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Liquid hydrogen could fuel future air travel

1 Mar 17 - Liquid hydrogen might be the solution to the thorny problem of sustainable air travel.

Europe takes tough line on shipping emissions

27 Feb 17 - The European Parliament has lost patience with shipping industry inaction over climate change and has outlined plans to include vessels in its Emissions Trading System.

Govt could end up in court over energy plan, warns campaigner

21 Feb 17 - The Government risks court action over its latest energy efficiency strategy, says energy campaigner Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

21 Feb 17 - Concern about the environmental impact of industrialised farming through the use of pesticides and the destruction of the rainforest has even spread to Brazil’s famous Rio carnival.

Norway saves skiing with climate-friendly snow

14 Feb 17 - Ski resorts all over the world are increasingly turning to expensive snow-making machines as the climate warms. This method uses so much fuel that it contributes to global warming.

EDITORIAL: Numbers show the game is up

13 Feb 17 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT | Try these numbers: Humans are causing the climate to change at 170 times the natural rate. Our “carbon budget” to keep warming below 1.5deg will be used up in five years....

Should we build on green spaces to ease housing crises?

10 Feb 17 - In Auckland, plans to build houses on the Pt England Reserve - home of endangered New Zealand dotterels - is highlighting the tension between housing people and nature. But it's not the only city...

EDS slams meaningless energy efficiency plans

27 Jan 17 - The Government is being told its latest plan to improve energy efficiency in New Zealand is misleading and brings its efforts on climate change into disrepute.

How tiny microbes are revolutionising big agriculture

27 Jan 17 - Walk into your typical US or UK grocery store and feast your eyes on an amazing bounty of fresh and processed foods. In most industrialised countries, it’s hard to imagine that food production is one...

Emissions rules unfair, say coastal ship operators

26 Jan 17 - New Zealand shipping companies say it is unfair they are paying for their greenhouse gas emissions but international companies competing with them on coastal routes are not.

EV charging stations to get standard set-up

26 Jan 17 - The Government is standardising public electric-vehicle charging stations.

Deadline looms for say on energy strategy

25 Jan 17 - Anyone with a view on how New Zealand should manage energy production and use has just under two weeks left to have a say.

Exxon predicts 25% rise in energy demand

25 Jan 17 - The world’s biggest oil conglomerate says it expects global energy demand to increase by a quarter in the next 23 years.

New ways are Labour's way, says Little

19 Dec 16 - Labour Party leader Andrew Little says he’s backing the low-carbon economy as the future for New Zealand.

Bennett stands alone in climate change portfolio

19 Dec 16 - The climate portfolio is now held by the deputy prime minister – the highest ranking it has ever had in New Zealand.

China’s electric vehicles set for bumpy ride

19 Dec 16 - The statistics are impressive: sales of electric vehicles in China are likely to reach 400,000 this year, a more than 150 per cent increase on the figure for 2015.

Hybrid cars join emissions reporting regime

16 Dec 16 - Hybrid cars have been brought into the voluntary greenhouse gas report regime for the first time.

New emissions reduction plan business as usual

15 Dec 16 - The Government’s plan to cut the emissions intensity from industrial heat generation by 1 per cent a year is just business as usual, and will do little to achieve New Zealand’s Paris Agreement...

Govt targets industrial sector in new energy strategy

13 Dec 16 - The Government has unveiled plans to cut the emissions intensity of the country’s industrial sector by 1 per cent a year.

