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India not a climate villain: opinion

Tuesday - India has somehow emerged as the villain of last month’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), blamed for resisting cuts to coal consumption even as toxic air envelops its capital, New Delhi. Shashi Tharoor argues that's unfair.

Is colonial history repeating itself with Sabah forest carbon deal?

2 Dec 21 - To the surprise of Indigenous and local communities, a huge forest carbon conservation agreement was recently signed in the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo.

Knesset committee calls for climate change to be seen as a national security issue

18 Nov 21 - Members of Israel's foreign affairs defence committee have called for the government and security services to take the issue of climate change more seriously and to consider it a national security issue in light of the clear threats posed by global warming.

Dehli considering lockdowns to deal with emissions

16 Nov 21 - The Delhi government has told the Supreme Court that it is ready to take steps like complete lockdown to control local emissions.

Bornean communities locked into 2-million-hectare carbon deal they don’t know about

11 Nov 21 - Leaders in Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo, have signed a profit-sharing deal to market carbon and other natural capital from more than 2 million hectares (4.9 million acres) of the state’s forests for at least the next 100 years. But the communities living in and around those forests know next to nothing about it.

India lost $87bn due to natural disasters last year: WMO

27 Oct 21 - India lost $87 billion last year due to natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, floods and droughts, according to the World Meteorological Organisation.

India wants compensation for climate damage caused by rich nations

26 Oct 21 - India is seeking payment for the losses caused by climate disasters, its environment ministry said while laying out the country's positions on critical issues that will be negotiated at the United Nations' COP26 climate summit in the coming weeks.

South Korea aims to cut carbon emissions by 40% in 2030

19 Oct 21 - South Korea set a new goal on Monday for fighting climate change over the next decade, saying it will aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2018 levels by 2030.

Indian teen inventor's solar-powered ironing cart

15 Oct 21 - Ironing vendors are common across India. The irons are heated using charcoal, a fuel that contributes to air pollution. But Vinisha Umashankar, a 14-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu, has found a clean...

Japan eyes international carbon offsets to deliver 2030 emission cuts

14 Oct 21 - The Japanese government will use international offsets as part of a plan to cut emissions 46% between 2013 and 2030, it said in a document to the UN.

1 degree rise in temperature may shrink India’s GDP by 3%

8 Oct 21 - India’s gross domestic product (GDP) could shrink by three per cent a year if climate change leads to rise in temperature by one degree Celsius, a new study has found.

Climate change is threatening Komodo dragons

6 Sep 21 - Scaly and with forked tongues, Komodo dragons are the largest lizards to still walk the Earth. But their days here may be numbered because of climate change a new report claims.

Solar ‘boom’ times as Lebanon’s fossil fuels run dry

3 Sep 21 - With electricity becoming a scarce commodity, thousands of well-off Lebanese are rushing to alternative energy.

Singapore exchange to tighten climate rules

31 Aug 21 - The Singapore Exchange will ask all companies listed on its exchange to disclose climate-related information or explain why they cannot do so.

Climate change will lead to changes in crop diseases

Rice Blast disease( International Rice Research Institute via Flickr)

24 Aug 21 - A new study that looked at climate change models has predicted that with rising temperatures, the burden of crop diseases will increase in some parts of the world and fall in others.

Steelmaker ArcelorMittal's $10 billion climate plan

17 Aug 21 - Steelmaking giant ArcelorMittal has announced plans to cut its carbon intensity by a quarter by 2030 from 2018 levels, backed by $10 billion investment over the next decade to help support its...

Indonesia urged to ban new oil palm plantations forever

12 Aug 21 - Indonesia should make permanent its temporary ban on new permits for oil palm plantations to advance progress on tackling deforestation and meet its climate goals, environmentalists say.

The IPCC environmental warning India cannot ignore

11 Aug 21 - If the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was just about rushing countries to cut their carbon emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe, India could perhaps afford to look the...

South Korea sets 3 options for carbon reduction

6 Aug 21 - The Korean Presidential Committee on Carbon Neutrality yesterday unveiled three options for reducing carbon emissions by 2050, but only one of them achieves carbon neutrality.

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