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China’s emissions expected to peak in 2027: state think tank

8 Apr 22 - China’s carbon emissions could peak three years ahead of the 2030 government target, according to a report published on 31 March by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), a state-affiliated think tank.

China’s funding for overseas coal projects under construction to release 300 million tonnes of emissions a year

4 Apr 22 - China’s decision to stop funding new coal power projects overseas has been welcomed by climate experts, but they were equally disappointed by Beijing’s commitment for projects already under construction, pointing out that this could lead to 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

What does China’s coal push mean for its climate goals?

30 Mar 22 - Late last year, following widespread power shortages, China’s leadership repeatedly emphasised the importance of ensuring energy security – a country’s ability to secure sufficient and affordable energy supplies without interruption.

China's carbon market has a credibility problem: analysts

28 Mar 22 - China’s newly launched national carbon emissions trading system (ETS), the world’s largest, needs to raise its game on fraud prevention by imposing steeper penalties on offending companies to deter cheating, analysts said.

Designer of China carbon market sees expansion delayed

23 Mar 22 - A researcher who helped design China’s national carbon market said it will expand into new sectors later than expected, a setback for a key tool in President Xi Jinping’s drive to cut the world’s biggest source of emissions.

China slams firms for falsifying carbon data

16 Mar 22 - China's environment ministry has slammed firms for falsifying carbon data, part of the country's efforts to improve data quality as it prepares to expand its national emissions trading scheme into more industrial sectors.

A reprieve for coal? Xi Jinping urges ‘realism’ on China’s road to carbon goals

7 Mar 22 - China’s declining coal industry got a boost on the weekend when Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a “realistic” approach to achieving the country’s carbon neutrality goals.

Reaching peak carbon early could save hundreds of thousands of lives in China

3 Mar 22 - Reaching peak carbon emissions before its 2030 target could help China to avoid more 600,000 deaths from exposure to the most deadly small particles over the following two decades, a study has found.

China mining ban adds to Bitcoin's environmental footprint: study

28 Feb 22 - Despite a crackdown on Bitcoin in China last year, mining the largest cryptocurrency actually got much dirtier and emits around the same amount of CO2 annually as a country the size of Greece, a new...

290 million new city dwellers benefit China's climate balance

24 Feb 22 - Contrary to popular belief, China's massive emigration from rural areas to cities has been shown to have a positive effect on China's carbon stocks. Urbanization can even play a role in attaining...

Covid shutdown linked to record rainfall in China

22 Feb 22 - Scientists say that a rapid drop in emissions because of Covid played a key role in record rainfall in China in 2020. The decline in greenhouse gases and small particles called aerosols caused...

China's steelmakers get 5 more years to reach peak carbon output

11 Feb 22 - China has scrapped an ambitious push for its steel industry to reach maximum carbon emissions by 2025, pushing the deadline back five years in final guidelines published this week.

Beijing expected to relaunch the China Certified Emission Reduction scheme

1 Feb 22 - What is the China Certified Emission Reduction scheme and why is it important for Beijing’s carbon neutral goal? The South China Morning Post journalist Yujie Xue explains.

Cutting carbon to take backseat to ‘normal life’ in China: Xi Jinping

27 Jan 22 - Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated the Asian superpower’s low carbon desires must not get in the way of ‘normal life’.

Slow phasing out of polluting cars a drag on China’s climate targets

25 Jan 22 - “There are 9-million bicycles in Beijing, that’s a fact.” The opening lyrics to that 2005 hit song was a conservative estimate back then, and today millions of those bicycles have been replaced by...

Ozone-destroying greenhouse gas emissions from China increased significantly: Study

24 Dec 21 - Emissions of industrially produced chlorocarbon, dichloromethane (CH2Cl2), increased in China from 2011-2019, a new study established. The emissions grew to 628 gigagrams (Gg) per year in 2019 from...

China ETS reduces carbon but needs map to cap-and-trade based system: study

23 Dec 21 - China’s regional emissions trading scheme (ETS) pilots were effective in reducing companies’ carbon emissions in the early trading phase, despite low carbon prices and infrequent allowance trading,...

2022 is a year to call out greenwashing in China: Bloomburg

21 Dec 21 - If China chooses a phrase of the year for 2021,“carbon neutrality” has to be on the shortlist.

China’s Alibaba pledges carbon neutrality by 2030

20 Dec 21 - Alibaba Group will aim to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations and slash emissions across its supply chains and transportation networks by the end of the decade, the Chinese e-commerce...

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