Takanini joins e-charger network

9 Dec 16 - Auckland’s southern-most public electric vehicle charger has opened in Takanini.

8 Dec 16  GLASS GIANTS: How cities are forcing skyscrapers to evolve

5 Dec 16  How NZ could become biofutures powerhouse

2 Dec 16  Toyota likes sales of luxury hybrid SUVs

1 Dec 16  Engineers turn old tyres into quality oil and fuel

30 Nov 16  Households cut emissions by 11%, says report

25 Nov 16  Why faster roads don't sit with our plans for electric cars

18 Nov 16  It's going well, says PM, as we pick up another fossil award

17 Nov 16  World needs major emissions cuts by 2020, says report

16 Nov 16  MARRAKECH MESSAGE: We've got enough clean credits

10 Nov 16  Deforestation forces up Brazil’s carbon emissions

3 Nov 16  Government getting serious about forestry

3 Nov 16  New energy strategy on way, says minister

1 Nov 16  Are priority measures for e-cars really a good idea?

28 Oct 16  New EECA chief has busy background

25 Oct 16  Energy efficiency makes impact on carbon emissions

25 Oct 16  The world meets in Quito to discuss the future of cities

19 Oct 16  National electric vehicle fleet grows to 2000

17 Oct 16  Big business gives big yes to vehicle fleets going electric

13 Oct 16  Investors tell car industry to get a move on

11 Oct 16  Climate leaders eye challenges and a 'big idea'

10 Oct 16  Govt knew use of hot-air credits would draw fire

10 Oct 16  We're not doing enough, warn global energy leaders

7 Oct 16  Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16  10 things you should know about climate change

4 Oct 16  Freight operators can make huge savings, says expert

3 Oct 16  Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16  We've pumped out an extra 500,000 tonnes of gases

29 Sep 16  Rising emissions mean NZ will miss Paris targets

29 Sep 16  How cities are eliminating car parks

27 Sep 16  Are we finally about to get an aviation emissions deal?

27 Sep 16  SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

26 Sep 16  Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

23 Sep 16  NZ will join aviation emissions agreement

22 Sep 16  NZ mulls over stand on aviation emissions

22 Sep 16  Emissions targets need all-electric cars

21 Sep 16  Study sees carbon price reaching $60 by 2030

21 Sep 16  Native American pipeline resistance is about climate justice

20 Sep 16  Minister admits Government can't afford e-cars

19 Sep 16  DUNNE DEAL | United Future offers cash for e-cars

19 Sep 16  New stations blossom in e-drive week

16 Sep 16  RAIL v ROAD: Trains still come out in front

15 Sep 16  Minister way off mark on EVs, says transport expert

15 Sep 16  Gas pipelines run over EU energy policy

12 Sep 16  RUC exemption could save thousands for truckers

9 Sep 16  New EV exemption won't work, says Treasury

6 Sep 16  Paris pact signing could be only weeks away

5 Sep 16  Cook Islands quietly does the climate business

2 Sep 16  Businesses line up for sustainability award

26 Aug 16  Paris Agreement could lock in warming for centuries

25 Aug 16  DE-GROWTH D-DAY: Why we must shrink the economy

25 Aug 16  RANGE ANXIETY: Today’s e-cars right on the button

23 Aug 16  NZ lets economics rule environment policies

22 Aug 16  Why we should aim for a million electric vehicles

15 Aug 16  E-CASH: Anybody got a good EV idea?

10 Aug 16  Anxious farmers keen to keep carbon subsidies

10 Aug 16  Renewable electricity hits 90% mark

10 Aug 16  RIGS TO REEFS: Should we leave oil platforms alone?

8 Aug 16  It just got easier to find a charging station

3 Aug 16  We look to be light on climate change officials

2 Aug 16  Vector adds more Auckland e-car chargers

1 Aug 16  Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

29 Jul 16  Don't expect a solar 747 anytime soon

27 Jul 16  NZ airs views at aviation emissions talks

25 Jul 16  MINE GAMES: Plunder of Earth’s natural resources is rising

22 Jul 16  Our forests key to the future, say scientists

20 Jul 16  How farmers, big emitters blow our carbon budget

19 Jul 16  Carbon policy proposals fail to impress Beehive

18 Jul 16  Why we need a carbon tax ... as well as an ETS

13 Jul 16  Toyota to import used hybrids to fill market gap

13 Jul 16  LEDs lighting the way on our streets

13 Jul 16  GRIM GOLD: Precious metals leave hidden climate footprint

11 Jul 16  BONUS BILLION: Our untouched energy potential

8 Jul 16  Road emissions rising ... at just the wrong time

8 Jul 16  Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

6 Jul 16  Greens slam Government for climate failures

5 Jul 16  Global bond market mobilises for climate change

1 Jul 16  Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

30 Jun 16  Bill and I haven't talked sea level, admits Bennett

30 Jun 16  Why electric cars need to boost market share

28 Jun 16  Wind and solar have won – it’s too late for the rest

22 Jun 16  PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

22 Jun 16  COAL PART 4: Carbon capture unlikely to be the saviour

22 Jun 16  GREEN DREAM: Petrol to drive car market in 2030

20 Jun 16  Energy minister is electrifying

17 Jun 16  Islands could become first 100% renewable nations

14 Jun 16  Why we're getting it wrong on growth of cities

14 Jun 16  COAL PART 3: How miners secured workers' rights

13 Jun 16  It's a sign of the times

10 Jun 16  Victoria sets date to be carbon neutral

10 Jun 16  COAL PART 1: King of the Industrial Revolution, but not always on the right path

9 Jun 16  SEA-RISE RISK: We're facing damage worth billions

8 Jun 16  CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

7 Jun 16  EV report cynical and diversionary, says Solarcity

3 Jun 16  New report backs e-cars over solar panels

3 Jun 16  Bye-bye bike, Postman Pat will soon drive a Paxster

30 May 16  Consultants reply to Solarcity crticism of report

27 May 16  What they said ...

26 May 16  NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

25 May 16  Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

24 May 16  Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

23 May 16  CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

19 May 16  Energy awards show what the country can do

19 May 16  BLOWIN' IN THE WIND: China's desertification dust is even reaching our shores

16 May 16  Troubled Brazil prepares to roll back green laws

10 May 16  Change to clean energy means massive social change

6 May 16  Long road ahead for EVs, says energy expert

6 May 16  We've made owning e-cars easier, claims minister

6 May 16  E-CARS: Tracey's got one, so has Jenny; Julie Anne doesn't bother with a car at all

5 May 16  CREDITS CRUNCH: We'll need millions of international units

5 May 16  There's more than one way to fund urban infrastructure

4 May 16  At last, Government to reveal plan for electric cars

4 May 16  ... and this is what the country expects to see

3 May 16  Busy Bennett draws up climate to-do list

3 May 16  Phasing out fossil fuels more than just a straight swap

29 Apr 16  Fewer car parks, greener cities, says commissioner

29 Apr 16  MEMO MINISTER: How to do it the Morgan Way

28 Apr 16  We need an emissions cap, says business council

28 Apr 16  How ancient warm periods can help to predict climate change

26 Apr 16  What we must change to get emissions under control

26 Apr 16  PARIS PACT: New Zealand's world, according to Bennett

26 Apr 16  Volvo sets target of a million e-cars sold by 2025

21 Apr 16  NZ Bus going electric will save the capital's trolleys

20 Apr 16  YES WE CAN! Business leaders to make blueprint for our low-carbon future

19 Apr 16  Here's a six-point plan for getting Australia on track

14 Apr 16  Big powers in push for small nuclear reactors

13 Apr 16  Nine ways steel could build a greener economy

12 Apr 16  If our ecosystems are threatened, let’s move them

7 Apr 16  Green business awards finalists pack energy punch

6 Apr 16  The case for a carbon tax on airline flight tickets

4 Apr 16  SEA-LEVEL WARNING: The Government won't listen

4 Apr 16  Mighty River snaps up latest from Tesla

4 Apr 16  Auckland campus looks at sustainability

30 Mar 16  It wouldn't take much for e-cars to ease our emissions

29 Mar 16  Capital plugs in to fast-charge e-car stations

23 Mar 16  Black-out Bridges keeps us in the dark on e-cars

22 Mar 16  Electric cars the answer for NZ, says report

17 Mar 16  Carbon creeps up as minister talks ETS changes

16 Mar 16  Clean energy is a win-win for the US

15 Mar 16  Air NZ's looking at biofuels again ... but will they work?

10 Mar 16  Customers want clean transport, says KiwiRail

10 Mar 16  Electric car sales worldwide are powering ahead

9 Mar 16  Greens lament lost e-car opportunities

8 Mar 16  Aviation losing emissions battle, say academics

3 Mar 16  Government on verge of e-car action

3 Mar 16  It's time to look at energy goals, says minister

29 Feb 16  Will self-driving cars make the world a better place?

26 Feb 16  2040 will see electric-car sales in the millions, says report

26 Feb 16  Urban sprawl is threatening Sydney’s foodbowl

23 Feb 16  We're streets ahead on renewables, says Mighty River

23 Feb 16  British power stations burning biomass from America

15 Feb 16  New aviation rules will just delay the heavy lifting

9 Feb 16  Useful waste offers win-win energy benefits

2 Feb 16  Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

2 Feb 16  High-tech power lines seen as solar solution

25 Jan 16  We need fearless leaders, says Clark

25 Jan 16  What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

25 Jan 16  Out-of-touch traffic modelling drives policy madness

18 Jan 16  Are electric vehicles really the best option?

18 Jan 16  Science opens routes to energy recycling

15 Dec 15  Meet the fossil fuel firms paying for Paris

7 Dec 15  Energy game-changers look to future

30 Nov 15  Oil-hunter Key calls for end to fossil fuel help

30 Nov 15  Breakthrough ushers in era of guilt-free gas

30 Nov 15  Toyota dealers save on energy costs

23 Nov 15  Groser hints at boost for carbon prices

16 Nov 15  Business speaks out: There's no other choice

9 Nov 15  TPPA acknowledges carbon emissions

9 Nov 15  Greens show green light to electric vehicles

9 Nov 15  Entries open for sought-after EECA Awards

9 Nov 15  How ‘dragon water’ could power the planet

9 Nov 15  Industrial waste could offset climate emissions

2 Nov 15  Get smart, get e-cars, Peters urges Government

2 Nov 15  Lexus launches hydrogen 'bomb'

27 Oct 15  Cities are the key, says Auckland mayor

21 Oct 15  Business needs to take a stand

12 Oct 15  Air NZ backs global carbon market call

12 Oct 15  Worried health workers call for climate action

5 Oct 15  Biofuel, e-cars and trees are the way we must go

5 Oct 15  Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

28 Sep 15  Volkswagen budgets billions to stem cheating tide

21 Sep 15  How Groser battled for a 15% emissions cut

21 Sep 15  No action on agriculture could cost us $13b

21 Sep 15  Renewable energy flexes its muscles

21 Sep 15  Making e-cars fun: why new Porsche runs on batteries

14 Sep 15  Efficiency drive can cut a quarter off energy demand

7 Sep 15  Advisers scrap over emissions cuts target

7 Sep 15  Greens bend to seek political climate consensus

7 Sep 15  Pssst! ... Government wants to kickstart e-cars

31 Aug 15  Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

31 Aug 15  The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

31 Aug 15  Support for new energy vital for growth

24 Aug 15  The quest to find sanitation solutions for Africa

17 Aug 15  It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15  Contact to close gas-fired Auckland plant

17 Aug 15  Frustrated Sydney gets climate act together

17 Aug 15  Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling

17 Aug 15  Why promoting green ways in Africa might be bad

10 Aug 15  Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

10 Aug 15  Here’s how we can save the car – and the planet

10 Aug 15  ‘Peak car’ means UK might get much closer to carbon targets than it realised

10 Aug 15  Arctic’s melting ice shrinks Europe-Asia shipping routes

3 Aug 15  Australia's worst emitters look like dodging the bullet

27 Jul 15  Treasury maps out our path to a low-carbon enconomy

20 Jul 15  Climate change brings ill winds for airline industry

20 Jul 15  Heat goes on to find out what’s happening at the poles

13 Jul 15  How the country can save $37 million a year ... use KiwiRail

13 Jul 15  Businesses put brakes on climate action, says study

13 Jul 15  Don't ignore us, bioenergy lobby tells Government

13 Jul 15  Prefab revolution? Factory houses are the secret to green building

13 Jul 15  How long before you ditch your car for a driverless electric taxi?

8 Jul 15  Why our cuts will be an embarrassment in Paris

7 Jul 15  NZ sets post 2030 target

7 Jul 15  We need a plan to get there, says business

6 Jul 15  How transport sharing boosts health, wealth and climate

29 Jun 15  If everyone lived in an ecovillage, the Earth would still be in trouble

29 Jun 15  Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

29 Jun 15  How Rwanda’s clinics have gone off-grid and on to renewable energy

15 Jun 15  Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater

15 Jun 15  Group aims to improve transport systems

8 Jun 15  Leadership is what we need, say scientists

8 Jun 15  Drop free carbon credits, says environment chief

8 Jun 15  Climate targets not a cost, says bioenergy bloc

2 Jun 15  Wait and pay: action on climate change is cheap, delay is costly

25 May 15  OPINION: New Zealand should be using its abundant renewable electricity generation capacity to power its transport fleet, argues BOB BINGHAM:

