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The Arctic Ocean began warming decades earlier than previously thought

Friday - The Arctic Ocean has been warming since the onset of the 20th century, decades earlier than instrument observations would suggest, according to new research.

How to cope in a world of climate disasters, trauma and anxiety: Yale psychologist

Friday - Climate change is changing how human beings live on the earth as floods, wildfires and extreme weather change the land and destroy property.

China's carbon emissions fall for first time since COVID lockdowns: report

Friday - China's CO2 emissions fell in the third quarter for the first time since the country reopened from COVID-19 lockdowns, research published Thursday showed, in what experts said could mark a carbon "turning point" for the country.

Is Norway a climate hypocrite?

Friday - In many ways, Norway is exceptionally green. About 95% of its electricity comes from hydropower, and nearly all the rest from other renewables such as thermal and wind.

Australian climate activists battling increased repression and surveillance

Friday - A new report has highlighted the escalating threats and harsh penalties facing those calling for climate action in Australia.

Decomputerise to decarbonise - a debate we can't avoid: opinion

Friday - Itís time to talk about technologies seen as clean that may be causing our planet significant harm

Fish & Game supports calls for forestry re-focus

Friday - Media Release - Fish & Game NZ is supporting calls for an urgent rethink on the rapid proliferation of exotic forests currently being supported by central government, and instead refocus on native plantings for better long-term environmental and social outcomes.

Timaruís on-demand public transport hits 200,000 ride milestone

Friday - Media Release - Timaruís on-demand public transport hits 200,000 ride milestone Innovation has paid off in Timaru as the cityís new on-demand public transport service goes from strength to strength.

The fight to dismantle a shadow court system threatening climate goals

Thursday - The Energy Charter Treaty is not widely known, yet itís feared the influence of this international agreement could be enough by itself to derail hopes of capping global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

How a new global carbon market could exaggerate climate progress

Thursday - Nations are poised to begin building an international carbon market, after finally adopting the relevant rules at the UN climate conference in Glasgow earlier this month.

Pledges not enough to keep warming below 2 degrees

Thursday - In the aftermath of the United Nationsí annual climate conference earlier this month, scientists have a sobering message: The world still is not on track to meet its international climate goals.

Free green services can reduce harmful emissions

Thursday - New research led by the University of Leeds has found that using carbon tax revenue to fund free green electricity and public transportation could significantly reduce householdsí greenhouse gas...

Europeís social climate fund too small to make a difference: critics

Thursday - The European Commission proposed a ďsocial climate fundĒ to protect vulnerable people from changes brought by the energy transition. Still, it is not fit for purpose, according to researchers and...

Climate change causing albatross divorce: study

Thursday - When relationships end it might be because the spark has disappeared, or maybe you just can't make time for one another.

What's next for the Fed on climate change

Wednesday - The Federal Reserve is poised to increase its climate focus even as President Biden's nomination of Chairman Jerome Powell to a second term disappointed advocates of policies to tilt the economy away...

ECB warns most EU banks have no 'Paris' climate plan

Wednesday - The European Central Bank (ECB) has warned that most commercial banks it supervises do not have concrete plans to start preparing for climate change.

Big climate change job awaits WTO

Wednesday - From laying down the law on fossil fuel subsidies to promoting low-carbon supply chains, there is no shortage of ways in which the World Trade Organisation could be at the forefront of the global...

Why oil industry's pivot to carbon capture isn't a solution

Wednesday - After decades of sowing doubt about climate change and its causes, the fossil fuel industry is now shifting to a new strategy: presenting itself as the source of solutions. This repositioning...

Corporate net zero targets: Greenwashing or genuine climate action?

Wednesday - From Big Oil to Big Tech, major companies are promising to go net zero and wash away their carbon sins. But critics say the corporate climate pledges are a smokescreen.

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