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Permafrost: a ticking carbon time bomb

Tuesday - Sheltered by snow-spattered mountains, the Stordalen mire is a flat, marshy plateau, pockmarked with muddy puddles. A whiff of rotten eggs wafts through the fresh air.

European MPs push for binding methane target

Friday - The European Parliament yesterday passed a resolution calling for a binding international agreement limiting methane emissions to be agreed on at next month's COP26 in Glasgow.

French oil giant accused of downplaying climate risk

Friday - French oil company TotalEnergies knew at least 50 years ago about a link between burning fossil fuels and global warming, researchers have said.

Europeans want climate action but show little appetite for radical lifestyle change

21 Oct 21 - EUROPEANS want urgent action on climate change but remain committed meat-eaters and question policy proposals such as banning the sale of new petrol vehicles after 2030, according to a new poll from the YouGov-Cambridge Centre for Public Opinion Research that surveyed environmental attitudes in seven European countries, including the UK.

French court orders state to honour its climate commitments

15 Oct 21 - A French court has ordered the state to honour its commitments on climate change, environmental organisations bringing the case said on Thursday.

Switzerland forms two more Article 6 agreements

14 Oct 21 - Switzerland's federal government today gave the green light to two agreements on the basis of Article 6 of the Paris climate agreement with Georgia and Dominica.

Helsinki's climate moonshot

14 Oct 21 - Helsinki deserves credit for modeling not only how to set an innovative climate goal, but also how to craft a novel process to achieve it, writes MIT's Carlo Ratti.

Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

13 Oct 21 - Norway is on track to bid farewell to the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by April 2022, according to new analysis released by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF).

Norway to hit 100% electric vehicle sales early next year

11 Oct 21 - Norway is on track to bid farewell to the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by April 2022, according to new analysis released by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF).

Energy prices hike should boost transition: EU climate chief

8 Oct 21 - The European Union’s climate czar said Tuesday the 27-nation bloc should ensure that the most vulnerable people won’t pay the heaviest price of the green transition, and pledged measures guaranteeing...

Could low-carbon trains cure Europe’s flying addiction?

7 Oct 21 - A new generation of sleeper cars and short-haul routes are helping railways compete against discount airlines.

Austria govt unveils 'eco' tax reform

4 Oct 21 - Austria's government unveiled on Sunday what it calls an "eco-social" reform of the tax system, a key promise of the conservative-green coalition.

Irish environmentalists call for phasing out of €2bn fossil fuel subsidies

4 Oct 21 - The Irish government must set out a plan in the forthcoming Budget for the removal of over €2 billion in fossil fuels subsidies a year, the climate change umbrella group the Environmental Pillar says.

Climate change concerns influenced German election but will it make a difference to policy?

Olaf Scholz is the leader of the Social Democratic Party

4 Oct 21 - The impacts of global warming motivated voters, but the results won’t deliver the swift policy changes needed to stop them, writes Inside Climate News' Bob Berwyn.

Data centres should be bound by emissions ceilings: Irish govt

30 Sep 21 - The Irish government will reject a Social Democrats motion in the Dáil to impose a moratorium on the further expansion of data centres, with Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan dismissing it as a...

World's largest carbon market is set for a historic revamp

29 Sep 21 - The European Union is due to propose an unprecedented overhaul to its carbon market this week, seeking to put a price on shipping emissions for the first time.

Climate change to loom large in talks to form new German government

28 Sep 21 - Climate and energy policies are expected to loom large in talks to determine which parties will form Germany's next government, following a much-anticipated federal election on 26 September.

Opinion: tax corporations to pay for climate change adaptation

24 Sep 21 - The rapid, radical decarbonisation needed to save the planet will cost a lot. Taxing multinationals and the wealthy properly can help pay for it, argues Eva Joly, a member of the Independent...

German automakers sued over climate

22 Sep 21 - German activists have filed a lawsuit against automakers BMW and Daimler for refusing to tighten carbon emissions targets, the first time German citizens have sued private companies for exacerbating...

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