wagging

25 Jan 13  New low for European carbon

7 Dec 12  Key defends climate change actions

7 Dec 12  RMA changes put money first, says watchdog

30 Nov 12  NZ will end up just a slogan, Greens warn

30 Nov 12  Environment watchdog questions fracking

23 Nov 12  NZ lags badly in marine protection

23 Nov 12  Europe decides when a bicycle isn’t a bicycle

23 Nov 12  Plans to reduce supply in world's largest market

9 Nov 12  Bill dumps agriculture on backburner

9 Nov 12  National MP questions the science

26 Oct 12  ETS changes get through House ... just

26 Oct 12  Price flop not a good look, admits Smith

26 Oct 12  Maori vow to fight for ETS rights

26 Oct 12  Cheap price to pay, says Labour

26 Oct 12  ETS protesters bring out the chainsaws

19 Oct 12  Govt has numbers to pass ETS changes

12 Oct 12  Philips to light up energy house

12 Oct 12  Local market awaits the politicians

5 Oct 12  ETS changes go under scrutiny

28 Sep 12  Government lying to us, says forester

28 Sep 12  EDITORIAL: The problem called John Banks

28 Sep 12  Think carrot ... not stick

21 Sep 12  Trader warns of carbon unit avalanche

21 Sep 12  Maori leaders want cheap credits blocked

21 Sep 12  Is ETS a scheme or a scam, ask Greens

14 Sep 12  Prices fall...and set to go lower

14 Sep 12  Put that in writing, minister, says council head

14 Sep 12  Committee begins to wade through ETS ideas

14 Sep 12  ETS submission: Changes a costly mistake

14 Sep 12  ETS submission: Get real on power line trees

14 Sep 12  Australian units likely to sit at $15

31 Aug 12  Lakes eco home wins galaxy of stars

24 Aug 12  Public split as ETS changes face scrutiny

24 Aug 12  ETS bill has October deadline

17 Aug 12  Europe limits dumping of e-waste

10 Aug 12  People want more action on climate change

27 Jul 12  Petrobras protest skipper walks free

20 Jul 12  Down, down, down ... carbon hits new low

20 Jul 12  Greens: Why NZ was a failure at Rio

6 Jul 12  Labour vows to protect carbon price

29 Jun 12  Australia takes aim at shipping

22 Jun 12  Greens probe fossil-fuel subsidies

15 Jun 12  Business lobby group tries again

15 Jun 12  Joyce slams businessmen's report

15 Jun 12  All quiet on the carbon front

1 Jun 12  Make it easier, says rivers champion

1 Jun 12  Growing market meets carbon challenges

1 Jun 12  Australia eyes new energy standards

18 May 12  Warm homes green economics at work

4 May 12  Key must quit coal connection, says campaigner

20 Apr 12  Carbon company feels cut by Australia

30 Mar 12  Europe acts to right the ship

23 Mar 12  Protect fresh water sources, says report

9 Mar 12  We're late, but no worries, says Smith

2 Mar 12  Australian election poses ETS problems

24 Feb 12  European market has attack of nerves

17 Feb 12  EU action gives carbon prices a boost

17 Feb 12  Europe move could jump prices

2 Dec 11  Smart meters need study, says expert

25 Nov 11  Business brains want Beehive to come clean

21 Oct 11  Offshore mining ... what do you think?

14 Oct 11  Abbott will eat his words, says CMS

14 Oct 11  Spooked Europe slashes carbon price

30 Sep 11  Scientist: PM didn't tell the whole story

30 Sep 11  Greens demand subsidy answers

9 Sep 11  Key carbon tax MP escapes charges

9 Sep 11  NZUs are range-bound

1 Aug 11  Major changes unlikely, says ETS review head

29 Jul 11  Australian carbon bills on the move

22 Jul 11  What's in the Australian carbon tax for New Zealand?

15 Jul 11  Govt under fire over southern lignite

15 Jul 11  Why it's better to sell NZUs at home

1 Jul 11  Market confusion sees prices at a low

10 Jun 11  Climate fighter has a big job for NZ

27 May 11  No danger of Australia leading the world

13 May 11  ETS reviewers eye Australian farm plan

13 May 11  Greens hail success of Warm Up NZ

6 May 11  Labour wants teeth for EPA

15 Apr 11  Auckland boosts home insulation

1 Apr 11  Emissions target inadequate, says WWF

25 Mar 11  Ministers reveal more carbon details

25 Mar 11  Aussies eye product stewardship

11 Mar 11  Welcome to the Year of the Forest

