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Green Building Council slams insulation delay

Friday - The Green Building Council has slammed government plans to delay improving new home insulation, just days after the measures were unveiled in the emissions reduction plan last week.

Kiwi carbon tracking company growing to meet international demand

Friday - By Liz Kivi | A Kiwi fintec company, which tracks users’ individual carbon footprints, is predicting international demand will see them nearly double their staff in the next year.

Taranaki protest against seismic survey to be held tomorrow

Friday - A rally is being held at Waitara Marine Park to protest the resumption of seismic testing for oil and gas tomorrow afternoon.

Best by the rest...

Friday - In our weekly round-up of the best climate coverage in the local media: How will the country meet emissions budgets? Different approaches to mode shift; and the disastrous effects of rising sea temperatures are already being felt.


Friday - Ten years ago, Air New Zealand took top honours at the annual Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Awards for cutting emissions by 142,000 tonnes a year.


Friday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Australia’s first carbon credit ETF excludes NZUs from mix

Thursday - Australia’s first carbon credit ETF, announced this week, won't be including NZUs in the mix as its limiting itself to the four most actively traded and largest carbon markets.

Partnership aims to decarbonise NZ fleet

Thursday - Electric vehicle financer Carbn Group is joining forces with New Zealand fintech PowerFinance, in a partnership they say will accelerate Aotearoa’s transition to sustainable transport.


Thursday - Ten years ago, the ETS had gone from being a cash cow to a financial liability in a few short months.


Thursday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Price of NZUs edging higher

Wednesday - The price of NZUs on the spot market has edged past the $77 mark this week for the first time since the middle of last month.

Government investment to boost coastal shipping

Wednesday - The New Zealand Shipping Federation has welcomed a $30 million government boost to coastal shipping, which will lead to lower emissions per ton of freight compared to road and rail.


Wednesday - Ten years ago, the government cut climate change spending. Total appropriation for climate change policies in the Budget were cut from $9 million to $7.8 million.


Wednesday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Redwood could help NZ reach net-zero: Scion

Tuesday - Redwood could be a carbon capture hero for New Zealand, sequestering double the amount of CO2 captured by pine in some areas, according to new research.

Environment committee calls for submissions

Tuesday - The Environment Committee Komiti Taiao is inviting public submissions on the government’s emissions budgets and Emissions Reduction Plan.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, a business lobby group opposed linking the New Zealand and Australian Emissions Trading Schemes, a move those countries' respective climate change ministers were exploring.


Tuesday - A list of talks, events, conferences and consultations relating to climate change in the coming weeks.

Kiwi founded company aiming to shake up global carbon markets

Monday - By Liz Kivi | A Kiwi founded tech company, launched last month, is aiming to revolutionise the global carbon market with new technology that can accurately measure emissions in real-time and is much...

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Super Fund welcomes news of new offshore energy regulations

Tuesday - Media Release - The NZ Super Fund and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)...

New printable solar material with “free” electrons sparks new direction in solar panel research

Monday - Media Release - Organic solar panels have the potential to rapidly improve our...

Meet the experts behind NZ’s first national space mission

19 May 22 - Media Release - Experts behind New Zealand’s first government-funded space...

Rapid bus lanes and a new cycling network in the works in Hamilton

18 May 22 - Media Release - Rapid bus lanes and cycling networks could be the future of...

Pacific climate warrior wins 2022 Global Citizen Award

Photo Credit: RNZ

13 May 22 - Media Release - Brianna Fruean, a Samoan Pacific Climate Warrior and...

Kiwis confident about move to low carbon economy

12 May 22 - Media Release - New Zealanders are feeling confident about the nation’s...

Tackling climate change with ‘carbon negative’ green hydrogen

University of Canterbury Chemical and Process Engineers Professor Shusheng Pang (left) and Associate Professor Alex Yip.

10 May 22 - Media Release - Researchers at the University of Canterbury (UC) are developing...

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