18 May 15  Storm shows we haven't got the message, say weather experts

18 May 15  Canadian city wants to be the world's greenest

18 May 15  No green shoots for sustainability in this Budget

11 May 15  We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15  We’re not there yet, Garnaut tells Australia

4 May 15  Teslas, in one place at least, aren’t greener than diesels

28 Apr 15  NZ emissions figures worse than average, says report

13 Apr 15  We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

13 Apr 15  Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15  China helping London’s famous black cabs to turn green

7 Apr 15  Hydrogen moves could trigger $44 billion green economy, says Toshiba

7 Apr 15  BP’s extreme climate forecast puts energy giant in a bind

7 Apr 15  Hi-tech farming seen as way to green the food chain

30 Mar 15  Wynyard scheme adopts green rating

23 Mar 15  We're in the right gear to hit the e-car highway

23 Mar 15  On yer bike, says pedal-power Mike

23 Mar 15  Lots of hot air about heat, but why is no one talking about sustainable cooling?

16 Mar 15  Why is pumping CO2 underground stuck in second gear?

9 Mar 15  Four ways to boost Australia’s economy and help the climate

23 Feb 15  New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

16 Feb 15  Rice serves up double measure of biofuel and fodder

16 Feb 15  Good in the Hood makes a $1m return

9 Feb 15  Climate debt grows as Australia messes about

9 Feb 15  Cheap fuel little help with emissions, says expert

9 Feb 15  Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution

9 Feb 15  Yes, we can live well and avoid climate disaster, says report

9 Feb 15  Gas will replace oil in the UK – with or without fracking

2 Feb 15  Yes minister, but ...

2 Feb 15  Will Obama’s methane plan reduce dependence on natural gas?

2 Feb 15  Sustainability experts take to the stage

27 Jan 15  Energy pours into cutting-edge conservation ideas

27 Jan 15  Coal casts cloud over Germany’s energy revolution

27 Jan 15  Kiwi keeps an eye on Qatar project environment

22 Dec 14  Transport and heating force up gas emissions

22 Dec 14  Minister's transport plan just tokenism, says expert

15 Dec 14  Climate expert: It's all smoke and mirrors, Mr Groser

8 Dec 14  We're facing a $3b carbon crisis ... and it could be worse

8 Dec 14  The country needs a carbon budget, says pressure group

8 Dec 14  Paper mill sets new benchmarks for best practice

1 Dec 14  Cities key to economic growth and fighting climate crisis

1 Dec 14  Getting out of fossil fuel investment is the right way to go

1 Dec 14  Beyond the poo bus ... the many uses of human waste

24 Nov 14  New shadow minister eyes climate change priorities

17 Nov 14  Diet's effects on emissions give food for thought

3 Nov 14  Our emissions plan hopeless, says renowned academic

3 Nov 14  At last, there's a glimpse of an ETS in Australia

3 Nov 14  Actually, a high oil price might be a good thing for the world

3 Nov 14  China-US links could spark emissions breakthrough

3 Nov 14  Business leaders praise EU emissions deal

28 Oct 14  Good tyres tread lightly on the Earth

28 Oct 14  Oil boom prompts US to push for crude exports

20 Oct 14  A new agricultural economy is knocking on the door

13 Oct 14  BUSINESS POSER: Are you creating value, or destroying it?

13 Oct 14  Shift to low-carbon economy could free up $1.8 trillion

6 Oct 14  QUIET! Climate-cautious Key sends message to ministers

6 Oct 14  Medicos inject themselves into climate debate

29 Sep 14  How to save the planet ... bike, walk or take a bus

29 Sep 14  Clear skies for aviation industry, says Boeing report

29 Sep 14  Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

22 Sep 14  Scientists plead for cuts to ballooning fossil fuel emissions

22 Sep 14  Big business signs up with sustainability driver

22 Sep 14  Growth and greening now go together, says Stern study

22 Sep 14  How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

16 Sep 14  Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

8 Sep 14  Worried carmakers force Korea ETS changes

8 Sep 14  How we tricked bacteria into making renewable propane

8 Sep 14  Change the way you wee ... and help to save the world

1 Sep 14  Ten more years is too late, says Nobel winner

1 Sep 14  Policy wobbles could slow renewable energy growth

1 Sep 14  Australian transport stuck in the energy queue

1 Sep 14  Water levels rank with soccer scores in drying Brazil

25 Aug 14  Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

18 Aug 14  Cathay Pacific plugs into biofuel producer

18 Aug 14  Scientists see problems with tar sand pipeline

18 Aug 14  Who has the courage to take on transport taboos?

11 Aug 14  Airports super-inefficient, says emissions study

4 Aug 14  Smartphone could be way of beating the traffic jam

18 Jul 14  Europe could pay huge climate price, says report

18 Jul 14  Paris gears up pay-for-pedal plan to boost the bicycle

11 Jul 14  Billions in money pot could unlock clean energy deal

4 Jul 14  Keen, green Penang shows us how it's done

4 Jul 14  Sorry, say most Britons, but electric cars are not for us

27 Jun 14  Progress must be climate-smart, says World Bank

27 Jun 14  Climate crisis puts pressure on King Corn

27 Jun 14  The many reasons why wood is the way to go

27 Jun 14  Capital to switch off trolley buses

20 Jun 14  Nat's transport plan a fantasy, say Greens

20 Jun 14  Finns launch sustainable business tools

13 Jun 14  Innovators plan a big shift for business

13 Jun 14  Why we need clear emissions-reduction reporting

6 Jun 14  EU emissions lowest on record

6 Jun 14  Wellington mayor gets hands-on with China's electric buses

6 Jun 14  EU members abandon new-energy plans

3 Jun 14  Greens: Climate change biggest issue world has faced

30 May 14  Climate change? She'll be right, says Shell

30 May 14  Look, ma, no hands ... Google car could be a threat, says GM

23 May 14  Big 10 food companies pollute as much as some countries

23 May 14  Great potential, but Australia needs to get a move on

23 May 14  Methane hydtrates are a whole new world

9 May 14  Southland gets nod for wood-fuel hub

9 May 14  Why Australia has something to worry about

9 May 14  Our cities enveloped in dirty air, says report

9 May 14  Europe reports fall in CO2 emissions from energy use

9 May 14  Europe adopts private-public partnerships

2 May 14  Plastics industry on right track, says EU

2 May 14  It's time to put non-edible biomass to work

24 Apr 14  Aussie Greens gain, but the rest is much the same

24 Apr 14  Climate policy and the need for clarity and certainty

17 Apr 14  On yer bike ... Copenhagen shows the way for European cities

11 Apr 14  Our emissions up ... thanks to cars and cows

11 Apr 14  Alpha Coal ruling breaks new ground for mining

11 Apr 14  How sail is catching up with the fossil-fuel ships

11 Apr 14  Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

11 Apr 14  Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

4 Apr 14  Z Energy goes it alone with $21 million biodiesel plant to supply local market

28 Mar 14  Brm, brm ...move over, brick, there's a streamliner coming through

28 Mar 14  Hi-tech's a big job and Britain is doing it well

21 Mar 14  Foreign airlines should pay, say Europe lawmakers

21 Mar 14  Why business needs to know climate change laws

21 Mar 14  Our cities need attention, say planners

7 Mar 14  Europe must get serious about cutting back oil

7 Mar 14  EU agrees on draft plan for aviation emissions

28 Feb 14  Credibility key selling point for green economy

21 Feb 14  Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

7 Feb 14  Why the big boys are serious about carbon pricing

7 Feb 14  Hang on, isn't carbon-happy China just making stuff for us?

24 Jan 14  Database updates how we use energy

24 Jan 14  Study shows how to double renewable energy

20 Dec 13  Airways opens green routes

20 Dec 13  Diesel additive has new outlet

13 Dec 13  UK proposes double-counting on biofuels

