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Compressed air energy storage proposed

Friday - A Canadian company wants to use compressed air to store energy in California.

Universal method to report carbon in buildings and infrastructure launched

Wednesday - An international coalition of construction experts has published the world’s first universal standard for reporting carbon dioxide emissions used in the building and lifecycle of structures – also known as ‘embodied and operational carbon’ within the industry.

No accountability for US carbon bootprint

USS Howard arrives in New Zealand. It's emissions go unaccounted for.

29 Nov 21 - Why are some emissions entirely absent in climate negotiations? This is not simply a matter of whether to address them — but whether they are accounted for at all.

What's next for the Fed on climate change

24 Nov 21 - The Federal Reserve is poised to increase its climate focus even as President Biden's nomination of Chairman Jerome Powell to a second term disappointed advocates of policies to tilt the economy away from fossil fuels.

US climate pledge faces test in Senate with global impact

22 Nov 21 - After talking the climate talk at U.N. negotiations in Scotland, the Biden administration now tests whether a divided United States can walk the climate walk: push a massive investment for a new era of clean energy through the narrowest of margins in the Senate.

Coming off climate talks, US to hold huge crude sale in Gulf

18 Nov 21 - The U.S. Interior Department on Wednesday will auction vast oil and gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico estimated to hold up to 1.1 billion barrels of crude, the first such sale under President Joe Biden and a harbinger of the challenges he faces to reach climate goals that depend on deep cuts in fossil fuel emissions.

Like basic income, but for transportation

17 Nov 21 - Several U.S. cities are piloting “universal basic mobility” programs that subsidize bus rides, e-bikes and scooters in the hopes of sparking an economic boost.

What the $1.2 trillion US infrastructure bill means for climate change

9 Nov 21 - Is the newly passed infrastructure bill just small steps on climate or a BFD? The answer to both questions could be yes.

US Supreme Court considers EPA’s power to set emissions limits

2 Nov 21 - The US Supreme Court will soon rule on whether the country’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

US carbon markets set for record year

21 Oct 21 - US carbon exchanges will easily hit record volumes this year, in part because of recent record highs but also due to new entrants into the market.

Beef industry tries to erase its emissions with fuzzy methane math

20 Oct 21 - Scientists with the world’s top climate organization made reducing meat consumption an official policy recommendation in 2019, echoing what environmentalists had urged for years: Eating less meat, in...

Climate inaction could slash GDP by 3% per annum: Bank of America

19 Oct 21 - The cost of inaction over climate change could lead to the loss of 3 per cent of gross domestic product every year by 2030, ballooning to $69 trillion by the end of this century, Bank of America said...

Biden administration considers carbon tax

Senator Joe Manchin

19 Oct 21 - A US Democrat’s decision to oppose a key policy in Joe Biden’s climate plan could lead to a carbon tax on emissions-intensive industries and threaten Australian exports.

Indigenous climate activists arrested after ‘occupying’ US Department of Interior

18 Oct 21 - Dozens of Indigenous climate activists were arrested and removed from the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington on Thursday after taking over a lobby of the department’s Bureau of Indian...

Pentagon plans for warfare in hotter, harsher world

11 Oct 21 - A new Pentagon plan calls for incorporating the realities of a hotter, harsher Earth at every level in the U.S. military, from making worsening climate extremes a mandatory part of strategic planning...

Biden's silent climate betrayal: Heated

7 Oct 21 - Emily Atkin, author of the Substack Heated, argues a decision by US president Joe Biden to allow a tar sands pipeline to go ahead could set off the largest civil disobedience campaign in decades.

Oil companies discourage climate action: study

Geoffrey Supran, who co-authored a research paper on ExxonMobil's climate disinformation campaign in 2017, discusses current House investigation into the company’s disinformation.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photograp

30 Sep 21 - With the U.S. House of Representatives' Oversight Committee widening its inquiry into the oil industry's role in fostering doubt about the role of fossil fuels in causing climate change, Harvard...

Carbon offset market will grow 50 times to meet 2050 net-zero emissions goals: Bank of America

28 Sep 21 - The carbon offset market may grow by as much as 50 times if companies are going to meet their 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals, according to the Bank of America.

Increasing natural gas prices boosts both clean and dirty generation

24 Sep 21 - An increase in natural gas prices leads to price hikes across the US economy for home heating, fertilizer, chemicals—and wholesale electricity, because of the power sector’s heavy reliance on...

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