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Australian climate election leaves Liberal Party demolished in the capital cities

Today 10:30am - Australians have voted overwhelmingly for stronger action on climate change, with stunning results across the country for both teal independents and the Greens delivering a harsh rebuke to the Morrison government’s years of foot-dragging on emissions reduction.

HSBC AM global head of responsible investing: 'Who cares if Miami is six metres under water in 100 years?'

Stuart Kirk , global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management

Today 10:30am - HSBC Asset Management global head of responsible investing Stuart Kirk has questioned the risk climate change plays for financial markets, arguing that it is not one investors should worry about.

Your money is your carbon

Today 10:30am - If you've got $125k in the financial system, it's doing as much damage as your cooking and your heating and your flying. These are the most important new climate numbers for many years

International commision votes to allow use of more climate-friendly refrigerants

Today 10:30am - A secretive vote in the arcane and Byzantine world of international safety standards late last month may lead to a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from home heating and cooling systems in the coming years.

Farmer sues VW over climate change; German court has doubts

Today 10:30am - A court in Germany cast doubt Friday on claims by a German farmer that automaker Volkswagen is partly responsible for the impact that global warming is having on his family business.

Biden commits $3.5 billion to carbon capture

Today 10:30am - The US government is investing in machines that suck giant amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air in the hopes of reducing damage from climate change.

Despite mining ban, Russia scours Antarctica for massive fossil fuel deposits

Friday - The Kremlin’s mineral explorer says it has found a stunning 500 billion barrels of oil and gas below the Southern Ocean’s climate-threatened waters. Tapping these mooted reserves would not only hamper global efforts to fight the climate crisis. Known for flouting major agreements, a defiant Russia in the Antarctic could destroy the decades-long protected status of Earth’s last unmined frontier.

Trees are dying much faster in northern Australia

Friday - The rate of trees dying in the old-growth tropical forests of northern Australia each year has doubled since the 1980s, and researchers say climate change is probably to blame.

This gas would have stayed in the ground if it wasn’t for bitcoin

Friday - In Pennsylvania, Big Dog Energy LLC has installed 30 gas-fired generators at one of its gas well pads in Beccaria Township, using the electricity they produce in an ingenious, profitable, and...

For wetland plants, sea-level rise stamps out benefits of higher carbon dioxide

Friday - Wetlands across the globe are in danger of drowning from rising seas. But for decades, scientists held out hope that another aspect of climate change—rising carbon dioxide (CO2)—could trigger extra...

Is California giving its methane digesters too much credit?

Friday - Every year, California dairy farms emit hundreds of thousands of tons of the potent greenhouse gas methane, which gets released when livestock operations pool manure in open-air lagoons.

Suicides indicate wave of ‘doomerism’ over escalating climate crisis

Friday - It was a stunning, grisly act. A man, a climate activist and Buddhist, had set himself on fire on the steps of the US supreme court. He sat upright and didn’t immediately scream despite the agony....

Air pollution "largest existential threat to human and planetary health"

Thursday - Since the turn of the century, global deaths attributable to air pollution have increased by more than half, a development that researchers say underscores the impact of pollution as the “largest...

Four key measures of climate change set records in 2021

Thursday - Four key measures of climate change hit record highs last year, the United Nations said yesterday.

The simple act of spreading rock dust on farms is an overlooked but tantalizing climate solution

Thursday - The simple act of sprinkling rock dust—an abundant byproduct of mining—on farmland could capture 45% percent of the carbon dioxide required to help the UK meet its 2050 net-zero targets.

After renewables frenzy, Vietnam’s solar energy goes to waste

Thursday - For up to 12 days every month, Tran Nhu Anh Kiet, a supermarket manager in Vietnam’s Ninh Thuan province, is forced to turn off his solar panels during the most lucrative peak sunshine hours.

Will swapping out electric car batteries catch on?

Thursday - Without even a touch of the steering wheel, the electric car reverses autonomously into the recharging station.

Studio MOM creates eco-friendly cycle helmet from mycelium and hemp

Thursday - Dutch design office polystyrene (">Studio MOM has developed a bicycle helmet from biomaterials that, unlike

German giant targets Australian green hydrogen market with new base in Perth

Wednesday - A German green hydrogen technology company behind 10GW of electrolyser capacity installed globally is setting up shop in Perth, to catch the wave of Australia’s emerging renewable hydrogen industry.

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