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China's coal convulsion threatens climate goals

13 Oct 21 - China's energy crisis is a wild card in the fraught efforts to secure a meaningful deal at the UN climate summit in Glasgow.

China to set up standards of carbon neutrality

11 Oct 21 - China is planning to set up and improve the standards of carbon peak and neutrality, according to an official outline published last week.

China's belt and road policies could hurt environment and indigenous communities

28 Sep 21 - A new study has found that up to 60% of China's development projects pose a threat to indigenous communities and the environment.

China signs up to hydrofluorocarbons treaty

23 Sep 21 - China began enforcing the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol last week—and the climate implications are huge

China to stop funding overseas coal projects

23 Sep 21 - Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that China would no longer fund the construction of new coal-fired power projects overseas, surprising the world on climate for the second straight year at the United Nations General Assembly.

Climate experts fear Aukus will dash hopes of China emissions deal

17 Sep 21 - The timing of the new defence deal between the US, UK and Australia has dismayed climate experts, who fear it could have a negative effect on hopes of a deal with China on greenhouse gas emissions ahead of vital UN climate talks.

China has carbon neutral goals, but at local level old habits die hard

30 Aug 21 - China is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2060, and for its carbon emissions to peak by 2030. But its initial efforts have been undermined regionally, partly by provinces continuing to launch high-energy and high-emissions projects.

China to increase carbon sinks in the ocean

27 Aug 21 - China's environmental authority vowed on Thursday to promote the capability of carbon sinks in the ocean as a key part of the country's efforts to confront climate change and fulfill its goals to...

China’s new carbon trading market isn’t working

24 Aug 21 - The price of emissions credits in China’s carbon trading market reached a record low on Aug. 20, the latest sign that the market’s structural flaws are preventing it from working as an effective...

China's carbon market records its first cross-border deal

16 Aug 21 - Even as trading on China's national carbon market dwindled away in its first month to next to nothing, one sign of life emerged this week in the form of an unusual cross-border deal for a voluntary...

China avoids coal projects in Belt and Road for first time

28 Jul 21 - China didn't finance any coal projects via its Belt and Road Initiative in the first half, the first time that's happened since the plan was launched in 2013, the International Institute of Green...

Introducing China’s carbon market

23 Jul 21 - Last week, China announced the launch of its national carbon emissions trading market. How does it work?

China's carbon market tops 210 million yuan in first-day trading

19 Jul 21 - China's national carbon market, the largest emissions trading system in the world, made its debut on Friday with a turnover of 210 million yuan for carbon dioxide emissions on the first day

China to launch ETS this month

15 Jul 21 - China is set to launch its carbon emissions trading scheme this month.

China's extreme weather warnings avoid talk of climate change

14 Jul 21 - As unprecedented heatwaves sweep across large parts of the Northern Hemisphere, China is telling its people to brace for another summer of dangerous floods and droughts.

Powerful Chinese agency put in charge of climate change

7 Jul 21 - China’s top economic planning body has been put in charge of devising a plan for the world’s biggest polluter to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Fact check: Is China the main climate change culprit?

1 Jul 21 - China currently releases more carbon emissions than any other country — leading many to believe it bears the greatest responsibility for climate change. However, the situation is more complex than it...

The US$2000 EV ute

15 Jun 21 - In the wake of the Government's feebate announcement, there's been plenty of talk about the lack of EV utes, but as MotorBiscuit reports there's always the niftily named CLZKC-009, costing just...

China tempers climate change efforts

Benxi steel industries

10 Jun 21 - China’s top economic planners have put the brakes on attempts by environmental officials to reduce carbon emissions as driving growth takes priority over meeting climate targets for now.

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