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EPA announces strictest vehicle emissions standards ever

23 Dec 21 - The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced aggressive new vehicle emissions standards for greenhouse gasses that will impact cars and light trucks from model years 2023-2026.

Preparing, and paying for, climate change-induced disasters

23 Dec 21 - During the evening hours of Dec. 10, a flurry of tornadoes ravaged several states, claiming close to 100 lives and leaving whole communities in wreckage.

Biden's climate promises are sunk without Build Back Better: experts

22 Dec 21 - Multiple independent analyses have found President Joe Biden simply can't hit his goal of cutting greenhouse gases by 50% by the end of the decade without the clean energy provisions in Build Back Better, the President's signature economic and climate legislation.

Climate change news coverage reached all-time high

22 Dec 21 - United States news coverage of climate change reached an all-time high in October and November, according to recent data from the Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO), an international, multi-university collaboration based at the University of Colorado Boulder.

What losing Build Back Better means for climate change

21 Dec 21 - With billions of dollars for clean energy, the Build Back Better legislation has the potential to substantially and rapidly cut heat-trapping emissions in the U.S. But Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., rejected the bill on Sunday, and that means Build Back Better is effectively dead at a time when scientists say the world can't afford to wait on climate change.

Billionaire space flights a carbon bomb that will destroy the planet: Jacobin

21 Dec 21 - Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are dead set on expanding commercial space flight — even though a single person taking one of their carbon-spewing joy rides will produce more pollution in a few minutes than people belonging to 1/8th of the world population will in their entire lives.

Vehicle emission declines decreased deaths: study

20 Dec 21 - Researchers say that thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars have been saved in the United States by recent reductions in emissions from vehicles.

New York is banning the use of natural gas in new buildings

20 Dec 21 - After several other cities in the United States, the City Council of New York passed a law banning the use of natural gas in most new buildings. Construction projects submitted for approval from 2027...

Wall Street could crumble under the weight of a ‘carbon bubble'

16 Dec 21 - If Wall Street were a country, it would be the fifth-largest emitter of atmosphere-warming carbon emissions, nestling it right between Russia and Indonesia, a new report says.

'World’s first carbon-negative green hydrogen project' announced in California

16 Dec 21 - A US start-up says it will produce carbon-negative green hydrogen from wood waste at a plant in Bakersfield, California, as soon as 2024.

Climate change likely played a role in deadly US tornadoes

15 Dec 21 - The series of weekend tornadoes that ripped through the parts of the US this weekend adds to another stretch of deadly and potentially unprecedented weather disasters that plagued the planet this...

The politics of climate change and ESG are about to get ugly

14 Dec 21 - 2022 will bring another election in the United States, a blessing bestowed upon Americans every 24 months. We’ll hear about the economy, jobs, immigration, wages, vaccines, health care, housing,...

U.S. pulls the plug on new overseas fossil-fuel investments

13 Dec 21 - The United States has announced an immediate end to federal investment in charcoal and other carbon-intensive projects overseas, as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to fight climate change...

World's largest carbon capture pipeline aims to connect 31 ethanol plants

7 Dec 21 - Iowa-based Summit Carbon Solutions, an offshoot of Summit Agriculture Group, is behind the $4.5 billion Midwest Carbon Express project, with the goal of sending 12 millions tons of CO2 annually to...

Biden administration chose incremental change over sweeping climate action

7 Dec 21 - On the Friday after Thanksgiving—a day the federal government notoriously reserves for dropping politically inexpedient information—activists were blindsided by a long-anticipated report from the...

Compressed air energy storage proposed

3 Dec 21 - A Canadian company wants to use compressed air to store energy in California.

Universal method to report carbon in buildings and infrastructure launched

1 Dec 21 - An international coalition of construction experts has published the world’s first universal standard for reporting carbon dioxide emissions used in the building and lifecycle of structures – also...

No accountability for US carbon bootprint

USS Howard arrives in New Zealand. It's emissions go unaccounted for.

29 Nov 21 - Why are some emissions entirely absent in climate negotiations? This is not simply a matter of whether to address them — but whether they are accounted for at all.

What's next for the Fed on climate change

24 Nov 21 - The Federal Reserve is poised to increase its climate focus even as President Biden's nomination of Chairman Jerome Powell to a second term disappointed advocates of policies to tilt the economy away...

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