6 Dec 13  Stationary fuel cell market set to boom

29 Nov 13  Climate change will have economic impact on Pacific, says bank study

29 Nov 13  Motoring club takes prize for energy efficiency

22 Nov 13  EXCLUSIVE: Biofuels pioneer wants to go into production with refinery in NZ

22 Nov 13  Brownlee talking brainy transport systems

15 Nov 13  CCS will be big, say energy leaders

15 Nov 13  2013 shapes up as one of the hottest on record

15 Nov 13  WANTED: Projects that are changing our lives

15 Nov 13  Why it's important that we do our bit

8 Nov 13  Young man in a hurry ... all the way to Warsaw

8 Nov 13  New carbon capture projects get go-ahead

1 Nov 13  Energy leaders to talk carbon capture

1 Nov 13  WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

25 Oct 13  Toyota finds green is good for business

11 Oct 13  Where's the Kiwi vision, asks IPCC author

11 Oct 13  Expert dismisses Wellington rail plan

20 Sep 13  We're giving away a copy of Ecoman, the story of a sustainable business

20 Sep 13  Science sees human waste as weapon in war against climate change

20 Sep 13  Big cities show how to tackle climate change

20 Sep 13  Green builder aims estate at the oldies

13 Sep 13  Big guns at Frankfurt show future of e-motoring

6 Sep 13  Our businesses must lead, says green champion

6 Sep 13  AUT in line for major green award

30 Aug 13  Environment first, vows Labour contender

30 Aug 13  Expert slams our motorway madness

23 Aug 13  Experts slam 5% emissions target

23 Aug 13  Pledge a tree and grow a forest

9 Aug 13  Olympic planners to get power tips from UK

9 Aug 13  Aussie emitters await election outcome

2 Aug 13  NZ eyes move to natural capital cost

2 Aug 13  Biofuel brokers welcome Beehive backing

2 Aug 13  Here’s our electric car … and we’re serious, says BMW

26 Jul 13  Beehive backs Stump to Pump project

26 Jul 13  Renewable energy alone can do it, says report

26 Jul 13  Scientists link ocean warming to aerosols

19 Jul 13  Farmers gear up to dump old TVs

12 Jul 13  Solar plane shows world what's possible, says UN chief

28 Jun 13  EU reaches deal to cut car emissions

21 Jun 13  Toyota heads off the green-car pack

21 Jun 13  Yes, we can make steel without coal

14 Jun 13  China and US leaders sign chemicals pact

7 Jun 13  House hears ETS 'far left' debate

7 Jun 13  Airlines act to prevent emissions talks collapse

7 Jun 13  Little eco powerhouse wins best engine award

24 May 13  Battery pioneer excites hybrid car makers

24 May 13  More motorways absurd idea, say Greens

24 May 13  More motorways great idea, says National

17 May 13  Green energy in the spotlight

10 May 13  Europe embraces green infrastructure

3 May 13  Businesses don’t get it, says green campaigner

26 Apr 13  On yer bike … it could be the best way to go

19 Apr 13  Australia cuts emissions … slightly

19 Apr 13  New law protects EEZ, says minister

22 Mar 13  Kyoto call kills off tar sands project

22 Mar 13  Makers use bag of tricks to make cars look good

15 Mar 13  NZ 'solution' wrong, says researcher

15 Mar 13  Money worries stall Europe's e-car plans

15 Mar 13  Australia cuts new car emissions

8 Mar 13  Caltex launches specialised diesel fuel

1 Mar 13  Airport sets high energy cut goals

1 Mar 13  Europe gives airlines a break

22 Feb 13  Question for PM: UN is serious, are you?

22 Feb 13  Law firm smashes emissions targets

15 Feb 13  Cuts will delay low-carbon Europe

8 Feb 13  Clean energy tops agenda at talkfest

8 Feb 13  Dirty vans might be running out of road

8 Feb 13  Green port sends message to children

1 Feb 13  Why you should give up red meat, not flying

1 Feb 13  Our oil sands are fine, insists Canada

25 Jan 13  Airlines use ETS costs to pocket millions

14 Dec 12  Organisers hail success of green Olympics

7 Dec 12  Agriculture: It's not all bad news

23 Nov 12  Gas emissions levels up by 20%, says UN

23 Nov 12  Europe decides when a bicycle isn’t a bicycle

23 Nov 12  Everyman's guide to Tiger Country

16 Nov 12  Boost regional bio-industry, says report

16 Nov 12  US leads energy race, says report

9 Nov 12  Grants on offer for retailers to cut energy

9 Nov 12  EXPO: How to lower fuel and power prices

2 Nov 12  Food key to Australia’s role in Asia

26 Oct 12  Price flop not a good look, admits Smith

26 Oct 12  Bioenergy process bad, says report

19 Oct 12  Europe’s biofuel makers threaten revolt

5 Oct 12  Rail closure wrong-headed, say Greens

5 Oct 12  Brussels to monitor shipping emissions

28 Sep 12  Emissions cut, but still at high level

21 Sep 12  There's two sides to the green car story, say critics

14 Sep 12  Europe eyes limit on crop biofuels

31 Aug 12  Volt gives jolt to crash protection

24 Aug 12  EXCLUSIVE: Carbon News readers can now get full climate report

24 Aug 12  Billions back fossil fuels, says study

24 Aug 12  Transpower wins energy award

24 Aug 12  Biofuel under fire as food crisis looms

17 Aug 12  Study warns South Pacific of storm shocks

17 Aug 12  Missed opportunity to invest in NZ

10 Aug 12  Shipping lines join clean port plan

10 Aug 12  Right food vital, say UN experts

3 Aug 12  London wins praise for green Olympics

3 Aug 12  Study finds carbon pathways to the deep

20 Jul 12  Our world in peril

20 Jul 12  Send it by bike ... freight idea gets wheels

6 Jul 12  ETS inaction puts focus on transport

29 Jun 12  Rio pledges pass $500 billion mark

29 Jun 12  Right, says Ban, now get on with it

29 Jun 12  Rio shows how to have a conference with little paper

29 Jun 12  Australia takes aim at shipping

22 Jun 12  Banks vow to invest $175b in transport

15 Jun 12  Joyce slams businessmen's report

15 Jun 12  Rio countries now in final talks

1 Jun 12  Global emissions reach record high

1 Jun 12  Stand by for the golden age of gas

25 May 12  Air NZ flies high as cutter of emissions

18 May 12  Switched-on insurer turns over new Leaf

20 Apr 12  It's a game-changer, says Aquaflow

13 Apr 12  Greens predict urban sprawl, congestion

30 Mar 12  Businesses learn how to be eco smart

23 Mar 12  Australia stands alone in low-carbon slide

16 Mar 12  Wood the answer, says biofuel expert

9 Mar 12  Govt will slow ETS

9 Mar 12  EU charge could cost Airbus $3.8m

9 Mar 12  Shipping shapes as next target of EU

2 Mar 12  NZ stays out of Europe airlines row

2 Mar 12  Kiwi carpoolers ride all the way to Britain

24 Feb 12  Europe's airline rules stir controversy

17 Feb 12  Electric cars ... what do you think?

3 Feb 12  Officials back slow-down of ETS

27 Jan 12  Minister puts plans for environment

27 Jan 12  Experts eye green economy in a blue world

20 Jan 12  Startling report warns of lives cut short

9 Dec 11  Business must take over, says green leader

18 Nov 11  Scrap lignite plan, says energy expert

18 Nov 11  Business getting serious about green investment

18 Nov 11  New rules cut ship emissions, says report

11 Nov 11  Unhappy exporters voice ETS fears

11 Nov 11  LanzaTech lands a first with India

11 Nov 11  Where Labour and Greens stand on carbon trading

4 Nov 11  We can capture carbon, says report

28 Oct 11  Study urges care with harvesting for biofuel

28 Oct 11  Greens say Govt has Auckland train money

21 Oct 11  Why we need to ban industrial CERs soon

30 Sep 11  Global CO2 emissions show steep rise

30 Sep 11  Nelson projects aim to cut emissions

16 Sep 11  That's it ... till after the election

16 Sep 11  ETS review: Act stands for abolition

16 Sep 11  Climate drives transport changes

9 Sep 11  Fossil fuel investment will damage NZ's reputation

9 Sep 11  Colin Powell's got Karma … so has Leonardo

9 Sep 11  Car pollution: the answer lies in a good paint job

9 Sep 11  Rugby World Cup more than a load of rubbish

2 Sep 11  Doctor fears climate treaty challenge

2 Sep 11  NZ Wood adopts new CEO

19 Aug 11  Greens slam stand on Auckland transport

12 Aug 11  E-cars equal petrol at 26c a litre, says EECA

5 Aug 11  Make your second car electric

29 Jul 11  One-for-two deal must stay, says coalition

29 Jul 11  Transport plans short-sighted, say Greens

