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Pacific Islands demand global leaders bring action, not excuses, to UN summit

26 Oct 21 - The Pacific Islands are at the frontline of climate change. But as rising seas threaten their very existence, these tiny nation states will not be submerged without a fight, argues Australia Climate Council researcher Wesley Morgan in The Conversation.

How Australia got blindsided in the great Pacific climate coup

11 Oct 21 - As the Glasgow climate talks loomed closer last week Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama addressed an international forum hosted by the former US vice president Al Gore, with slightly more than customary bluntness.

The Tongan island using canoes to tackle climate change

6 Oct 21 - A job creation scheme on the Tongan island of 'Eua is not only teaching local youth traditional boat building skills it's helping combat climate change.

Vanuatu campaign for World Court ruling on climate change gathers momentum

5 Oct 21 - Vanuatu has called for the Hague-based International Court of Justice to weigh in on whether nations have a legal responsibility to prevent their greenhouse gas emissions from harming other countries.

Vanuatu to push international court for climate change action

27 Sep 21 - Vanuatu is asking the International Court of Justice to issue an opinion on the rights of present and future generations to be protected from the adverse effects of climate change.

Nature based solutions to tackle climate change in rural Tonga

9 Sep 21 - A NZD$7.2 million Climate Resilient Islands Programme focusing on nature-based solutions to climate change in rural communities in Tonga was launched, in Nuku'alofa on September 7.

Pacific islands call for zero carbon shipping by 2050

24 Aug 21 - Three climate vulnerable Pacific nations have asked the world’s governments to agree to aim to make international shipping emissions-free by 2050.

Wildfires take toll on Pacific islands

16 Aug 21 - A metal roof sits atop the burned remains of a homestead on the once-lush slopes of Hawaii's Mauna Kea—a dormant volcano and the state's tallest peak—charred cars and motorcycles strewn about as...

Pacific Island nations could be lost within the century

10 Aug 21 - Global heating above 1.5C will be “catastrophic” for Pacific island nations and could lead to the loss of entire countries due to sea level rise within the century, experts have warned.

Pacific Island bid for carbon price on shipping fails to gain support

The Marshall Islands have built sea walls to try and protect their people from rising tides
Photo Credit: Genevieve French/Greenpeace

17 Jun 21 - Pacific island nations made the case for a carbon price to tackle shipping’s climate impact at the UN body responsible for seaborne transport yesterday, but found only tepid support.

Climate change a Pacific reality

16 Jun 21 - In the 1960s and ‘70s Pago Pago in American Samoa averaged 85 cool nights, that’s nights under 23c, per year, now they have just four. The number of days hotter than 32c has gone from nine to about...

Air Tahiti Nui offers CarbonClick offsets

3 Jun 21 - New Zealand tech company CarbonClick has signed up a second international airline to its offsetting programme.

Eighty two per cent of heat deaths in Honolulu due to global warming

2 Jun 21 - More than one-third of the world’s heat deaths each year are due directly to global warming, according to the latest study to calculate the human cost of climate change.

Support for Rarotongan climate research

3 May 21 - International agencies and View into the Blue have donated advanced marine monitoring equipment for deployment in Rarotonga.

Pacific plan to decarbonise shipping

27 Apr 21 - The Marshall Islands is calling for a greenhouse levy on gas to speed up the decarbonisation of shipping.

Marshall and Solomon Islands call for $100 levy on shipping emissions

12 Apr 21 - The Marshall and Solomon Islands are calling on the International Maritime Organisation to introduce a US$100 levy on GHG emissions.

Questions over Samoa flood defence project

22 Feb 21 - Flood walls in Samoa financed by the UN’s flagship climate fund are inadequate and could put people in danger, experts warn.

Is Pacific Forum Zoomed to fail?

2 Feb 21 - Pacific diplomacy hinges on in-person discussion but web-only meetings have fed a growing dispute over the forum’s leadership and purpose.

How Pacific nations can survive climate change

Scott Morrison

1 Jul 20 - They contribute only 0.03 per cent of global carbon emissions, but small island developing states, particularly in the Pacific, are at extreme risk to the threats of climate change.

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