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Reducing emissions could save tens of millions of lives

Today 10:30am - Cutting greenhouse gas emissions quickly would save tens of millions of lives worldwide, a new study finds

Carbon tariffs ‘not a bad thing’: WWF

Today 10:30am - WWF International president Pavan Sukhde. a former managing director of Deutsche Bank, has expressed support for carbon tariffs in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

The peacemaking potential of climate change

Today 10:30am - Two of the main themes discussed during the G-7 meeting in June were collective security and climate change action. But an opportunity was missed by separating the issues, argues Limor Simhony.

Avoiding the potential pitfalls of lab-grown meat

Today 10:30am - If cellular agriculture is going to improve on the industrial system it is displacing, it needs to grow without passing the cost on to workers, consumers and the environment, write Jan Dutkiewicz and Gabriel N Rosenberg.

IGCC 2021 Climate Awards entries are open

The judging panel, who have generously committed their time and expertise to assess the applications: Don Henry AM (Chair), Robert Fowler, Elaine Prior & Talieh Williams.

Today 10:30am - Media Release - The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) is excited to announce the Climate Awards are now open for entries.

Earth’s vital signs worsen

Thursday - Twenty months after more than 11,000 scientists declared a global climate emergency, establishing a set of benchmarks for the planet’s health, an international coalition says its update on those vital signs “largely reflect the consequences of an unrelenting ‘business as usual’ approach to climate change policy”.

India skips vital pre-Cop26 meeting

Thursday - India was the only one of 51 invited countries that didn’t attend a two-day ministerial meeting in the UK capital, hosted by the incoming president of the COP26 United Nations talks.

EU's electricity demand jumps but emissions steady

Thursday - Electricity demand in the European Union has returned to pre-pandemic levels without a corresponding rise in emissions.

Growing calls for Climate Change Corps

Thursday - Rolling Stone's Dililah Friedler argues that the crises facing the Gulf Coast communities of Louisiana is proof of the need for a Climate Change Corps, like the one being promoted in the US Congress.

Earth overshoot day

Thursday - Media Release - It's Earth Overshoot Day again. Two years ago it was 26th July, last year, mostly due to Covid, Earth Overshoot Day was 22nd August, so globally the situation has slightly improved.

Analysts raise EU carbon price forecasts

Wednesday - Analysts have raised their European carbon market average price forecasts after the European Commission unveiled a package of policies to implement its climate targets, including reforms to limit the...

China avoids coal projects in Belt and Road for first time

Wednesday - China didn't finance any coal projects via its Belt and Road Initiative in the first half, the first time that's happened since the plan was launched in 2013, the International Institute of Green...

Ireland signs ambitious Climate Act into law

Wednesday - Ireland’s ambitious Climate Act, which has set a legally binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030, has now been signed into law.

Climate change threatens pomegranates in their land of origin

Wednesday - Climate change is threatening to end Afghanistan's 'historical cradle' of world pomegranate production.

Is Norway the new East India Company?

Wednesday - Economist Branko Milanovic argues that Norway illustrates the hypocrisy of rich countries that demand urgent action on climate change but are unwilling to accept any drop in living standards to...

G20 climate and energy ministers split over coal exit

Tuesday - China, Russia and India are among countries resisting a timeline to phase out coal power generation, leaving it to leaders to resolve the impasse.

Climate scientists meet as fires, floods and heatwaves batter Earth

Tuesday - More than 200 of the world's leading climate scientists will begin meeting this week to finalise a landmark report summarising how Earth's climate has already changed, and what humans can expect for...

New study confirms 'The Limits of Growth' are real

Tuesday - A new study by a director at one of the largest accounting firms in the world has found that a famous, decades-old warning from MIT about the risk of industrial civilisation collapsing appears to be...

The true cost of the billionaire space race

Tuesday - Scientists worry that growing numbers of rocket flights and the rise of space tourism could harm Earth's atmosphere and contribute to climate change.

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