4 Mar 11  Emissions target unrealistic, says lobbyist

18 Feb 11  Lignite mining could send emissions soaring

11 Feb 11  Public and private sectors must work together, says Charles

17 Dec 10  Landcare gives Scottish parliament the nod

3 Dec 10  ETS should be suspended, says NZ First

26 Nov 10  We've got politicians thinking, say Greens

19 Nov 10  ETS leading to farm subsidies, warns Fed head

12 Nov 10  How would YOU answer Suzuki's five questions for NZ?

12 Nov 10  Well, look who's talking sustainability ...

8 Oct 10  Solar returning to the White House

27 Aug 10  $6 billion of new investment likely to go to EPA

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

30 Jul 10  Official energy website wins award

25 Jun 10  We won't dump you in it, minister tells farmers

4 Jun 10  Inventor claims he's beaten energy storage problems

4 Jun 10  FORUM: Federated Farmers on the ETS and more ...

4 Jun 10  Kiwis 'throwing away millions' in electricity savings

28 May 10  Power companies explain ETS price rises

19 Mar 10  Obama looks at carbon trading shortcut

5 Mar 10  Government (slowly) gets green-tech message

12 Feb 10  Carbon changes face of forest economics, says scientist

12 Feb 10  US looks at other ways to limit gas emissions

5 Feb 10  Obama retreats from goal of cap-and-trade bill

5 Feb 10  Rudd and Abbott trade blows over climate schemes

5 Feb 10  Copenhagen - a letter from Gordon Brown

29 Jan 10  No submissions as allocations deadline looms

29 Jan 10  Blame weak ETS on big business, says Fitzsimons

29 Jan 10  Obama goes quiet on cap and trade

29 Jan 10  Australia presses on with 5% reduction target

22 Jan 10  Aussie Greens want $20b carbon tax to break ETS impasse

22 Jan 10  Obama climate plans under fire from all sides

11 Dec 09  Forest owners gear up to sell Kyoto credits

11 Dec 09  Republicans plan conference counter-attack

4 Dec 09  NZ does quick ETS rules patch-up after Aussie collapse

4 Dec 09  At last, the forestry show can hit the road

27 Nov 09  Be warned: ETS is here and businesses must comply

27 Nov 09  Businesses to have say in allocation rules

27 Nov 09  ETS: What Climate Change Minister Nick Smith says

27 Nov 09  ETS: Shark swallows the Maori minnow

23 Nov 09  Maori win ETS voice ... and trip to Copenhagen

23 Nov 09  Opposition gets ready to mount counter-offensive

23 Nov 09  Smith: Agreement enables progress on climate change

23 Nov 09  Maori Party: Deal to benefit all

23 Nov 09  Multi-party backing for admin bill to develop emissions trading market

23 Nov 09  ETS changes mean tomorrow's NZers will pay 84 per cent of Kyoto costs, says council

20 Nov 09  Maori quiet on ETS small print till Monday

20 Nov 09  Frustrated farmers: The tractors are coming

20 Nov 09  IN THE HOUSE: Maori Party ETS deal

20 Nov 09  Posh house wins most-sustainable award

16 Nov 09  Next steps will depend on Maori Party bottom line

16 Nov 09  Oops! Treasury sums wrong by $50 billion

16 Nov 09  ETS debate might still be a week away

16 Nov 09  Dejected dairy giant plans next ETS move

16 Nov 09  Harmonisation not the way, says expert

16 Nov 09  Greens: ETS something worth swearing about

16 Nov 09  National foolish in slavishly following Australia, says Chauvel

16 Nov 09  Aussie farmers out of ETS ‘faster than a rat up a drainpipe’

16 Nov 09  Aussie agriculture backflip could be first of many

13 Nov 09  Vote deadlocked as ETS bill returns to House

13 Nov 09  Divided Maori Party likely to toe the line on ETS

6 Nov 09  Farmers might move offshore, warns Fonterra

30 Oct 09  Bill sets dangerous precedent, says law expert

30 Oct 09  Foss committee has tight deadlines

23 Oct 09  $209 MILLION A YEAR - that's what we'll pay to protect Rio Tinto, says analyst

23 Oct 09  Hide hacks at ETS policy management – tied bill voting more likely

23 Oct 09  Legal tangle awaits amended climate bill

23 Oct 09  Turia confirms big iwi leading Maori Party ETS policy

23 Oct 09  Chauvel to energy leaders: ETS changes too generous to last

23 Oct 09  ETS committee grants more time

