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Biden to announce ‘good news’ on $100bn UN climate fund

Wednesday - United States President Joe Biden is expected to announce “good news” on addressing a shortfall in a $100bn global climate fund, a UN official said on Monday following a closed-door meeting on the sidelines of the general assembly.

Coal prices surge as power crunch upends effort to cut emissions

Wednesday - Prices for coal are surging around the world as a shortage of natural gas spurs demand for the dirtiest fossil fuel to generate electricity.

One in five Australian carbon credits junk: study

Wednesday - About 20% of carbon credits created under the federal Coalition’s main climate change policy do not represent real cuts in carbon dioxide and are essentially “junk”, new research suggests.

First credits sold under Queensland's carbon scheme

Graziers Robert and Nadia Campbell are the first landholders to sell carbon credits to the Queensland government.

Wednesday - A central Queensland couple has become the first to sell carbon credits under the state government's Land Restoration Fund (LRF).

German automakers sued over climate

Wednesday - German activists have filed a lawsuit against automakers BMW and Daimler for refusing to tighten carbon emissions targets, the first time German citizens have sued private companies for exacerbating climate change

Sinking lid on hydrofluorocarbon

Wednesday - Media Release - As part of moves to reduce the use of harmful greenhouse gases, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has released its third annual decision on special permits to import hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Clean Vehicles Bill passes first checkpoint

Wednesday - Media Release - The Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill will help New Zealand drive down transport emissions by cleaning up the light vehicle fleet, Transport Minister Michael Wood says.

‘Verge of the abyss’: Climate change to dominate UNGA talks

Tuesday - Pressure is building on world leaders to rapidly ratchet up efforts to fight global climate change, a topic expected to top the agenda at the United Nations General Assembly

Climate change ETFs found to be undermining war on global warming

Tuesday - Climate-focused investment funds are undermining the fight against global warming by routinely engaging in greenwashing, academic research has claimed.

Deadwood releasing 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year

Tuesday - Decaying wood releases around 10.9 gigatons of carbon worldwide every year, according to a new study by an international team of scientists.

CO2 shortage: why a chemical problem could mean more empty shelves

Tuesday - As far as the environment goes, carbon dioxide is probably public enemy number one. This makes it all the more ironic that the UK is currently suffering from a shortage of the gas, which experts warn...

German activists starving themselves to make politicians face the climate crisis

Tuesday - The Last Generation, a six-strong group, is camping out near the Reichstag determined to force a commitment to limit global heating.

New solar is cheaper to build than to run most existing coal plants

Monday - Last week, BloombergNEF’s released estimates for its global benchmark that tracks the levelized cost of electricity, or LCOE, for utility-scale PV and onshore wind. The LCOE looks at the all-in cost...

Fossil fuel firms sue governments across the world for US$18 billion

Monday - Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than US$18bn after action against climate change has threatened their profits, according to research conducted by campaign group...

Rich nations all but stall on key $100bn climate fund goal

Monday - Developed countries made almost no progress toward their goal of providing $100 billion a year to help poor countries tackle climate change, figures from the OECD showed on Friday.

Climate dominates Germany’s most unpredictable election in decades

Monday - Never before in German history has climate policy played a role as big as it does in 2021. Even after one and a half years of a turbulent pandemic, credible climate policies remain the yardstick many...

Companies backing kelp may be rushing ahead of the science

Monday - Sinking seaweed could sequester a lot of carbon, but researchers are still grappling with basic questions about reliability, scalability and risks.

Climate change not slowed by the COVID pandemic: UN

Friday - The pace of climate change has not been slowed by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the world remains behind in its battle to cut carbon emissions, according to the United Nations.

Climate experts fear Aukus will dash hopes of China emissions deal

Friday - The timing of the new defence deal between the US, UK and Australia has dismayed climate experts, who fear it could have a negative effect on hopes of a deal with China on greenhouse gas emissions...

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