22 Jul 11  Travel costs show need for planning, say Greens

15 Jul 11  Are we keeping up, asks energy expert

1 Jul 11  2013 still deadline, Goff tells farmers

1 Jul 11  Hydrogen car technology hits the fast lane

10 Jun 11  Climate fighter has a big job for NZ

10 Jun 11  If only they’d bought more green cars …

10 Jun 11  Food waste firm wins green award

3 Jun 11  Cargo carbon calculations just a click away

3 Jun 11  French get ready to market green coal

3 Jun 11  Hopes dim for safe emissions levels

20 May 11  Biodiesel maker to set up Nelson plant

13 May 11  They are the Champions … of the Earth

29 Apr 11  How high-tech can steer cars in right direction

29 Apr 11  Clark urges businesses to go low carbon

29 Apr 11  Study shows most say no to motorways

21 Apr 11  NZ drags chain in drive for green growth

21 Apr 11  Country expects to hit Kyoto targets

21 Apr 11  Carbon pollution climbs in Australia

21 Apr 11  Climate-fight billions can be raised, says EU

21 Apr 11  Most Kiwis want renewables over fossil fuels

15 Apr 11  Islands join NZ in collecting e-waste

8 Apr 11  We lack long-term thinking, say researchers

8 Apr 11  ARW wraps up biodiesel deal

1 Apr 11  What the IEA thinks of our ETS

1 Apr 11  Greens: Emissions target is green-washing

25 Mar 11  Quake cripples Nissan’s e-car production line

25 Mar 11  Greens push for a green Christchurch

18 Mar 11  Biodiesel co-op wants to expand

18 Mar 11  Love NZ and watch where you dump rubbish

18 Mar 11  How Australia helps China to repair the damage

4 Mar 11  Emissions target unrealistic, says lobbyist

4 Mar 11  UK expert to talk with ETS review group

25 Feb 11  Garnaut about to tell it like it is

18 Feb 11  Motorway money poor choice, say Greens

11 Feb 11  Clean-tech costs falling fast, says Garnaut

4 Feb 11  Smith calls for carbon reduction submissions

4 Feb 11  Australian fuels firm adds to biodiesel plants

4 Feb 11  These days, it's all about shale oil

28 Jan 11  Australia eyes 50% tax cut on new fuels

21 Jan 11  Rotorua gets first taste of biodiesel

17 Dec 10  Emissions testing the key, say motor traders

10 Dec 10  Solid Energy happy to sit on lignite facts

10 Dec 10  Let’s hear the truth about electric vehicles

10 Dec 10  Ship operators eye return to the days of sail

26 Nov 10  Downer tip: How to cut your fuel bill by $3m

26 Nov 10  EECA 1 - bioenergy all the rage

26 Nov 10  EECA 2 - top honours to Te Kuiti

26 Nov 10  Europe going too slowly, says climate report

19 Nov 10  India aims to slash transport emissions

5 Nov 10  Toyota leads the carbon cutters in Europe

15 Oct 10  How the military's green energy transition can make you rich

15 Oct 10  Europe claims victory for aviation role in ETS

8 Oct 10  Canada's $1b bonus sparks NZ forest interest

1 Oct 10  Wellington puts electric cars to the test

1 Oct 10  ETS in full swing as last bits tidied

24 Sep 10  Mayoral hopefuls quiet on eco-city proposals

24 Sep 10  Toyota to build eco engines in Australia

17 Sep 10  UN urges airlines to slash carbon emissions

10 Sep 10  Bioenergy material going to waste, says report

10 Sep 10  Put your money on e-cars, says bank report

27 Aug 10  $6 billion of new investment likely to go to EPA

20 Aug 10  Race is on for biggest offshore wind turbines

20 Aug 10  Boris gets 11,000 Londoners on their bikes

13 Aug 10  What Nick Smith said to transtasman business leaders

13 Aug 10  Australian car emissions rules well off pace

30 Jul 10  We want emissions trading, say Aussies

23 Jul 10  Sydney gets serious about bikes ... and e-cars

23 Jul 10  National’s biofuels policy a shambles, says Labour

23 Jul 10  Greens applaud AA advice on tyre pressure

16 Jul 10  Rain and recession cut our pollution figures

16 Jul 10  UK firm plants 50,000ha in jatropha

16 Jul 10  Labour: National needs a plan, not just a recession and rain, to beat emissions

16 Jul 10  Greens: Govt relies on rain and recession to reduce emissions

9 Jul 10  EPA proposal cuts power plant pollution

9 Jul 10  BMW has high hopes for Megacity carbon car

2 Jul 10  Businesses could carve $2b off energy bills

2 Jul 10  UK must take radical action, warns watchdog

2 Jul 10  We're doing our fair share, says Smith

2 Jul 10  F1 racers give green light to carbon reduction scheme

2 Jul 10  Gull: We'll hold off ... at least for a week

2 Jul 10  Govt fails to provide climate-friendly choices, say Greens

25 Jun 10  Taxpayers face $1.1 billion Kyoto liability, say authors

25 Jun 10  Analysis shows National's ETS the 'worst of all worlds'

4 Jun 10  US airlines challenge EU emissions rules

4 Jun 10  We must move from meat diet, says UN

4 Jun 10  Scientists find islands growing, not shrinking

4 Jun 10  NZ owners sitting pretty, says forest chief

21 May 10  London gets first look at new green bus

14 May 10  Should we have tax cuts or extend emissions subsidies beyond 95%?

14 May 10  How Tokyo became first cap-and-trade city

23 Apr 10  We've got stamp costs licked, says NZ Post

23 Apr 10  Good news: Iceland volcano cuts emissions

16 Apr 10  Drought and slump trim our gas emissions

9 Apr 10  Solid Energy lawyers check out free credits

9 Apr 10  Washington simmers over proposed US fuel tax

1 Apr 10  Kiwis sticking to green values, despite recession

1 Apr 10  Greens put emphasis on transport

26 Mar 10  KiwiRail on track to operating green

26 Mar 10  The best way to profit from the electric car movement

26 Mar 10  UK to set up green investment bank

26 Mar 10  Don't blame cows for climate change, says scientist

19 Mar 10  NZ pioneer sells first overseas clean-tech rights

19 Mar 10  In 10 years, we'll be flying on flax and food scraps

19 Mar 10  World watches for a green world cup in South Afica

19 Feb 10  New civic building the 'greenest' in NZ

19 Feb 10  Tyres meet tough chemical safety rules

12 Feb 10  How green policies could move UK out of the red

5 Feb 10  Firms to pioneer employee cap and trade scheme

5 Feb 10  Copenhagen - a letter from Gordon Brown

29 Jan 10  New work under way on Phase II of RMA reforms

4 Dec 09  Denmark lures e-car owners with $40,000 tax break

23 Nov 09  ETS changes mean tomorrow's NZers will pay 84 per cent of Kyoto costs, says council

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

13 Nov 09  Turnbull feels heat over sceptics remark

13 Nov 09  What happens when the Age of Oil comes to an end

30 Oct 09  All aboard the climate train to Copenhagen ...

30 Oct 09  Australia gives e-cars a three-month workout

23 Oct 09  Australia readies for key climate debate next week

23 Oct 09  Tourism could be climate victim, UN warns

16 Oct 09  Oceans vital in climate change fight, says report

16 Oct 09  Airlines confident of reaching emission goals

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

2 Oct 09  BMW to Government: get your vehicle policies right

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

23 Sep 09  Labour grizzles as ETS changes go through House

23 Sep 09  Back our bill, pleads 'proud' climate minister

23 Sep 09  Airlines plan to halve emissions by 2050

23 Sep 09  Shipowners back expensive global trading net

18 Sep 09  Biofuels move welcomed

14 Sep 09  Smith: ETS revisions "balance" environment, economy

11 Sep 09  Sarkozy sets carbon tax to 'save human race'

4 Sep 09  Prepare to pay extra $120 in airfare pollution charges to Europe

4 Sep 09  French carbon tax debate turns toxic for Sarkozy

28 Aug 09  World airlines stung by European CO2 limits

28 Aug 09  Climate experts to brief young ambassadors

28 Aug 09  Loads-of-roads programme dinosaur thinking, say Greens

21 Aug 09  BMW ready to market hybrid with heft

14 Aug 09  How green Denmark got ahead of the pack

14 Aug 09  Greens: NZ to spend on emissions target when it could save

10 Aug 09  BUSINESS LEADERS: Target will have to rise later

7 Aug 09  Companies must take care with carbon-neutral claims

7 Aug 09  Law makes electric cars exempt from RUCs

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Nick Smith doesn’t get it

31 Jul 09  How US can halve emissions from transport