16 Oct 09  Committee vote-tie could send ETS bill back with no changes

16 Oct 09  Taxpayers face hefty bill from ETS subsidies, says business council

16 Oct 09  Push to exempt Australian farmers from carbon laws

16 Oct 09  Sack Nick Smith from climate portfolio, says Dunleavy

15 Oct 09  Protests force slowdown on full-speed-ahead ETS

15 Oct 09  No choice but to accept timeline, say Greens

9 Oct 09  Was National pretending to deal with Labour?

9 Oct 09  Did Govt cut Maori deal without officials' advice?

9 Oct 09  COMMENT: Are farmers still denying climate change?

9 Oct 09  Deadline looms with committee silent on rules

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

2 Oct 09  Go online and have your say on the ETS

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

23 Sep 09  Labour grizzles as ETS changes go through House

23 Sep 09  Back our bill, pleads 'proud' climate minister

23 Sep 09  Big words, little action from world climate leaders

23 Sep 09  EU lists industries exempted from carbon trading

18 Sep 09  Doors might shut on public opinion of ETS deal

18 Sep 09  IN THE HOUSE: Deal with Maori under scrutiny

18 Sep 09  Big spenders throw weight behind US bill

14 Sep 09  Smith: ETS revisions "balance" environment, economy

11 Sep 09  Confident Labour sits in ETS driving seat

11 Sep 09  Senate Democrats sceptical about climate bill

4 Sep 09  US climate change bill faces fresh delays

4 Sep 09  Prepare to pay extra $120 in airfare pollution charges to Europe

4 Sep 09  Rich Norway fund moves toward green investments

4 Sep 09  People won't change lifestyle for planet, says poll

31 Aug 09  All sectors, all gases the way to go, says ETS report

31 Aug 09  National's best ETS bet is deal with Labour

31 Aug 09  Business: Review leaves huge issues up in the air

31 Aug 09  Labour: Big chance for a meaningful ETS

31 Aug 09  Read the full ETS review report here ...

31 Aug 09  Government fiddling while planet burns, says Greenpeace

28 Aug 09  Speculation rife as ETS report faces new delay

28 Aug 09  Row as Parker demands House sees ETS report

28 Aug 09  Smith cautious on methane in ETS, bi-party deal

21 Aug 09  ETS deal hangs on Key's response to Goff

21 Aug 09  Australia targets 20% renewable energy by 2020

21 Aug 09  Democrats want banks barred from carbon trading

21 Aug 09  Cash for clunkers scheme doesn’t pay its way

14 Aug 09  Agriculture bogs down bipartisan ETS deal

14 Aug 09  Cap-and-ban could kill carbon market, warns broker

7 Aug 09  Pacific nations call for drastic carbon cuts

7 Aug 09  Law makes electric cars exempt from RUCs

7 Aug 09  Household impact of US bill only modest, says study

7 Aug 09  You’re not alone – UN climate chief comforts Australia

7 Aug 09  Most New Zealanders want 20-plus emissions reduction target

7 Aug 09  High price for 100 per cent renewable energy, says Smith

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Nick Smith doesn’t get it

31 Jul 09  France faces internal fight over carbon tax

31 Jul 09  How US can halve emissions from transport

31 Jul 09  India says no to legally binding emissions

31 Jul 09  Costs of emissions cuts most likely overstated - report

31 Jul 09  Guarantee for good biofuel moves closer

31 Jul 09  2020 emission reduction target large cost, says coalition

24 Jul 09  Coal pushes NZ's emissions up

24 Jul 09  Opposition split over Australia's climate plan

24 Jul 09  Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre 26 - 28 October 2009

17 Jul 09  Japan opposition eyes bolder emissions cuts

14 Jul 09  Maori Party might support Nats' ETS changes

10 Jul 09  Senate delays action on climate bill

10 Jul 09  New angle on emissions: Make rich people pay

7 Jul 09  ETS review body sets meeting date

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Government won't talk about stationary energy

3 Jul 09  Rules change, but forest owners still obligated

3 Jul 09  ETS committee sifts through last reports

23 Jun 09  In the House ...

1 Aug 08  Words in the House over ETS support talks


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