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Call for compulsory assessment of embodied carbon emissions

22 Jul 21 - A group of UK architects, developers and contractors have called for compulsory whole-life carbon assessments of buildings in a bid to tackle "hidden" emissions caused by construction supply chains.

Increase in number of slow moving storms linked to climate change

19 Jul 21 - Climate change is driving a large increase in intense, slow-moving storms, a new study by Newcastle University and the Met Office has found.

UK e-bike boom

1 Jul 21 - E-bike sales outstripped electric car sales in 2020, according to the United Kingdom's Bicycle Association.

Welsh freeze new road-building projects

25 Jun 21 - THE Welsh government is freezing new road-building projects as part of its plans to tackle the climate emergency, and an external panel will review all proposed schemes.

Northern Ireland's beef farmers oppose net zero target

25 Jun 21 - Northern Ireland's red meat sector is opposing moves towards a net-zero emissions target of 2045.

UK aviation emissions up, up and away till mid-2030s

23 Jun 21 - The UK aviation industry has announced carbon targets that allow emissions from planes to increase into the mid-2030s.

UK’s ‘really shocking’ climate record damned

18 Jun 21 - In a searing indictment of its failure to act fast enough to prepare for the onslaught of rising heat, there is condemnation of the British government by its independent advisers for the UK’s “really shocking” climate record.

Halogen lightbulbs to be banned in UK

10 Jun 21 - Sales of halogen lightbulbs are to be banned in the UK from September, with fluorescent lights to follow, under government climate change plans.

UK banks to be stress-tested for climate change

9 Jun 21 - Britain's banks and insurers will be tested on how well-prepared they are to cope with climate change emergencies.

Airships could cut short hop flying’s CO2 emissions by 90 per cent

27 May 21 - Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), which has developed a new environmentally friendly airship and hopes to be flying between European cities by 2025.

Investor pressure on Shell grows

25 May 21 - Britain’s biggest fund manager has piled pressure on Shell after joining a shareholder rebellion over the oil company’s carbon-cutting plans, saying that they lack credibility and the ambition...

Cool homes and hot water are there on the cheap

30 Apr 21 - Would you like cool homes and hot water without paying to power them? They’re already working in the laboratory - reports Tim Radford of the Climate News Network.

Extinction Rebellion protesters cleared by jury

27 Apr 21 - Six Extinction Rebellion protesters have been cleared of causing criminal damage to Shell’s London headquarters despite the judge directing jurors they had no defence in law.

Report calls for end of carbon gluttony

14 Apr 21 - The world’s wealthy must radically change their lifestyles to tackle climate change, a report says.

Where £100 can make you a solar entrepreneur

8 Apr 21 - In Bath, England, even the smallest investors can support – and profit from – the city’s green energy boom.

Frequent flyers should pay more

Thai Airways first class cabin: It’s the rich that fly most and do most damage to the climate.
Photo Credit: Image: By Richard Moross, via Wikimedia Commons

8 Apr 21 - Wealthy frequent flyers who take several holidays a year should pay higher taxes each time they fly, a British charity says.

UK groups demand peat compost ban

7 Apr 21 - The UK government must ban the sales of peat compost this year after its goal of a voluntary phaseout by 2020 proved an “abject failure”, according to a group of gardening experts, conservationists...

UK taken to task for ignoring Paris Agreement

31 Mar 21 - Prominent scientists and lawyers have said Britain's decision to ignore the Paris climate agreement when deciding on major infrastructure projects undermines its presidency of UN climate talks this...

'Historic' climate bill due before NI Assembly

24 Mar 21 - Supporters of Northern Ireland's first climate bill say it is an "historic moment".

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