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These Portuguese kids are suing 33 European countries to force them to cut emissions

Today 11:30am - Sofia and André Oliveira, siblings and teen climate activists, did not expect much from the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow.

Top Commission official says EU ‘can’t exclude’ stronger 2030 climate targets

Thursday - A senior European Commission official today suggested Brussels could set a more ambitious goal for reducing emissions next year.

Is Norway a climate hypocrite?

26 Nov 21 - In many ways, Norway is exceptionally green. About 95% of its electricity comes from hydropower, and nearly all the rest from other renewables such as thermal and wind.

Europe’s social climate fund too small to make a difference: critics

25 Nov 21 - The European Commission proposed a “social climate fund” to protect vulnerable people from changes brought by the energy transition. Still, it is not fit for purpose, according to researchers and policymakers in the European Parliament.

ECB warns most EU banks have no 'Paris' climate plan

24 Nov 21 - The European Central Bank (ECB) has warned that most commercial banks it supervises do not have concrete plans to start preparing for climate change.

Farmers drive tractors through Dublin as they protest government plans

23 Nov 21 - A convoy of around 100 tractors and farm vehicles rolled through Dublin city centre on Sunday, as Irish farmers protested against government climate change plans.

EU carbon prices hit record high

16 Nov 21 - EU CO2 prices hit a record Eur66/mt on Nov. 15, the first trading day after the UN Climate Change Conference and amid rising fuel prices driven by a cold weather forecast and gas supply fears resurfacing.

Greenpeace Germany sues Volkswagen for ‘fuelling climate crisis’

10 Nov 21 - A young German climate activist and the heads of Greenpeace Germany have sued Volkswagen (VW) in a German court for “fuelling the climate crisis”, accusing the carmaker of failing to do its part to...

History shows Irish farmers can meet the carbon challenge: opinion

8 Nov 21 - Irish farmers have been set a methane reduction target at least twice as ambitious as that being faced by their New Zealand counterparts, but Pat O'Toole, of the Irish Farmer, is optimistic they can...

Ireland would need to cull up to 1.3 million cattle to reach climate targets

4 Nov 21 - Up to 1.3 million cattle would have to be culled in Ireland to reach anticipated government targets for reducing greenhouse gases in the agriculture sector, a new report has concluded.

Permafrost: a ticking carbon time bomb

26 Oct 21 - Sheltered by snow-spattered mountains, the Stordalen mire is a flat, marshy plateau, pockmarked with muddy puddles. A whiff of rotten eggs wafts through the fresh air.

European MPs push for binding methane target

22 Oct 21 - The European Parliament yesterday passed a resolution calling for a binding international agreement limiting methane emissions to be agreed on at next month's COP26 in Glasgow.

French oil giant accused of downplaying climate risk

22 Oct 21 - French oil company TotalEnergies knew at least 50 years ago about a link between burning fossil fuels and global warming, researchers have said.

Europeans want climate action but show little appetite for radical lifestyle change

21 Oct 21 - EUROPEANS want urgent action on climate change but remain committed meat-eaters and question policy proposals such as banning the sale of new petrol vehicles after 2030, according to a new poll from...

French court orders state to honour its climate commitments

15 Oct 21 - A French court has ordered the state to honour its commitments on climate change, environmental organisations bringing the case said on Thursday.

Switzerland forms two more Article 6 agreements

14 Oct 21 - Switzerland's federal government today gave the green light to two agreements on the basis of Article 6 of the Paris climate agreement with Georgia and Dominica.

Helsinki's climate moonshot

14 Oct 21 - Helsinki deserves credit for modeling not only how to set an innovative climate goal, but also how to craft a novel process to achieve it, writes MIT's Carlo Ratti.

Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

13 Oct 21 - Norway is on track to bid farewell to the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by April 2022, according to new analysis released by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF).

Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

11 Oct 21 - Norway is on track to bid farewell to the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by April 2022, according to new analysis released by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF).

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