31 Jul 09  Timber tops for environmentally friendly buildings - report

31 Jul 09  'Wood miles' stack up in New Zealand's favour

31 Jul 09  ETS in place by December, says Smith

31 Jul 09  Minister’s political games on climate are off target, say Greens

31 Jul 09  Sustainability report a useful step towards accurate reporting

24 Jul 09  Coal pushes NZ's emissions up

24 Jul 09  Forum: Excluding agriculture from ETS neither principled nor smart

24 Jul 09  Better timing would help, says airport company

24 Jul 09  Government misreading public mood for free ride for agriculture?

24 Jul 09  Companies link to hasten biofuel production

24 Jul 09  Wal-Mart to demand eco-labels on all products

24 Jul 09  Maritime chiefs act to cut emissions from ships

24 Jul 09  Shift heavy freight by rail, not juggernaut trucks

24 Jul 09  New emissions tool for exporters

17 Jul 09  Low carbon: How Britain plans to do it

17 Jul 09  High-speed rail part of UK carbon strategy

17 Jul 09  Exxon to invest millions in fuel from algae

17 Jul 09  Gull supports Greenpeace emissions reduction stand

14 Jul 09  Small miner puts case for use of coal

7 Jul 09  Un-baa-lievable ... Scottish sheep are shrinking

3 Jul 09  Split targets on agenda of Nats-Labour ETS talks

3 Jul 09  Sweden: Learn from our climate change miracle

3 Jul 09  ExxonMobil still funds climate change sceptics

3 Jul 09  EPA allows California to regulate car gases

3 Jul 09  Same trucks, less carbon, says Gull

30 Jun 09  Greens push split-emissions cuts targets

30 Jun 09  'Green capital' to show off zero-emissions vehicle

30 Jun 09  Ford gets $6 billion loan for green vehicles

30 Jun 09  California cracks down on windscreens

26 Jun 09  Europe keen to show us how to insulate

26 Jun 09  New York sees world’s smallest car

23 Jun 09  Brazil seeks millions in cattle compensation

23 Jun 09  Report: How climate change will affect business

23 Jun 09  Green hotel top choice for eco-conscious corporates

19 Jun 09  Last of the coal to be mined at Kimihia project

19 Jun 09  Electric vehicles to be RUC exempt

12 Jun 09  New bill will ignite local biofuel debate

12 Jun 09  Airline industry looks to global carbon solution

9 Jun 09  Capital clearing way for e-car stations

9 Jun 09  Japanese green-car makers slip back into top gear

9 Jun 09  Greens say transport plan is a win-win-win

5 Jun 09  Diesel-pusher VW signs with China hybrid builder

5 Jun 09  Cleanest 'Gypsy Day' ever, say farmers

2 Jun 09  Dumped computers major headache, says lobby group

2 Jun 09  Forestry owners plead for level playing field

2 Jun 09  Report accuses supermarkets over forest destruction

29 May 09  Motor vehicle batteries spark new gold rush

29 May 09  EU stands alone as world ponders carbon schemes

26 May 09  Business group's climate change voice remains hushed

26 May 09  Our ETS already up and running, says law firm

26 May 09  Obama’s new green guru under fire for climate U-turn

26 May 09  Get from A2B on the world’s fastest e-bike

26 May 09  New web firm aims to fill up the trucks

22 May 09  Government cans electric car think-tank

22 May 09  Capital carpool operation hits the road

22 May 09  Government forces Kiwis into cars, say Greens

19 May 09  Kiwi boffin has her eyes on the stars

19 May 09  Anxious car makers speed toward global pacts

19 May 09  Crude oil lowers producers' input prices

15 May 09  GREENS 1: New Deal creates 42,000 jobs

15 May 09  GREENS 2: 6000 state houses, planting waterways

15 May 09  GREENS 3: Business leaders welcome package

15 May 09  Car makers could get billions from carbon pact

12 May 09  Auckland-Wellington for $4.40 in the Green Machine

12 May 09  Ethanol test for Obama backing science over politics

12 May 09  Ford to transform SUV plant for electric Focus

12 May 09  Seresin Estate leads the way in organics and biodynamics

8 May 09  No takers for first NZUs offered on Trade Me

8 May 09  Islands must pay back climate aid loans

8 May 09  China looks ready for post-Kyoto climate deal

8 May 09  Carbon rules make it hard, says airline industry

8 May 09  Road user charges plan penalises diesel cars

28 Apr 09  Britain advances carbon-capture plans

24 Apr 09  Key's 'road' for economic recovery should look more like a light-rail line, say Greens

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

21 Apr 09  Climate deal fraught with problems, says EU envoy

21 Apr 09  Wellington shelves 'green capital' plans

21 Apr 09  UK wants to pay Brits to buy electric cars

21 Apr 09  UN calls on governments to invest in Green Deal

21 Apr 09  Keeping slim good for the planet, say scientists

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

17 Apr 09  China gears up for green cars push

17 Apr 09  NZ joins international climate change initiative

17 Apr 09  How New Zealand can learn from “Towards a Global Green recovery”

14 Apr 09  French power plant first to run carbon capture

14 Apr 09  Honda wins green car of the year award

14 Apr 09  Timber mill train decision clears roads

3 Apr 09  Blame transport, not animals, says energy expert

3 Apr 09  Airlines fear failure of global climate talks

31 Mar 09  ARC sees back-to-the-future transport solution

27 Mar 09  Experts seek ways to make tourism eco-friendly

24 Mar 09  Biofuels and e-car experts in capital talks

24 Mar 09  Coal turned to gold for British millionaire

24 Mar 09  Honda tackles Prius in US after wowing Japan

20 Mar 09  Infratil happily waits for Tasman emissions schemes

20 Mar 09  World Bank appeals for water investment

20 Mar 09  World leaders to be given green new deal facts

17 Mar 09  Capital acts to reduce carbon footprint

17 Mar 09  Opposition ups ETS pressure on Rudd government

13 Mar 09  Angry EU farmers oppose livestock-gas tax

13 Mar 09  Three make final of world green car award

10 Mar 09  Biofuels bad news for third world, ecologists warn

6 Mar 09  Airlines could have planes seized under emissions rules

6 Mar 09  UN drives roadmap for halving car emissions

3 Mar 09  CTU pushes for environment and social projects

3 Mar 09  Think concrete, lobby tells government roadmakers

27 Feb 09  Rocket carrying space carbon-spy crashes into sea

24 Feb 09  Electric car on trial, but price still a mystery

24 Feb 09  Stern warns of ‘extended world war' over climate

24 Feb 09  Britons beat the petrol price thanks to fish and chips

24 Feb 09  China about to roll out new electric buses

20 Feb 09  Beijing Olympics raises bar on green sporting events

13 Feb 09  Airlines: Who must pay carbon price to fly into Europe

13 Feb 09  Ford first to offer battery-powered commercial van

13 Feb 09  Coast Guard prepares as Arctic shipping lanes melt

13 Feb 09  Tasman Eco Village attracts international attention

10 Feb 09  First bio-oil plant offers boost for foresters

10 Feb 09  Mitsubishi and Meridian launch electric car trial

3 Feb 09  Banks key players in low-carbon future, says Stern

3 Feb 09  There’s still some hope for the American car

3 Feb 09  Time to charge full-steam-ahead with electrification

27 Jan 09  Capital moves car-pool targets closer to city

27 Jan 09  US domestic airline offers offset as you go

27 Jan 09  Greens issue 'new deal' challenge

23 Jan 09  UN hails green stimulus plans by Japan and Korea

23 Jan 09  Commerce Commission warns over hybrid comparative advertising

20 Jan 09  Major US companies put plan to cut carbon emissions

20 Jan 09  US power company plans $2b coal-fired plant

20 Jan 09  It could be a good move to hang on to that old Corolla

19 Dec 08  Shipowners seek rewards for cutting emissions

16 Dec 08  Chinese hybrid car is charging into weak market

12 Dec 08  Brownlee decision disappoints biofuel makers

12 Dec 08  Ministry wants to know plans for electric cars

9 Dec 08  Oil price fall poses problem for exploration

5 Dec 08  Westport coal export scheme could save port

2 Dec 08  District council factors in 10% cost of ETS

2 Dec 08  Entries open for energy awards

28 Nov 08  Trolley lines could power cars, says Wellington mayor

