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Net-zero transition will cost $275 trillion globally by 2050: McKinsey

Today 11:00am - The net-zero transition will cost $275 trillion globally by 2050 as low-emission activities are ramped up and high-emissions activities decrease, according to a new report from consultancy McKinsey & Company.

Rich countries could slash agricultural emissions by 62% by eating less meat

Today 11:00am - A move to reduce meat consumption could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 62% across the world’s 54 richest countries and free up enough land to store 100 billion tonnes of carbon, a new study concludes.

Norway underpaid Indonesia for forest protection results: study

Today 11:00am - Norway’s scheme to reduce emissions from deforestation in Indonesia made only a tiny dent in meeting the nation’s climate target – but the forest nation deserved to have been paid more for it, a study has found.

The rise of voluntary carbon markets

Today 11:00am - The voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) are poised for explosive growth in 2022. At the conclusion of COP26 in Glasgow, 632 of the world's largest 2000 public companies by revenue had announced plans to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Texas and New Mexico methane leaks casuing as much climate pollution as 500,000 cars

Today 11:00am - A survey of oil and gas facilities in Texas and New Mexico revealed 30 so-called “super-emitters,” which are leaking as much heat-trapping pollution as roughly half a million cars, according to a new report from Carbon Mapper and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Carbon capture: savior or a boondoggle?

Today 11:00am - While much of President Joe Biden's climate change agenda has stalled in Congress, there is one nascent — and controversial — technology for reducing carbon emissions that has received billions in public funds in 2020 and 2021: Carbon capture.

Otari gets money to conserve native orchids

Today 11:00am - Media Release - Otari-Wiltons Bush has received a grant through Te Tahua Taiao Nga Taonga Lotteries Environment and Heritage Fund for a project aiming to save some of New Zealand’s most threatened orchids from extinction.

'Fragile win' at COP26 summit under threat: Sharma

Tuesday - COP26 President Alok Sharma has warned that progress made during the summit is at risk of "withering on the vine".

Shipping emissions rise 4.9% in 2021

Tuesday - GLOBAL shipping’s carbon dioxide emissions posted year-on-year gains of 4.9% in 2021 and were higher than 2019, according to Simpson Spence & Young.

China's national carbon market records brisk trading

Tuesday - China's national carbon market has wrapped up its first compliance period with a steady rise in market activity, said the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Monday.

Slow phasing out of polluting cars a drag on China’s climate targets

Tuesday - “There are 9-million bicycles in Beijing, that’s a fact.” The opening lyrics to that 2005 hit song was a conservative estimate back then, and today millions of those bicycles have been replaced by...

Scientists warn climate change could unleash ‘rivers in the sky’

Tuesday - The planet’s warming climate could intensify ‘rivers in the sky’ over East Asia, scientists have warned.

What will it take to shrink the carbon footprint of health care

Tuesday - One of the most instantly recognisable emblems of the past pandemic year is the discarded surgical mask: ground into mud at the edge of a walking path, caught in the branches of a tree, tangled...


Monday - SPOT NZUs opened at $74.50 bid and $75.50 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $74.95.

Why the price of Australian carbon credits has tripled in the past year

Monday - AFTER years of hovering around the same price, the value of Australia’s carbon credits has skyrocketed – tripling in the past year.

Shell’s massive carbon capture plant emits more than it captures

Monday - A first-of-its-kind “green” Shell facility in Alberta is emitting more greenhouse gases than it’s capturing, throwing into question whether taxpayers should be funding it, a new report has found

First battery-powered train to start trial operations in German regional transport

Monday - Together with French manufacturer Alstom, German railway company Deutsche Bahn is going to start trial runs with the country’s first battery-powered passenger train.

World's first hydrogen tanker to ship test cargo to Japan from Australia

Monday - A Japanese-Australian venture producing hydrogen from brown coal is set to start loading its maiden cargo on the world's first liquid hydrogen carrier on Friday, in a test delayed by nearly a year...

Canada's biggest climate polluters pay lowest carbon price

Monday - On its tar sands in northern Alberta, Suncor Energy scrapes vast open-pit mines and drills down deep into the ground to extract the viscous bitumen that has turned it into one of the largest energy...

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