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The Arctic Ocean began warming decades earlier than previously thought

Friday - The Arctic Ocean has been warming since the onset of the 20th century, decades earlier than instrument observations would suggest, according to new research.

How to cope in a world of climate disasters, trauma and anxiety: Yale psychologist

Friday - Climate change is changing how human beings live on the earth as floods, wildfires and extreme weather change the land and destroy property.

Decomputerise to decarbonise - a debate we can't avoid: opinion

Friday - Itís time to talk about technologies seen as clean that may be causing our planet significant harm

The fight to dismantle a shadow court system threatening climate goals

Thursday - The Energy Charter Treaty is not widely known, yet itís feared the influence of this international agreement could be enough by itself to derail hopes of capping global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

How a new global carbon market could exaggerate climate progress

Thursday - Nations are poised to begin building an international carbon market, after finally adopting the relevant rules at the UN climate conference in Glasgow earlier this month.

Free green services can reduce harmful emissions

Thursday - New research led by the University of Leeds has found that using carbon tax revenue to fund free green electricity and public transportation could significantly reduce householdsí greenhouse gas emissions. Providing green services for free can help decrease home energy emissions by 13.4 percent and motor fuel emissions by 23.8 percent.

Climate change causing albatross divorce: study

Thursday - When relationships end it might be because the spark has disappeared, or maybe you just can't make time for one another.

Big climate change job awaits WTO

Wednesday - From laying down the law on fossil fuel subsidies to promoting low-carbon supply chains, there is no shortage of ways in which the World Trade Organisation could be at the forefront of the global...

Why oil industry's pivot to carbon capture isn't a solution

Wednesday - After decades of sowing doubt about climate change and its causes, the fossil fuel industry is now shifting to a new strategy: presenting itself as the source of solutions. This repositioning...

UN hails nuclear as the lowest carbon electricity source

Tuesday - A new report by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) that examined the lifecycle carbon produced by all technologies suggests that nuclear power generates less carbon dioxide...

Climate warming forecasts may be too rosy: study

Tuesday - UN projections of how much current climate policies and national pledges to cut carbon pollution will slow global warming are more uncertain than widely assumed.

Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward

22 Nov 21 - A Cop26 breakthrough means emissions trading schemes can work together worldwide with less fear of being gamed.

Mining Bitcoin is putting communities on the frontline of the climate crisis at risk: experts

22 Nov 21 - The rise of cryptocurrencies could disproportionately impact those most vulnerable to the climate crisis, a new paper has found.

Coffee prices could spike due to climate change and supply chain issues

22 Nov 21 - On top of weather limiting the supply of beans, many suppliers are dealing with issues of logistics fueled by a shortage of shipping vessels and containers.

Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions

19 Nov 21 - A new study charts the evolution of right-wing arguments.

How a carbon price could gut animal agriculture without taxing farmers

19 Nov 21 - Even a very modest carbon price would offer most farmers and ranchers more revenue than they make raising animals for slaughter, according to the scientist who founded Impossible Foods.

Toyota bets big on hydrogen as an alternative route to carbon neutrality

19 Nov 21 - Toyota is betting big on hydrogen and is collaborating with Kawasaki, Subaru, Mazda and Yamaha on the production, transportation and use of hydrogen.

Standards needed to stop private equity cashing in on dirty assets: tax expert

19 Nov 21 - Tax expert professor Richard Murphy argues that without a comprehensive accounting standard for climate change private equity will have a field day exploiting dirty assets for short term gain.

Why womenís participation is essential to achieve global climate targets

18 Nov 21 - We are engineers and scientists. We happen to be women, but first and foremost we are citizens of this planet who believe that immediate action is imperative to address the climate emergency.

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Fish & Game supports calls for forestry re-focus

Friday - Media Release - Fish & Game NZ is supporting calls for an urgent rethink on the...

Timaruís on-demand public transport hits 200,000 ride milestone

Friday - Media Release - Timaruís on-demand public transport hits 200,000 ride milestone...

Auckland's living bus shelters coming to life

Thursday - Two of Aucklandís bus shelters have come to life with more than 1000 plants...

Climate change awareness not matched by action

Tuesday - Media Release - We know we must do better by the planet, but when will we...

Global fisheries even worse than thought

22 Nov 21 - Media Release - The decline in fish populations is far worse than previously...

International unions call for jobs to be at centre of a just transition

19 Nov 21 - Media Release - The COP26 climate agreement acknowledged the science,...

New Zealandís first carbon zero hospital unveiled

18 Nov 21 - Fortť Hospital in Christchurch has been named New Zealandís first ToitŻ...

Signature Homes tackles carbon emissions from home construction

18 Nov 21 - Media Release - Signature Homes has signalled its intention to mitigate its...

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