28 Nov 08  UK moves send a strong signal to NZ exporters to cut carbon

21 Nov 08  DECEMBER 8-9: Bioenergy Australia conference

21 Nov 08  FORUM: Run cars on green electricity

14 Nov 08  Govt must unravel carbon standards rules, says consultant

14 Nov 08  Australian car makers to get $6 billion green boost

14 Nov 08  New coastal ship to slash carbon emissions

14 Nov 08  Ministerial-model BMW to foot it with hybrids

11 Nov 08  Time for another look at carbon tax, say farmers

11 Nov 08  People-pods developer woos NZ investors

11 Nov 08  Hitch-a-ride pioneer adopts TradeMe approach

7 Nov 08  Fisheries TAG in the wings as others wind down

4 Nov 08  Taranaki engineer in move to produce low-cost fuel

4 Nov 08  No cap and no fixed price on carbon, investors say

4 Nov 08  TrustPower opens Australian wind farm

31 Oct 08  Aquaflow signs 'significant' US clean-tech deal

31 Oct 08  Exporters fear impact of European emissions decisions

31 Oct 08  Households up for $1 a day under ETS, says Australian Treasury

31 Oct 08  Cement giant attacks EU carbon trading plans

28 Oct 08  $1-a-litre southern diesel might be closer than we think

28 Oct 08  E-car entrepreneur eyes charging stations network for NZ

28 Oct 08  Miliband bows to pressure on UK aviation and shipping emissions

28 Oct 08  Angry airlines condemn EU emissions decision

24 Oct 08  EXCLUSIVE: Government might back first bioethanol plant

17 Oct 08  It’s full speed ahead for America’s new energy economy

14 Oct 08  Buffett millions back first Chinese green car

10 Oct 08  Europe stand likely to boost carbon capture technology

10 Oct 08  UK facing climate decisions crunch time, says report

7 Oct 08  Our shipping treated badly, say West Coast businesses

7 Oct 08  London might get Olympics buses from Ashburton

7 Oct 08  World Bank makes huge jump in funding of renewable energy projects

7 Oct 08  Time for green thinking on the economy, say Greens

3 Oct 08  Car makers unhappy with EU changing emissions targets

30 Sep 08  Kiwi company claims world first for charcoal

30 Sep 08  Bosses know little of carbon risk, survey shows

30 Sep 08  Tourism businesses sign up for energy-efficiency programme

30 Sep 08  Hyundai to sell electric cars in New Zealand

30 Sep 08  Turning milk bottles into useful products

26 Sep 08  Hydrogen economy tumbles down the NZ wish-list

26 Sep 08  America unwise to pin its hopes on the Chevy Volt

26 Sep 08  Local ethanol production could ensure NZ farming sustainability

26 Sep 08  Key must explain Williamson’s rail comments

23 Sep 08  Bank offers customers fixed-price diesel deal

23 Sep 08  Programme helps firms to get to know their carbon footprint

23 Sep 08  Australian carbon credit price doubles as emissions scheme looms

23 Sep 08  EU offers first analysis of carbon leakage risk

19 Sep 08  Want a new Mitsi electric? Don't hold your breath

19 Sep 08  Be careful of giving heavy emitters more, Australia told

16 Sep 08  Kiwi boffin says he can turn tyres into fuel

12 Sep 08  REACTION: Greens: ETS a first step, time for some big strides now

9 Sep 08  Govt all talk and no action, says vehicle emissions group

5 Sep 08  Meet Major Holmes, our forgotten father of oil

5 Sep 08  We’ve slashed carbon dioxide emissions, claim US airlines

5 Sep 08  India must brace for the worst, warns UN agency

5 Sep 08  Honda brings back Insight to fight for hybrid market share

2 Sep 08  Crammed capital to put its faith in new-look car pooling

2 Sep 08  Fishing industry questions new ETS free-units allocation

2 Sep 08  Pike River reports A $1.14 million loss

29 Aug 08  New report lists advantages of scrapping fossil fuel subsidies

29 Aug 08  Biofuels sustainability review puts forests ahead of food crops

26 Aug 08  Green Party statement

26 Aug 08  Heavy emitters stand to lose credits under deal with Greens

26 Aug 08  ANALYSIS: How we can live without cars

26 Aug 08  NEW ROADS: Do we really need them, asks energy activist

26 Aug 08  Kyoto Forest owners say they need ETS passed

22 Aug 08  ETS CRUNCH TIME: Shaky, but Greens pact might swing the deal

22 Aug 08  City-centre green village signs Telecom as anchor tenant

15 Aug 08  Carbon sequestration has its problems, warns report

15 Aug 08  BMW joins hydrogen cars on trail to nudge politicians

15 Aug 08  Escape Rentals offsets emissions

12 Aug 08  Caygill, Cayford new members on EECA

12 Aug 08  Flower growers face threat from EU emissions scheme

12 Aug 08  Nuclear power definitely not an option: Greens

8 Aug 08  Pioneer system changes hydrocarbons to hydrogen under the bonnet

8 Aug 08  New UN report suggests how to boost cities’ resiliency to climate change

5 Aug 08  Unhappy Argent questions future of NZ biodiesel industry

5 Aug 08  Airlines under pressure to reduce freighter flight emissions

5 Aug 08  Patience a virtue when Prius battery supply chains go flat

5 Aug 08  Eco-efficiency cuts waste by 20 per cent, says Fonterra

5 Aug 08  Lonely dinosaur seeks white elephant

1 Aug 08  Biofuels player pulls $100m plug on New Zealand plant

1 Aug 08  Words in the House over ETS support talks

29 Jul 08  BREAKING NEWS: Government calls for tough CDM regime

29 Jul 08  California comes down hard on ships’ diesel exhaust emissions

29 Jul 08  New members for GIAB announced

29 Jul 08  Oil dependency takes its toll, say Greens

25 Jul 08  We'll fight for our forest rights, owners warn ETS policy-makers

25 Jul 08  Our politicians ignoring peak oil impact, says forum

25 Jul 08  Kyoto foresters seek assurances on Labour and National's carbon credit promises

22 Jul 08  Holden's Commodore top polluter - and the costliest

18 Jul 08  Maori Party sticks to polluters-should-pay stance on ETS fuel plans

18 Jul 08  Biofuel subsidies waste of money, says OECD report

16 Jul 08  Australia announces all-gases and almost-all sectors ETS

15 Jul 08  Green economy good for jobs and business, says union expert

15 Jul 08  Waste-to-biofuel developer wins $12m in state funding

11 Jul 08  Petrol shock: $8 a litre within 10 years, says Aussie report

11 Jul 08  Frustrated scientists hammer home the climate change message

11 Jul 08  Green cars - Honda's Civic GX pick of the bunch

8 Jul 08  Garnaut review releases draft report

8 Jul 08  India shapes up as second-biggest emitter, says report

8 Jul 08  Will we see the chequered flag for Ferrari hybrid?

4 Jul 08  Dissenters will support ETS if it's law, minutes show

4 Jul 08  No horse trading on other issues in Govt - NZ First ETS negotiations

4 Jul 08  Landslide buries climate change link

4 Jul 08  Paperless air freighting for New Zealand

1 Jul 08  Australia’s west votes $6m to fight greenhouse gases

27 Jun 08  Heavy emitters fire more salvoes on ETS

27 Jun 08  Toyoto NZ believes it still has the ‘green’ advantage

27 Jun 08  EU to include airlines in emissions-trading scheme

27 Jun 08  Airlines should pay tax on emissions, Branson says

24 Jun 08  NZ biodiesel market big enough for everyone, says Solid Energy

24 Jun 08  Electric cars to play big part in UK renewable energy plans

24 Jun 08  Green labels will show California cars’ environmental impact

24 Jun 08  Sustainable biofuels likely to reduce fuel prices - Minister

20 Jun 08  Solid energy assessing coal-to-transport fuel scheme

20 Jun 08  Auckland can cope with increased public transport use

20 Jun 08  Major new climate change package adopted in Germany

20 Jun 08  EU on target, but long-term emissions hopes look doubtful

20 Jun 08  Pike River coal manages emissions and looks forward to price increases

20 Jun 08  Battery puzzler as plug-in hybrids join the car race

20 Jun 08  Diesel power for Scenic

20 Jun 08  Call to Suspend Motorway Projects

17 Jun 08  Ships' captains to get the order: Slow ahead and save emission

16 Jun 08  National's full minitory report on ETS bill

13 Jun 08  ETS uncertainty deterring large InterCity investment

13 Jun 08  Plea to lighten up on the car industry

13 Jun 08  "Outrage" at AWE burning 17 million cu ft of natural gas daily at Taranaki

12 Jun 08  Heavy emitters' bull turned loose in Maori Party's china shop

11 Jun 08  Vehicle valuer: Medium and large cars become an asset liability

11 Jun 08  First personal carbon trading scheme launches

10 Jun 08  InterCity stalls its "carbon neutral" effort till after the election

10 Jun 08  World's cheapest car ruled out of NZ market

10 Jun 08  IEA shows way to sustained economic growth based on clean energy

9 Jun 08  'Green’ car choices moving fleet market, though some execs still want the V6

9 Jun 08  Air NZ biofuel move will boost domestic demand, says BANZ

9 Jun 08  Maker stands by Ecotube claims

6 Jun 08  Ace Rentals trialing clean-fuel device already subject to ConsumerNZ doubts

6 Jun 08  Greens caution against being diverted by promise of electric vehicles

6 Jun 08  EU Parliament looks at rules for carbon capture and storage

6 Jun 08  Business leaders: ETS fuels delay means incentives needed to buy electric and low-emision cars

5 Jun 08  Funding talks underway to start New Zealand electric car industry

5 Jun 08  Advisory group looking at incentives for electric vehicle buyers

5 Jun 08  Progress on new climate change deal "extremely disconcerting" says UN leader

5 Jun 08  PM: Significant risks to export industries without ETS and sustainability

5 Jun 08  Widely varying figures on new jobs created by renewables

4 Jun 08  Australian Minister talks on ETS and fuel prices

4 Jun 08  ECCA figures on Kiwis and renewables

3 Jun 08  Forum assures committee: parliamentary process is parliamentary process

3 Jun 08  Key reveals thoughts on "bastardised" ETS scheme to student blogger

3 Jun 08  Electric vehicles no panacea, says Meridian

3 Jun 08  Disesel price no impact on truck numbers

3 Jun 08  Aussie truck drivers: include fuel in ETS

3 Jun 08  When it comes to buying climate friendly vehicles 11% will part with the cash

3 Jun 08  US wineries go for 100% solar power, lightweight bottles

3 Jun 08  Americans cut car use by equivalent of 11 billion miles a year

3 Jun 08  US drivers shudder at $4 per gallon

3 Jun 08  Transport sector advised to help shape next world emissions deal

3 Jun 08  FORUM: Dog and Lemon man says electric car owners exposed to power shortage issues

30 May 08  Electric car sceptic invents long-term power shortage

30 May 08  New Zealand food imports still the greenest option for UK

29 May 08  New petrol price impact research under way

28 May 08  New climate change report: Worse-ever droughts main NZ worry

28 May 08  EU Parliament committee votes overnight for tougher aviation ETS regime

28 May 08  Parker's full speech on climate change effects and impacts assessment

28 May 08  Statesmen and stars feature at EU clean energy awards gala

27 May 08  Greens reveal more of their conditions for ETS support

27 May 08  Technical and supply tangles tripping up electric car plans

27 May 08  Public transport won’t cope with major fuel-price driven switch from cars

27 May 08  Low-carbon economy – millions of new jobs?

27 May 08  THL goes for 1500-campervan fleet emission standard six times better than Europe's

26 May 08  Forum heads to the select committee

26 May 08  Assumptions used to delay fossil fuel in ETS may prove unreliable

26 May 08  Greenpeace: Good initiatives at risk under polluter subsidy plans

23 May 08  Australia debates leaving petrol out of ETS

23 May 08  Cullen quizzed on multi-billion ETS surplus from sale of credits

23 May 08  PM visits cutting edge Hyundai research and development centre.

23 May 08  BP: We've slashed emissions 24% below 2003 levels

22 May 08  Business-as-usual Budget for climate change

22 May 08  Luxury travel gathering said to be NZ's biggest carbon neutral event

22 May 08  Investment in coastal shipping welcomed

22 May 08  Rural internet use jumps 97% in April as fuel prices rise

21 May 08  Major move to shift 30% of inter-regional freight to sea

21 May 08  Pacifica: Funding boost will stimulate coastal links

21 May 08  Now its "go vege" and save the planet?

20 May 08  Coastal shipping revamp to play major role in emissions cuts

16 May 08  ETS will trim Kyoto bill $909 million, pushes Key further out on policy tightrope

16 May 08  NZ energy-miser motor could lead the world

16 May 08  Emissions trading scheme must proceed

15 May 08  Airships' potential not just hot air, says entrepreneur

15 May 08  Greens leader slams Rudd’s budget boost for climate change

14 May 08  Angry Greens ask Government: Is it us or them?

14 May 08  Select committee probing fate of refrigeration gases in ETS

14 May 08  Environment minister drives home the message in Canberra

14 May 08  Electric sports car going on to world market

13 May 08  Rio Tinto joins 'capital strike' game, says union leader

13 May 08  Forest owners tell ETS body: Our burden is unfair

13 May 08  Little point in NZ carbon trading currency, says business group

13 May 08  US planes emit less greenhouse gases, despite flying more

12 May 08  Most Kiwis believe big emitters running the climate change show

12 May 08  Can National really make the tough calls on climate change?

12 May 08  Celebrity chef could cook up a storm for our food exporters

12 May 08  China says Beijing Olympics 'basically' carbon neutral

9 May 08  New poll: Kiwis like ETS delays but want heavy emitters to pay now

9 May 08  Transport delay seen as threat to carbon currency

9 May 08  Climate change: Aussies aware but reluctant to act

9 May 08  First zero-carbon city to rise out of the desert

8 May 08  EXCLUSIVE: Top Fletcher officers played key role in ETS policy switch

8 May 08  Capital developer creating ‘first true green building’

8 May 08  Greenpeace: Don't subsidise polluting industries

8 May 08  Government confused over transport – Sustainable Energy Forum

7 May 08  Government ETS moves will batter forestry Kyoto credit values

7 May 08  Pandering, polluting, unprincipled – and popular

6 May 08  Change in policies and pace call after Kyoto bill breaks billion dollar barrier

6 May 08  Water, water everywhere … but it’s running out

6 May 08  Europe-US biodiesel row heats up

5 May 08  US airlines face $9 billion carbon bill by 2020

2 May 08  'Enemies' unite in plea for leadership on climate change

2 May 08  Exporter: Food miles ploy major threat to UK halal meat trade

1 May 08  NZIER sets cat among political pigeons

1 May 08  Cheaper for government to pick up greenhouse-gas tab

1 May 08  Government's plan to reduce emissions will hurt economy - NZIER

1 May 08  Vehicle exhaust emissions to be put to the test

30 Apr 08  Poor households’ carbon bill: It’s all about location

30 Apr 08  Fine-tuning of emissions trading policies recommended

30 Apr 08  Green Party wants commonsense emissions trading policies

29 Apr 08  High-powered leadership group endorses emissions trading scheme

29 Apr 08  KPMG: Six sectors have "heads in sand" over climate change risks

29 Apr 08  Climate Change Leadership Forum backs emissions trading scheme

28 Apr 08  The name’s Bond … battery Bond

28 Apr 08  The big business question: How do we do it?

28 Apr 08  Travelling greens have a new place to stay

17 Apr 08  Who's the Green Car Maker of the Year?

14 Apr 08  "Philips" technique to be repeated in encouraging low-emission cars?

8 Apr 08  Fuel economy star ratings go on cars for sale

4 Apr 08  Expert group to promote electric vehicles and biofuels

4 Apr 08  ‘Green’ car conference a sham – expert

4 Apr 08  18 states due EPA to force vehicle emission regulation

1 Apr 08  Air NZ backs ETS - but wants carbon price cap

31 Mar 08  International biofuels and electric vehicles experts speaking at Wellington

28 Mar 08  Air NZ: Do you want carbon credits with that?

27 Mar 08  A cow of a campaign from the airlines

27 Mar 08  Now it's spot the cars with stars

27 Mar 08  BMW 118d "World Green Car of the Year"

26 Mar 08  US Air Force goes supersonic on synthetic fuel

20 Mar 08  "Energy Forests" could meet all future NZ transport and heat needs


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